Monday, September 16, 2013

my best Chinese massage ever

Someone left a comment on one of my posts asking if anyone had tried the flat near St James's Park run by a few Chinese students. He said they were advertising on Gumtree and elsewhere. This sounded intriguing to me. I couldn't find any of their adverts but someone commented that he'd been there, thought they were very good, and gave their phone number. It is 07923247974.

This isn't one of the Chinese medical establishments, it is a private flat. You have to phone them and make an appointment. I did this earlier this month. The flat is in a road just off Strutton Ground near St James's Park and Victoria. Strutton Ground has a street market and is a good place to buy something to eat for lunch.

I decided to have a half hour massage and paid £30. The girl was very pretty and was wearing a short summery dress. The massage took place in a pleasant room.

this is the room where I had my massage
I asked her how much hand relief would cost, and she said £30. She said that she does body-to-body for £50. I told her I would like hand relief so she put some oil on my cock and started massaging it. I was starting to get an erection but it was taking quite a while. I said "Could you take your dress off for me, please?". I don't think she normally takes her dress off unless she is doing body-to-body. She said that she would take her dress off for another £10.

She removed her dress and then her bra. I could see even better now just how skinny she is. She has tiny breasts, but that is something you expect from a Chinese girl, that is one of their charms. She told me I could touch her if I wanted. When she started wanking me again I got a strong erection. I needed to see her body to become fully aroused.

I asked her how old she is and she asked me how old does she look. I said 18 or 20, and she told me she is in fact 23. I felt that I might be beginning to lose my erection, and I said "Could you pull your knickers down for me, please?". She seemed a bit reluctant at first, then pulled them half way down.

I looked at her pussy and the top of her thighs. She continued to wank me and before too long the sperm was shooting out of me. When it was all over, she asked me if I would like a shower. I said that I would, but that I wanted to give her the money first in case I forgot. We had agreed on £40, but I gave her £50 because I was so pleased with her.

£50 is what I would have given her if she had given me a body-to-body massage. I'm glad that I didn't ask for body-to-body though. It was more exciting for me that during the course of the massage she started fully clothed then removed more and more clothing until she was effectively naked. The physical stimulation of her hands on my cock wasn't enough for me, I had to have that visual stimulation too. I paid £80 altogether, and it was worth it.

She took me to the bathroom and turned on the shower for me. While in the shower I looked out of the window to see what the noise was. There was building work going on. There is a lot of building work going on in that area. The sound was a bit off-putting during the massage, but not too much.

Before I went she said she hoped to see me again. I asked what days she does and she said Monday to Friday, but she's not always there, she lives not far away and she can come in specially if I want her. The other girl there is supposed to be just as nice, I might try her next.

I don't think they really are students. I think they are the same as the women in the Chinese medical establishments, but they have started up on their own. In fact, I think that I have seen this girl before. I think that she and her friend worked at Forever Health at 8 Windmill Street near Tottenham Court Road. I am glad if they have really set themselves up on their own, if they can make more money for themselves and organise themselves. I would much rather pay for people who work independently instead of a big company.

Friday, September 13, 2013

finding the cute Thai girl

After my adventures in Notting Hill it took me a couple of weeks to get around to trying to find the cute Thai girl again. I could have gone to see her at the place in Western Mews but I thought it would be more interesting to go to the other place where she works in Hornsey Rise. I hadn't been there before.

I phoned up and asked if she is there today. A British woman answered the phone and said that she is. Hornsey Rise isn't that easy to get to and I decided to go to Archway tube station and walk from there. When I got to the place on the high street it didn't look inviting. It is at number 522.

The door was opened by an elderly British woman. She asked me if I wanted half an hour or an hour. I told her half an hour. She asked me to give her £10. I asked her what that is for, and she said for the massage. This was a bit strange to me, nothing like this had ever happened before. I gave her the money because I didn't want to get into a disagreement with her.

She directed me into a room and the girl came in. At least I think it was the same girl as I had been told about. I could kind of see why someone would think that she's cute, but she wasn't that appealing to me. Not long before I had gone to Little Newport Street in Chinatown to see a particular girl who someone had recommended. Let me tell you a little about Little Newport Street.

It's only a little street but there are two Chinese medical establishments where men can get wanked off. There is also another massage place where you go up stairs half way along the street. And there is a walk up where they usually have a Thai prostitute. On the other side of the street is a casino. At the end of the street in Newport Place you can usually see two or three Chinese women who look like hookers but are in fact selling cigarettes in the street.

I went to the Everwell at number 7. I asked if this particular girl was there that day and was told she was. I sat and waited and a woman came and took me upstairs. She wasn't very friendly and it wasn't a pleasant experience. Since then I have seen her standing outside the massage place half way along the street and I don't believe she is the woman I asked for.

Anyway. I said to the Thai girl that I would like a half hour massage with hand relief. (I have often wondered if the Thai women call it a 'happy ending' like the Chinese do, or if they have a different euphemism: perhaps 'pearly fountain' would be a good one.) I asked her how much that would cost. She said £60.

I should have asked if this included a strip. I could even have haggled a bit. She took of her dressing gown to reveal that she was wearing a bikini. Then she took her bikini top off. She started wanking me and I got aroused. I asked her if she would take her bikini bottoms off but she didn't. When my time was up I still hadn't come. No shower was offered, either before or after, although there was a bath in the same room.

So it was a disappointment, but in my next post I will tell you about my most recent massage experience, the best one I have ever had. One that fulfilled all of my dreams.

searching for a cute Thai girl

In this post and the next two I will tell you about some massages I have had recently, none of them in any of the Chinese medical establishments that I usually go to. Somebody gave me a tip about a cute Thai girl. A while ago the same person told me about Claire, a Chinese girl who used to work in Charing Cross Road. Claire was really lovely, so I was hoping that this girl would be as nice as Claire.

He told me that she works at two different places in north London, and that I should check to see if she is there because she went back to Thailand for a while. One morning last month I phoned both of the places to see if she was there that day. They both said that she is still in Thailand.

I decided I wanted to go to one of these places anyway, the one in Western Mews. I could see on the map that it is not far from Portobello Road market. I hadn't been to this market for years so I decided to go, then have a massage after.

I got off the tube at Notting Hill Gate. Looking round, I saw a place that offered massage. It was different from any of the places that I am used to. It looked very upmarket, it looked as if their main business is beauty treatments for women. I thought it wouldn't do any harm to ask how much a massage costs.

So I went in. At the reception there were two or three women. One of them was tall and blonde. She looked as if she might be a Scandinavian model, like my ideal fantasy masseur. Ever since I was a teenager I have fantasized about massage with 'extras'. I told her I would take one of their leaflets and perhaps come back later. I walked through the market but it was raining so before long I headed for Western Mews.

Western Mews can be found at the northern end of Great Western Road near where it meets Harrow Road. The house is quite pleasant, with a different feel than the Chinese medical establishments that I am more familiar with. I was taken into a cubicle and I paid £25 for a half-hour massage. An attractive woman came in and introduced herself. I'm not going to tell you her name because I'm not sure that she would want that, although I shouldn't think that these Thai women have to keep what they do secret from their employers like the women in the Chinese medical establishments.

She encouraged me to take a shower. She seemed quite keen for me to do that so I did. Handing me a towel, she led me through to a room with a couple of shower cubicles and turned on the shower. I was slightly apprehensive because I had left my clothes and my wallet in the cubicle. Back in the cubicle we started the massage. She was fully clothed and at one point she got onto the massage couch with me, as Thai masseurs often do. She asked me if I would be wanting any extras today. I asked her how much hand relief costs and she said £40. She also does body-to-body massage for £50.

If she had said to me that she would take off all of her clothes while giving me hand relief I might well have accepted. However, I got the impression that this wouldn't happen so I told her that this time I wouldn't be having any extras, just a normal massage. When the massage had finished I was covered in oil and she encouraged me to take another shower. So I had my third shower of that day.

On the bus back towards Notting Hill I had another look at the leaflet from the posh place. I realized that I could get a 10% discount on the price of the massage because of the time of day. So I decided to try it. I knew that I probably wouldn't get the tall blonde as masseur and I was almost completely certain that there wouldn't be any extras on offer but curiosity made me want to go.

I was asked to wait in an area up some stairs. The whole place was painted white. There seemed to be a lot of staff dressed all in black. I didn't see any other men there. On the table there were two jugs. One had water in it with lemon slices and I think the other one was green tea. I was asked if I wanted anything. They asked me to fill in a form with my details, including any health problems.

Eventually an attractive woman came an called my name. She looked as if she was in her 30s and had short dark hair. Like the others she had a black T shirt on and black trousers. She led me down some stairs into a courtyard. Off the courtyard were different rooms. She took me into one room and said I should take off my clothes and lie down and she would be back soon.

I took off all of my clothes, although I wasn't sure if I should take off my boxer shorts. When she came back in she put something over the lower part of my body. She was very talkative, and asked me questions. Have you had massage before? Yes. Where do you usually go for massage? Chinatown. What sort of massage do they do there?.

I hadn't intended to tell her anything about what I usually get up to, but her line of questioning made me think I could say something. I told her that at some of these places they offer a sexual service. She told me that I wouldn't get anything like that here. We talked about other things and I found out that she is from Poland.

I said "Would you like me to tell you the real reason why I came to Notting Hill today?". I didn't want to antagonize her but I felt she might be interested. She asked me why, and I told her that someone had given me the name of a woman in a Thai massage place. She asked me if this was one of my sexual encounters and I said yes but she had wanted £40 so I hadn't taken up the offer.

On my way out I spoke to the tall blonde girl again at reception. She seemed to be treating me as a valued customer and not as some kind of pervert. She said that I could have an extra discount in addition to the 10% discount. So I ended up paying £25.50 for a half-hour massage. It was a good massage too.

A couple of weeks later I got an email from them. I had put my email address on the form they asked me to fill in. They wanted me to tell them about the service I had received when I was there. This is what I told them.
The massage I received was very professional yet affordable. I've not been in a place as nice-looking as this before. Most of the places I go to are a bit hit and miss and although there's usually a happy ending it's definitely nice sometimes to come to a more professional place.
I thought maybe they might put it on their site but I can see they don't put client comments on their site.

In my next post I will tell you what happened when I found the Thai girl I had been told about.