Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rebecca and Paris

On Friday last week I saw Rebecca again. She looked slightly different from what I had remembered. Perhaps she has altered her make up. Or perhaps there wasn't as much natural light in the room as last time. She didn't look quiet as innocent as before. It wouldn't be surprising if she is changing her appearance to become more like what most of her customers prefer.

I asked her if she would wear her school uniform for me. She said she would, but that it is a bit too big for her. When she came back into the room she was wearing a grey pleated skirt and a white blouse with a tie. I asked her to play with my willy until it got big, and then get on top of me. She got me erect, put the condom on and then stood up so that she could pull down her knickers. She straddled me, inserted my willy and lowered herself down. As she moved backwards and forwards I lifted up her skirt to look at her shaven pussy.

It was a pleasurable experience, but not as good as my fantasy. When I was putting my clothes back on I asked her what time she finished work. She told me 11 pm. I asked her what she is going to do with all her money. She said she is going to buy a house in Lithuania, and help her family.

I think this is why there are so many Eastern Europeans working as prostitutes in Soho. An English girl wouldn't as easily be able to buy a house in England as an Eastern European girl in Eastern Europe. Houses are much more expensive here than there. An English girl and an Eastern European girl might be earning the same money in Soho but the Eastern European will be able to buy more.

Rebecca could work in a coffee shop or looking after children or in a field. But she wouldn't get her house. She's working at a walk up in Soho because she wants a house, not because anybody has coerced her into doing it. I am happy to make my contribution to her dream. She seems to know what she's doing.

Another young woman who knows what she is doing is Paris. She used to work at 4 Old Compton Street, which has now closed. I have seen her several times and mentioned her in different posts. She was one of the most popular girls in Soho. Men like her because she looked like a teenager and was a lot of fun.

Paris is now involved in running the Pleasure Mansion, just to the north of Soho. Here is a recent picture of her, surrounded by lots of money.

Friday, March 9, 2012

House of Divine

I had heard so much about the House of Divine recently that I wanted to check it out for myself. They say that it as cheap as Soho but much better. House of Divine is a brothel in a posh flat in South Kensington where the women are willing to do much more.

10 minutes with a woman in Soho costs £20 or £25. If you want 20 minutes however it will usually cost £50. Not at 8 Greek Street though, which is one of the reasons I like 8 Greek Street. I don't know how much it costs in Soho for half an hour because I have never had half an hour in Soho. At a suburban brothel, such as New Exotic Oriental or Estrellas in Croydon, half an hour is £60. So Soho isn't such good value if you want half an hour or an hour with a woman. House of Divine is about the same as a suburban brothel.

I phoned the number (07725740234) at about 11 am yesterday and said that I would like to come to the House of Divine that afternoon. I was asked what time would I like to come and who would I like to see. I arranged for 2 pm. She told me that I have a choice of a Dutch woman or a Brazilian woman. I said I would like to see the Brazilian woman.

I got the tube to South Kensington and followed the directions to the address. I didn't want to be late and I found the place about 20 minutes before 2 pm. I wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to ring the doorbell at exactly 2 pm or a few minutes before. I decided it would be best to get there 10 minutes before. So I walked around a bit and came back.

I have never been to one of these houses before. They are expensive houses, white with white columns outside. I wondered what would happen when I rang the doorbell. Would she beckon me inside without a word, or would she ask me what I wanted? I didn't think she would just beckon me in, that might cause some confusion for travelling salesmen and Jehovah's Witnesses. I thought about what I would say. I didn't want to say 'I've come to shag the Brazilian woman' in case anybody passing by heard me. So I thought I would say 'I have an appointment for 2 pm'.

I rang the doorbell and a young woman answered. She looked at me. I said 'I have an appoint ...' and she shushed me mid-sentence and told me to come in. She said 'You're ten minutes early' in a slightly irritated slightly posh voice and showed me to a bedroom where I could wait. She asked me if I wanted a glass of water or orange juice. I declined both.

She left me alone in the bedroom. It was a quite dimly lit. There was a double bed and a bedside lamp was on. I could see a bathroom through an open door. A radio was playing pop music. I turned it off and sat on the chair. After a few minutes I heard what sounded like a woman orgasming.

Eventually the door opened and Lara walked into the room. She gave me a big smile and walked over to greet me. Lara is tall and slender and looks in her 20s. She has dark straight hair and a dark tan. She was wearing a black skimpy costume that was either rubber or leather. Lara does not look innocent, unlike the two women I saw last week. She has a sexy smile. She looks like she is a fun-loving party-going and clubbing young woman. I can imagine her on a beach or a yacht in São Paulo.

House of Divine have a website, and Lara has a page on this site. However, the faces are blurred out so as not to identify the women, and you don't see the imperfections. I was pleased with Lara and I handed over my £60. She said that I could take a shower if I wanted. I told her I had had one before I came out. She went out of the room with the money, and when she got back I had taken my clothes off.

Lara arranged the towel on the bed and told me she had just got back from holiday in Brazil. I got onto the bed and watched her undress. She got onto the bed and asked me what I like, what I don't like. I said that I don't enjoy my nipples played with/sucked (they often seem to start with this), just my willy. I asked her if my hands were cold and put my hand on her arm. She said they are a bit. I said I would go into the bathroom and wash my hands and make them warm for her. There was a pile of clean folded towels on on of the shelves next to the washbasin.

Lara started by sucking my cock, without a condom. After a couple of minutes I suggested the 69 position. I couldn't see her pussy or bum very well because of the position of the bedside lamp. She got off me and I could see her shaved pussy much better. While she sucked me I watched my cock going in and out of her mouth and I rubbed her pussy. I could have put my finger inside her pussy, but instead I asked if I could put my finger up her bum.

She looked at my hands and said that my fingernails are too long. I showed her my index finger and said that this one isn't. If I had suspected that she really didn't want me to put my finger up her bum then I wouldn't have continued. She said we could try. She moved and I thought she was going to get onto her hands and knees, but instead she lay on her tummy. She put some lubricant on my finger and I covered the end of my finger with it. I parted her bottom cheeks with my other fingers and located her anus. I put my finger on the hole and very gently moved my finger a bit. When it was in the right position I applied a little pressure and it slid in.

Just the end of the finger to begin with, and then more. I wiggled my finger about a bit. After a few minutes I said 'How about two fingers?'. She said 'It's too much'. I wasn't going to persist, but then she said we can try it. She took the bottle of lubricant again and squirted more onto my fingers. I knew I had to be gentle but it didn't take long before two fingers were in. I moved them up and down and wiggled them, and gave her a few playful spanks with my other hand.

I told her I am the doctor and she is my patient. I told her I am the teacher and she is a schoolgirl. From her position prone on the bed she had to look over her shoulder to see me. She gave me a wicked smile, a cheeky grin. I said look how stiff my cock has become. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her bum, and said that would cost an extra £40. I said maybe next time. Her English is good, but sometimes her sexy accent is difficult to understand, and she uses some unusual words.

When my time was up I went into the bathroom and washed my hands carefully, then it was time for me to go. I was really pleased that I decided to go the the House of Divine, and I think I shall go again.

Friday, March 2, 2012

encounters with angels

This week I have seen two young women who are beautiful and delightful. On Tuesday I saw Rebecca in Bateman Street Soho. Rebecca had been recommended but I got a surprise when I saw her. She must be the prettiest girl in Soho, and she has a natural beauty which is what I like. Many of the women in Soho are quite tarty looking which doesn't do it for me.

The walk up in Bateman Street is one of the seediest in Soho so I wasn't expecting much. Rebecca is quite young-looking and could easily pass for a teenager although she told me she is in her 20s. She is small and slender, with smallish pert breasts. She has brown straight hair which is about shoulder-length. She has a nice all-over tan and a tatoo of a scorpion on her waist near her hip.

Rebecca is from Lithuania but her English is very good. I opted for a handjob, gave her the £22, and took off my clothes. I lay on the bed and she got on with me. She kept her red bra and knickers on to begin with, but when I asked her to take them off she did. She said she usually keeps them on if it's just a handjob. While she was wanking me I looked at her lovely face and chatted with her.

I had seen a sign on the wall that said 'Uniforms £10 extra' and I asked her if she had a schoolgirl uniform. She said she had and I said I would like to see her again but this time in her schoolgirl uniform. She asked me if I liked young and I said I like women of all ages.

Afterwards when I went down the stairs and onto the street there were people sitting outside the pub on the opposite side of the street. I wondered if they like to notice the men coming and going and comment on them.

Rebecca works a couple of days a week in Bateman Street and another couple of days a week round the corner at the Greek Street walk down.

On Wednesday I thought I would have a Chinese massage. I had a recommendation for a woman at a Chinese medical establishment in Charing Cross Road. I'm not going to give her name because I don't think she would want me to mention her on the internet. I shall just use her initial, which is C. I went into the medical centre and asked if C. is here today. The girl behind the counter said yes and that she would be available in 20 minutes. That was a bit of luck as she might not have been there that day or she might have been fully booked.

I went away and grabbed something to eat, returning at the appointed time. After sitting for a couple of minutes C. came into the room. She is tall and pretty, and was wearing a black dress with black tights. She is slender, and looked quite sexy in a smart secretary kind of way. She looks about 20 and has a lovely smile.

C. took me through a doorway and I was expecting that we would go down stairs, along corridors and into a small room. This is what had happened the only other time I had been there, when I saw I. However, there was a larger room on the ground floor and we went in there. She busied herself with making things ready and asked me if I had seen her before. I said I had not and she asked me why I had asked specifically for her. I told her that a friend of mine had seen her. I didn't want to say that people had been discussing her wanking skills on the internet.

She asked me what my friend had said about her, and I told her he had merely told me that she is good at massage. She invited me to undress so I took off all my clothes including my underpants. The room was warm and dimly lit. I lay on the massage table face down and put my head into the little hole. The table had been covered with paper.

She started on the massage and asked me how firm I wanted my massage to be. I told her I wanted a firm massage and she got to work on my shoulders and neck. It was almost painful at times but pleasant. She used oil and worked her way down my back. She massaged my bum and legs, several times moving her fingers between my buttocks. I even wondered if she was going to put a finger up my bum. Some say that moving between buttocks is a sign that the girl is willing to wank you.

I couldn't chat to her with my head in the hole so I just enjoyed the massage. When she asked me to turn over we could talk. Without me having to ask her, she asked me if I wanted her to do something with my penis. I said that would be nice. I had thought I might have to say something like 'My friend told me that you played with his willy'. She said something like 'What about a tip, let's say £20?'.

She was quite smiley and giggly, and seemed slightly embarrassed, but very friendly. I thought I would try and put my hand on the back of her leg. She didn't seem to mind that so I moved my hand up further. Eventually I got my hand up her dress and felt the gusset of her tights, her bum and between her legs. I don't think she usually allows this. I. however is willing to strip off for an extra £20, and apparently she will suck and maybe even fuck.

When it was over I put my clothes back on and she talked to me while tidying up. I remembered to give her the £20 that we had agreed. We had been discussing Chinatown which is just across the road. She asked me if I have been to Hong Kong. I said no and she said you don't need a visa to go to Hong Kong, you need a visa to go to China, but not Hong Kong. I said 'Do you need a visa to go to Chinatown?' which she thought very funny and laughed.

Then she escorted me to the front door. I got a final look at her legs while I was following her. So it's been a good week. I have had sexy encounters with two lovely girls, more lovely than I had expected. So lovely they deserve to be called angels.