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Monday, September 14, 2015

my trip to London

I made a trip to London at the end of last month. I went on a Thursday and looked around Soho and Chinatown. First I went to 70A Berwick Street to see who was there. I was hoping it was Eva but when I saw Selena I decided to go with her. Selena is tall and slender. She is young and pretty with big eyes. She's keen to please and I remember I lay on the bed on my back and she got on to the bed and waggled her bum in my face.

The last one I saw that day I was Sabrina of 8 Greek Street. If Selina could be the prettiest woman in Soho at the moment, Sabrina could be the opposite. Sabrina is older, fatter and less attractive. I wanted to see her though because there's something about her that makes me just want to get on top of her and shag away. I can't be the only one who thinks like that because I've been in Lily's flat below and heard Sabrina's bed springs squeaking away.

I was waiting in the kitchen area for Sabrina and her maid started talking to me. She is younger and more attractive than Sabrina. She was really chatty, and seemed quite pleased when I said I recognized her and remembered her name. I had sex with Sara (or Sarah) last year. It's quite rare for the maid to be more attractive than the sex worker. Sara told me he helps out when they're busy, which sounded funny to me.

I also saw Candice at 34 Romilly Street. I had not seen her before. There's nothing sexy about Candice. She's very ordinary looking but that can be quite attractive in a way. I was kneeling between her legs and I could see in the mirror the porn movie playing behind me. I recognized the woman in the porn movie. It was Kelly Stafford who I remember because of one session she did on a beach in Italy that was very wild.

I lay on the bed next to Candice and watched the movie. Candice was naked from the waist down and her legs were still wide apart. I wanked myself to orgasm. My other memory of that day is Zara of 52 Greek Street looking up at the ceiling and absentmindedly playing with herself with her legs wide apart. Her fingers slowly moving down between her pussy lips and opening them.

The next day, Friday, I didn't do any punting because I wanted to go to Whitstable on a day trip. Although I did text a woman who does massages. I had tried to see her last year when I was in the area but she texted me back to say she was fully booked up. This time there was no reply. I'm not sure if I would have got anything sexual from her. Sometimes that's half the fun.

On the Saturday I went to a Thai brothel in Brighton Road, South Croydon. There were two women available and I chose the older one with a nice face. She's called Sonia. I tried getting on top of her and shagging her but that didn't work. We tried different things but I told her to lie on her back with her legs apart and pretend to be asleep. I wanked myself to orgasm looking at her pussy.

On the Sunday I went to Kitty's Place in Elmers End, not far from Croydon. I thought it might be Lola there but it was Roxy. Roxy is a beautiful black woman from Mauritius. She is tall and slender. I got on top of her and had an orgasm while fucking her. That's my favourite way to have an orgasm but it doesn't always work. My second favourite way is to wank myself while looking at her pussy.

After seeing Roxy I got on the tram and went to East Croydon. Pret a Manger was open so I went in for a coffee. I was sitting there and I saw a young scruffy woman approach an older man sitting outside. He wasn't interested so she walked off. I went out and started talking to her. She said her name is Shanie and she knows Trina and Angel (two street girls in Croydon: everyone knows Trina).

Shanie was very pretty even though she wasn't wearing any makeup. She looks about nineteen. She took me behind some offices where she told me she'd like to take me to her flat. I said I didn't want to do that and it's just as well I didn't because it seems she gets men to wait somewhere and goes off with their money.

I'm keeping away from street girls. I saw one in Liverpool several weeks ago while looking around the RLD. She was like Shanie, young and pretty even though she didn't wear makeup. This was mid afternoon and I have had a look around there a couple of times since then but not seen either her or any other street girl. I think they come out at night.

Friday, June 12, 2015

my other trips to Soho this year

In my last post I told you about my third trip to London this year. Nobody has asked me about my two previous trips. In March I made one day trip. First I went to the Chinese place in Wardour Street where the girl someone told me about works. The one who is supposed to be really pretty. Someone at reception said she wouldn't be there until Wednesday.

So I went to the Chinese place near Chinatown that I have been going to for years. I wanted to see the raunchy woman who I had seen before. She looked younger than I had remembered her. I think she would be in her 20s or 30s rather than the 30s or 40s that I had thought before. I told her that I would like to have oral sex without a condom and she agreed.

Then I went to Romilly Street and noticed that Sasha was there. Sasha is quite tall so I thought it would be good to be on top of her again. There was a large mirror on the wall and when I was on her I pointed it out. She smiled and then pointed up towards the ceiling. There was a mirror up there too. I hadn't noticed it before. I thought she seems to like watching men on top of her.

I went to Greens Court and saw that Yaya was there. I have seen Yaya in Soho before, and once had half an hour with her in a brothel in Croydon. Yaya is an older Thai woman who can be quite raunchy. After Yaya I went to see Lily in Greek Street. Lily remembers me because I have seen her lots of times. She gives her regulars special treatment.

My next trip in April was better. I went again to Wardour Street. It was a Tuesday. I was told the same thing, that she wouldn't be there until the next day. You would think I would have worked out that she doesn't work Mondays or Tuesdays. I went to Greens Court and saw that Poppy was working there. Poppy is one of my favourites so I went up. She remembered me, and asked how I'm getting on in Liverpool. It always amazes me that they can remember any of their clients: they must see so many of them. It had been six months or so since I had last seen her.

I tried to explain to her that I was moving out of Liverpool because I had found somewhere more rural and near the sea. Somewhere still in Merseyside though. I was sick of living in the Inner City with all the weirdos. I wasn't sure if it was going to happen so I didn't want to say too much about it. It has worked out though.

After seeing Poppy I thought I would try to see Eva in Berwick Street. She was there and seemed just as raunchy as ever. I think she is a nymphomaniac. She wanted me to stick my fingers into her. I did that and she said she wanted them deeper.

Lily was at Greek Street but I noticed Amy was too. I decided to chance going to see her. I saw Amy a few times years ago but then she refused to see me. Every time I tried to see her she turned me away. She had confused me with another man who was a time-waster. She had been absent from Soho for a long time, working in Luton. When she came back I tried again but was turned away.

So it was a surprise that she let me in. For some reason I suspected that Amy had grown fatter and embittered over the years, but in fact she looks lovely. She's a plump girl but she looks healthy and has quite a pretty face and bright eyes. She seems to be someone who enjoys life. People who say that prostitutes have dead eyes don't know what they are talking about. That is not my experience.

Amy is renowned for her oral skills but I thought it would be nice to be on top of her. I kept going until I had a powerful orgasm. I laughed and then she laughed. It was my only orgasm that day and I hadn't had one on my previous trip. I am now working out what sort of women are best for me. The ones who are beauties for some reason don't get me aroused enough. That doesn't mean that I won't see them again. The really raunchy ones are a lot of fun but that doesn't do it for me either. The women who work best for me are the ordinary women like Amy.

On my second trip I saw a beauty (Poppy), a really raunchy one (Eva), and a nice girl (Amy). Each offered something different and I had an orgasm with Amy. I spent £22 on each of them so it's not a lot of money when you think about it. Just recently I found a brothel in Rock Ferry near Liverpool. I got lucky because the woman I saw was just right for me. She was a plump Thai woman called Jenny. She had quite a pretty face but wasn't a beauty. We didn't do anything raunchy, I just got on top of her and shagged away till I came. She didn't get into it but didn't mind what I was doing to her. She seemed quite a nice person.

Friday, May 15, 2015


I'm in London on a short trip. I came here on Wednesday and I go back this evening. There was only one girl on my 'wish list'. Two of my readers independently told me about a lovely Chinese girl in Wardour Street. One of them said she's the sweetest cutest girl he's seen. The other said she's 'The most beautiful girl I've ever seen in Chinese massage shop'. So, of course, I had to see her.

This is my third trip to London this year and each time I have tried to see her. She doesn't work Mondays or Tuesdays though. On my way to Wardour Street I decided to go through Little Newport Street in Chinatown. In one of the doorways was an older woman and a girl, both Chinese. The girl had big glasses on and looked like a student. The woman was trying to drag the girl to the doorway and she was pulling back and giggling. It looked as if the girl was new to the massage business and a bit shy.

In Wardour Street the girl took me downstairs to a small room. It was a strange room: half of the ceiling was only about 5 foot high. This was where the massage table was so it wasn't a problem except when I got up. After some massage she asked if I wanted hand relief. I asked her how much that cost. She said £40. I asked her if that would include her taking off her clothes and she said no. She said all she does is hand relief, nothing else, with her clothes on.

I said that usually I need to see the girl naked to become aroused. I suggested that if I gave her £20 she could try to give me an erection. If she succeeded then I would give her another £10, and if she made me come I would give her another £10. £40 in all. I didn't really want to spend £40 if I wasn't going to come.

She replied that she would have to put in the same amount of work whatever the outcome so she should get the £40. However, we ended up doing what I had suggested and at the end I gave her £30. She told me that she has a lot of female customers. She gives them hand relief too. I asked her all about it. One of the questions I asked is what nationality are most of them. Australians perhaps? For some reason I thought it might be Australian women. She said mostly British but quite a few Norwegians.

I think she quite likes her job. She only does hand relief, for £40, and doesn't take her clothes off. It's nice to know that these women don't have to do anything they don't want to do, and can make good money offering a minimal sexual service. Just a few days a week. She is quite pretty. I didn't manage to come though.

I went back to Little Newport Street, to the doorway. The older woman was there. I asked her where the young girl is. She said they've all gone home. She said she would give me a blowjob for £20, something that the young girls wouldn't do. I asked if that would be with or without a condom. She said without.

I went down the stairs with her. Behind a counter was an attractive younger woman. She asked me if I wanted an hour or half an hour. I paid her £30 for half an hour. The older woman led me into a tiny room. She said for another £20 she would strip off. So I gave her £40 and she took her clothes off. No massage, although there was a massage table. She started sucking my cock. I put my hand between her legs. She alternated between sucking me and wanking me quite vigorously.

At one point she lay on her back on the massage table. I sat on her chest. I wanted to wank on her face. I could tell at one time she had been quite an attractive woman. I guessed she was about 50. She was smiling at me and encouraging me. She lifted her her head up and put the end of my cock in her mouth. Eventually I came, kneeling between her legs with one finger of my left hand in her pussy and wanking myself with my other hand.

It was quite a wild experience, the opposite of what I'd experienced earlier in Wardour Street. There is a place in Charing Cross Road where I'd had two similar experiences with Chinese women. But usually not that much is on offer apart from hand relief.

On my way out, the girl with the big glasses was in the corridor. She was leading a young black man towards the stairway, looking quite pleased with herself. So I guess she's not as shy as my first impression of her. The older woman hadn't been telling me the truth when she said that she had gone home. I wondered if she would be sucking his cock, and if she would be enjoying it, giggling perhaps.

Today I have been to Soho. I have had a look around. The girl with the big glasses wasn't in the doorway but the older woman was. If Sasha had been in Romilly Street I might have seen her. If Roxy had been in Greek Street I might have seen her. Or Amy. I sat in the park in Soho Square. There was a girl there who was meeting her boyfriend. I observed her for a while. I wanted to see a girl naked. I wondered who would be at 52 Greek Street.

Ten minutes later I was there. It was a tall pretty girl called Mary. I said to her that I'm not in the mood for sex. Could I just look at her naked for 10 minutes for £20? She looked a bit perplexed but agreed. I asked her to lie on the bed. Then I asked her to open her legs. She kept her high heels on which was good. The girl in the park had high heels on. She has nice legs and a lovely pussy. I sat on the edge of the sofa, then sat on the bed next to her. She was quite chatty. At the end I told her I would be happy all day because of what she had done for me.
52 Greek Street

Monday, December 29, 2014

my review of the year 2014

I have seen many women this year. These have been the best ones.

In January I saw Candy standing in the doorway of the Red Lotus Spa in London Chinatown. I had seen her once before. She looked young and pretty and very smiley. Every time I passed the doorway I looked to see if she was there. For many months I didn't see her, then I saw her again. She took me upstairs into one of their little rooms and I asked her to strip for me. She was a lot of fun, but when I went back to see her again they said she'd gone back to China.

In February I saw Suzy for the first time, at the walk up at 52 Greek Street in Soho. I thought she was so pretty. I have seen photos of her more recently and she doesn't look as pretty as I remember her. Although they do look more attractive in semi-darkness. I have thought that working in Soho might have affected her beauty.

However, another beauty that I found at 52 Greek Street this year has been working in Soho for years and she's lost none of her beauty or her niceness. Zara is half Bulgarian and half Iranian and is gorgeous. She looks as if she might be Italian, with dark Latin looks.

Lisa and Tina are two Chinese girls who used to work at a place near Goodge Street. They decided they wanted to work for themselves so they set themselves up in a flat near St James's Park in central London. I saw Lisa last year for a sexy massage and in April this year I decided I wanted to try Tina. They are both lovely girls.

In August while on holiday in Merseyside I tried my first escort. I was staying at a hotel and I phoned an escort agency. They sent me India who was wonderful.

I've tried all of the Thai women in the upper flat of 2 Greens Court in Soho. The best of them by far in my opinion is Poppy. She is pretty and sweet. That's what I look for most of all, although I know that most men look for technique or if the girl has a nice tight vagina. I've seen Poppy four times now. The last time I saw her we were chatting and she said she couldn't go back to Thailand for a holiday because she wasn't making as much money as she'd hoped. I told her she could be a high-class escort. She said she wouldn't feel safe going to men's flats, especially as she doesn't know London.
Poppy looks quite like this
WARNING! There could be a woman at 2 Greens Court who is using the same name as Poppy but isn't her. Someone went to see Poppy and was disappointed. If you go and see a short woman about 30 with tattoos it's not the real Poppy.

It's a lovely flat at 2 Greens Court, much better than 52 Greek Street which is a bit of a dump.

34 Romilly Street is quite nice, and I have seen three lovely women there. They are all friendly and smiley. Lavinia and Nadia are quite short. Sasha is quite tall. They all come from Eastern Europe.

I don't usually go to brothels, but I've been to Kitty's Place in Elmers End in south London a few times this year. I have seen Lola three times now. She is Brazilian of Italian parentage. You might have worked out that I like Italian-looking women. And oriental women. Once when I was putting my clothes back on I said that next time she could blow cigarette smoke in my face, she sitting on a chair in her sexy black dress and her hair up, and with me kneeling naked in front of her. I didn't see her for a couple of weeks but she remembered. I was lying naked on the bed waiting for her and she came into the room in her little black dress with a cigarette and put her hair up. I said "You remembered what I said from last time".

The most recent three women work as masseurs and they wouldn't like it if I told you their names or where they work. I have told you Candy's name because she has gone back to China now. I have told you Lisa and Tina's names because they work independently now and don't have to worry about their employer finding out what they do.

There are two women I saw last month in a Chinese place near Chinatown in London. They both went a lot further than any women I have seen in Chinese or Thai establishments. Sex was wild with both of them, fingers up bums and oral sex without a condom. They are both older women and only of average attractiveness but it was a new experience.

This month I've been in Liverpool. There's a new Thai place that has opened in the centre of Liverpool. There's one girl there who is young-looking and pretty. She smiles and laughs a lot and is a lot of fun. I asked her to strip for me.

Finally, I want to mention two women who I have seen several times this year and in previous years. They are both older women but I always enjoy my time with them. Holly is a Thai lady working at 10 Little Newport Street in Chinatown. Lily is a French lady working at 8 Greek Street in Soho. They both recognize me when I see them and Lily now gives me certain extras that she doesn't offer to people who see her for the first time.

Friday, December 19, 2014

more naughty massages

In my last post I told you how I was looking for a woman that one of my readers had told me about. I thought I must have found her. She performed a lot of sexual activities that you don't usually get in Chinese medical establishments. However, I later found out that he was talking about a different woman. So there are two women working at the same place who go much further than is usual.

So I went back there to see this other woman. She did even more for me than the first one. She gave me oral sex without a condom, and she allows men to come in her mouth. She offered to put her finger up my bum while she was sucking me. I started off with half an hour, but she said I could extend that to an hour, which I did. It didn't cost me much more money either. I asked her to lie on the massage couch with her legs apart and I knelt between her legs looking at her pussy and wanking myself to orgasm.

When I was getting dressed afterwards she was helping me and even tied up my shoelaces for me. Both of these women seem to be about 40 years old and are of average attractiveness. I can't tell you the name of the place but it is near to Chinatown in London.

Looking on the internet I found somewhere in Liverpool just round the corner from Mayuree Thai Massage that I mentioned a few posts ago. This is a Chinese place, and it is quite unusual in that there was a middle-aged white woman at reception who asked if I wanted body-to-body. So I paid extra for body-to-body. The woman I saw got on top of me then moved into the 69 position. I got a good look at her pussy and licked it. I think I got a finger all the way into her bum hole and later two fingers in her pussy.

I asked her to lie on the couch so I could look at her pussy and wank myself. She said that because I'm nice, if I gave her an extra £20 I could fuck her. She got a condom out of her handbag. I fucked her for a while but returned to wanking myself and I came that way. She looked at me, and said that I have a kind face, like the Buddha. She wrapped the used condom and asked me to take it with me when I went. I have been told this sort of thing happens. They don't want the management of the place to find used condoms.

So three times in a row I have been for a Chinese massage and got more than I was used to. It made me reassess the nature of oriental massage. Perhaps this is what it is all about but somehow for many years I have missed out on it? And yet my next massage, at a Thai place, wasn't sexual at all. The woman was very friendly but I wasn't offered anything sexual. This was at one of the two Thai places in Smithdown Road in Liverpool.

My next massage was at a new Thai place that has opened in the centre of Liverpool. It was with a nice lady who gave me hand relief. I asked her if they have a sauna or steam room. She said they didn't. I was a bit disappointed because the name of the place has the word 'Spa' in it. I quite like the idea of somewhere upmarket with a sauna and steam room. It's a lovely place though, nicely decorated. The other question I asked her is how many women are working there. She said there are three of them. I had noticed a pretty young woman in the reception and thought it might be nice to see her.

So I went back again. The lady that I'd had the massage with greeted me. She remembered me. I said I would like to try a different girl this time. I was given the pretty young girl I had glimpsed on my previous visit. She really is pretty, and smiles a lot. I thought she was about 20, but she told me she's considerably older than that. She is friendly and a lot of fun.

I wanted hand relief, but I also wanted her to strip. I touched her pussy, but didn't try to finger her. I had a lovely time with her. On my way out I saw another woman who must be the third of them. I didn't fancy her much though.

My most recent massage was in the other Thai place in Smithdown Road. A tall and very slender woman gave me a sexy massage. She kept her knickers and her top on though. She asked me not to put my hands inside so I didn't. She told me they used to have a jacuzzi and steam room but they don't anymore. I wanted to know how far she went so I asked what else she does. She wouldn't say, but said something along the lines of 'What can I do for you? What can you do for me?' She was nice, but I want to go back to see the young-looking pretty girl who smiles all the time and is a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

nobody told me about her

I wasn't planning to come to Soho today but I wanted to see Roxy. She's very popular now. I had not seen her before but I liked what they are saying about her. She is as pretty as they say. When I saw her she reminded me of Holly Willoughby. She doesn't look exactly the same as Holly Willoughby but similar. She's blonde and wears tons of makeup but it's a nice look that suits her bubbly and giggly personality. She's got nice big eyes. I would guess she's 21 years old.

I'm glad I saw her, but she's not really my type. Young and blonde doesn't do it for me. I went to the upper flat at 2 Greens Court to see one of the Thai girls. What a surprise I got when I saw Poppy. I think she is stunning to look at, and she has a very sultry look. I wish that I had known how lovely she is, but nobody told me about her. I want to see her again.

WARNING! There could be a woman at 2 Greens Court who is using the same name as Poppy but isn't her. Someone went to see Poppy and was disappointed. If you go and see a short woman about 30 with tattoos it's not the real Poppy.

As with Roxy, I told Poppy I wanted her to lie on her back with her legs apart. I wanted her to hold her pussy open. I got an erection but I didn't manage to come. Ten minutes is not a lot of time, maybe next time I'll spend longer. I'll definitely refrain from wanking for some time before I go; because I hadn't planned to come to Soho I'd had a wank this morning.

I hadn't been to this flat for years. Every time I went there to see one of the Thai girls the maid said I should come back later because they're busy. I've seen photos of the flat, it's very nice there.

I ended up in Little Newport Street. I asked the maid if it is Holly today, she said no it's Lisa. I had forgotten who Lisa is. In my mind I seemed to remember a nice Filipina woman from years ago who I had liked. I was thinking of Lucy. When I saw Lisa I remembered I'd seen her a few weeks ago.

Lisa is an older woman and dark. Not young and blonde like Roxy. Not young and dark like Poppy. Although Lisa's not much to look at, unlike Holly who works at the same place, she did it for me. I looked at her pussy and wanked myself. I asked if she could talk dirty. She called me a wanker, which is not quite what I had in mind. She said that I had to keep wanking and she was going to count to ten and she wanted me to come before then. That's what happened.
Little Newport Street, Chinatown, London

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

two Lisas and a Zara

I knew that both Zara and Lisa were likely to be working in Soho yesterday. I saw Zara last month and had a great time with her. Zara is very attractive and I was able to orgasm by fucking her, which is something unusual for me. Lisa is also attractive but taller than Zara. I thought I might try fucking her. I had heard recently that she's good at handjobs so I thought I might try that too.

I have seen Lisa three or four times over the years. She's definitely an attractive woman but each time I see her she seems to look different. I didn't find her as attractive yesterday as I had expected. She was wearing a bikini, she took her top off and got onto the bed with me, taking my cock into her hand. I wasn't getting turned on and I asked her to take her bikini bottoms off.

She removed them and continued playing with my willy; smiling, talking dirty and moving her tongue about in a suggestive way. I asked her to lie on her back with her legs apart so that I could look at her pussy and play with myself. This is how I usually manage to orgasm but it wasn't really working. I asked her to lie on her side, with one knee up so that I could see her bum and pussy at the same time.

I explained to her that last week I had been on holiday on the south coast. Walking along a beach I saw two people lying on the shingle. One of them was a girl. I could see up her skirt but I wasn't close enough to be sure of what I was seeing. I couldn't see any knickers, either she was wearing tights or nothing under her skirt. I found it a great turn on, but even thinking about that and looking at Lisa's bum and pussy slit wasn't doing it for me. So I left when my time was up without achieving orgasm.

52 Greek Street - you can see the sign for Monica
click on picture to see bigger picture
I went to see Zara in Greet Street. I started off looking at her pussy and wanking myself but then I wanted to try fucking her. I asked if I could use the condoms I had brought with me. Someone had recommended this particular brand. Mates Skyn 'closest thing to wearing nothing'. I thought they might enhance my pleasure and help me come to orgasm instead of losing my erection as usually happens. She wouldn't allow it though, she said her ones were thick and safe.

She put a condom on and I got on top of her. To begin with I couldn't see her face but then at her suggestion I lifted myself up and I was able to look at her while thrusting in and out of her. She really does have a beautiful face. Both Zara and Lisa look like movie stars but with different looks. Zara looks Italian and Lisa looks kind of Scandinavian. Even so I wasn't able to come.

When I was talking to Zara she confirmed that she used to work at 21 Greek Street with Elena. 21 Greek Street was closed and has not re-opened. She told me Elana is now working in Mayfair, as I had thought. I had thought her name was Sara or Sarah but now I am sure it is Zara. She's very friendly and talkative.

I went to Greens Court looking for one of the Thai girls, either Poppy or Porn. Tilly I think is another one who comes highly recommended. It was Mesa who was there. I tried to see her but the maid said she was busy but I could book to see her if I wanted. I declined and went to Little Newport Street instead. Here I saw a Thai woman called Lisa. She wasn't as attractive or as friendly as Holly who I usually see there, but she has a very pretty pussy.

Lisa played with her pussy, her legs wide apart. The room had been a bit dark and I had asked for more light. I opened her pussy wider. She held it open wide, and I imagined seeing it beneath a skirt or a nightie. She had given me tissues and indicated that she didn't want me to come all over her. (I know a couple of women in Soho who would let me come over them.) It didn't take long before I had a powerful and prolonged orgasm. I left feeling very happy.
Little Newport Street in Chinatown London
click on picture to see bigger picture

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Little Newport Street again (and again)

On Thursday evening last week I was in Soho. This is unusual for me because I'm usually there in the afternoon. I tried to see Lily at 8 Greek Street but the maid said that she's busy and to come back later. Lily is an older woman but I've always had fun with her.

Not long ago I was with Lily and we could hear the bed creaking from the flat above. We both thought it was funny. I imagined Sabrina, a plump plain woman, on her back with her legs apart and a big man on top of her. It made me want to go up and give her a good seeing to myself.

Next I went to 2 Greens Court. I knocked on the door of the upper flat but a woman's voice answered 'We've finished'. This was about 8 pm so I guess they close then.

I went to 10 Little Newport Street to see if Holly was there. The maid said that she hadn't arrived yet but I could wait if I wanted. Here you go up some stairs to the second floor landing and there's a chair where you can wait. I was waiting quite a long time because there had been some mix up with the times. I took my willy out and tried to get an erection.

Eventually Holly came in and the maid told me she won't be long. I liked the idea of seeing Holly in her street clothes and then watching her remove them. Years ago I was on the stairs of 1 Greens Court and a young Italian-looking woman came in. She complained to her maid about tube delays. I wanted to go in with her and undress her. I regretted not trying that. I think that seeing a woman in her ordinary clothes and then removing them is more arousing than glamour wear or nakedness.

Halfway down the stairs I said to the maid 'Would it be alright if I watched her undressing?'. She said to Holly 'The gentleman wants to know if it he can watch you getting undressed'. I went into the room but Holly had already stripped to the waist. She was busying herself with paper towels, lube etc. She said I could take my clothes off and lie on the bed. She washed her pussy in the bidet.

She tried to give me an erection by bending over the bed, putting a condom on my cock and sucking it. This doesn't work for me though. I told her to lie on the bed and I knelt between her legs looking at her pussy and playing with myself. I got an erection and when I was approaching orgasm I said 'Can I put a condom on and fuck you?'. As she reached across I realized that I had gone too far and I was coming. I said 'Too late!' and continued wanking myself until my orgasm had finished.

A couple of weeks ago I was walking along Little Newport Street and I saw a pretty girl coming out of the basement of number 11. She smiled at me and asked me if I wanted massage. I couldn't resist and she took me downstairs. There was a middle-aged Chinese woman there and they talked in Cantonese. There were little rooms in the basement but they were all in use. The girl took me up the stairs to the second (or third) floor.

We passed a doorway on the first floor where I could see people sitting at computers - this must have been someone's business, unconnected with the massage. The girl had a key to a door but she couldn't open it. I tried, and then she tried again, but it wouldn't open. Then someone opened the door from the other side. It was a Chinese woman and a young Asian man in a suit. They had locked the door behind them.

We went into the room and she showed me into one of the little massage rooms. I took off my clothes and lay face down on the massage table. She came in and started the massage. When I'd turned over she asked me if I wanted her to wank me. I asked her how much that costs and she said £50.

This surprised me because the usual price is £20 for the 'happy ending'. I tried to bargain her downwards but her English is poor so it was impossible to know what it was that I was agreeing to. At one point I thought she wanted £25 just to finish off the massage. So I ended up just having a straight massage and when she'd finished she didn't ask me for any more money.

She's quite a smiley girl and she looks as if she could be fun but unless you can overcome this communication problem it could be difficult. It was only later that I remembered that someone had told me about this place. He said that you can get full sex here. So it could be somewhere worth exploring further. There's an intriguing little video here.
Little Newport Street in Chinatown London

Thursday, May 1, 2014

curiosity killed the cat

I was in Chinatown and Soho yesterday and I didn't intend to spend any money after having spent quite a lot of money last week on massage. However, curiosity as much as anything made me go places and far from getting me into trouble I had a good time.

I have seen a lovely lady in Little Newport Street a few times. Her name is Holly and she is from Thailand. I mentioned this in a couple of places but at least one person said they didn't have a happy experience going there. The first time I met Holly she told me she tends to work several days in a row and then take a week off. It crossed my mind that there may be another woman there, someone not as lovely as Holly, who might also get called by that name. It could be that the maid can't be bothered to give the correct name or that she's cashing in on Holly's good name.

So I thought I would go up there and ask who's there that day. If the maid says Holly then I could go in and maybe it would be a different woman to the Holly that I know. However, it was the same woman I have seen before. I asked Holly if we could do what we did last time I saw her. I didn't want to take all my clothes off and get onto the bed with her. I wanted to sit in a chair near the bed while she showed me her pussy and I wanked myself.

I gave her her £25 plus £2 for her maid. She lay back on the bed, just a couple of feet away from me, and opened her legs wide. She played with her pussy, opening it so that I could get a good look. She has a very attractive pussy and it didn't take long before I got an erection. However, I lost the erection after a while and then my 10 minutes was up. It was a pleasurable experience though and worth the money even though I didn't come.

I wandered around Chinatown and then I started thinking about a woman at a Chinese medical establishment in Charing Cross Road. I'm not going to give her name because she wouldn't want that. I first saw her years ago and I have mentioned her a few times on this blog. Regular readers will know who I mean, her name is the same as a Spanish queen.

One of my readers emailed me after reading last week's post. He said he had been to see the Chinese girl I saw last week a few times, and asked me if I knew anyone else as nice as her. Now that Candy has gone back to China all that I could think to say is to ask him if he has seen the woman in Charing Cross Road.

I hadn't seen her for a long time and someone said she was looking older and fatter. I decided to go there and ask for her. I thought they might say she doesn't work there any more, or that she's not there right now. However, the girl behind the counter said she's available right now. I handed over my £25 for a half hour's massage.

she looks a bit like this
When I saw her I realized that she is just as beautiful as the last time I saw her, as young and as slender. She took me down the stairs and though a warren of corridors to the massage room. When she'd done my back and I turned over she asked if I wanted hand relief. I asked how much it cost. She said £20. I asked what else she did. I had heard she does a lot more than anything that I had asked for. She asked me what I wanted. I put my hand to my mouth and mimicked oral sex. She said £50.

I decided to go for the hand relief. I didn't think it would work because usually when I plan to go somewhere I refrain from masturbating for a few days. This makes it more likely that I will achieve orgasm. I had had a wank that morning though, not planning on going anywhere for sex adventures.

To begin with I couldn't even get an erection. Then I decided to think about Holly and her pussy. I imagined myself kneeling on the floor and inserting my erection into Holly's wet pussy. Without a condom. Imagined all the sensations, the slipperiness and the warmth. I was feeling this in my cock as the Chinese woman was wanking me. She was using a lot of warm oil. The occasional squelching sound helped a lot.

I moved my pelvis up and down a little bit. She was doing something intensively to the end of my cock while gripping the base with the other hand. I was still thinking of Holly's pussy as I ejaculated. After she cleaned me up I put on my clothes. I was about to go out of the door when she indicated to me that I had forgotten to pay her the £20 that we had agreed.

I have often thought that I might forget to pay the extra money for the sexual services, and I have often wondered what they would do if this happened. Would they perhaps rugby tackle me to the floor and shout something like "Oi, you pervert, you're not going anywhere. I've just developed RSI giving you you're orgasm and now you 'pretend' that you've forgotten to pay me!"

Well, I found out what they do, or at least what she does. She gave me a smile, inclined her head to the side and lifted an open hand close to her face, pursing her lips. I apologized and handed over a £20 note, then we kissed on both cheeks and she showed me up the stairs and out the door.

Friday, January 3, 2014

my best ever stunning spa girl

Yesterday I had a walk around Chinatown and Soho. I didn't intend to spend any money but I ended up spending £50. It might have been the best £50 I've ever spent. In Chinatown there's a doorway where you can often see a woman standing there asking men if they would like a massage. I once saw a very pretty, very young-looking, very smiley girl standing there. Every time I passed the doorway I looked to see if she was there. For many months I didn't see her again.

Yesterday she was there. I made a beeline for her and asked her how much it costs for a massage. She told me £30 for a half-hour and when I looked uncertain she said £25. I paid the money at reception up the stairs and she led me into a small room. When I was naked face down on the massage table she asked me if I wanted a medium or hard massage and if I wanted her to use oil. The room was nice and warm.

prettier than this
Then it was time for me to turn over. Now I could get a good look at her. I think she really is the prettiest girl anywhere I've been to. Prettier than the Thai woman at Asian Touch in Shaftesbury Avenue who someone described as an 'absolutely stunning girl' (although I didn't get a good look at her because the room was so dark). Prettier than Claire who worked at Everwell in Charing Cross Road. Prettier than Lisa who works from a flat near St James's Park.

I asked her how old she is and like a lot of these girls she asked me how old I think she is. I told her 18 and she said she is 25 years old. She asked me if I wanted her to masturbate me but I wasn't in the mood for that. I knew what I wanted. I told her I wanted to see her naked. I said I would give her £20 if she took her clothes off. She wanted more money to begin with but then agreed to do it. She turned the lights lower but I said I wanted the lights brighter. They like to keep the lights low because they look more attractive that way but I wanted to see everything.

She took her top off and her bra and pulled her pants down. She had a nice body with bigger breasts and less skinny than Lisa who I saw not long ago. She let me touch her breasts and her bottom and she was quite smiley and affectionate. I asked her if she did oral sex and she said she doesn't do that, just hand relief. Maybe if I become a regular client of hers I might be able to persuade her to have a go.

I can't tell you her name or where she works because I'm not sure if she would like that. Unlike the sex workers in the nearby walk ups they don't usually want the publicity. I will say that the name of the establishment has the word 'spa' in it. I'm not sure if it is a spa, on their website it says they do beauty treatments but that might be their other branch in the East End.

Last month I went to a spa for the first time. Someone contacted me by email and asked if I had ever been to this place in Balham. I had walked past it a few times and often wondered if anything sexual went on. When he said they do hand relief there I wanted to go. It turned out to be cheaper than I expected and the most luxurious place I have ever been to. More luxurious than Gin Sen near Russell Square where I went a few times and managed to get hand relief just once. More luxurious than Zen in Notting Hill Gate where I went once and wasn't offered anything sexual.

I paid £25 for a half-hour massage and also got to use their sauna, steam room and shower. The masseur was a young woman from Slovakia who didn't offer me anything sexual. I wasn't really looking for that anyway. I have the name of a woman who works there who does offer hand relief and what days she works so next time I go there I'll know who to ask for.

When I was in the steam room I thought that steam rooms could be very sexy places. I imagined two naked Chinese girls coming towards me through the steam smiling and giggling.

Soon after the police raids last month in Soho I went to have a look around. About half of the walk ups were closed. I decided I wanted to see one of the sex workers because I didn't know how long they would be there. I ended up in Little Newport Street with a lovely Thai lady called Holly. I told her I wanted to look and her pussy and wank myself. She suggested that instead of me taking my clothes off and getting onto the bed with her, which is what I have done in the past, I just unzip myself and sit on a chair next to the bed while she shows me her pussy. It was very pleasant doing it that way. I got a good view. When my 10 minutes were up she stood up in front of me just a few inches away so I got to appreciate her lovely figure.

In the last few days two of the walk ups that had been closed are now open again. The one in Dean Street and the one in Tisbury Court. I noticed that in both of them are signs saying No Touts No Sellers. They don't want the drug addicts from the street trying to sell them shoplifted goods. That's what got them into trouble with the police and brought about the raids. Nothing to do with rescuing trafficked women and nothing to do with goods stolen from tourists. I have been going to Soho for years and I have never had anything stolen from me.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

in search of the perfect Chinese massage

On Tuesday this week I went to Chinatown. Someone had given me the name of a Chinese girl who he likes and has recommended. She is called **** and she works at a place called Love Health in Shaftesbury Avenue. I looked for Love Health but was a bit confused because it seems to have changed it's name to Lasting Health. It is at number 65.

I wasn't sure if I was at the right place but I went in and said 'Is **** here today?' to the person behind the counter. I was told that the young woman standing there is ****. **** is tall and slender, and she was wearing a short black dress that made her look very sexy. She has quite a nice face too. I paid for a half hour massage, which I think was £25.

**** showed me into a small room with a massage table. The room is a bit grotty, the whole place is a bit seedy. I got undressed and lay face down on the massage table. **** came in and we began. I can understand why some people would like ****, but I wasn't feeling turned on. When the time came for her to ask me if I wanted her to masturbate me, I told her not today. I said I would come back another time and we could have an hour together and we would do it then.

She told me she doesn't do anything else apart from masturbation. She said she doesn't take her dress off. But that might be just what she told me.

I walked around Chinatown and Soho, and bought some lunch in Berwick Street market. Someone else had given me a recommendation. ****** at San Ling, 50 Goodge Street. I am not that familiar with Goodge Street, and it's a bit of a walk from Soho and Chinatown, but I thought I would try it. When I went in to the place there was a man and a young woman sitting behind the counter.

I said to the man 'Is ****** here today?'. He said that she isn't. I said 'What days does ****** do?'. He said that ****** has gone away for a while. I looked a the girl and she said 'I'll give you a massage!' and giggled. I decided not to though. Before I walked out of the place I said to her 'You're *****, aren't you?'. She said she was. I said 'I have been with you before' and 'I'll wait for ****** to get back'. I was in two minds about it, I had forgotten how pretty ***** is.

A couple of weeks ago I had been to this place. The girl had taken me into one of the rooms. I was quite pleased, she is young and pretty. After some massage she asked me if I wanted her to masturbate me. I said yes but that I only had £20. She started playing with my willy and hitched up her top, showing her breasts and encouraging me to fondle them. After she had been wanking me for a while, to my surprise she bent over and put my cock in her mouth and sucked. I don't know if she was encouraging me to come, or if she just felt like it. I hadn't asked for it and she hadn't put a condom on.

She had told me then that her name is ****, and the man who had recommended the place said he thinks she is also called *****. I enjoyed my time with ****/*****, it was a nice experience, but I hadn't managed to orgasm with her. There are two or three of these places in Goodge Street, and it seems to be quite a short street. People have no idea what goes on in these places.

So on Tuesday I was wandering round, wondering where I should go next. I had turned **** down and turned ***** down. I thought that I will go back to Goodge Street in a few week's time. If ****** is there I will go with her. If ****** is not there but ***** is, then I will go with *****. Then I remembered that there is a place that I have thought of checking out. Not because it has been recommended, but because I have seen it often as it is opposite my bus stop in Holborn. It always looked so plush, so one day when I was waiting for the X68 I crossed to road and asked if they did massage.

I thought it would be an interesting experience whatever happened and although I wasn't sure they did 'happy endings' I went there. It is called Gin Sen. When I went in there was a very young woman who looked about 17 behind the counter. She was wearing a white coat like a doctor. I said I would like half an hour massage and I think it was £30. I thought if she is going to massage me that will be good.

She took me along a corridor and then stopped. She shouted 'Cece! I've got a half hour massage for you'. She encouraged me to continue along the corridor. I was expecting a Chinese woman, but instead there was a tall blonde woman, who looked and sounded as if she could be Scandinavian. I went into the room with her. It is just as plush behind the scenes as it is at the front. The room was quite large and nice, and warm.

Cece was quite attractive but she wasn't wearing a sexy short dress so she wasn't an immediate turn on. Also she seemed quite businesslike and didn't smile. She asked me what sort of massage I wanted, she said that with a half hour massage she usually does just the neck and shoulders, but she will massage me where I want. I didn't feel that I could tell her that what I really wanted is hand relief.

She went out of the room and I took my clothes off and got onto the massage table. I thought it would probably be best for me to keep my underpants on. Cece came in and started on my shoulders. I asked her what her name is and she said people call her Cece (I don't know how she would spell that) which is a contraction of her real name. I said 'Would you mind if I asked you what part of the world you come from?'. She is Serbian, which surprised me.

She didn't seem to want to have a conversation, so I just enjoyed the massage. It was different from other massages that I have had, it felt different and was almost painful at times. She seemed very professional about what she was doing. After about 10 minutes there was a knock on the door. Cece went to the door and talked to someone. She told me she had to go, and I think she hadn't realized that someone had booked her at a particular time. I thought what she said was that a Chinese girl would come in and continue the massage, but I wasn't sure.

I turned onto my back, lay there on the table for a few minutes, and decided that I would take my underpants off and cover myself with the towel that was there. Another few minutes passed and there was a knock on the door. A Chinese woman came in. She looked about 30 years old and was quite plump. She wasn't pretty, but was quite sweet. She started to massage me, moving the towel so that my penis was uncovered. I started to get an erection. After a few minutes she pointed at my willy and asked me if I wanted her to massage me here. I said yes. She wanted £30, but I told her I only had £20. She said she would do it. She didn't look happy about what she was doing, but she seemed eager to please.

I did ask her what her name is, but I have forgotten. She didn't speak English very well. She put some oil on her hands and started wanking me. I got an erection almost straight away, and she moved her hand up and down my cock. I didn't feel as if I was going to be able to come like this, and I put my hand on my willy and started wanking myself while she stood next to me. I still didn't feel that I was going to be able to come this way, and I tried to think of a good sexual fantasy that would make me more aroused. It was only when I concentrated on one particular secret sexual fantasy that I felt something is beginning to happen and if I keep going I am going to come.

I wanked myself furiously while the Chinese woman stroked my legs and my chest. Eventually I felt a rush of pleasure, my body contracted in spasms and I ejaculated copiously. I lay back on the table and looked at the Chinese woman. She used lots of absorbent paper to mop up the semen from my belly. Then she said she would get a hot towel for me. She went out of the room and came back with a hot wet towel, wiping my belly, chest and legs with it. I had been with this woman for what must have been more than half an hour.

When I got up I went over to my clothes, took out my wallet and gave the woman a £20 note and then a £5 note. I was pleased with her and wanted to reward her. That was all the money that I had in my wallet. As I was walking along the corridor on my way out, a young woman in her 20s was being shown along the corridor. She would probably be going to get acupuncture or massage for medicinal purposes. I thought she probably doesn't have a clue that men are getting wanked off in these rooms. I wondered if anyone like her might ever wonder if she can smell semen when she's getting her treatment. I wondered what she would think if she knew what goes on in there, and if it might be a turn-on for her, or a turn-off. I could imagine that for a woman it could be a secret sexual fantasy to be a Chinese girl holding a man's erection in her hand and wanking him off.

On Tuesday I went to perhaps the grottiest Chinese medical establishment that I had been in, and then to the most luxurious one I had been in. I hadn't expected to have an orgasm that day, often I am unable to do so even though I want to. I always have fun even when I don't manage to come, and on Tuesday I had more fun than I had expected.

I have removed the names of the women who offered me a sexual service. They probably would not like to have their names mentioned. When I thought only a few people would read this post I wasn't bothered, but I noticed that anytime anyone Googles the words chinese massage happy ending soho then this post comes up on the first page. So more people are reading this than I realized.

UPDATE: I went to Gin Sen again. I thought I was in luck when the young pretty girl on reception offered to massage me because they were busy. She wasn't the same pretty young girl on reception as before. However, I just got a straight massage with no offer of a 'happy ending' or anything else. I was on my front the whole of the half hour and I didn't even get a chance to look at her let alone talk to her and ask her her name. So I can't recommend Gin Sen. It's likely that you won't get anything sexual there, just a straight massage.

Lasting Health has closed down.

Friday, March 2, 2012

encounters with angels

This week I have seen two young women who are beautiful and delightful. On Tuesday I saw Rebecca in Bateman Street Soho. Rebecca had been recommended but I got a surprise when I saw her. She must be the prettiest girl in Soho, and she has a natural beauty which is what I like. Many of the women in Soho are quite tarty looking which doesn't do it for me.

The walk up in Bateman Street is one of the seediest in Soho so I wasn't expecting much. Rebecca is quite young-looking and could easily pass for a teenager although she told me she is in her 20s. She is small and slender, with smallish pert breasts. She has brown straight hair which is about shoulder-length. She has a nice all-over tan and a tatoo of a scorpion on her waist near her hip.

Rebecca is from Lithuania but her English is very good. I opted for a handjob, gave her the £22, and took off my clothes. I lay on the bed and she got on with me. She kept her red bra and knickers on to begin with, but when I asked her to take them off she did. She said she usually keeps them on if it's just a handjob. While she was wanking me I looked at her lovely face and chatted with her.

I had seen a sign on the wall that said 'Uniforms £10 extra' and I asked her if she had a schoolgirl uniform. She said she had and I said I would like to see her again but this time in her schoolgirl uniform. She asked me if I liked young and I said I like women of all ages.

Afterwards when I went down the stairs and onto the street there were people sitting outside the pub on the opposite side of the street. I wondered if they like to notice the men coming and going and comment on them.

Rebecca works a couple of days a week in Bateman Street and another couple of days a week round the corner at the Greek Street walk down.

On Wednesday I thought I would have a Chinese massage. I had a recommendation for a woman at a Chinese medical establishment in Charing Cross Road. I'm not going to give her name because I don't think she would want me to mention her on the internet. I shall just use her initial, which is C. I went into the medical centre and asked if C. is here today. The girl behind the counter said yes and that she would be available in 20 minutes. That was a bit of luck as she might not have been there that day or she might have been fully booked.

I went away and grabbed something to eat, returning at the appointed time. After sitting for a couple of minutes C. came into the room. She is tall and pretty, and was wearing a black dress with black tights. She is slender, and looked quite sexy in a smart secretary kind of way. She looks about 20 and has a lovely smile.

C. took me through a doorway and I was expecting that we would go down stairs, along corridors and into a small room. This is what had happened the only other time I had been there, when I saw I. However, there was a larger room on the ground floor and we went in there. She busied herself with making things ready and asked me if I had seen her before. I said I had not and she asked me why I had asked specifically for her. I told her that a friend of mine had seen her. I didn't want to say that people had been discussing her wanking skills on the internet.

She asked me what my friend had said about her, and I told her he had merely told me that she is good at massage. She invited me to undress so I took off all my clothes including my underpants. The room was warm and dimly lit. I lay on the massage table face down and put my head into the little hole. The table had been covered with paper.

She started on the massage and asked me how firm I wanted my massage to be. I told her I wanted a firm massage and she got to work on my shoulders and neck. It was almost painful at times but pleasant. She used oil and worked her way down my back. She massaged my bum and legs, several times moving her fingers between my buttocks. I even wondered if she was going to put a finger up my bum. Some say that moving between buttocks is a sign that the girl is willing to wank you.

I couldn't chat to her with my head in the hole so I just enjoyed the massage. When she asked me to turn over we could talk. Without me having to ask her, she asked me if I wanted her to do something with my penis. I said that would be nice. I had thought I might have to say something like 'My friend told me that you played with his willy'. She said something like 'What about a tip, let's say £20?'.

She was quite smiley and giggly, and seemed slightly embarrassed, but very friendly. I thought I would try and put my hand on the back of her leg. She didn't seem to mind that so I moved my hand up further. Eventually I got my hand up her dress and felt the gusset of her tights, her bum and between her legs. I don't think she usually allows this. I. however is willing to strip off for an extra £20, and apparently she will suck and maybe even fuck.

When it was over I put my clothes back on and she talked to me while tidying up. I remembered to give her the £20 that we had agreed. We had been discussing Chinatown which is just across the road. She asked me if I have been to Hong Kong. I said no and she said you don't need a visa to go to Hong Kong, you need a visa to go to China, but not Hong Kong. I said 'Do you need a visa to go to Chinatown?' which she thought very funny and laughed.

Then she escorted me to the front door. I got a final look at her legs while I was following her. So it's been a good week. I have had sexy encounters with two lovely girls, more lovely than I had expected. So lovely they deserve to be called angels.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lucy and Lisa

I was walking along Newport Court in Chinatown yesterday and I saw a Chinese girl that I have noticed before in one of the Chinese medical places. She is prettier and taller than the other girls. You can see them through the window. I wanted to have a massage so I thought I would see if I could have one from her. I thought that I probably wasn't going to get a 'happy ending' but I would just enjoy the massage. Some of these girls will masturbate a man to orgasm - a happy ending - but most don't.

I went to the door and looked at their leaflets. One of the other girls came to the door and invited me in. She asked me if I was interested in a massage and I said yes. Then I pointed to the girl that I wanted. She told me that this girl was not available because she had appointments. I didn't want to have a massage from the girl I was talking to so I said that I needed to go to a cashpoint and I left.

I decided to go to nearby Little Newport Street to see if Nicky was at the walk up there. I have seen two oriental women at this walk up, Nina and Nicky. Nina is OK, but I liked Nicky better. At the doorway I could see from the sign that today an oriental woman was there, but there wasn't a name. There is only one flat here, unlike most walk ups where there are two. Sometimes it is a blonde woman called Vicky. Vicky is well recommended but I haven't seen her yet.

I decided to go up the stairs and ask who it is today. The maid told me it is Lucy, who I had not seen before. When I saw Lucy I wanted to stay. Lucy has a very pretty face. She told me that I could have sex or oral sex for £25, or something more for more money. I told her I just wanted oral. I took of my clothes and lay on the bed. I asked her if she was going to take off her clothes.

She is short, with a very thin body and hardly any breasts at all. This didn't bother me at all, although I suppose it would put a lot of men off. Most men who choose oriental women aren't looking for tallness or big breasts. She comes from the Philippines and is very friendly and easy to get on with. Her English is very good.

Later when I was walking past 8 Greek Street I noticed that the two women there that day were Amy and Lisa. Lisa is new there. There is also another new woman at 8 Greek Street called Sabrina, who is Spanish. I walked up the stairs and rang the doorbell to Lisa's flat. The elderly French maid beckoned me in and asked me to sit in a chair in the kitchen. She sat with me and talked to me. I asked her if she is Josette, who I have heard about, but she isn't. She asked me if I wanted a cup of tea.

I had to wait a while to see Lisa, and when I did see her I wasn't attracted to her at all. She is tall and has quite a nice body, but she's not pretty. I could have backed out of it, but I had spent time sitting with the maid drinking tea and I didn't want to be labelled as a time waster. 8 Greek Street is a favourite place for me, somewhere I wanted to return to in the future to see Amy and Ivy.

There are men who are time wasters and cause problems for the women. Amy explained it to me when I went to see her late last year. When my session with Amy was over I said "I don't suppose you remember what happened the last time I came to see you". I told her that she had thought I was somebody else and didn't want me there. She said that they get a lot of men who come to the flat and ask lots of questions and take up time but don't stay. Sandy has said the same thing to me.

Lisa asked me what I would like to do with her. I said I would like to spend 10 minutes with her for £20. She asked me why I didn't want to spend more time with her. I said I only wanted 10 minutes. I gave her a £20 note and because I didn't have any change I gave her another £20 note asking her to take the maid's £2 tip out of that and give me the change. She said that I should give her £30 instead of £20 and she would give me special treatment. I don't know why I agreed but I did, it's not a lot of money and I was willing to give her a chance.

I asked her if she did oral sex without a condom. She said that sometimes she did. I said I would like that, and she gave my willy a quick wash in the little sink. There was a porn DVD playing, which could have been good but not much was happening apart from people talking. She started giving me oral, but got up off the bed several times, twice to do something with the DVD and once to get her mobile phone out of her coat hanging on the door and put it on the table next to the bed.

She continued with the oral and after a while I heard this loud music. I looked up, thinking that at last something was happening in the porn movie, but it was in fact her mobile. She got up off the bed, picked up the phone and peered at it, and then pressed a couple of buttons. She put the phone down again, got back on the bed and continued sucking. Nothing much was happening and I asked if I could see her pussy. She seemed to think this was too much trouble for her and at one point she said "This is too much hard work".

When it was over and I was putting my clothes back on she was talking to someone on her mobile. I was a bit annoyed with Lisa for talking me into paying her more that I wanted to and then not being prepared to go out of her way to make me happy. I realize that if a man goes to see a prostitute that he hasn't seen before and hasn't been recommended he is taking a chance. I took that chance twice yesterday and discovered someone lovely (Lucy) and someone not so lovely (Lisa). But what is good for me might not be so for another man. If a man wants a quick shag with a tall young slim tanned blonde, then Lisa could be just the thing for him. She's not much of a looker, but some men are used to that and don't mind. The fact that she might be willing to give oral without a condom could be a bonus.

I might go to a prostitute that I haven't seen before and who hasn't been recommended again, but I'm not going to wait to see her. If she is free when I go to the flat then I can take a look at her and if I don't like her I will say she's not my type or make an excuse. If the maid says she is busy then I will go somewhere else. I would like to see Sabrina at 8 Greek Street, who has been recommended, and I would like to see Amy and Ivy again.

Monday, July 19, 2010

lots to do in Soho on Saturday

There were a number of things I had planned to do in Soho on Saturday. I wanted to visit the new food market that had opened the previous Saturday in Rupert Street and Winnett Street. It's only open on Saturdays.

I also wanted to participate in the Soho Street Food Fair on over the weekend. I needed to buy a voucher from Hummus Bros in Wardour Street as I hadn't bought one over the internet. Once I had bought my voucher I would be able to go to the eight different food outlets and sample their delights. Hummus Bros didn't open till midday though so I had time for a coffee and something to eat, visit the market, and visit Nina.

Having had a coffee and seen the market I headed for Chinatown. When I got to Little Newport Street there was a woman I hadn't seen before standing in the doorway of the Chinese Medical Centre at number 7. She wanted to give me a leaflet and to invite me in.

I asked her if Coco was there that day. I didn't expect her to turn around and tell Coco I was asking for her. Although I have been tempted to see Coco again for a massage with a 'happy ending', I didn't want that today. I had to say something to her so I said I might come and see her later.

A few doorways along the street was the doorway to the walk up. I could see that today it was an oriental girl and so I went up the stairs and rang the bell. The maid opened the door and asked me to go into the bedroom.

I had not been in that flat before. The bedroom was small but nice, with a basin and a bidet. Looked quite clean. The girl came into the room and introduced herself. She wasn't Nina but a different oriental girl called Nicky.

When I knew that it wasn't Nina, and also that the minimum price was £25 and not £20 as at most places, I could have left. However, this girl was reasonably pretty and had a nice smile. I asked her if she could give me a hand job and she said yes.

We only had 10 minutes so I didn't try for a 'happy ending'. We lay on the bed together and I flirted with her, telling her how pretty she was (she had lovely big eyes), holding her in my arms and touching her all over including her pussy. She smiled and giggled a lot and pulled on my erect cock.

When my time was nearly up I knelt between her legs and held open her pussy and had a good look. We got off the bed and she gave me a big hug and said I should come back another time for longer.

I had wanted to ask the maid what days Nina was there, but I didn't get a chance. As I went out the doorway back onto the street I looked around and the Chinese woman was still standing outside the medical centre. She was looking at me so she must have known what I had been up to. Maybe she told Coco what she had seen.

Back at Hummus Bros I bought my voucher for £12, and got some takeaway food. Next stop was Moolis where I picked up an Indian wrap. I sat in Soho Square and ate both. The map that we were given with the voucher wasn't that accurate, but I managed to find the hummingbird bakery for my vanilla cupcake. The next place was somewhere I had not seen before. They gave me some mini meringues.

The whole point of the Soho Street Food Fair was that people would come to know some of the smaller food outlets in Soho and what they have to offer. Also to raise money for charity. I won't be going back for more meringues, though. The map led me off in the wrong direction and, after some confusion, I returned to Rupert Street and the new market. I hadn't realised that the next two items were from market stalls. I had a pork sandwich and then some strange meatballs.

Finally an ice cream cone in Old Compton Street and a coffee from the well-recommended cafe in Winnett Street. It was when I was in Old Compton Street that I noticed a short middle-aged woman with cropped hair. I thought she might be Pam the fag lady as mentioned in Clayton Littlewood's book Dirty White Boy: Tales of Soho. I have mentioned this book in previous postings. I watched her and she was asking people for money outside the French House and another pub.

I asked her if her name was Pam and she said it was. I told her I had heard about her in Clayton's book. She asked me if I could give her some change and I gave her some. I can't remember if Clayton said that Pam lives in the hostel at the northern end of Dean Street. I used to think that there is a hostel at the northern end of Greek Street but there isn't. I thought maybe the woman I met a while ago in Greek Street lived there. The building in Greek Street I was thinking of is the House of St Barnabas, which was a hostel at one time: it is marked as such in my street atlas.

I like the new market in Soho but I hope it isn't the beginning of gentrification of the area. Rupert Street is right next to Tisbury Court and Walkers Court.

Tisbury Court must be the seediest alleyway in Soho. It has the only peep show in Soho that I know of, and a couple of walk ups, and a porn DVD shop. It also has a couple of establishments that I suspect are clip joints, and there are women in the doorways trying to tempt men in.

At the junction of Tisbury Court and Rupert Street are diverse people hanging around asking tourists if they are looking for a girl. These people are called pimps but really they are trying to get money for nothing.

Walkers Court is an alleyway leading to Berwick Street and the established street market there. It has two or three sex shops.

I can imagine that the authorities might think that the new market is part of their vision the future of Soho, and that the sleazy side of Soho is incompatible with this. However, food and sex have always lived side by side in Soho, and I hope they always will. Soho is about the pleasures of life.

I hope that the new market continues to be what it is. It provides seasonal local produce (local to South East England) for a reasonable price. I bought a punnet of English cherries and some free-range eggs. I hope that the rents for stalls are kept reasonable so that we don't end up with something only tourists and the more affluent appreciate. Expensive meats and cheeses, olives and olive oil are good, but we need fresh, local and seasonal produce too.

If the authorities wanted to get rid of the seediest of the walk ups in Soho, that might not be a bad thing. As long as it isn't the the thin end of the wedge. The two flats in Greek street next to the bookies are seedy, as are the six flats in Lisle Street and the four flats near the market in Berwick Street. The flat in Little Newport Street is a nice one, as are the two flats at 8 Greek Street.

There are two or three walk ups outside Soho, in Shepherd Market. They seem to be clean and are unobtrusive. They are more expensive, though. I hope Soho continues to be the earthy lived-in place it has always been and doesn't end up like Covent Garden.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

sex and food in Chinatown and Soho

Yesterday I was in Chinatown and Soho. I walked along Little Newport Street to see who was at the walk up there. I was hoping it would be Nina. I have not seen her before. Someone had said that there is a delightful young oriental girl there called Nina.

After my experience with the Chinese girl Coco in the same street I wanted to see an oriental girl for a massage with a 'happy ending'. I didn't really want to go to the Chinese herbal / acupunture / massage places because it costs quite a bit. Better to go to a walk up and get the girl to give me a massage, I thought.

I knew that sometimes there is an oriental girl working there and sometimes a blonde girl. I had tried previously to see the oriental girl but the maid told me she was busy, come back later. I had gone back but the maid had said the same thing. Yesterday the blonde girl was there so I didn't go up.

I walked past the place where I had seen Coco. Once I saw Coco standing outside the place handing out leaflets, although usually it is an older woman. Coco doesn't look quite as pretty in the light of day. A couple of weeks ago I was walking along Newport Court nearby and I stopped outside one of these places. There was a beautiful tall sexily-dressed Chinese girl I could see through the window.

A Chinese man came to the doorway and gave me a leaflet, asking what sort of massage I am interested in. I said 'Would it be with her'. He said yes. I didn't want to ask about a 'happy ending' because I know they don't like to discuss it. He suggested a head massage. I thought that's not what I'm looking for. He suggested a foot massage. I thought he's missing the best bits. Then he suggested a full body massage and I thought that sounds just what I want. Full body. Nothing left out.

However, it's a bit hit and miss with these places. You don't know what will be available and how much you might end up paying. I decided not to go in. Since then I have heard some bad things about these places, like they will have a clock set ten minutes before the correct time in the massage room so that you will think you've had an hour when you've only had 50 minutes. I'm still tempted to see Coco again though.

So with Nina not there yesterday it was Plan B. I wanted to see Sandy again in Old Compton Street. Going up the stairs though, I saw Ritzy's name. This was a surprise because I had been informed that she had left the profession. Ritzy is one of my favourites. So I went to see Ritzy.

I mentioned to Ritzy that people were saying she had retired. She told me she had just been on holiday back home in Jamaica. I asked her if she is a good girl when she is in Jamaica and she said she is. Usually British women on holiday abroad are much naughtier than when at home, perhaps having wild parties or whatever. It seems that a lot of the foreign sex workers in Soho don't do anything naughty when they go back to visit. Their families don't know what they get up to in London.

Ritzy wasn't her usual ebullient self yesterday. She let me finger her pussy and before I left we had a cuddle. I asked her if it was true that Paris was no longer working in Soho. We were in the flat where Paris - probably the most popular girl in Soho - worked. She confirmed it is true. A couple of weeks ago I had seen that Paris was there and had thought about seeing her. I wanted to see what she was like now she's no longer a blonde. But I didn't, which is a pity.

Ritzy works Wednesdays and Saturdays at 4 Old Compton Street, as does Sandy at the moment. She doesn't work at Green's Court anymore.

I walked around Soho and went for something to eat. I went into Hummus Brothers on Wardour Street. I had a small hummus with chick peas for £2.80. Delicious and cheap. I asked the guy behind the till about the Soho Street Food Fair on this Saturday and Sunday. I had heard about it on the JoAnne Good BBC Radio London show. The Hummus Bros were guests on her show a few days ago talking about this street food fair they were involved in.

It's been organised for charity, Cancer Research UK. You can buy a ticket online for £12 and that allows you to go to a number of the smaller food outlets in Soho and get some food from each. If you go to all of them you will end up with about £24 worth of food. There are 8 outlets participating, eg Hummus Bros, Moolis and Hummingbird Bakery.

There's another reason why I want to go to Soho on Saturday. There's a new food market opened last Saturday in Rupert Street and Winnett Street. I wanted to go last Saturday for the opening but that was one of the days of the heatwave alert. It wouldn't have been so bad walking around Soho with a heatwave on, I could have had a coffee Frappucino from Starbucks or homemade lemonade from Hummus Bros, both cool and refreshing. But the idea of travelling on public transport there and back in the heat put me off.

When I go on Saturday I shall look again to see if Nina is there. If not, I've got another idea for some fun. Yesterday, out of curiosity, I went to see who was at the Green's Court walk up. I saw it was Mimi, and I was tempted. The door to Mimi's flat opened and the maid came out with a customer. I've seen this maid before, once, at Sandy's flat. Most maids are middle-aged and not attractive. This one, however, is young and beautiful. So, if Mimi is there on Saturday there is even more reason to see her.

Before I went home yesterday I decided I wanted to see Sandy. As I was walking towards Old Compton Street it started raining. I put on my jacket and sheltered in the doorway of a couple of walk up flats in Greek Street. The one near the bookies. This is the tackiest walk up I have seen, although I have not been in the flats. These are the flats that I thought might be 'the slaughter house' I had read about in the press. There's supposed to be somewhere in Greek Street where lots of Eastern European women were forced into prostitution. I knew it couldn't be the other two walk ups in Greek Street, so I thought it might be here. Now I am thinking this is an invention of the press. It's usually the same women there.

I took a photo of the doorway a long time ago. I was walking past it one day and I saw this cat sitting there. It just looked so humorous, what with the double meaning of 'pussy'. So I took a photo and put it on the internet. What I didn't realise at the time was that loads of other people have taken a photo of this cat and put the photos on the internet, he's quite famous! Apparently his name is Coco.

One day I saw Coco and thought I would take some more photos of him. Just then Billie Piper walked past. I didn't have the presence of mind to photograph her as she was walking towards me, but got one of her as she was passing. I followed her along Greek Street to make sure it was her, but didn't try to take any more photos of her.

I haven't seen Coco the cat for several months now.

I could have waited in the doorway until the rain had stopped. The rain was torrential, and usually this sort of rain doesn't last a long time. But I got bored and so decided to run the short distance to Sandy's flat around the corner. I got soaked though.

Sandy insisted that I take off my jacket so that she could put it in her tumble drier. She wanted to do the same with my shirt and jeans but they were not so wet so I told her there was no need. Sandy was her usual friendly ebullient self. She went out of the room with my jacket and the £25 I had given her and I took off all of my clothes and lay on the bed. It was when she returned that I noticed the sexy leopard print dress that she was wearing. She took off her dress and underwear and got onto the bed with me.

I asked her to lie down next to me. I said I wanted us to pretend to be on a beach in the Mediterranean. We were teenagers on holiday who had just met. I had taken her into the sand dunes and removed her bikini. I touched her pussy and then put my finger into her vagina. We did different things and ended up with her wanking me. I asked her to talk dirty, as I do when I am with Ivy.

It's funny that Ritzy and Sandy in Old Compton Street allow fingering but not oral sex without a condom, whereas round the corner in Greek Street Amy and Ivy do oral sex without a condom but not fingering.

Another funny thing is that if you walk around in Soho there are lots of people trying to rip you off, to get money from you for nothing or not a lot. However, as soon as you get up those stairs, the women want to provide you with an excellent service. And that's not because there's a pimp who's going to beat them up if the customer isn't happy.

I put my slightly damp clothes back on and Sandy gave me my jacket warm from the tumble drier. She's always talkative, she asked me if I had seen the final match in the football world cup. She was happy because Spain had won with a team that included many Catalans many of them from Barcelona. She is from Barcelona.

She opened the door to her flat to let me out and a man was just outside. He walked away along the corridor. He looked as if he might be going up to Ritzy's flat but he stopped and asked me if Sandy was OK. I told him she was. He was about my age and sounded as if he might be from Scotland. He asked me who was better, Sandy or Ritzy. I thought about it and said Sandy.

Both Sandy and Ritzy are lovely, but Sandy is taller and slimmer. Sandy was in a more ebullient mood that day. I think I shall see Ritzy again, but I shall definitely see Sandy again.