Friday, July 19, 2013

stunning girls

Last Friday I decided to go to a place in Bromley that I hadn't been to before. What made me want to go is that on the PunterNet forum someone said that he had encountered a 'stunning Mexican girl' although they usually have Thai girls there. The place is Laurens Adult Massage on Widmore Road.

I phoned and asked if I could see Amanda and I was directed to a flat. The woman who answered the door didn't look anything like I was expecting so I told her that I'm supposed to be meeting someone called Amanda. She said that she is Amanda. She didn't look Mexican at all, she was blonde. I decided to go along with it but throughout the session I thought she looks and sounds like an Eastern European.

She's actually quite an attractive woman, like a high-class escort, but it took me a while to appreciate that because I had been expecting something different. I paid £60 for half an hour of massage, body to body, and hand relief. It was a nice flat too. I just relaxed and let her do her thing.

The day before I had been in Soho. I had found out that there's a brothel in Soho, along with all of the walk ups. Someone had done a report on it on PunterNet. There's a black girl there called Zoe. It is number 8A Old Compton Street. When I got to the door I wasn't sure which flat to ring. There are three flats, and I think Flat 1 is the brothel. The label had a little heart drawn next to the flat number. I rang and said "Is Zoe there today?". The woman said Zoe only does weekends. I said "Who do you have there today?" and I was told to come up.

The maid or madam took me into one of the bedrooms and answered my questions. The minimum price is £50 which is for about 20 minutes. They have two girls there at a time and I could have taken my pick. I hoped to catch a glimpse of the girls but I thought I was pushing my luck and I had already told her I was only interested in Zoe.

The same day I went to Asian Touch which is a Thai massage place on Shaftesbury Avenue. I wanted to go there because someone had said there's an 'absolutely stunning girl' there. They told me I could come back at 5pm. I went to 26 Romilly Street to see Lulu. When I got up the stairs I saw the sign for Lulu but instead of the expected sign for Meena there was one for someone called Asia, and that she is Indian/Moroccan.

So I went to see Asia instead of Lulu. Asia is tall, with a dark skin like someone from the Mediterranean or the Middle East. She has small breasts and is neither skinny or fat. I got on top of her which I liked but I can't come that way. Later I asked the maid what has happened to Meena and she said that they hadn't heard from her for weeks. It sounds as if Meena won't be in Soho any more. Perhaps she ran up debts before she departed, they have to pay about £300 a day for the flat, it would make sense for them not to pay rent for as long as they could get away with if they're going.

I looked at the time on my mobile and realized I could be back at Asian Touch for 5pm. The girl was indeed pretty but it was dark in the room so I'm not sure if this girl is the absolutely stunning girl someone had mentioned. I'm used to the Chinese places, here it was a bit different, she used hot oils.

Last month I was in Croydon on a Thursday. I saw a Chinese woman who runs a Chinese medical establishment. When she was massaging me I asked her to put a finger up my bum, then two fingers. I already knew she is into this because I had seen her before. I said "I feel that you are the man and I am the woman". She laughed, asked me if I wanted to know how it feels, and moved her fingers in and out. The same day I went to a Thai brothel in Brighton Road. I saw Vicky and achieved orgasm while looking at her pussy and wanking myself.

The next day I went to Soho. First I saw Sandra at 26 Romilly Street. She is Thai. She wasn't very co-operative. I went back there later that day and saw Melanie. Melanie is also Thai, is older and tries harder to please. I had an orgasm with her, the same way as with Vicky the previous day.

The easiest way for me to orgasm is to have an oriental woman lie back on the bed with her legs wide apart and for me to wank myself while looking at her pussy and her talking dirty. It would help if they were stunningly beautiful, and I am always interested in stunners, but that's not the most important thing.