Wednesday, June 29, 2011

finding out more about Chinese massage

I have been intrigued for some time by Chinese massage establishments. The idea that you can get a massage from a pretty Chinese girl and if you're lucky she will be willing to masturbate you to orgasm. I tried a couple of these places in Soho and Chinatown, as I have related in previous posts on this blog, but what put me off is not knowing how much I would end up paying. So I never got my 'happy ending'.

Often when I walk around Chinatown I am offered a leaflet by a girl standing outside one of these places. These Chinese medical centres don't just offer massage, they have herbs and acupuncture too. Inside there are jars of herbs on shelves and people in white coats looking like doctors. In Little Newport Street there are a couple of these, and I noticed two women offering massage like the others but they didn't seem to have an establishment or any leaflets.

The first one I noticed was an old woman, then another time a younger one. Then I saw the two of them together. The younger of the two is quite attractive. I was intrigued, wondering what they were up to. Was this some kind of scam? I have been told that there are various little scams involved in Chinese massage, such as having a clock set some time earlier than the correct time so that you get less time than you paid for.

I wondered what would happen if I were to accept their propositions. I had an image in my mind of being shown into a room, asked to pay and then told to undress, and they running off with my money and maybe my clothes too. I started a new thread on the PunterNet forum, and someone cleared up the mystery. The older one is called Rose and the younger one is called Cindy. They used to work at other places but have set themselves up in their own place. They give a very good service I'm told.

Now they have a sign up, and just yesterday I noticed a pretty young girl outside on the street. She could have been a teenager. She asked me if I was interested in a massage. I asked her the price, and if it would be with her. She told me it would be someone else giving me the massage. They are at 11 Little Newport Street. There is a doorway and some stairs that are shared by a cab company.

I was thinking of going to see Rose or Cindy, but I got a tip from someone about a girl in Charing Cross Road. So on Thursday last week I went there. It is a proper Chinese medical centre, quite a big one. I got there about 11.30 am and I said "Is I. here today?". I'm not going to identify her because usually they don't want that. He said she will be here at 12 mid-day if I want to book to see her. I went and had a coffee and something to eat.

I returned just before mid-day and I paid the £25 for the half-hour I'd booked. I sat and waited. There was nothing sleazy about this place; nobody would know what goes on. An older man and woman in white coats were talking to each other in Chinese. I. turned up a few minutes late and I was asked to follow her through a doorway. She was chatty and smiled a lot. She looked as if she was in her early 20s and was attractive. She led me down some stairs and through a maze of corridors with little rooms off them. Eventually we came to the room we had been allocated. The massage couch took up a lot of the room.

She suggested I take off my clothes while she got ready. I got onto the couch face down and she asked me if I wanted a hard or a soft massage. The couch had been covered with paper so it was all quite hygienic. She had put some soothing Chinese music on. After a while I. asked me if I just wanted my back done. I said no and I turned over. I asked her if she could play with my willy and she said yes and that it would cost me £20.

I agreed to this and she took my willy into her hands. She put some oil onto it and squeezed and moved her hands up and down. She was smiling and giggling, looking at me in the eyes and being flirty. After a couple of minutes I still didn't have an erection. She suggested that she take clothes off, for another £20. I wasn't sure, I thought she might have meant just her top. Her English is OK but not that good. When I agreed she stripped off until she was totally naked, giggling all the time.

Almost immediately I got an enormous erection and I. got to work on it. I asked her if she could talk dirty for me. She said she was willing to learn and she would try. One of the things I asked her to say was "Let me see your sperm". She asked me "What is 'sperm'?". I said it's the thing that men have inside them that squirts out the end of their willies, and I made appropriate gestures with my hands. She said "Ah, yes" and then "Let me see your sperm. Let me see your SPERM!".

It was all great fun, but despite I.'s best efforts I didn't manage to have an orgasm. When I put my clothes on I gave her the two £20 notes that I'd promised her. She suggested that I come to see her again, and perhaps for an hour this time. I definitely wanted to see her again.

I thought that if I refrain from masturbating for a few days before my next encounter then my chances of achieving orgasm would be much greater. Although I wanted to see I. again, I had got a couple more tips about Chinese women. There is a woman in Bethnal Green called Anchee who gives an hour massage including a happy ending for just £40. I had her phone number but when I called her she said she was on holiday. At least I think that's what she said, her English was not very good and it was difficult to understand what she was saying.

Someone told me about a new place in Paddington. A woman called L. there gives everything short of full sex for £40, although I would also have to pay the cost of the massage. I was told that the standards are higher there, in terms of cleanliness and other things, than most similar establishments.

I went there yesterday. As I was standing outside a woman went in. She wasn't young or pretty and was a bit short and dumpy. If that's the sort of woman they have here then I'm not interested, I thought. But then I thought maybe she's the receptionist. I went up the stairs and indeed the woman I'd seen greeted me from behind a counter, and there was a younger woman sitting there. I said "Is L. here today?" and she said yes. She asked me how long I wanted and I said half an hour. I was asked to pay £30 and then shown into a room.

The room smelled a bit musty. It had a shower in it but there was no extractor fan. This place wasn't what I expected. I thought that if this is one of the better places then I wouldn't like to see the other ones. The woman at reception came in and told me she was L., which surprised me. I didn't know if she was telling the truth. However, she looked better up close than she had before, so I though I might as well enjoy myself while I am here.

I was sitting on the massage couch naked with her standing right in front of me. She asked me what kind of massage I wanted. I said I wanted her to massage me here, and pointed at my willy. She smiled and giggled. I lay down on the couch and she started wanking me. I touched the back of her legs and her bum and after a while tried to pull down the zip on her shorts. She indicated that she could take her top off but I said no I wanted the shorts down.

She pulled her shorts down and then her knickers without taking them off. While she was wanking me I put my fingers between her bum cheeks wondering if I could get my finger up her bum. She leant forward and smiled at me. She put her face up close to mine and kissed me on the lips. I asked her if she wanted to see my sperm squirting out and she said she really did.

It was all very lovely, so it was surprising that after a while I lost my erection. I sat up and said "I want to look at you down here", looking at her between the legs. She told me that would cost more money. I said that I didn't want to spend more money that day. I asked her how much time I had left and told her to massage my back for the remaining time.

It seemed to last longer than 30 minutes and I had only spent œ30. Afterwards she asked me how I found out about her. I told her they had been talking on the internet about this place and someone had sent me a private message giving her name. When I was about to go she put her finger to her lips and said "Don't tell anyone what I do".

In the corridor on the way out a young woman emerged from one of the rooms. I looked through the open doorway into the room and saw another girl sitting on the couch in a short skirt. I don't know what they had been getting up to. Maybe practising on each other.

I remember once I was walking around Chinatown and I looked through a window and I saw a teenage girl sitting in a massage chair with another girl standing behind her massaging her shoulders, and another one standing behind her massaging her shoulders. I suppose they have to amuse themselves while waiting for a man.

I wondered what to do with myself for the rest of the day and I decided to get the tube to Soho. Wandering around. I noticed that Ivy was at the walk up in Greek Street. I went up and told her I wanted to spend 20 minutes with her for £40. Before we got down to business I sat on the edge of the bed and asked her to stand next to me so we could have a cuddle. I lay on the bed and she sat naked between my legs and started wanking me. She grasped my erection much more firmly than I. or L. had done. She said, over and over again, "Fuck the pussy darling, fuck the wet pussy. My pussy is so wet for you. Fuck it! Fuck it hard!".

It didn't take long before I could feel it starting to work and then I began ejaculating copiously. I looked up and I could see my cum all over her hands together with the oil. We cleaned me up and I asked how much time we had left. She told me just a few minutes and asked if I wanted to cuddle. I told her that I had been for a Chinese massage but hadn't managed to come, and that she could achieve what they could not.

Ivy said "I think you could give me a massage" and I said "I'll do anything you want". So she lay on her tummy and I massaged her back for a few minutes. Then my time was up. Ivy will be there today, and next week she will be there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. After that I don't know.

I might go for some CWT (Chinese Wanking Therapy) again. If Ivy isn't there, and often she isn't. I'm not going to spend much money on it though. It's still pleasurable, even when I don't manage to come. I can try and get them to do it just the way I like it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amanda Sunita Sarah

Today I decided to try three women that I hadn't seen before. All of these women have been recommended. Lisle Street is the first to open in the morning so I went there first. At 2 Lisle Street I saw Amanda. She is quite pretty and I'm sure a lot of people would like her but she's a bit too Jennifer Aniston-y for me. She is of average height and has brown hair. I think she would be good for someone looking for a 'girlfriend experience' because she tries to please.

I asked her to play with my willy to make it get big and after a while I asked her if she'd like to do the 69 position. She said I would have to pay extra for that but she could just turn round if I liked. She moved her bottom next to my face and I got a close-up of her pussy and her bum hole. I would have loved to have pushed my fingers inside her pussy and her bum hole - she looked delightful in that positition - but I contented myself with opening her pussy lips and looking inside.

Afterwards I asked her about Natalie, and she said that Natalie has left for good, gone back to her own country. I was glad that I had been to see Natalie before she went. Snogging Natalie was wonderful, I had never kissed a woman as beautiful as her. However, it's always possible that someday she might be back. I seem to remember she went off once before. Maybe she's made her fortune and wants to do something else with her life.

I noticed the name of the woman in the top flat, written on a card on the stairway. It wasn't Nelly so perhaps Nelly has gone too. When I'd been waiting to see Amanda the maid had been very chatty and told me she was new there too. So maybe they're all new there.

Next I went to Frith Street to see the new woman there. Sunita is the only other Indian woman in Soho apart from Meena. Although I think someone might have mentioned one in Dean Street too. I went up the stairs to the first flat. A young Chinese man came down the stairs and I noticed an older woman following me up the stairs. The door of the flat was open and I could see the maid. I assumed that Sunita was busy so I said to the maid that I would come back later. She said to come back in five minutes.

The maid and the other woman coming up the stairs behind me greeted each other so I think they hadn't started yet. They were just opening up. When I was back on the street I noticed the Chinese man waiting outside and an even younger man in smart clothing. I thought I don't want to wait till they've had their turn with Sunita so I thought I'll come back later.

I went to nearby Romilly Street to see if Sarah was there. Her name was up there. The maid answered the door and said that she was with a man and there was another one waiting, and that I could come back later or there's another girl upstairs. I could see that the other girl up the stairs was Alena, and although I like Alena I decided to come back later.

I went to have a coffee and something to eat and then decided to try and see Sunita again, before it got to 12 when I thought there might be a mid-day rush. I didn't have to wait to see her. She's quite a tall attractive woman. I asked her if she had had many customers that day. She said there were a few who wanted to see her on their way to work. I asked if they were builders or office workers and she said some of each.

The most interesting thing she told me is that some men work in Soho and tell their colleagues they're popping out for a cigarette break. Then they go to see her. For 10 minutes. Then they go back to work, and nobody knows what they've been up to.

Because Sunita is tall, I wanted to fuck her. I wouldn't say she's as pretty as Meena - although some people aren't attracted to Meena - but she's attractive and friendly. I think she used to do Thursdays but now does Tuesdays too.

After I'd had some lunch I went back to Romilly Street to see Sarah. Sarah is from Thailand, she is small and has a light brown skin. She is quite pretty, although I wouldn't say she's as pretty as Lucy or even Ivy. I didn't have much money left in my wallet at this point, and I asked the maid is they charge £20 or £25 for the basic service. At Lisle Street it is now £25 and at Frith Street it is £20. She said £20, it's £20 wherever you go in Soho. I said that at some places it is £25, but she said that's only if you want French and sex. There wasn't much point in contradicting her, but she is not correct.

Sarah played with my will till it got hard, then she put on a condom and I asked her to get on top of me. She made rhythmic movements, but it wasn't stimulating enough and I lost my erection. I asked her to wank me, and then I asked her if she could talk dirty. I gave her some examples of what I would like her to say. The things that Ivy says to me, like "Fuck my pussy, darling. Fuck my wet pussy. My pussy is so wet for you". She said them, over and over again, and I became very aroused. As I explained to her, it would take me more than 10 minutes for me to come. I told her I might come and see her again and spend more time with her. I might do, or I might go and see Lucy instead.