Wednesday, December 5, 2012

recent discussions on radio about prostitution

At the beginning of Woman's Hour on Radio 4 this morning two sex workers - Catherine Stevens and Sue - talked about their lives. Sue said that she had been seriously attacked when working as a sex worker from a flat. Catherine Stevens said that women working alone from flats are vulnerable to attack, but that when women choose to work together for safety they are breaking the law. She said she would like to have a change in the law so that women are allowed to work together. You can listen to the show here.

Yesterday (04/12/12) on the Today programme on Radio 4 (6 am to 9 am) there was a discussion on the subject of prostitution including the Policy Officer from the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) Pierrette Pape and Niki Adams from the English Collective of Prostitutes. The EWL want to create 'a Europe free from prostitution' with the Swedish model adopted across Europe. This would mean that a man who pays for sex will commit a crime, but sex workers will no longer be criminalised.

Pierrette Pape said "prostitution is about someone imposing his desire over someone else through money and we think it's a form of violence and if we want to build a society based on equality between women and men and human dignity we have to realise this and to put all efforts to change that".

In response to this ideological claptrap Niki Adams pointed out that a crackdown undermines safety among sex workers and forces sex work underground.

This is what Pierette Pape said in reply "the Swedish police says that first prostitution is a market so if the clients, the buyers, can find the women in prostitution the social workers can and the police can".

This is as daft as saying that if drug addicts can find drug dealers then the police can too. We know that in Britain prostitution in the West African community is underground and spread by word of mouth. West African prostitutes are invisible to the police but NGOs are aware of some of them.

There was also discussion of poverty among women especially mothers.

Pierrette Pape said that the decriminalisation of sex workers in Sweden has had some benefits for them. This is true, but criminalising men doesn't help with that. It's difficult for women to work safely from flats when their customers are wary of getting arrested.

Niki Adams said that the New Zealand model has had many benefits for sex workers in New Zealand, including increased safety. Pierrette Pape said that decriminalisation in the Netherlands hasn't decreased violence. Niki Adams replied that it isn't the Netherlands model that she is advocating, it is the New Zealand model.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Suelee, Yaya, and a hole in a door

I was in the centre of Croydon yesterday and I thought I would try Suelee's number. She used to run a place in South Croydon, in Southbridge Road. I saw Dee Dee and Stephanie there, both Thai women, and I have posted about both of them. Then this place closed down. I had heard that Suelee couldn't be contacted, and then that she'd opened somewhere new in the centre of Croydon.

Suelee answered the phone and told me she had a place behind the Drummond shopping centre. She didn't want to give me the address straight away. She said that I should phone her again when I was in Frith Road. I did this at the time I had told her I wanted to come and she directed me to the flat. She opened the door and we went up the stairs. She said "I've got a lovely girl for you" and directed me into a bedroom. The flat looks quite luxurious.

In the bedroom was a sexily-dressed woman and I recognised her. She is Yaya, and I have had sex with her in Soho, at 26 Romilly Street. This wasn't a surprise to me because I knew that Dee Dee also used to work at 26 Romilly Street. Yaya has a beautiful face and big breasts, and I would guess that she is in her 30s, unlike the other Thai women at 26 Romilly Street who seem to be in their 20s. I paid £60 to Yaya for half an hour.

We did a lot of different things together in that half hour. She started by sucking my cock, without a condom. We did some 69. She got a cock-shaped vibrator out of the drawer next to the bed and put a condom on it, then some lubrication. She said she could put it up my bum. It's not really my thing, but I'd never done this before, so I thought I would try it. The way she was doing it it was too painful so I asked her to stop. She put a latex glove on and used fingers instead. Then she took the condom off the vibrator, put another condom on and more lubrication, and I used it on her pussy while she was lying on her back. I got on top of her for a while. Then she pushed the vibrator in and out of her pussy while I wanked myself.

When I was putting my clothes back on Suelee came into the room and chatted with me. Her number is 07833624409. Yaya works at 26 Romilly Street in Soho on Mondays and Saturdays. Although she might not be continuing to work in Soho.

Earlier this week I found out about somewhere in Wandsworth. It is a unique place. It is somewhere that has a glory hole. I have known about glory holes for a while from pornography. A man puts his cock in a hole in a wall and a woman on the other side sucks him off. When I found out that someone in London was doing this I thought I must give it a go.

In the 1980s in Soho they had lots of peep shows. In some of them you could put a £5 note through a hole and the girl would use a vibrator or dildo or wank with her fingers for you. But they never had a glory hole. They closed down all the peep shows in Soho apart from one and it doesn't have girls wanking themselves.

They prefer you to phone them first (07914566706) and then book through the AdultWork site, and they have a page there. They sent me a message that told me to go to Wandsworth town hall and phone a number 5 minutes before the time I booked. So at 5 minutes to midday today I was standing outside Wandsworth town hall. I was directed to a block of flats nearby and given instructions as to what to do. I was buzzed into the block of flats and went to the number. I pushed the door open as instructed and found myself in a hallway. The flats look very nice here.

I heard a woman's voice but couldn't tell where it was coming from for a couple of seconds. Then I noticed the door with two holes in it. I looked through the higher of the two holes and there was a girl. She was pretty, quite young and cute. She smiled at me and I said hello. I think she is the one called Kendall. I took out the £30 for the 15 minute session and put it through the hole. I undid my trousers and put my cock through the hole.

She used her mouth and hands on my cock and it felt lovely. There's nothing to look at except for the door, so you are relying on the physical stimulation alone to bring you to orgasm. I tried to imagine the girl's face to make me more aroused. Later I thought it would be better if they had a webcam showing the girl's head as she's sucking your cock, with a screen so that you can watch it while she's doing it to you. They could record it then send it to you as a movie file via email. That would be very exciting. They also do a two girl service for £40. They charge a bit extra if you don't book via AdultWork. They plan to open another one in central London.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

in search of the perfect Chinese massage

On Tuesday this week I went to Chinatown. Someone had given me the name of a Chinese girl who he likes and has recommended. She is called **** and she works at a place called Love Health in Shaftesbury Avenue. I looked for Love Health but was a bit confused because it seems to have changed it's name to Lasting Health. It is at number 65.

I wasn't sure if I was at the right place but I went in and said 'Is **** here today?' to the person behind the counter. I was told that the young woman standing there is ****. **** is tall and slender, and she was wearing a short black dress that made her look very sexy. She has quite a nice face too. I paid for a half hour massage, which I think was £25.

**** showed me into a small room with a massage table. The room is a bit grotty, the whole place is a bit seedy. I got undressed and lay face down on the massage table. **** came in and we began. I can understand why some people would like ****, but I wasn't feeling turned on. When the time came for her to ask me if I wanted her to masturbate me, I told her not today. I said I would come back another time and we could have an hour together and we would do it then.

She told me she doesn't do anything else apart from masturbation. She said she doesn't take her dress off. But that might be just what she told me.

I walked around Chinatown and Soho, and bought some lunch in Berwick Street market. Someone else had given me a recommendation. ****** at San Ling, 50 Goodge Street. I am not that familiar with Goodge Street, and it's a bit of a walk from Soho and Chinatown, but I thought I would try it. When I went in to the place there was a man and a young woman sitting behind the counter.

I said to the man 'Is ****** here today?'. He said that she isn't. I said 'What days does ****** do?'. He said that ****** has gone away for a while. I looked a the girl and she said 'I'll give you a massage!' and giggled. I decided not to though. Before I walked out of the place I said to her 'You're *****, aren't you?'. She said she was. I said 'I have been with you before' and 'I'll wait for ****** to get back'. I was in two minds about it, I had forgotten how pretty ***** is.

A couple of weeks ago I had been to this place. The girl had taken me into one of the rooms. I was quite pleased, she is young and pretty. After some massage she asked me if I wanted her to masturbate me. I said yes but that I only had £20. She started playing with my willy and hitched up her top, showing her breasts and encouraging me to fondle them. After she had been wanking me for a while, to my surprise she bent over and put my cock in her mouth and sucked. I don't know if she was encouraging me to come, or if she just felt like it. I hadn't asked for it and she hadn't put a condom on.

She had told me then that her name is ****, and the man who had recommended the place said he thinks she is also called *****. I enjoyed my time with ****/*****, it was a nice experience, but I hadn't managed to orgasm with her. There are two or three of these places in Goodge Street, and it seems to be quite a short street. People have no idea what goes on in these places.

So on Tuesday I was wandering round, wondering where I should go next. I had turned **** down and turned ***** down. I thought that I will go back to Goodge Street in a few week's time. If ****** is there I will go with her. If ****** is not there but ***** is, then I will go with *****. Then I remembered that there is a place that I have thought of checking out. Not because it has been recommended, but because I have seen it often as it is opposite my bus stop in Holborn. It always looked so plush, so one day when I was waiting for the X68 I crossed to road and asked if they did massage.

I thought it would be an interesting experience whatever happened and although I wasn't sure they did 'happy endings' I went there. It is called Gin Sen. When I went in there was a very young woman who looked about 17 behind the counter. She was wearing a white coat like a doctor. I said I would like half an hour massage and I think it was £30. I thought if she is going to massage me that will be good.

She took me along a corridor and then stopped. She shouted 'Cece! I've got a half hour massage for you'. She encouraged me to continue along the corridor. I was expecting a Chinese woman, but instead there was a tall blonde woman, who looked and sounded as if she could be Scandinavian. I went into the room with her. It is just as plush behind the scenes as it is at the front. The room was quite large and nice, and warm.

Cece was quite attractive but she wasn't wearing a sexy short dress so she wasn't an immediate turn on. Also she seemed quite businesslike and didn't smile. She asked me what sort of massage I wanted, she said that with a half hour massage she usually does just the neck and shoulders, but she will massage me where I want. I didn't feel that I could tell her that what I really wanted is hand relief.

She went out of the room and I took my clothes off and got onto the massage table. I thought it would probably be best for me to keep my underpants on. Cece came in and started on my shoulders. I asked her what her name is and she said people call her Cece (I don't know how she would spell that) which is a contraction of her real name. I said 'Would you mind if I asked you what part of the world you come from?'. She is Serbian, which surprised me.

She didn't seem to want to have a conversation, so I just enjoyed the massage. It was different from other massages that I have had, it felt different and was almost painful at times. She seemed very professional about what she was doing. After about 10 minutes there was a knock on the door. Cece went to the door and talked to someone. She told me she had to go, and I think she hadn't realized that someone had booked her at a particular time. I thought what she said was that a Chinese girl would come in and continue the massage, but I wasn't sure.

I turned onto my back, lay there on the table for a few minutes, and decided that I would take my underpants off and cover myself with the towel that was there. Another few minutes passed and there was a knock on the door. A Chinese woman came in. She looked about 30 years old and was quite plump. She wasn't pretty, but was quite sweet. She started to massage me, moving the towel so that my penis was uncovered. I started to get an erection. After a few minutes she pointed at my willy and asked me if I wanted her to massage me here. I said yes. She wanted £30, but I told her I only had £20. She said she would do it. She didn't look happy about what she was doing, but she seemed eager to please.

I did ask her what her name is, but I have forgotten. She didn't speak English very well. She put some oil on her hands and started wanking me. I got an erection almost straight away, and she moved her hand up and down my cock. I didn't feel as if I was going to be able to come like this, and I put my hand on my willy and started wanking myself while she stood next to me. I still didn't feel that I was going to be able to come this way, and I tried to think of a good sexual fantasy that would make me more aroused. It was only when I concentrated on one particular secret sexual fantasy that I felt something is beginning to happen and if I keep going I am going to come.

I wanked myself furiously while the Chinese woman stroked my legs and my chest. Eventually I felt a rush of pleasure, my body contracted in spasms and I ejaculated copiously. I lay back on the table and looked at the Chinese woman. She used lots of absorbent paper to mop up the semen from my belly. Then she said she would get a hot towel for me. She went out of the room and came back with a hot wet towel, wiping my belly, chest and legs with it. I had been with this woman for what must have been more than half an hour.

When I got up I went over to my clothes, took out my wallet and gave the woman a £20 note and then a £5 note. I was pleased with her and wanted to reward her. That was all the money that I had in my wallet. As I was walking along the corridor on my way out, a young woman in her 20s was being shown along the corridor. She would probably be going to get acupuncture or massage for medicinal purposes. I thought she probably doesn't have a clue that men are getting wanked off in these rooms. I wondered if anyone like her might ever wonder if she can smell semen when she's getting her treatment. I wondered what she would think if she knew what goes on in there, and if it might be a turn-on for her, or a turn-off. I could imagine that for a woman it could be a secret sexual fantasy to be a Chinese girl holding a man's erection in her hand and wanking him off.

On Tuesday I went to perhaps the grottiest Chinese medical establishment that I had been in, and then to the most luxurious one I had been in. I hadn't expected to have an orgasm that day, often I am unable to do so even though I want to. I always have fun even when I don't manage to come, and on Tuesday I had more fun than I had expected.

I have removed the names of the women who offered me a sexual service. They probably would not like to have their names mentioned. When I thought only a few people would read this post I wasn't bothered, but I noticed that anytime anyone Googles the words chinese massage happy ending soho then this post comes up on the first page. So more people are reading this than I realized.

UPDATE: I went to Gin Sen again. I thought I was in luck when the young pretty girl on reception offered to massage me because they were busy. She wasn't the same pretty young girl on reception as before. However, I just got a straight massage with no offer of a 'happy ending' or anything else. I was on my front the whole of the half hour and I didn't even get a chance to look at her let alone talk to her and ask her her name. So I can't recommend Gin Sen. It's likely that you won't get anything sexual there, just a straight massage.

Lasting Health has closed down.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Jazmin, Nicki and Anna

In my last post I told you about my time with Sammy and Petra, my evening with erotic dancer Samantha Bailey, and how I tried to find out more about Jazmin. In this post I encounter Jazmin, take a look at Nicki, get a massage from a lovely Chinese woman, and spend some time with Anna.

I knew that Jazmin was meant to be at 18 Newport Court on Friday last week. I wanted to get there early. If Jazmin is the same girl as Kim then she might try to snog me. Kim had tried to snog me but I had avoided that because she also did oral sex without a condom and let men come in her mouth. I didn't want to snog a girl who had recently sucked off several men. If I was her first customer of the day, however, that would be a different matter.

I got to the flats sometime after 11am. The door was open, and there was the name of a girl inside the door. Jazmin's name wasn't there. There should be the name's of the two girls working there that day inside the doorway. I went up to the first floor and knocked on the door. Someone from the floor above shouted down that nobody is there yet. She wanted me to go up to her flat, but I told her I wanted to see Jazmin. She said call back about midday.

I came back just after 12 but someone had got there before me. A man was in the flat with Jazmin and the maid asked me to wait outside the door while she went down to the ground floor to put Jazmin's name sign up. I was waiting quite a while there at the top of the stairs. Eventually the maid came back up, let us into the flat, and apologised for keeping me waiting. She said that a girl called Nicky who had formerly worked there had called by and they had a chat.

Inside the flat the maid asked me to sit down and told me that Nicky had said that where she's working there's a woman who offers anal sex cheaply and it's difficult for her to compete with that. She offered me the Sun newspaper and we talked about Prince Harry and his nude escapades in Las Vegas. She was very friendly and talkative.

Then Jazmin became free and I went into the bedroom with her. I said I would like oral sex, and she said that will be £30. Oral sex at Soho walk ups is usually £20, but I gave her the £30 she had asked for. It can create a bad atmosphere to question prices, and also I was hoping for something more than the standard oral sex on offer at other walk ups. She went out of the room and I could hear her chatting to the maid about Nicky.

I took off my clothes and lay on the bed, waiting for Jazmin to come back. Unlike other sex workers in Soho, she was not wearing any alluring glamour wear, just a bra and knickers that didn't match. She had blonde hair with dark roots. I knew for sure that she was Kim who used to work in Greek Street.

Jazmin came back into the room and got onto the bed with me, still in her bra and knickers. She put the end of my cock part way into her mouth but didn't suck much. She did this a few times and after what seemed like three minutes she told me my time was up. I told her my time can't be up yet but she insisted that it was. She'd been cold and unfriendly from the beginning. It was like her attitude was 'What are you going to do about it?'.

She really hadn't made any effort at all and had given an appalling service. I have never been with a woman who has been like this. I don't know what her problem is. When I had seen her before at Greek Street I had enjoyed my time with her. She's young and pretty, will do oral sex without a condom and might let you come in her mouth, but she doesn't make any effort. I don't think she even knows what to do.

So, if you see Jazmin, you might enjoy the experience more than with other prostitutes in Soho. Or you might not enjoy it at all.

Newport Court is in Chinatown and I had a wander around. In Gerrard Street I was approached by an attractive Chinese woman with leaflets in her hand outside the Everwell Chinese medical centre. She asked me if I would like a massage. Usually I ignore these women, but this one was lovely. I asked her the price and told her I might come back later. She gave me a leaflet.

In Wardour Street I passed the doorway where I had seen a very young very pretty girl offering massage but she wasn't there. I walked along Berwick Street past the street market. At 70A Berwick Street I had a look to see who was there that day. Nicki is someone I had not seen before, so I thought I might try her. I went up to the flat, and the maid showed me into the bedroom.

Nicki came in, wearing not much. She is tall and slender, with dark hair. I wouldn't say she's pretty though, not like Monica, Lisa, Eva and Sammy who also work here. I asked her about hand relief and she said she only does it with a condom or with gloves. I didn't fancy that so I told her that's not really what I'm looking for and I left.

I went back to Gerrard Street where the attractive Chinese woman was still there. I told her I would like a massage and she took me into the medical centre. I paid £25 at the till for my half hour massage, and she led me down some stairs. We went into a room with a massage table covered in paper. She put some Chinese music on, asked me to get undressed and lie face down on the table, and went out of the room.

When she returned she massaged my shoulders and back and worked her way down. When it was time for me to turn over I could get a better look at her and talk to her. I asked her her name, but I don't want to tell you because she might not like that. She has a nice face, looks in her 20s, and is quite short. I didn't know if I was going to get anything sexual from her, it can be a bit hit-or-miss at these places.

She asked me if I wanted her to wank me and I said yes. She said that would be an extra £20. She said that she could take her dress off for another £20, and that it would be better for me. I only had an extra £20. She took her dress off anyway, although she kept her knickers on. She started wanking me and after a while got onto the table with me and moved my cock up and down between her slippery breasts.

I liked her a lot and I might go and see her again. She's prepared to put in the effort and knows how to please a man. I don't think her heart is in it though, unlike other oriental women at this kind of place. She seemed a bit desperate.

Still later that day I decided I would see Anna at 8 Greek Street. The elderly French maid greeted me like an old friend, saying that it's been too long since she'd last seen me. When Anna walked into the room I thought she's very sexy. She's tall with dark black hair. I didn't want to get on top of her and shag her. I wanted her to lie on the bed so that I could look at her and play with myself.

She looked as if she couldn't quite understand why I wanted to do this. I said "I just like to look at beautiful women". She said "I'm not". I asked her what she meant. She said "I'm not beautiful!". I told her I thought she was. She looked in the the large mirror on the wall and said "Look at me. I'm not beautiful!". I thought I've got another strange one here. I'm not saying that Anna is a stunner, but she's of above average attractiveness.

I don't think I will see Anna or Nicki again. Some men might find them just what they wanted, but they're not for me. I will definitely never see Jazmin again. I think I will see the lovely Chinese lady again. Although it was a very strange day for me on Friday last week I got something out of it.

the doorway of the walk up at 8 Greek Street
note the names of the 2 women there that day

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sammy, Petra, Jazmin and Anna

On Wednesday last week I went into Soho and I saw Sammy at 70A Berwick Street. I had loved Eva, Lisa and Monica at this place so I wanted to try Sammy who has only been there a few weeks. Sammy is lovely too. She's not as raunchy as Eva or as beautiful as Lisa but she's very nice.

Sammy has dark hair and a pretty face. She's intelligent and very friendly. I decided I wanted to fuck her and then in the last few minutes we had a cuddle. I asked her if it is true that she used to be an accountant. She looked surprised and asked me how did I know. I told her that someone had mentioned it on the Internet.

Afterwards I went into an Internet cafe and looked at the PunterNet forum. I was intrigued when someone said that Jazmin at 18 Newport Court is the same girl as Kim who used to be at 8 Greek Street. She has changed her hair from brunette to blonde but it is the same girl. I was intrigued because Kim had been unique in Soho. Kim used to not only have oral sex without a condom, but also to have the man come in her mouth. She would not ask for extra payment for this.

Her behaviour was strange. She would try to snog the man, and if he didn't want this then she would poke her tongue out at him. I experienced this myself. I had seen her twice. Someone said he had seen her leaning out the window and trying to talk to people in the street. You might think she is a bit mad but it seems she is just very immature and unprofessional. She looks like a teenager and she behaves like one.

She is quite a pretty girl and tall, so I thought I might like to see her again. I looked on the Soho Walk Ups wikipage to see when she would be there. It said Tuesday, Friday and Sunday but I knew that it can be inaccurate. I was just round the corner from Newport Court so I went there. As I was going up the stairs the maid came up behind me. I asked her what days Jazmin does and she said that I should ask Lisa because she is Jazmin's sister and can tell me all about her.

When we got into the flat Lisa was with a customer and the maid said I should wait. I didn't want to do that, I thought she probably wasn't telling me the truth, that she just wanted me to have sex with Lisa.

Later on that afternoon I decided I might as well go and see Lisa as I hadn't been seen her before. However, I went up one floor too many and saw Petra instead. I told the maid I was looking for Lisa and she said Lisa is busy and I should see Petra. I thought this maid probably wasn't telling me the truth either but it didn't really matter.

Petra is tall and has a nice body. She is friendly and has the right attitude but she's not pretty. I asked her what she had been doing that day and she told me about all the things she likes to do with men. She was wanking me then I was wanking myself. She lay beside me but the other way round so I could see her pussy. She had her legs wide apart and she was playing with herself. At one point she had the sole of her foot on my face.

I asked Petra if she knew Jazmin, and if Jazmin used to be called Kim, but she didn't know. She asked me why I wanted to know and I told her about Kim and how she was popular with men because she would let them cum in her mouth. She said she thought Kim would get a disease.

That evening I went to the Society Club café in Soho. I wanted to go to the book signing with Samantha Bailey. There were a lot of people there, and people were drinking wine and cocktails. Babette was there. Before she signed any books, Samantha gave a talk. She was standing only a few feet away from me so I got a good view. She talked about her life as an erotic dancer and gave a few details in the book such as when a customer asked her to insert a candle up his bum and light it. He was with his friends and it was his birthday.

She is a very beautiful woman and she had a nice summer dress on showing off her cleavage. After her talk there was a question and answer session. Then the book signing. I bought a copy of her book and while she was signing it I asked her if she was going to be on the JoAnne Good late-night radio show again. She said she probably would be.

One thing that she said in her talk that surprised me was that she said she found it difficult to dance for a man if she found him attractive. She said that she would get flustered and trip over her knickers or something like that. When we had questions I thought about asking her if it is an occupational hazard for erotic dancers to trip over their knickers. I thought better of it because I could imagine some of the women there thinking why do men feel they have to ask questions like that. Most of the people there were women. At least two of them were erotic dancers, they were talking to Samantha about it before the talk started.

I wanted to see Jazmin so yesterday I went to Soho again. You will have to come back if you want to find out what happened when I saw Jazmin, and also Nicki and Anna. And a lovely Chinese woman in Gerrard Street.

Monday, August 13, 2012

an evening with Samantha Bailey

I have mentioned Samantha Bailey before on my blog. She used to be a stripper and has written a book about her experiences called Stripped. She has appeared several times on the BBC London on JoAnne Good's late show and also on This Morning on ITV. On Wednesday of this week you can go and see her at The Society Club shop in Soho. It is at 12 Ingestre Place, a small street just to the west of Berwick Street. It starts at 6.30pm. You can buy her book and she will sign it for you.

The Society Club have regular events. Recently they had Clayton Littlewood talking about his book Goodbye to Soho. Before that they had an exhibition of erotic art.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eva and Yaya

Yesterday I went to see two of the raunchiest women in Soho. I thought Lisa and Alena were raunchy, but Eva and Yaya are on another level. After I had seen Lisa at 70A Berwick Street last month someone said I might like Eva. Eva is like Lisa but raunchier. So, a couple of weeks ago I made my first trip to see Eva.

Eva is another young tall slender blonde, like Lisa. Both work at 70A Berwick Street. Both have a natural beauty, they don't wear too much make up or are too tanned or too thin. Monica, who also works at 70A Berwick Street, is also a tall natural beauty, although Monica has dark Latin looks. Eva is from Sweden and Lisa is from the Czech republic.

Eva is very chatty and likes to talk about sex. I asked her what she had been doing that day and she told me about the blowjobs and the fucking. She said that nobody had asked to see her use her vibrator that day yet. This is something she likes to do so she can have an orgasm. I thought this sounds interesting so she told me more. She charges £35 for this service, and she warned me that she tends to swear a lot when she's coming.

I had an image of Eva with her legs wide apart pushing her vibrator in and out, rolling around on the bed and shouting out obscenities as she came. It was a very exciting image.

She told me that she's great friends with Katy who also works at 70A Berwick Street. She likes to have sex with Katy. From what she said I think she has a bit of a crush on Katy. I asked her if she had seen the photographs of Katy on the internet. There are quite a few, and a couple of movies too. Katy worked in porn in Italy when she was younger, under the name Rossella Conti. Eva didn't know about that. She didn't know that Katy also works in Bateman Street as Laura.

I asked Eva if she had known Amber and Chelsea who had formerly worked at 70A Berwick Street and who had been very popular. She said she remembered them. I asked her if she had known Claudia, but that was before her time. I mentioned Sebastian Horsley, the local artist who came often to see Claudia. Eva said that she recognised the name because sometimes tourists come to 70A Berwick Street and ask if this is the same place as mentioned in Sebastian's autobiography Dandy in the Underworld. The maid at 70A Berwick Street remembers Sebastian Horsley.

When I was putting my clothes back on she asked what I was going to do that afternoon. I said that I was going to go to the nearby Society Club café. I said I was hoping there might be a woman there called Babette who is one of the people who run the café, which is also a bookshop and art gallery. Babette was friends with Sebastian Horsley, so she might be an interesting person to talk to. Babette Kulik has been described as the Brigitte Bardot of Soho, but I think Lisa at 70A Berwick Street looks more like Brigitte Bardot. I should point out, in case anyone misunderstands me, that Babette has nothing to do with prostitution.

On my next trip to Soho I tried to see Diana at 26 Romilly Street. Diana has been described as very raunchy. I had not seen her before. The maid told me that Diana has gone back to Romania. I could be just for a holiday though. I think a lot of the women in Soho are going to be on holiday for the Olympics. Perhaps they think it will be difficult to get into central London, or perhaps they fear that the police will try to close some of the walk ups. Rebecca and Alena are away too.

The authorities could be looking for any excuse to close down walk ups before or during the Olympics. They have closed walk ups before, in Lisle Street and Dean Street, but they have always opened again. They have been closing brothels recently in east London near the Olympics. Walk ups are not brothels and are legal, so they can't close them down. The difference is that only one woman works from a walk up, and one woman working on her own is legal. If the authorities knew that some lucky punter has managed to get a threesome at walk up, that might be just the excuse they need.

I ended up going for a massage at one of the Chinese medical establishments. I thought I would have just a massage as I wasn't in the mood for anything more. The girl who gave me the massage was I. who I have written about before. I'm not going to give her name as I think she wouldn't want people knowing what she does. She didn't recognise me. I had only seen her once and that was last year. She wasn't as ebullient as she had been then, and seemed quite withdrawn.

She massaged my back and legs, and when I turned over she asked if I wanted her to masturbate me. I said yes. She didn't offer to take off all of her clothes, as she had done the last time. She didn't put her mouth close to my penis and giggle as she had done, I think to indicate that she was willing to give me oral sex. She did give me a couple of lovely smiles and I remembered just how pretty she is.

At the end I gave her the extra £20 for wanking me. I asked her if she knew what had happened to Claire. She told me Claire found a rich boyfriend and so she didn't have to work any more. I said that she should find herself a rich boyfriend and she replied that it's not so easy to do. I think that I. is a lovely girl and as long as she doesn't get any fatter she could find herself a nice boyfriend.

I returned to Soho on Monday. First I saw Yaya at 26 Romilly Street. She is a beautiful Thai lady. She was wearing a very sexy dress that she took off to reveal her lovely body with quite large breasts. Like Eva she is very friendly and chatty and likes to talk about sex. She was telling me all the things that I could get up to if I went to Thailand. I think her English is quite good but I didn't understand everything she was telling me because of a strong accent. The price at 26 Romilly Street is £30 minimum and not the usual £20, but the women here are worth it.

After I had seen Yaya I wanted to go and see Eva again. I decided to walk around Chinatown before I headed for Berwick Street. Often there are women standing in the doorways of Chinese medical establishments asking men if they would like to have a massage. One woman walks around asking men the same thing. I noticed another woman who asked me if I wanted a massage and when I said no she said she would give me a 'happy ending'. That's a first for me. I've never been offered a happy ending in the street before.

As I was walking along Wardour Street I saw a young woman in a doorway who smiled and asked me if I wanted a massage. She was younger and prettier than any I had seen before so I was tempted. But I thought I would stick with my original plan and see Eva. I did go back there after I had seen Eva though. The girl wasn't there. There was another girl, not so young or pretty, using her mobile. I thought the first girl might be upstairs, having found a customer, with his erection in her hand.

I saw Eva and paid the £35 to see her using her vibrator. It wasn't quite how I imagined it. She doesn't have her legs wide apart when she masturbates. She puts the vibrator against her clitoris and holds it there, and doesn't push it in and out of her vagina. It was still quite exciting though. She played with her right nipple, and then asked me to suck it for her. When she came she didn't swear as much as I had imagined she would. Reality doesn't always live up to the fantasy.

I realised on the bus home that what I should have done is to get her to masturbate for me the way I would like to see it, with her legs wide apart and pushing the vibrator in and out of her vagina, for the first five minutes. Then for the second five minutes of our ten minute session she could have finished herself off however she wanted to. I'll have to remember that for next time.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lily and Lisa

On Friday afternoon last week I started my adventures in a brothel just to the north of Soho. It was in a street near to Oxford Street. It would have cost me more money than I thought it would so I decided not to stay. I had not been there before. It wasn't as luxurious as I was expecting, although it would have cost me more than House of Divine.

I went to Greek Street in Soho, hoping that Ivy might be there. She wasn't, but I saw that Lily was. I have seen Lily a few times and enjoyed my time with her. Lily is an old woman. She looks about 60 years old. You might wonder why I would choose to be with an old woman, the oldest in Soho, when I could see a 21 year old beauty. Later that afternoon I did see a young tall slender beauty.

Lily is a very sexy French woman. I told her I wanted her to wank me. When I asked her what she had been doing that day, she knew that I would get turned on by what she told me. She told me in her sexy French accent that she had sucked a few cocks. She said that she had been a naughty girl and that I should spank her. She told me what a splendid erection I had and how much she liked it. I think of her as a connoisseur of erect penises, she must have seen so many. She said she wanted to see the sperm squirting out of the end of my cock.

While I was on the bed the doorbell rang a few times. It seems that Lily is quite popular, which would be a surprise to many. After I had seen Lily I walked around Soho. When I walked past the walk up in Dean Street I decided to go in. I am reading the latest book by Clayton Littlewood who lived in the shop below it. He says that the two maids there were called Sue and Maggie. I had not been in there before. They don't seem to have any PunterNet field reports.

There are no names on the doors. As I was on the stairs the door opened and a woman told me to come in. I told her I didn't want to do that. She said something in a foreign language that sounded like an insult and slammed the door. This has happened to me once before in Soho. Usually you knock on the door or ring the bell and the door is opened by the maid.

When I was in Berwick Street I wanted to see who is at 70A. Inside the doorway are the names and a brief description of the two women working there that day. Monica was there, who I have seen before. There was also Lisa, who I have not seen before. I tried to remember if I had read anything about Lisa. I remembered that there is a Swedish woman, but I was confusing Lisa with Eva.

I decided to see Lisa. It was a pleasant surprise. Lisa is young, tall, slender and beautiful. She is Czech but she looks as if she could be Swedish, she is blonde. She is very friendly, she reminds me of Natalie, a favourite of mine who has returned to her home country. I asked Lisa to wank me. After a while I said I would like to wank myself while looking at her pussy. She lay on her back, opened her legs, and held her pussy open.

As I was putting my clothes back on I told her that she reminded me of someone. I said she looks like Brigitte Bardot. She knew who Brigitte Bardot is, she said she would take that as a compliment because Brigitte Bardot is beautiful. I'm not sure if Friday is one of Lisa's usual days, she is there Tuesdays and weekends.

In this blog I have said how beautiful some of the women in Soho are, and compared them to celebrities. I compared Meena to Alesha Dixon. I wasn't the first person to compare Meena to Alesha. However, someone said that Meena is unattractive and looks nothing like Alesha Dixon. I don't expect everyone to agree with what I say, we all have our own ideas of beauty.

Just recently I noticed that Rebecca has had a bad review on the PunterNet field reports. The man who wrote this review said he was disappointed when he saw her because people had said she is very pretty. The first time I saw Rebecca I thought she was very pretty. I was not the only one to say so. The second time I saw her I wasn't quite so attracted towards her.

In this review he also said that Rebecca wouldn't let him do certain things to her. He said that there are women who are more accommodating, and gave Alena as an example. I can understand why he says this. Alena, Meena and Lisa seem to go out of their way to make their customers happy, probably because they want to make as much money as they can and calculate they will get repeat customers and a good reputation. But you can't blame most of the women in Soho who just do what their client has paid for.

I remember years ago when Alena was like this too. When she was blonde I saw her. I asked if we could change position and she held up a finger and that I get just one position and no more.

I should think that if Rebecca likes a man, or if she is in a good mood, or if it is a regular customer, then she might be more accommodating. When I was with her I paid for her to wank me and then I asked her to show me her pussy. She was quite happy to lie back on the bed, open her legs and hold open her pussy for me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lily and Cherry

Usually I only see a woman that I have seen before or one who has been recommended. On Tuesday however I went to two different places and saw whoever was there. I was lucky, because I met two lovely young women.

The first place I went to was a Chinese medical establishment in New Oxford Street. Normally I wouldn't identify one of these places or any of the women who work there. Most of these Chinese places offering acupuncture and herbal treatments as well as massage would not want people to know that anything sexual happens on their premises. This place is a bit different.

I had got some information from readers of this blog about a place in Charing Cross Road that I have been to several times and posted on. One is that Claire is no longer there, but also that she would take her clothes of for payment. When I had seen Claire she had not offered to do this for me. Perhaps she only did it for her regular customers. If I had known this I would have gone to see her again. The other information is that Kelly doesn't offer anything sexual. I had been to see Kelly when I wanted half an hour straight massage and no sexual services had been offered.

So it does seem that some Chinese women who give massage don't offer anything extra, and some offer a limited sexual service. The place I went to on Tuesday is different, you can get pretty much whatever you want. I had heard about this place a few times, it used to be called San Ling. When I went in there the receptionist asked me what kind of massage I wanted. She told me to go downstairs to one of the rooms and she would join me.

I went down the stairs and there were two young women sitting on a sofa. I said hello to them and then tried to find the specified room. It smelled a bit musty but it seemed clean enough. I went in and the receptionist came in after me. I had already told her I wanted a wanted a 45 minute massage, which is £35. She asked me if I wanted a body-to-body massage where the woman is naked. I said I would. She asked me what else I wanted. I said that I'm not sure what you call it, a 'happy ending'? She said yes. I gave her £75 in all and she left.

This is different from other places where I have been to. Usually it seems that the receptionist has no idea what is going on, and what happens is a private agreement between the masseuse and her client. I took off all my clothes and sat on the massage couch. I had thought that the receptionist might be the one giving the massage, but in walked a beautiful smiling young woman. Her name is Lily and she is half Chinese and half Japanese.

She asked me to lie on my front on the massage couch and she started the massage. Some time later I could hear what sounded like her taking her clothes off. She got on top of me, continued to massage me and pressed her body onto mine. Then it was time for me to turn over and get a good look at her. I think she is lovely, although some would say she's a bit podgy and her breasts are a bit on the small side. That is fine with me though. She has lots of pubic hair as do most of these oriental women.

She is very smiley and friendly and asked me what I would like. She told me she could give me oral sex. I think she said it would be without a condom, but I'm not sure. She said that I could fuck her if I wanted. I think she said it would be another £20 for each of these. I told her I didn't have any more money. She asked me how much money I had and I told her I only had £5.

Lily put some oil on my willy and started to masturbate me. I wanted her to talk dirty to make it more exciting. I told her that next time I'm going to fuck her. She knew how to make it more exciting for me and she put one foot on the couch and started playing with her pussy. She did this quite vigorously, moaning and saying "Next time you fuck me, yeah?". She got onto the couch with me, sitting astride it facing me, and wanked me.

Later on that day I wanted to go somewhere else. I was hoping Ivy might be at 8 Greek Street. I have seen her a couple of times this year. I like 8 Greek Street because the pricing structure is simpler than all the other walk ups in Soho. You pay £20 for each 10 minutes, and you don't get charged extra if you want to do different things.

I had been to see Monica at 70A Berwick Street a week or two before. I told her I would like her to play with my willy till it gets big and then I would like to fuck her. If I had asked for just one of these things she would have charged me £20, but the two of them together meant I had to pay another £10. It was the same when I had seen Rebecca at 1 Bateman Street.

If I had wanted 20 minutes instead of 10, Monica would have charged me £50 instead of £20, even if I had wanted to do only one thing. While I was waiting for Monica I took a photo of the 'menu' that they have on the wall explaining their charges. You can click on this picture to get a bigger picture
Ivy wasn't there at 8 Greek Street so I thought I would try Cherry. Cherry is a nice young Romanian woman, not the most beautiful or raunchiest of women in Soho but I liked her. She was wearing a nurses uniform, which is unusual because they usually charge more for wearing uniforms. It was white with a little red cross on the chest. I don't think she knew it was a nurses uniform because at the end when I was putting my clothes back on and she was sitting on the edge of the bed I said "You look like a nurse". She said "Thank you". I said "Do you know what a nurse is?". She looked confused so I said "Works in a hospital?". Her English isn't bad but it's not fluent.

I lay on the bed and Cherry lay next to me. She played with my will till it got hard and then got a condom out. She put the condom on and we changed positions so that she was lying on the bed with me kneeling between her legs. She put some lubrication onto the condom and I lowered myself down on top of her. She took my erection in her hand and guided it into her pussy.

Later we lay on the bed together till my time was up. I wanted to finger her so she put some lubricant on the end of my index finger. I moved my finger up and down the cleft of her vulva, onto the clitoris, and then gently into her vagina. Most women in Soho would not allow this.

I had spent nearly £100 that day. £75 to Lily and £22 to Cherry. It would have been better for me to spend half an hour at either 8 Greek Street or the House of Divine. This would have cost me £60. I liked Chinese massage when I thought that it was something different from prostitution. Now it seems just the same so there's no point. I would still go to see Claire again though if that was possible. Perhaps I could persuade her to take her dress off. As the great comedian Max Miller once put it in a poem.

I like the girls that do
I like the girls that don't
I hate the girl who says she will
And then she says she won't.

But the girl that I like the best of all
(I think you'll say I'm right)
Is the girl who says she never would
But looks as though she might.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

another false statistic from a feminist

On Wednesday on the This Morning programme there was a guest called Samantha Bailey. Samantha used to work as a stripper and has written a book about her experiences called Stripped. Also on the programme was an anti strip-club campaigner called Rosamund Urwin. Samantha spoke first and gave a positive account of her experiences, and then Rosamund replied with this.

"You are ignoring all the ways that it is very harmful to the women involved, to women in wider society and to actually to men. The third biggest cause of debt amongst men is frequenting strip clubs and pornography."

This didn't sound credible to me so I thought I would try to find out where this statistic comes from. It comes from a report by the UK Insolvency Helpline. In the report there are three causes of debt. The first one is drug and alcohol abuse. The second is shopping. The third is sex industry spending. We're not told if there is a fourth category, but these categories are so broad that they pretty much cover everything.

So apparently spending on the sex industry is not as big a cause of debt as spending on shopping. Obviously, we need to ban shopping even more than we need to ban the sex industry. Rosamund Urwin, like many extreme feminists, has used a false statistic to further her cause. She made it sound as if spending on the sex industry is high up on the list of causes of debt amongst men. In fact, it is very low down on the list.

It would have made more sense to have had more categories. Drugs and alcohol should be in different categories. In fact, cannabis should be in a different category from crack and heroin. Then the big category of shopping should be divided up into different categories eg spending on clothes, spending on cars, spending on gadgets. The category of the sex industry should be divided up into lap dancing/stripping, prostitution and pornography. Many men get all their pornography for free from sites like

The report also says that a quarter of people with problem debt have confessed to spending money on sex or pornography. But it doesn't say if this spending is a major component of their debt.

There is no evidence that strip clubs are harmful to the women involved, women in wider society or to men. Some campaigners would have us believe that the introduction of lap-dancing clubs in Camden produced a 50% increase in sexual assaults in the area. The reality is the opposite.

Samantha has been a guest on the JoAnne Good radio show on BBC London, and was a guest on the show on Wednesday too. The This Morning show and JoAnne's radio show are available to see or listen to again on the BBC website where you can hear Samantha.

This is an important issue because in Iceland stripping has been banned (I don't mean the food store).
Jónsdóttir is confident that the law will create a change in attitudes towards women. "I guess the men of Iceland will just have to get used to the idea that women are not for sale."
Just last year, Iceland outlawed prostitution, and now it’s squelching “adult entertainment” entirely. (Apparently the near-bankrupt country isn’t buying the pop wisdom that the sex industry is recession-proof.) The politician behind the bill, Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir, explained: “It is not acceptable that women or people in general are a product to be sold.” Johanna Sigurðardottir, Iceland’s prime minister — an openly gay politician, which is a first for a head of government — added: “The Nordic countries are leading the way on women’s equality, recognizing women as equal citizens rather than commodities for sale.”

The argument that the Icelandic feminists are using is that in the sex industry women are 'for sale', a 'product to be sold' or 'commodities for sale'. I don't think this makes any sense. I have never bought a woman's body, only a service or some time. They want to link the 'sex industry' to slavery, but really it is they who are taking away women's options and forcing them into poverty.

This type of feminist wants to dismantle the permissive society that we have enjoyed since the 1960s. They want to take away from women a right, and they are pretending it is not really a right by using false statistics. If they want to do this they should use better arguments than 'women are not for sale' which doesn't even make any sense. If you want to ban things in a way that the Taliban would heartily approve of, then you need to have damned good arguments, which they do not have.

It doesn't matter much to me if I am not allowed to see a stripper. But it makes a big difference in the lives of many women if they are stopped from making a living. There is a recession on and jobs are hard to come by, in Iceland as much as anywhere. The politicians in Iceland should be worrying about how women are going to pay a mortgage, rent or bills. The good thing about stripping/lap dancing is that women can make money from the 'sex industry' without having sex. Some of these women will give up and be poor and others will go into prostitution.

Feminists often wonder why so many women say they are not feminists. Don't most women believe in equal pay and votes for women? Of course they do, but there are different forms of feminism. Most women do not believe that stripping and pornography should be banned. They don't believe the false statistics. Just as the word 'liberal' can mean different things, so can the word 'feminist'. I am a liberal, but I don't support the party that bears that name.

Caitlin Moran in her book 'How to Be a Woman' writes "Men don’t HAVE to see tits and fannies. They won’t DIE if they don’t have access to a local strip joint." True, but then men don't have to read Lady Chatterley's Lover either. In a permissive society men and women should be free to do what they want unless there is a damned good reason why they shouldn't. I don't believe that the state should decide what I am allowed to see.

The other thing that Rosamund Urwin said that annoyed me is that stripping is sad. I'm not sure what she means by that, but I know that some time ago one of JoAnne Good's guests called lap dancing sad. Ben Duncan visited a lap dancing club and said it was sad because the men thought that the dancers fancied them. I don't believe that any man who visits a lap dancing club thinks that the women there find him attractive. I think men should be credited with more intelligence than that; I find this quite demeaning.

Monday, April 23, 2012

walk ups in Shepherd Market

Sometimes I have a little walk around Mayfair. It is the only other place in London where there are walk ups. I did go into one once but it seems to be more expensive than in Soho, so I have never actually punted there. I took some photos a week or so ago. The doorways look the same as in Soho, so if you've never seen the entrance to a Soho walk up this is what they look like. You can click on a photo to get a slightly bigger image.

 The photos are of:-
36 Shepherd Market
50A Shepherd Market
52 Shepherd Market
30 Shepherd Market
19 Trebeck Street
the final photo is of the square in Shepherd Market where two of the walk ups are (36 and 50A)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rebecca and Paris

On Friday last week I saw Rebecca again. She looked slightly different from what I had remembered. Perhaps she has altered her make up. Or perhaps there wasn't as much natural light in the room as last time. She didn't look quiet as innocent as before. It wouldn't be surprising if she is changing her appearance to become more like what most of her customers prefer.

I asked her if she would wear her school uniform for me. She said she would, but that it is a bit too big for her. When she came back into the room she was wearing a grey pleated skirt and a white blouse with a tie. I asked her to play with my willy until it got big, and then get on top of me. She got me erect, put the condom on and then stood up so that she could pull down her knickers. She straddled me, inserted my willy and lowered herself down. As she moved backwards and forwards I lifted up her skirt to look at her shaven pussy.

It was a pleasurable experience, but not as good as my fantasy. When I was putting my clothes back on I asked her what time she finished work. She told me 11 pm. I asked her what she is going to do with all her money. She said she is going to buy a house in Lithuania, and help her family.

I think this is why there are so many Eastern Europeans working as prostitutes in Soho. An English girl wouldn't as easily be able to buy a house in England as an Eastern European girl in Eastern Europe. Houses are much more expensive here than there. An English girl and an Eastern European girl might be earning the same money in Soho but the Eastern European will be able to buy more.

Rebecca could work in a coffee shop or looking after children or in a field. But she wouldn't get her house. She's working at a walk up in Soho because she wants a house, not because anybody has coerced her into doing it. I am happy to make my contribution to her dream. She seems to know what she's doing.

Another young woman who knows what she is doing is Paris. She used to work at 4 Old Compton Street, which has now closed. I have seen her several times and mentioned her in different posts. She was one of the most popular girls in Soho. Men like her because she looked like a teenager and was a lot of fun.

Paris is now involved in running the Pleasure Mansion, just to the north of Soho. Here is a recent picture of her, surrounded by lots of money.

Friday, March 9, 2012

House of Divine

I had heard so much about the House of Divine recently that I wanted to check it out for myself. They say that it as cheap as Soho but much better. House of Divine is a brothel in a posh flat in South Kensington where the women are willing to do much more.

10 minutes with a woman in Soho costs £20 or £25. If you want 20 minutes however it will usually cost £50. Not at 8 Greek Street though, which is one of the reasons I like 8 Greek Street. I don't know how much it costs in Soho for half an hour because I have never had half an hour in Soho. At a suburban brothel, such as New Exotic Oriental or Estrellas in Croydon, half an hour is £60. So Soho isn't such good value if you want half an hour or an hour with a woman. House of Divine is about the same as a suburban brothel.

I phoned the number (07725740234) at about 11 am yesterday and said that I would like to come to the House of Divine that afternoon. I was asked what time would I like to come and who would I like to see. I arranged for 2 pm. She told me that I have a choice of a Dutch woman or a Brazilian woman. I said I would like to see the Brazilian woman.

I got the tube to South Kensington and followed the directions to the address. I didn't want to be late and I found the place about 20 minutes before 2 pm. I wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to ring the doorbell at exactly 2 pm or a few minutes before. I decided it would be best to get there 10 minutes before. So I walked around a bit and came back.

I have never been to one of these houses before. They are expensive houses, white with white columns outside. I wondered what would happen when I rang the doorbell. Would she beckon me inside without a word, or would she ask me what I wanted? I didn't think she would just beckon me in, that might cause some confusion for travelling salesmen and Jehovah's Witnesses. I thought about what I would say. I didn't want to say 'I've come to shag the Brazilian woman' in case anybody passing by heard me. So I thought I would say 'I have an appointment for 2 pm'.

I rang the doorbell and a young woman answered. She looked at me. I said 'I have an appoint ...' and she shushed me mid-sentence and told me to come in. She said 'You're ten minutes early' in a slightly irritated slightly posh voice and showed me to a bedroom where I could wait. She asked me if I wanted a glass of water or orange juice. I declined both.

She left me alone in the bedroom. It was a quite dimly lit. There was a double bed and a bedside lamp was on. I could see a bathroom through an open door. A radio was playing pop music. I turned it off and sat on the chair. After a few minutes I heard what sounded like a woman orgasming.

Eventually the door opened and Lara walked into the room. She gave me a big smile and walked over to greet me. Lara is tall and slender and looks in her 20s. She has dark straight hair and a dark tan. She was wearing a black skimpy costume that was either rubber or leather. Lara does not look innocent, unlike the two women I saw last week. She has a sexy smile. She looks like she is a fun-loving party-going and clubbing young woman. I can imagine her on a beach or a yacht in São Paulo.

House of Divine have a website, and Lara has a page on this site. However, the faces are blurred out so as not to identify the women, and you don't see the imperfections. I was pleased with Lara and I handed over my £60. She said that I could take a shower if I wanted. I told her I had had one before I came out. She went out of the room with the money, and when she got back I had taken my clothes off.

Lara arranged the towel on the bed and told me she had just got back from holiday in Brazil. I got onto the bed and watched her undress. She got onto the bed and asked me what I like, what I don't like. I said that I don't enjoy my nipples played with/sucked (they often seem to start with this), just my willy. I asked her if my hands were cold and put my hand on her arm. She said they are a bit. I said I would go into the bathroom and wash my hands and make them warm for her. There was a pile of clean folded towels on on of the shelves next to the washbasin.

Lara started by sucking my cock, without a condom. After a couple of minutes I suggested the 69 position. I couldn't see her pussy or bum very well because of the position of the bedside lamp. She got off me and I could see her shaved pussy much better. While she sucked me I watched my cock going in and out of her mouth and I rubbed her pussy. I could have put my finger inside her pussy, but instead I asked if I could put my finger up her bum.

She looked at my hands and said that my fingernails are too long. I showed her my index finger and said that this one isn't. If I had suspected that she really didn't want me to put my finger up her bum then I wouldn't have continued. She said we could try. She moved and I thought she was going to get onto her hands and knees, but instead she lay on her tummy. She put some lubricant on my finger and I covered the end of my finger with it. I parted her bottom cheeks with my other fingers and located her anus. I put my finger on the hole and very gently moved my finger a bit. When it was in the right position I applied a little pressure and it slid in.

Just the end of the finger to begin with, and then more. I wiggled my finger about a bit. After a few minutes I said 'How about two fingers?'. She said 'It's too much'. I wasn't going to persist, but then she said we can try it. She took the bottle of lubricant again and squirted more onto my fingers. I knew I had to be gentle but it didn't take long before two fingers were in. I moved them up and down and wiggled them, and gave her a few playful spanks with my other hand.

I told her I am the doctor and she is my patient. I told her I am the teacher and she is a schoolgirl. From her position prone on the bed she had to look over her shoulder to see me. She gave me a wicked smile, a cheeky grin. I said look how stiff my cock has become. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her bum, and said that would cost an extra £40. I said maybe next time. Her English is good, but sometimes her sexy accent is difficult to understand, and she uses some unusual words.

When my time was up I went into the bathroom and washed my hands carefully, then it was time for me to go. I was really pleased that I decided to go the the House of Divine, and I think I shall go again.

Friday, March 2, 2012

encounters with angels

This week I have seen two young women who are beautiful and delightful. On Tuesday I saw Rebecca in Bateman Street Soho. Rebecca had been recommended but I got a surprise when I saw her. She must be the prettiest girl in Soho, and she has a natural beauty which is what I like. Many of the women in Soho are quite tarty looking which doesn't do it for me.

The walk up in Bateman Street is one of the seediest in Soho so I wasn't expecting much. Rebecca is quite young-looking and could easily pass for a teenager although she told me she is in her 20s. She is small and slender, with smallish pert breasts. She has brown straight hair which is about shoulder-length. She has a nice all-over tan and a tatoo of a scorpion on her waist near her hip.

Rebecca is from Lithuania but her English is very good. I opted for a handjob, gave her the £22, and took off my clothes. I lay on the bed and she got on with me. She kept her red bra and knickers on to begin with, but when I asked her to take them off she did. She said she usually keeps them on if it's just a handjob. While she was wanking me I looked at her lovely face and chatted with her.

I had seen a sign on the wall that said 'Uniforms £10 extra' and I asked her if she had a schoolgirl uniform. She said she had and I said I would like to see her again but this time in her schoolgirl uniform. She asked me if I liked young and I said I like women of all ages.

Afterwards when I went down the stairs and onto the street there were people sitting outside the pub on the opposite side of the street. I wondered if they like to notice the men coming and going and comment on them.

Rebecca works a couple of days a week in Bateman Street and another couple of days a week round the corner at the Greek Street walk down.

On Wednesday I thought I would have a Chinese massage. I had a recommendation for a woman at a Chinese medical establishment in Charing Cross Road. I'm not going to give her name because I don't think she would want me to mention her on the internet. I shall just use her initial, which is C. I went into the medical centre and asked if C. is here today. The girl behind the counter said yes and that she would be available in 20 minutes. That was a bit of luck as she might not have been there that day or she might have been fully booked.

I went away and grabbed something to eat, returning at the appointed time. After sitting for a couple of minutes C. came into the room. She is tall and pretty, and was wearing a black dress with black tights. She is slender, and looked quite sexy in a smart secretary kind of way. She looks about 20 and has a lovely smile.

C. took me through a doorway and I was expecting that we would go down stairs, along corridors and into a small room. This is what had happened the only other time I had been there, when I saw I. However, there was a larger room on the ground floor and we went in there. She busied herself with making things ready and asked me if I had seen her before. I said I had not and she asked me why I had asked specifically for her. I told her that a friend of mine had seen her. I didn't want to say that people had been discussing her wanking skills on the internet.

She asked me what my friend had said about her, and I told her he had merely told me that she is good at massage. She invited me to undress so I took off all my clothes including my underpants. The room was warm and dimly lit. I lay on the massage table face down and put my head into the little hole. The table had been covered with paper.

She started on the massage and asked me how firm I wanted my massage to be. I told her I wanted a firm massage and she got to work on my shoulders and neck. It was almost painful at times but pleasant. She used oil and worked her way down my back. She massaged my bum and legs, several times moving her fingers between my buttocks. I even wondered if she was going to put a finger up my bum. Some say that moving between buttocks is a sign that the girl is willing to wank you.

I couldn't chat to her with my head in the hole so I just enjoyed the massage. When she asked me to turn over we could talk. Without me having to ask her, she asked me if I wanted her to do something with my penis. I said that would be nice. I had thought I might have to say something like 'My friend told me that you played with his willy'. She said something like 'What about a tip, let's say £20?'.

She was quite smiley and giggly, and seemed slightly embarrassed, but very friendly. I thought I would try and put my hand on the back of her leg. She didn't seem to mind that so I moved my hand up further. Eventually I got my hand up her dress and felt the gusset of her tights, her bum and between her legs. I don't think she usually allows this. I. however is willing to strip off for an extra £20, and apparently she will suck and maybe even fuck.

When it was over I put my clothes back on and she talked to me while tidying up. I remembered to give her the £20 that we had agreed. We had been discussing Chinatown which is just across the road. She asked me if I have been to Hong Kong. I said no and she said you don't need a visa to go to Hong Kong, you need a visa to go to China, but not Hong Kong. I said 'Do you need a visa to go to Chinatown?' which she thought very funny and laughed.

Then she escorted me to the front door. I got a final look at her legs while I was following her. So it's been a good week. I have had sexy encounters with two lovely girls, more lovely than I had expected. So lovely they deserve to be called angels.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Croydon Advertiser stops sex ads

In my previous post I said that I thought that the Croydon Advertiser had increased its prices for advertising, and this was why there were only a couple of sex ads in a recent issue and those were for a couple of escort agencies. Now I have learned that this newspaper has been forced to remove all sex ads. There is a blog post explaining what has happened.

The ban is supposed to be to reduce trafficking. However, if there are trafficked women in Croydon then why can't the police find them and rescue them? It's not going to make it easier to find trafficked women when there is no advertising. Where is the evidence that trafficking is widespread?

These sex ads weren't just for brothels and escort agencies, they were for independent sex workers too. They are going to suffer. They will have less work, less money, and may have to start doing things they don't really want to do, perhaps more dangerous things. The purpose of the ban seems to be to try and get rid of prostitution in any form.

Campaigners may think that prostitution requires advertising to exist. That is wrong. Prostitution can survive underground. It is already underground in the West African community. Driving prostitution underground will increase trafficking and make women more reliant on pimps. Some men who are denied access to willing independent sex workers would seek out these pimps.

There have been some posts about these issues on this blog.

Sadvertiser bows to pressure and drops brothel ads

Brothel ads are fine with me, says Croydon councillor
This post is quite interesting. It states what campaigning organization CCAT (Croydon Community Against Trafficking) believe.

CCAT “believe that allowing adverts for sexual services to be printed in local newspapers promotes and encourages the enslavement of women and children and fuels business and profits for traffickers and pimps.

“Now common front-page headlines about sexual attack and assaults on women, printed weekly in our local papers, cannot be disassociated from the advertisements for all kinds of sexual services printed in the back of the newspapers.”

CCAT believes “that the very base concept of ‘supply and demand’ for enslaved women and children is being perpetuated by this advertising”.

So CCAT thinks that women and children are enslaved because of prostitution. They think that violence against women is increased because of prostitution. They have no evidence for this. There is no research that shows this.

This post also gives the opinion of Brian Cooke chairman of Orpington Conservatives.

“You will never stop the sex trade. Being open and clear with girls in flats advertising legally is far better than being on street corners or driving them underground.”

I think that Brian Cooke has got it right.

When I go into Soho I pick up a copy of the free newspaper 'West End Extra' in Berwick Street. It has a 'Personal Services' section where there are lots of sex ads. I hope this newspaper will be able to continue without interference from prohibitionists.

I think that what has happened is that CCAT has been writing to other advertisers in the Croydon Advertiser and telling them the ususal rubbish about trafficking. CCAT may have suggested that these advertisers threaten to boycott the Croydon Advertiser, saying that they have to choose between them and us. If you don't remove the sex ads we will not longer advertise with you.

Most people think of trafficking as a some kind of immigration fraud, perhaps involving forged passports and people coming into the country hidden in the back of lorries. They think that women and children are being coerced and bought and sold by gangsters. Nearly all non-EU prostitutes in London have not been coerced but have chosen to join with an agency in their country of origin. They are no more trafficked that domestic or agricultural workers. I'm not saying everything is fine with them (or with domestic or agricultural workers), but their situation can only be improved with regulation. Before you can have regulation you have to have legalisation.

What I don't like about CCAT is that they are a dishonest organisation. They are dishonest in three ways. Firstly they use false statistics to back their claims. Secondly they pretend that all they want is to end trafficking and slavery for women and children (something we would all want) when what they really want is an end to all forms of prostitution. They are an odd assemblage of radical feminists, religious people and social conservatives. Thirdly they pretend that they give a damn about what happens to the women whose lives they affect. They don't care if the women are deported, if they are made poorer, or if they have to go deeper into a criminal underworld where they are more prone to violence.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my recent visits to sex workers in Croydon

Yesterday I decided to make a second visit to the brothel in Southbridge Road in Croydon. It is called New Exotic Oriental and has Thai women there. When I phoned 07833624409 I was told that Stephanie was there that day. I had looked at reports for this place and Stephanie had some good reports. I said I would come that afternoon. I decided I would pay £60 for half an hour.

Stephanie has a very pretty face and a nice figure. She is in her 20s and has long black hair. Stephanie gave me some oral sex, without a condom, to get me erect. I asked her if she knew what the 69 position is. We moved into this position and I looked and her lovely bum and pussy while she sucked me. I noticed that there was a big mirror so I suggested we move so that I could watch us in this position.

Later I asked her to sit between my legs so that she could wank me while she talked dirty. On my previous visit to this place I had been with Dee Dee, but Dee Dee doesn't have good enough English to talk dirty convincingly. Stephanie has much better English.

Last week I visited another brothel in Croydon called Estrellas. It was my first time there. They have 2 phone numbers 07506134585 and 07944673870 and they also have a web site The entrance is in a little alleyway behind the main road.

Estrellas is not quite as nice a place as New Exotic Oriental, but it's OK. When I went in I was asked to sit and wait, and then two women walked into the room. I hadn't expected to be able to choose between two women. This is not usual for the sort of places I go to.

One of the women was blonde, and looked like an Eastern European. She wasn't especially attractive. The other woman had a beautiful face and looked as if she might come from South America. Both women were short and slightly plump. Neither were particularly young. That was fine with me though. I selected the Latin woman. I paid my £60 for the half hour.

I thought her name was Columbia to begin with. She pointed at herself and said 'Columbia'. It was only later that I realised she comes from Columbia (from Medellin) and I think she said her name is Sandra. She had very little English. Sandra was very friendly and fun loving.

While I was undressing Sandra slipped off her dress and lay on the bed on her front. I got onto the bed, kissed her on her shoulders and touched her bum. My hands were very cold, and she took my hands into hers and warmed them. She pressed my hands to her face and neck, and then they were warm enough for me to touch her without discomfort to her. She made sure I was comfortable by putting a pillow behind my head, talking to me in Spanish all the time.

Sandra put a condom on my willy and started sucking. Soon I was erect and she lay on her back with her legs apart. I got on top of her and she guided me in. I knew that I wouldn't be able to come that way, so I knelt between her legs and played with myself. She started playing with her herself too. I stared at her pussy and wanked myself, and soon I felt that I was about to come. I wondered if it would be a good idea for me to pull the condom off and then come over her. I thought she might not like that so I didn't.

I had managed to have an orgasm with Sandra. I had not managed to have an orgasm with Stephanie or with Dee Dee. I think this was because Sandra put me at my ease and I was able to relax with her. That's not a criticism of Stephanie or Dee Dee, they are both very nice. One of the reasons why I am wary of spending £60 is because it seems a waste of money if I don't manage to come, whereas £20 in Soho doesn't seem a waste of money.

Last year the Croydon Advertiser carried advertisements for Estrellas, and perhaps for New Exotic Oriental too. This year there seem to be no adverts for brothels. There was pressure on the paper to stop these adverts, but there are still a couple of adverts for escort agencies. My guess is that Croydon Advertiser has increased its price for ads for the sex industry. Brothels like Estrellas can't afford to pay, but escort agencies can. If this is true then people like Sandra, Stephanie and Dee Dee might be having a much tougher time in the future, with fewer customers and less income. I hope not.

Earlier in January I made a trip into Soho. I wasn't sure if I wanted to visit a woman. I saw that Kim was at 8 Greek Street so I decided to see her. We lay on the bed and I touched her and talked to her. She really has a pretty face, although I wasn't sure about the mauve eyeshadow. I asked her what country she comes from and she said Italy. I said that is interesting because last time I had seen her she said she was from Spain.

I would have been happy just looking at her lovely face but she kept tugging at my willy and I got an erection. So I told her I wanted to fuck her. She is tall, and it's always nicer to fuck tall girls. Kim is unusual because she doesn't seem eager to please her clients and is not very professional, yet she is willing to do things that most sex workers won't do. Like snogging, oral sex without a condom, and letting a man come in her mouth. She seems quite immature. Someone said they saw her leaning out the window talking to people in the street.

When I had seen Kim I decided I wanted to see Monica too. Kim and Monica are similar in some ways. They are both tall and have a Mediterranean beauty. I tried to see Monica three times that day, at 70A Berwick Street, but the maid kept telling me that Monica was busy and I should come back later.

So I went to see Amanda instead. Amanda looked very unhappy. At first I thought she might have been working too many hours and seeing too many customers each day. She seems to be there every weekday and works 12 hour shifts. However, when I asked her if she had had many customers that day she told me that I was only the second that day. I found this hard to believe. I saw her mid afternoon and she starts at 10 am. I told her I would have thought they would be queuing up the stairs. So I don't know what is happening there. I thought that men might think she is too nice and not raunchy enough.

I thought it would be nice to see an oriental girl so I went to 26 Romilly Street. The sign said there was one called Sandra. I had not heard of her but I decided to take a chance. Sandra was a lovely friendly girl. She has a pretty face and a slender waist, although she's not skinny.

Late last year I decided to see Dee Dee at 26 Romilly Street. The more I see of her the more I like her. When I first saw her I wasn't attracted to her, but now I think she's lovely.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

situation of sex workers in Olympic boroughs

This morning I listened to Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4. Jenni Murray was talking to Georgina Perry and Julie Bindel about the possibility of increased numbers of foreign women coming to London to work in the sex industry during the Olympics. Georgina Perry is manager of health services for sex workers across three London boroughs .

Georgina said that sex workers in east London are suffering because of a police crackdown in the run up to the Olympics.

"The problems that we are seeing at the moment in relation to the Olympics are already happening in terms of safety for sex workers. Because of the juggernaut of publicity around sex trafficking, around increases in sex workers, we are already seeing an increased number of brothel raids. This is actually happening now. And as a result of this, what we are seeing is women who have been working off-street, safely, now on the street selling sex in a much less safe environment. We are also seeing women who are unable to report rape and sexual assault. This is absolutely untenable. It is about women getting access to public health services and also access to the police (I couldn't quite hear the end of this sentence because Julie Bindel started talking over her)."

There have been a number of gang attacks against sex workers in east London. This recent article states that victims who reported knifepoint robberies said they ended up being threatened with prosecution.

Sex workers are facing violence every day, but also the conditions are there for a serial murderer to be able to kill women. When are we going to learn the lessons of Ipswich? We need not only to enable women to work from flats but work together from flats. Sex workers should have the same protection from the police as anyone else. They should have good access to health services. Nobody has the right to stand in the way of that.