Friday, December 31, 2010

at last some sense

Deputy Chief Constable Simon Byrne, who acts as the Association of Chief Police Officer’s lead on prostitution, called on the Government to consider overhauling Britain’s various prostitution laws.

The last three paragraphs of this newspaper article say it all:-

Many sex worker groups, however, say only full or partial decriminalisation of the sex trade will dramatically improve safety. They say the anti-brothel legislation which prohibits more than one person selling sex in a single property forces women onto the streets and away from the comparative safety of a group.

"The law as it currently stands makes sex workers vulnerable to the police, criminals and vigilantes," said Catherine Stephens from the International Union of Sex Workers. "We are criminalised if we work together. I know of brothels that are regularly targeted by gangs because they know they won’t go to police for fear of being arrested themselves."

She added: "If we want to make sex workers safer we need an intelligent and informed debate on Britain’s prostitution laws based on evidence and not misinformed stereotypes. The law doesn’t just fail to target violence and exploitation, it actually facilitates it. Would we be safer working together? Yes. Is that legal? No."

I hope that people listen to him.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

the worst example of telling lies

I have come across many examples of ideologically motivated campaigners telling lies to support their cause, but I have just come across the worst example of this that I have found. It is in an article published in The Guardian in 2003. The article is Sexual dealing The Home Office must act now to block the growing trade of trafficking women for prostitution by Polly Toynbee (09/05/03).

I quote this from the article:-

The trade has got worse, according to Clubs and Vice police: "The women have to do things now they didn't a few years ago. Before no one would do anal, now they all have to. No one would do unprotected, now most do and men demand it, God knows why. Women all have to take pain now - caning, whipping - but that used to be just specialist."

I don't know of any prostitute who who offers vaginal or anal penetrative sex without a condom. I know of only one woman who offers anal sex, and she charges a lot more for it. I know of three women who offer oral sex without a condom. I know of one other who offers oral sex without a condom but who charges a lot more for it, and I have heard reports of some others who offer this but charge a lot more for it.

The fact is that the vast majority of prostitutes never do anal. The fact is that the vast majority of prostitutes always use a condom, even for oral sex. Pain, in the form of caning or whipping, isn't something on offer. Some light spanking was once offered to me for an extra fee (I didn't take up the offer).

I know this because I have experience of prostitution in different forms. People who know about prostitution know that these are all lies. But people who don't have any experience of the issue may believe it. The Clubs and Vice police should not have told these lies that they must know not to be true. The police have no business trying to manipulate public opinion, especially by telling lies. Polly Toynbee is at fault for not checking her information before publishing it.

But it's when we read this that she looses my respect totally:-

"It's not prudishness but decent feminism to say prostitution is a filthy trade that exploits the poor, the disturbed, the addicts and other helpless women. The many men who pay to near-rape women must often deliberately turn a blind eye to blatant cruelty and violence in the transaction."

Decent feminism? Is it decent feminism to propagate outrageous lies? It isn't decent anything. The vast majority of prostitutes in Britain are not exploited. Men who pay for the services provided by prostitutes are not near-raping them. How someone like her can pretend that she has the best interests of prostitutes is beyond me. To help people you have to be willing to see the FACTS. She is not interested in facts and she is not interested in the welfare of prostitutes. That's another lie. Yes, it is prudishness.

If it was really true that the majority of prostitutes are forced to have anal sex and unprotected sex, then it would be decent feminism and not prudishness to try to eliminate prostitution. But it is not true. They want people to believe that their motivation is compassion and not ideology. Their ideology opposes any form of prostitution, as well as lap dancing, burlesque and beauty contests. They oppose any change in the law that would make prostitutes safer.

In her article she mentions Eaves Housing. What she says about Eaves doesn't do them much credit.

I have an article from the free newspaper Croydon Guardian from earlier this month, written by Kirsty Whalley, who I have posted about before. The headline is Editors are warned about brothel ads. This is part of her campaign to ban the advertizing of any sex ads, even independent sex workers or women working together from a flat. There is a logo with the words 'Blood Money' (in red) on it and 'RED LIGHT FOR SEX ADS'. There are two other logos in the article, one for CCAT (Croydon Community Against Trafficking) and one for Eaves.

There is nothing wrong in a newspaper campaigning for something they believe in, but it is wrong to use false statistics and propaganda. It seems very strange to me that there should be the logos of two campaigning organizations on a newspaper article. It also seems wrong that organizations paid for by the taxpayer should try to manipulate public opinion.

Eaves has a number of projects. One of them is the POPPY Project. It is funded by the Office for Criminal Justice Reform (reporting to the Ministry of Justice) to provide accommodation and support to women who have been trafficked into prostitution or domestic servitude. In the Daily Mail on November 5 this year there was an article about a woman called Salim Udin had conned them into giving her money and housing. She pretended that she was a victim of domestic abuse.

Glasgow City Council have a campaign called End Prostitution Now. They purport to tell the 'facts' about prostitution. The first 'fact' on their fact page is Fact: Most women become involved in prostitution because of lack of choice and many are groomed, pressured and/or coerced by pimps or traffickers. Apparently this information comes from the Home Office, who frequently invent statistics. They didn't want to use research such as that of Dr Nick Mai or Dr Suzanne Jenkins that show otherwise.

Glasgow City Council have a very poor record in terms of the wellbeing of prostitutes there. More prostitutes have died through attacks in Glasgow than in Edinburgh where there is a more enlightened attitude. In Edinburgh women were allowed to work in saunas. There used to be a tolerance zone in Salamander Street but it has now closed. Margo MacDonald MSP, who has campaigned for tolerance zones, believes that a new zone somewhere in Edinburgh would make women safer.

Strathclyde Police are enthusiastic supporters of Glasgow City Council's stance. Strathclyde Police acting assistant chief constable John Pollock confirmed the force would take an ultra-tough line on vice, asking "Do we really want to be known as the Bangkok of the northern hemisphere?" Not only did he get into trouble with the Thai community for his utterance but he showed his ignorance of geography. Bangkok is in the northern hemisphere.

There are a number of organizations that claim to help women, but who are in fact harming them. They are publishing propaganda and telling lies, and they are using tax-payers' money to do so. Sounds to me like a suitable case for cost-cutting. I hope Cameron and Clegg can see another area to save money.

The Clubs and Vice department of the Metropolitan Police, the Poppy Project and Glasgow City Council are all areas where we can save money.

People may wonder why I am responding to a newspaper article from 2003 so strongly. It is one thing for someone like Julie Bindel to distort the truth. She has a political standpoint and we can all see where she is coming from. It is another thing for an established journalist to say things that are not true. But for a department of the Metropolitan Police, paid for by the tax payer, to just make up lies in order to manipulate public opinion is totally wrong. As I said, it is the worst example of propaganda I have seen. Julie Bindel can seem quite reasonable sometimes compared to this.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the undeserving whore

I have often wondered how it is that some people talk about prostitutes as victims and yet they support policies that make their lives more dangerous and unpleasant. How is it that some feminists such as those in OBJECT celebrate laws that further criminalize women? How is it that they have nothing to say when prostitutes are 'named and shamed' and have their names and photographs shown in newspapers or on the Internet? See here, here and here.

There has been a lot of discussion in the media recently about the poor and benefits. Talk of the deserving and the undeserving poor. 'The underserving poor' is a phrase from Victorian times. This discussion has helped me to understand how prostitutes can be treated as both victims and worthy of harsh treatment.

Rich men like David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith and William Hague say that they want to rescue the long-term unemployed. They say that they are condemned to lie on their sofas all day wathching daytime TV. They want to move people on Incapacity Benefit off benefits and into jobs.

Many more people on Incapacity Benefit will move onto Job Seekers' Allowance (or whatever replaces it) than into jobs. Job Seeker's Allowance is considerably less than Incapacity Benefit. Incapacity Benefit, like the basic state pension, is just enough for people to live on. Job Seeker's Allowance is not.

If people stayed on Job Seeker's Allowance for a short while till they could get a job, it wouldn't be so bad. But there are few jobs available. That's because rich people, especially those in the City, have buggered up the economy. It isn't poor people turning down job offers that is the cause of large-scale unemployment, it is rich people. Millions of people will suffer. Their happiness index will not be high.

In my experience unemployed people don't degenerate on their sofas. They often develop strategies for coping, making use of the fact that although they are cash poor they are time rich. Some of them try to use their time to improve themselves through courses or reading newspapers and books. But if you try to explain that to affluent people they say that they are living the life of Riley.

If you are on benefits you are either a victim who needs rescuing, or living the life of Riley. It's one extreme or the other. They have no sense that people on benefits are just ordinary people trying to make the best of what is available to them. And it's the same with prostitutes. Prostitutes are either victims who need rescuing, or criminal and antisocial. Nothing in between.

There's a fine line between having pity for someone and having contempt for them.

The Policing And Crime Bill 2009 makes it easier for the police to arrest women for soliciting. Also many prostitutes have had Anti-Social Behaviour Orders taken out against them. Not because a member of the community has identified her as an individual, but because the police have decided she is antisocial. You could call this 'objectification'.

It seems that the more they say that someone is a victim, the more it is acceptable for them to make their lives more difficult. It doesn't seem to be any better in Sweden. Jonas Trolle, Detective Superintendent of Stockholm's Police Surveillance Unit said this to the BBC.

"I think it should be difficult to be a prostitute even though it is not forbidden in Sweden. So even though we don't put them into jail, we say OK we will make it very very difficult for you to act as a prostitute in our society, even though we see her as a victim."

Some way to treat a victim. To make her life more difficult and more dangerous. Some prostitutes in Sweden have to work for longer to get the money they need, and do things they wouldn't normally do.

It does seem strange how people can think this way, seemingly believing two extreme opposite points of view at the same time. Or maybe they are saying one thing but acting the opposite. But we have historical examples of this. The Marxists who talk of the poor as victims but as soon as they get into power torture and murder them in their millions. Or the right wing Americans who talk about restricting the power of the federal government but who refer to the President as Commander-in-chief (if he's Republican and white) and think any criticism of foreign policy is unpatriotic.

If you look at the photograph of Michelle Lyn Smith here, she doesn't look like a drug addict to me. Drug addicts usually look thin. She just looks poor. Perhaps she is like 'Vicky' who says here that she has poorly paid work but uses prostitution to make ends meet. It's obvious that they are not a threat to the community.

Michelle Lyn Smith looks like the sort of woman who likes to share a joke and a cigarette with men. She looks like the sort of woman who if an old man smiled at her she would give him a smile and not a frown. The sort of woman that some feminists don't like.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Natalie and Meena

Went to Soho yesterday. Wasn't sure who I wanted to see so I was looking around. Ended up seeing two of the three most beautiful of the Soho walk up prostitutes. I don't expect everybody to agree with me on who is the most beautiful, everybody's tastes are different.

I checked out the three walk ups in Lisle Street. At number 2 I noticed that Natalie was available in the lower flat and Victoria in the upper flat. I have seen both of these women before. I think I remember reading somewhere that Natalie wasn't going to be there much longer, she was going back to Russia. I definitely remember reading somewhere that she allows fingering. Few of them do. I had seen Natalie a couple of times before and the first time I remember we were in the 69 position and I had a finger inside her pussy. It was only when I tried to put my finger in her bum that she indicated she didn't want that.

Natalie is tall, slender, young and blonde. Lots of men only go for this type I should think. I'm sure there are lots of men who will think why would they bother with shorter or fatter or older women when they could have someone like Natalie. She is the sort of woman a millionaire would want to marry as a trophy wife. I, however, appreciate all ages and shapes and sizes. Usually I go for black hair and I'm not fond of pale skin.

I'm watching Celebrity Coach Trip on TV at the moment and I love Bianca Gascoigne and Imogen Thomas. Especially when they had a bath together. Bianca has lots of lovely black hair. I was familiar with the name Bianca Gascoigne because of a photo I found on the web and I've got on my computer at home. The photo doesn't show her face, so it was nice to see what her face looks like. Her face is as nice as her pussy. The photo shows her getting out of a car.

Natalie asked me what I would like to do to her. Most men will want to fuck her or for her to suck them, but I asked if I could play with her pussy. I gave her my £20. She took off her skanty clothing and lay on the bed. I lay down beside her and started touching her. She closed her eyes and I looked at her beautiful face close up. I told her she is like a Russian princess and I can imagine her in a fur coat and a fur hat. I touched her pussy and she was happy with that, but when my fingers moved away from her clit towards her vagina she indicated that she didn't want that.

I said "Do you know what I would really like to do to you?". She asked me what. I told her that I would really like to kiss her. She said that I could, it would cost an extra £10. I should have done it, I have never kissed a woman as beautiful as her. Even when I was the same age as her I never kissed a woman like her. I thought maybe it would have been unpleasant to her, but then again she wouldn't have told me she would if the thought of it had been unpleasant to her.

So I think I shall see her again. Better if I am the first punter of the day. I shall start with a kiss on the lips and then I shall try to get my tongue inside. Then I shall tickle the roof of her mouth with the tip of my tongue. Then I shall ask her if I put my finger inside her vagina. If she says no I will say that I can wash my hand to make them clean and to warm them. Snogging and fingering are the things I like.

I moved between her legs for a closer look at her pussy. I opened the lips to take a look inside. She had indicated that she didn't want a finger inside, but I asked to make sure. I said "How would you feel if I put a finger inside?". She said she didn't want that.

Now I remember that Mimi the Polish woman let me finger her the last time I saw her. Sandy the Spanish woman let me do so too. Mimi is blonde and good-looking but she is more sultry than Natalie.

Later I went to see Meena at 26 Romilly Street. She smiled at me and asked me why I hadn't been to see her in such a long time. I hadn't seen her for many months but she said she remembered me. She was just as pretty as I remember her, although she seemed thinner. I said I wanted oral and sex and I gave her £25. We got on the bed and she put a condom on and started sucking me. After a while I said that maybe hand manipulation would be more likely to get me erect so she took the condom off. She asked me what position I wanted her in, maybe with her bum in my face? We ended up with her sitting on my chest, facing away from me. Her long straight hair reached down to her bum. I remarked on her lovely hair, and then I put my hand round between her legs and said "You also have some lovely hair here!".

It wasn't long before I was erect and then I wanted to fuck her. So back on with the condom. Afterwards we were talking about her PunterNet reports. She has about as many as Paris. She asked me to do another report about her. As I was leaving she asked me to come back and see her before Christmas. She's certainly determined to get as many customers as she can and make as much money as she can. Good luck to her. I hope she makes a fortune.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sinister journalist uncovered

Kirsty Whalley is a reporter for the Croydon Guardian, one of two free weekly newspapers in my locality. She has written a number of articles about trafficking. On the 20th of last month she did another one Police sex ads stance wins council approval. She's been running a campaign to get adverts for sex establishments banned from newspapers, principally her rival newspaper the Croydon Advertiser and its free edition the Advertiser Midweek.

The Croydon Advertiser had run a front page story Sinister brothel uncovered next to charity office. The Croydon Guardian criticised the Croydon Advertiser for carrying an advert for the same brothel the Croydon Advertiser had 'exposed'. The Croydon Guardian in turn scored an own goal when they had a picture of the offending ads in an article without having obscured the phone numbers. See here.

Kirsty wrote in her article 'It is estimated that 4,000 women a year are trafficked into the country, many of these pass through London forced to work as sex slaves against their will, seeing up to a dozen men a day'.

I sent her an email where I wrote 'I was interested to read your article about adverts for sex establishments in newspapers. You use the statistic of 4,000 women a year trafficked into Britain. Are you aware that this statistic is false? Do you think it is important to get the facts right?'

She sent an email back to me where she wrote 'Thank you for your email. The statistic quoted in the story is the is based on published research carried out by the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police Authority. If you have access to more recent, solid academic research on this I would be happy to receive it and use those figures in future stories. In the meantime I'll rely on the facts availble to me.'

I replied to her 'I have been to the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police Authority websites and I have not found the statistic that 4,000 women a year are trafficked into Britain. Last year Nick Davies wrote an article in the Guardian which says that in 2006 Home Office minister Vernon Coaker said "There are an estimated 4,000 women victims". That's 4,000 in total, not 4,000 a year. If you read the article you can see that there was no basis for this 'estimate'. I have included the URL below.'

This was last month and she hasn't replied to me. There are two possibilities here. Either she doesn't care enough about the issues or the 'victims' to get her facts straight. Or she knowingly stated something she knew to be false in order to manipulate public opinion. Either way she's not doing her job as a journalist. Nick Davies, however, is a proper journalist. I know she attended the 2010 annual meeting of CCAT (Croydon Community Against Trafficking) but I don't know if she is a member. She's obviously biased.

If it was really true that there were sex slaves in Croydon, who are raped up to twelve times a day, then the police would be smashing down doors to get to them and rescue them. I would be too. But whenever the police do something like that they don't find any. You may say that the police have identified victims, but many of them end up prosecuted by the police or deported or they disappear. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but it is rare. Exploitation goes on in the domestic and agricultural sectors too but we don't ban them.

Would it not be more sensible for newspapers to ban adverts only for those sex establishments where trafficking is more likely to have occurred? Or for some kind of vetting process? Looking at the latest edition of Advertiser Midweek I can see two escort agencies advertized. They're not going to be anything to do with trafficking. I can also see two independent sex workers, Laura and Shakira. There are several brothels, but it's the oriental brothels where any trafficking is more likely to have happened.

Quite apart from not taking away the living of escorts and independent sex workers, a compromise would mean that punters would have less motivation to go to unwilling or unhappy prostitutes. If their needs are catered for by willing prostitutes then they aren't going to want to see unwilling ones. I don't think that people like Kirsty want compromise though, any more than they want dialogue. Even if it solves the problem they say they want to solve. People like Kirsty will never be happy until all prostitution is banned.

Kirsty has been working with CCAT and the police in her campaign to to get adverts for sex establishments banned from newspapers. Editors could be prosecuted for publishing sex ads. Vice squad detective inspector Kevin Hyland told the Croydon Guardian "It is an offence to advertise for prostitution. If newspapers do run adverts there is a possibility of prosecution. The legislation we are thinking of using is aiding and abetting offences of controlling prostitution for gain, offences of trafficking under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and possibly money laundering."

Money laundering? A newspaper editor prosecuted for aiding and abetting money laundering? Whatever next? I wonder if our MPs knew when they were debating money laundering legislation it would end up being used in this way. We all know what money laundering is, and this is not money laundering. It seems any business that breaks the law can also be accused of 'money laundering'.

This blog is not anti police and it is not pro trafficking. It is anti trafficking. It's just that my ideas are more likely to result in success than the ideas of people in organizations like CCAT. Their ideas are counterproductive, which is not surprising when you consider their real agenda.

When are people going to wake up to the fact that politicians are always trying to erode our rights, and will use external threats to make us compliant? It's not terrorists or paedophiles or traffickers or people on benefits who are the biggest problem in society, it's the politicians who want to take away rights and those who aid and abet them like Kirsty Whalley.

I don't like people with hidden agendas. I don't like people who say all they want is to rescue the victims when it is they who stand in the way of real progress. I don't like people who think that only people like them can see the truth and that they can tell lies to manipulate the public. I don't like people who campaign for laws that they know damn well are going to be used for something other than their stated purpose. These are the sinister ones.

Friday, October 15, 2010

not dead yet

not dead yet: news from the front

I was on TB Common a couple of weeks ago and I met a woman I hadn't seen before. It's surprising I hadn't seen her before because she'd been going there years and knew all the people that I had known. I won't give her name but I shall refer to her as J.

J. told me that she was friends with C. and D., and had lived with .. It was Denise who told me a couple of years ago that N. was pregnant and was giving up prostitution. She thought that N. would be able to give up her crack addiction but I remember having my doubts.

When I asked J. about N. she told me that N. had given up drugs and prostitution. Then she told me something that I didn't know. She said N. has got her daughter back.

I asked J. about K.. She told me that K. doesn't come to the Common any more, she goes to Brixton Hill at night. She said that K. had been in prison. I wish I had asked J. what K. had gone to prison for, if she had been imprisoned for breaching the conditions of an ASBO or something more serious.

A while ago I put my photo of K. on this blog (I have since removed it). When I first started this blog I didn't even use her name only an initial. I didn't want to identify her because it would have been unfair to her. After a while I decided it wouldn't matter because I thought she could well be dead, considering how she lived her life. So I started using her name and showed her photo. Now I know that K. is still alive I regret identifying her, not that it matters much because not many people will see this blog.

The last time that I saw K. I thought that there is little that I can do to help her. I thought there was one thing I could do for her. I don't think I ever told her this but I thought that if she kept my number then one day after she had had rehab we could meet up and I could buy her a coffee or something to eat and we could talk. I think she's had rehab a number of times but obviously it hasn't worked. One of the problems with people like her is that they don't know anyone in London who isn't a drug addict. I would have liked to have seen her when she wasn't on drugs.

Friday, September 17, 2010

2 different types of prostitution in South London

Last month I did a post about my experience with a beautiful £150-an-hour prostitute in Streatham. I hesitate to call her a prostitute because her thing is sensual massage. She doesn't do penetrative sex, but she does do hand relief. Looking at her page it seems she does oral sex too, but only when she feels like it. She doesn't take all her clothes off.

I emailed her again. I told her that although things didn't work out as I had hoped, I didn't think that my time with her was a regrettable experience or a waste of money. I said that I had learned that I am aroused by words and ideas and not by touch. I asked her if she had ever done domination.

I have fantasized about being dominated by a beautiful woman but never experienced it. She could choose what she wanted to do to me, or she could have chosen from a list of things I could have shown her. One of the things would have been for her to ride on my back as if I was a stallion. I would be naked and on all fours. I thought it would be a lot of fun. It would have been worth £50 for half an hour. She wouldn't have had to have sex with me and she wouldn't have had to take her clothes off; I knew she wouldn't have liked that.

She replied to my email, and started by thanking me for my 'kind words'. She wrote that domination is not her thing, and that it's the opposite of her personality. I wasn't sure what she meant by this, maybe she has fantasies about being dominated. I would have thought that she might have been willing to pretend for half an hour for £50. But she only does what she likes doing.

I'm glad that she doesn't do anything that she's not happy with. That is how prostitution should be. I hope that the majority of prostitutes in the UK are like her.

As I said in the post, her flat is not that far from Tooting Bec Common. I have been to the Common several times this summer. Not because I was expecting to see any prostitutes there. I did it because it is a pleasant place to be. It always has been, even when people were complaining that it was strewn with used condoms and drugs paraphernalia. I have never seen drugs parphernalia there, except once when I saw what looked like an improvised crack pipe. The only used condoms were in the undergrowth on a particular part of the Common. You would only ever have seen them if you had gone into the undergrowth.

When I went to the Common a couple of weeks ago there were no prostitutes there. Yet when I went into the undergrowth there were as many used condoms as there ever were. The only conclusion I could come to is that prostitutes are continuing to frequent the Common, but only at night. So it seems that all the police activity has achieved is that prostitutes are going there at night instead of during the day.

So how is that an improvement on what we had before? Instead of women being able to meet up on the Common during the day, share information and keep an eye on each other, they have to go to this secluded place in the dark. I might be tempted to go there at night just to see what is going on, but I'm not going to do that. It would be just too dangerous.

I've just been having a look at the part of the Metropolitan Police website here. It talked about complaints from local residents.

"This was causing distress to local residents, mainly women, who were either being approached by men or finding used condoms and other associated debris in their front gardens or on Tooting Common."

Well, there is just as many used condoms on the Common as there ever was, and in the same places. As for condoms in people's front gardens, I don't know if that ever happened. I don't believe that women who were not prostitutes were approached by punters. I'm sure that sometimes bored teenage boys go into red light districts and shout things at women, but I don't believe punters ever approached ordinary women. That's not how it worked and I never saw that.

The one thing that the $150-an-hour prostitute in her flat and the street girls on Tooting Bec Common have in common is that their lives are made more dangerous by the law. The woman in her flat cannot have another with her for safety or it would be called a brothel. The women on the Common have to risk their lives at night in secluded places.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

some interesting photos

When I saw this picture I recognized it as 61 Dean Street, a walk up in Soho. It was the only walk up with a big yellow sign saying MODEL. This sign is no longer there. I have written about 61 Dean Street before. The police tried to close it down but failed to do so.

The Home Office are using this picture as part of a campaign to discourage men from using prostitutes. It's ridiculous because a man isn't going to be convicted of rape if he goes to 61 Dean Street, or anywhere else that I know of. He's not even going to be convicted under the new law that was introduced last year. Nobody has been convicted under this law. All this campaign and this law will achieve is to scare off the best customers - the more law abiding ones - of the women who work in these places.

A couple of days ago Clayton Littlewood was back on the JoAnne Good show on BBC London. He talked again about how he got to know the women working at 61 Dean Street. He had a shop underneath. He knows that they are not coerced. I found this photo here.

When I saw this picture I recognignized it as one of the walk ups in Greek Street. I found it on the POPPY project site. This walk up could be one of the sleaziest in Soho. Nice shade of blue though. I have written about it before.

What amuses me is that there is nothing on the web page to say that this is a walk up (or brothel, as they are often termed). I'm sure there are some people who look at this page and think that this is the entrance to the offices of the POPPY Project itself.

This was an image that could be seen as part of a series of images (some of them apparently subliminal) at the beginning of each of the 3 episodes of the C4 television documentary 'The Hunt for Britain's Sex Traffickers'. It is used by a few anti-trafficking blogs or sites. It is intended to get people to think that vulnerable girls are being treated like meat. The sex industry needs 'fresh meat' so that it can continue, punters can be kept happy and pimps can continue to make profits. This kind of propaganda is not going to help people to understand the issues and come to sensible decisions about how to help those women who are genuinely trafficked.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Hunt for Britain's Sex Traffickers

I watched the final episode of Channel 4's The Hunt for Britain's Sex Traffickers last night. The testimony of the trafficked women, and one in particular (Lily), was very upsetting. There is no doubt that trafficking to Britain does exist, and that when it happens it can be horrific. We can argue about the numbers, and whether the numbers are increasing or decreasing, but we can all agree the police are doing a good job in stopping these slave traffickers.

The facts of trafficking are concerning enough, and I wonder why it is that programme makers feel the need to say things they must know are untrue, use information selectively and imply things that they probably don't believe. Why do they feel they have to use sound effects, background music and jerky blurred images to create a mood? Call me old fashioned but I like a documentary to present me with the facts and let me decide how I want to feel about them.

There are not 4,000 sex slaves in Britain, as stated in the programme. That's an old figure from 2006 that was not true then. Even if that statistic was believed in 2007 when Pentameter was in operation, the programme should have stated what we know now. They could have used the recent ACPO figures. They could have said that the 4,000 figure had no basis in reality.

If it was really true that there are 4,000 sex slaves in Britain today, which the programme makers seemed to be saying but may not have meant, on what basis do they insist that the problem is getting worse? If it was 4,000 in 2006 and it is 4,000 today that would mean that the problem is not getting worse.

They seemed to think this was a very important thing to say. At the beginning of episode 2 the narrator - Helen Mirren - said October 2007. The Government tasks Britain's 55 police forces to tackle the growing number of women trafficked into the country - for sex.

This was immediately followed by a police officer who said Forget drugs, forget cash, forget anything else. Human trafficking is becoming one of the biggest crimes and one of the biggest cash earners for organised crime groups there is.

This was followed by a sequence of images and sounds. They had this in each of the 3 episodes after the first minute or so. One of the images was a strange image of 2 rows of naked girls all in a foetal position and all facing the same way like sardines in a can. I guess the purpose of this was to suggest vulnerability. Another image was of a child's cot, with rumpled sheets and a teddy.

One of the sounds was someone talking about 25,000 sex slaves. Did the programme makers want to imply something that they did not mean? The MP Denis MacShane had said there were 25,000 sex slaves but this figure was discredited. The programme makers didn't think they could get away with saying 25,000 but thought that they could get away with 4,000. If someone pulls them up on it they can say they didn't actually say that. I expect they would say that they are just reflecting media concern at the time, but it doesn't help viewers to understand the issue.

On my video recorder I can look at a recording frame-by-frame. When I did this to the fast-cut sequence of images shown towards the beginning of each episode I noticed that many of the images were of only 1, 2 or 3 frames. To me they look like subliminal messages. You can't get shorter than 1 frame. I thought this was illegal, but apparently it is not. It is certainly manipulative, and designed to create a mood. They want to horrify, and perhaps to titillate too.

The makers of this programme want people to believe that the problem is getting worse, even though there is no evidence for it. They want people to believe the problem is large scale, even though there is no evidence for it. There are several reasons they might want to do this. It makes for a better TV programme, with more concerned people talking about it and wanting to see it. It makes people think that particular police actions are justified. And it changes people's attitudes towards prostitution, with fewer people thinking it should be legalized. This programme obviously had an agenda.

Lily was not rescued by operation Pentameter. She was rescued by a punter. Yet there was no indication in the programme that this was the case. Most people watching the programme would assume that the police smashed down the door of a brothel and rescued Lily and other girls. They made the decision that men who use prostitutes will have to be portrayed as callous bastards. The police have to be portayed as heroes rescuing vulnerable girls from nasty traffickers and punters.

If we don't get to the truth of issues we will never be able to make things better. In fact, we will often make things worse. Would the punter who rescued Lily have been willing to do so if the law had existed then where he could have been prosecuted for having had sex with Lily? I would also like to know if Devon and Cornwall Constabulary's Serious Organised Crime Investigation Team (SOCIT) would have been able to prosecute the traffickers had Pentameter never happened. They probably would have. So to present Pentameter as a great success is wrong.

If you want to find out more about Lily then you can look at the 3 articles covering the issue on the Plymouth Herald website, where they call her Sue.

Sex trafficking gang jailed for 17-and-a-half years 05/02/09
Sordid world of sex slavery 06/02/09
Long jail terms for brothel pair 17/02/09

Only one of these articles even mentions operation Pentameter, and that's just a paragraph tacked onto the end of the article. They do mention the punter (and his wife) who rescued Lily/Sue. So the Plymouth Herald have made a better job of reporting what happened. I found the links on Stephen Paterson's blog.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are the prohibitionists in retreat?

Many people who would like to see prostitution banned seem to have changed tack recently. Instead of saying that the majority of women involved in prostitution are coerced in one way or another, with large numbers of women trafficked, they are now saying that it doesn't matter how many women are trafficked. They are not admitting that their statistics are false but as these statistics are discredited they are starting to say they are unimportant.

However, it seems to me that their entire argument is based on their false statistics, which is why they have always stated them so frequently.

The MP Denis MacShane had said that 25,000 women had been trafficked into Britain. After a poor performance on Newsnight where he was heavily criticised, he is now talking about 'a futile war of statistics'.

A new Association of Chief Police Officers report shows that the number of women trafficked is less than thought. Last year Dr Nick Mai produced research that showed some migrants prefer to work as sex workers because they earn more money and work fewer hours. It has recently been revealed that no men have been convicted and only 3 men cautioned since the introduction of the new law in Britain banning men from paying for sex with a coerced woman. The recent Pentameter 2 police operation failed to convict anyone of trafficking.

In October last year Nick Davies wrote two articles in The Guardian Inquiry fails to find single trafficker who forced anybody into prostitution (about Pentameter 2) and Prostitution and trafficking – the anatomy of a moral panic that seem to have caused quite a stir in the anti-trafficking world. The second one shows how the statistics on trafficking have been grossly inflated by some feminist and religious groups. Politicians such as Harriet Harman and Jaqui Smith who have used these false statistics to support bad legislation have now been removed from power.

Amid all the bad news for the prohibitionists was something that at first sight might seem a boost. In July of this year Julie Bindel wrote an article in The Guardian Legalising prostitution is not the answer that says a new report on the effectiveness of Swedish anti-prostitution laws shows that banning men from paying for sex is a good thing. The report said that the number of women involved in street prostitution in Sweden has halved whereas the number of women involved in street prostitution in Denmark and Norway have seen a 'sharp rise'. However, Norway has very similar laws to Sweden, so how can such laws be regarded as a success?

Now it turns out that the figures for Denmark are false. There has not been a sharp rise in street prostitution in Denmark.

The fact is that if we introduce a law to criminalize men who pay for sex in this country it could result in a sharp rise in street prostitution as it has in Norway. The best that could be hoped for is that half of street prostitutes will abandon their traditional red light districts. That is the message of the report on Swedish law.

Also, I would expect the number of women involved in street prostitution to have decreased by a lot more than just a half before the law could be judged a success. Just because street prostitutes aren't seen in their traditional red light districts doesn't mean they aren't still working. I have written more about this on my 'the issues' page on this blog.

Julie Bindel doesn't mention that Norway has similar laws to Sweden. She seems triumphant, but I think she is trying to bluff it out. She says there is no evidence that prostitution has been forced underground in Sweden, but it seems obvious that the lives of Swedish prostitutes has become more unpleasant and dangerous.

Looks like the 'academic consensus' of opinion on the subject that Bindel writes about in her article was correct after all.

To take the emotion out of the issue, it would be good to compare sex slavery to domestic slavery.

If it was true that most women who work as child minders or cleaners were trafficked into the country and coerced into doing this type of work, then it would make sense to ban people from having having child minders or cleaners. The people who use them could be criticised for encouraging a trade that causes misery. We know that there are some trafficked women in domestic slavery and yet it would seem absurd to want to ban people from having domestic help.

Much better to regulate it. This would be the best way to avoid abuse. To want to continue to criminalize many aspects of prostitution to help a tiny minority is wrong for two reasons; not only does it stop lots of women from being able to feed their families but it doesn't help coerced women. In fact it harms the coerced women. The prohibitionists are harming women. So to say that we need to continue to crack down on prostitution to help a tiny minority is wrong.

If you did believe that most women involved in prostitution are coerced, then it would be the traffickers and the pimps who make the profit from the sex industry. Cracking down on prostitution would harm their profits and make Britain less attractive for traffickers. Trafficking would decrease, and in time possibly stop.

If you believe that it is the women themselves who are making the money then cracking down on prostitution means they have to work harder for the money they need; working longer hours, having sex with more men, doing things they wouldn't usually do and don't want to do - such as oral sex without a condom.

That is why it does matter how many women are trafficked. It does matter what proportion of prostitutes are working for much the same reason as most of us are working or coerced into doing it. If you get it wrong, you harm some of the most vulnerable people in society and increase their problems, making worse the things you say you want to cure.

If you are opposed to prostitution, in the past it was possible to say only that you are opposed to trafficking. Who could have a problem with someone being opposed to trafficking? No one likes to think of sex slaves being raped 30 times a day (prostitutes don't have sex with 30 men a day - brothels just don't get that many customers). If prostitution=trafficking then you will get a lot of public support. They know that most people don't want prostitution banned. That is why their false statistics have always been so important to them.

Some people have an ideological opposition to prostitution, even if it occurs between consenting adults. Some feminists and some religious people. Ideological opposition is usually an attempt to justify a visceral hatred. Some feminists and some religious people have a visceral hatred of paid for sex just as some religious people have a visceral hatred of homosexual sex. I think that feminists should think very carefully about who they ally themselves with.

There was a very amusing article in my local free paper this month. Another local paper had had a front page article with a headline something like 'Sinister Brothel Uncovered'. There is an organization called CCAT - Croydon Community Against Trafficking - that pointed out that the paper had been advertising this brothel. This to me shows that concern can be manufactured by the media and politicians to get publicity and support for themselves.

The paper advertises lots of brothels and independent sex workers. CCAT, described as 'an anti-sex trafficking charity' have campaigned against 'adult advertisements'. They are an alliance of feminists and 'church groups'. They call for a boycott of this paper, saying that it is 'making a profit from the exploitation of women'.

I don't know what they are hoping to achieve, men will just look on the internet to find women. I'm sure that CCAT would call for the internet to be censored. Harriet Harman has already called for the PunterNet site to be closed down. That's how dangerous these people are. They want to censor the media and deny freedom of speech. No doubt they would love to be able to censor any attempt to expose their deceptiveness.

They don't care about truth, all they care about is getting their own way, by fair means or foul. All they care about is their weird obsessions yet they pretend they care about the vulnerable. In many countries of the world these types have the upper hand, now they seem to be on the run. That makes me happy.

Friday, August 20, 2010

saw Paris in Soho yesterday

I read in the Soho walk up thread on the PunterNet forum that Paris is back. I didn't expect Paris to come back to Soho; people had written that she had retired or was working elsewhere. I have mentioned Paris on this blog before. I said that she was the most popular prostitute in Soho. I said that if I had known she was going away I would have gone to see her, I would have liked to have seen her as a brunette.

I was in Soho yesterday so I went up the stairs at 4 Old Compton Street. When I saw her name I went to the door and rang the bell. The maid said she would be 5 minutes and asked me if I wanted to wait. When Paris was ready she took me into the bedroom. She looked prettier than I remembered and she had a lovely sweet smile. I asked her if I could spend 10 minutes with her for £25, and I would like a handjob.

I gave her the money, she said she would a couple of minutes and went out of the room. I took off my clothes and lay on the bed, looking at myself in the mirror above the bed. When she came back in I asked her if we could have more light so I could see her better. I had thought about asking her to turn off the radio, but she might not have liked that.

She got on the bed with me and started playing with my willy. It didn't take long before I got erect. Next time I want her to put on a condom and get on top of me. I also like the idea of carrying her around the room with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and my cock in her pussy.

The hand job could have been better. If I had asked her to use some oil it would have been better. I could have asked her to sit between my legs instead of sitting next to me. This is what I do with Ivy. I don't know if there is a name for this position. The woman is sitting on her bum with her legs apart and her thighs over the man's thighs.

I was happy just to look at her and talk. I said that I could smell cigarette smoke but that I liked it. I said that I thought she had retired. She said lots of people thought that but she had just been on holiday for a couple of months. She has been to America and spent some time in Miami. I asked her if she had been naughty while she was on holiday. I know that girls on holiday do things they wouldn't normally do at home.

I asked her if she had sucked any cocks while she was away. She said she had. I asked her if she swallowed or spat. She said she normally swallowed, but sometimes a man's semen can be just too salty to swallow. I said she could always have a glass of champagne if it doesn't taste nice.

When my time was nearly up I said I wanted to look at her pussy. She lay on the bed and played with her clit and opened it for me. She pushed her tongue out the side of her mouth and opened and closed her mouth as she pleasured herself. She said she is in her early 20s but she looks like a teen.

As I was getting dressed I asked her if it was really her who had posted on the Soho thread on the PunterNet forum a couple of months ago. She said that it really was her. I asked what days she works and she said Thursdays and Fridays, but if you want to see her you should phone the flat first to see if she is there. She says at the moment her boss texts her early in the day to tell her to come in, so she can't be sure that she will be there every Thursday and Friday.

I left her flat feeling very happy and planning to see her again. I am glad that these girls make loads of money for themselves and use it for extended holidays and stuff like that. Ritzy is another one who had an extended holiday. I don't mind my money going towards that. No one can say she's being exploited.

I wonder who her 'boss' is though. Sandy said she has a boss, who is a woman. Why do they need one of those? They could make more money for themselves if they worked for themselves and not a boss.

Friday, August 6, 2010

have spoken to Nicky today

People who have followed my blog for a while may remember someone I have written about quite a bit, a woman called Nicky. Nine-fingered Nicky. She was one of the two or three worst addicted women that I saw on Tooting Bec Common. I have just spoken to her. I was in the centre of Croydon and she was walking towards me. I could easily have not recognized her.

She said hello to me. I said "Hello, how are you?". She looked quite healthy, still looking older than her years, but much better than the last time I had seen her. She said that she was fine. I wanted to know if she had given up drugs, but it seemed impolite to ask. She said "I've stopped all that messing about".

I don't know if she blames herself for the situation she was in. I would have liked to have said to her that she had been in the grip of a powerful addiction, and it was admirable that she had been able to overcome it. I used to think that nobody could overcome crack addiction, especially when it has become so strong.

She asked me how I was, but she didn't want to talk for long. I can think of a number of reasons why she might not want to have a proper conversation with me. I would have liked to ask her if she knew what had happened to Katy and Chrissie, the two other most addicted women I had seen on Tooting Bec Common.

I have often thought she could write a book about her experiences. People would want to know about her life. She is quite an intelligent person. Chrissie told me she usually has a book with her, although I'm not quite sure if that was the other Nicky. I would have liked to interview her for this blog.

I used to ask Chrissie if she knew how Nicky is. Chrissie said to me that she told Nicky that I was always asking about her. Nicky might have been the first girl I encountered on Tooting Bec Common in 2000. For some reason I avoided her for years. Then she disappeared from the Common for a while and when I saw her again I asked her if she had a flat we could go to. I saw her twice in her flat, and had hoped she would come to my flat, but got no answer when I phoned and texted her.

Then I saw her once more on the Common. I was shocked by her appearance. I didn't want to do anything with her. Then many months later I saw her in a supermarket and a couple of weeks later in the street. She told me she was going to do some rehab.

The thing I always notice about her is that she is such an ordinary person. An ordinary nice chatty person. She probably just wants to get on with her life. She's put all that behind her. She's probably in a relationship with a man. She might have a baby; someone told me that she was pregnant and was giving up prostitution.

I was pleased to see she is happy now. She deserves to be happy. She was always a nice person. Despite being a crack addict I don't think she ever lied to people or stole from people. I felt a bit sad, though. I could tell that now there was nothing that she could ever want from me. I guess one thing I liked about street girls is that they wanted something from me, either money or something to eat or a cup of tea or a hug.

Monday, August 2, 2010

a new experience

A couple of months ago I came across something on the PunterNet forum about a particular woman. There were several things that interested me about her. She practices erotic massage, she lives in Streatham not far from me and she is of North African origin.

I have always enjoyed my encounters with prostitutes but it has been difficult for me to achieve orgasm. Fucking and oral sex - even oral sex without a condom - just don't give me the right stimulation to allow me to come. I have found that hand relief can achieve this, although it has only been Ivy in Greek Street who has consistently been able to do this for me.

So I thought that this woman in Streatham could be just the thing for me. Someone experienced in hand relief, someone who specializes in it. The fact that she is exotic looking is a bonus. I have considered going to one of the Chinese medical centres and getting massage and hand relief. I did go to a couple of them and had the massage but didn't have the extra money for the 'happy ending'.

I learned from the forum that she advertized on the site using a certain name. I don't intend to say this name or the name that she usually goes by because I don't know if she would like me writing about her or using her photo. I contacted her and asked her if there were any photos of her on the internet. Usually on the sex workers have some kind of photo even if they don't show the face.

She responded and said that if I gave her my email address she would send me one or two. The photo I received was of a beautiful exotic looking woman. I wanted to see her but, re-reading her page, I could see that she charges £150 per hour.

I told her that I could not afford the full hour. I asked her if she would consider seeing me for 20 minutes or half an hour. She said that 20 minutes would not be long enough for the sort of thing that she does, but that a half hour appointment would be acceptable, and for this she would charge me £50.

This was better than I had expected. It would cost me £60 to see Ivy for half an hour. The Chinese medical centre costs £25 for an half an hour's massage but I think I would have to pay £20 or £40 on top of that for the happy ending. I made an appointment for the next day at 3 pm. She gave me her mobile number and the address of her flat.

On Friday I got the bus into Streatham. I had something to eat and a coffee. I thought that as I am in Streatham I might as well go to Tooting Bec Common and see if I can see any prostitutes. The part of the Common where prostitutes used to be is near Streatham, at the other end of Becmead Avenue.

I sat on a park bench on the Common for a while but didn't see any girls. Then I walked to the flat. I had thought that maybe she wouldn't look as attractive as her photo, perhaps older or not as tall as I had hoped.

She is just as beautiful as her photo, and she is tall and slender. She really is a beautiful lady. She was wearing a black dressing gown and I wasn't sure if she had anything on underneath. She led me into a pleasant room and asked me to sit on the sofa. She asked me if I wanted a glass of water.

I was ready to give her the money because I expected she would appreciate me offering it without her having to ask. She said that could wait till later. I could tell that this was going to be a more sophisticated experience than fingering a tart on the Common for a tenner.

She sat opposite me and explained the sort of thing that she did. She told me that she had only given a half-hour appointment once before. It was to a very busy man and that was the only time they could arrange.

Her technique involves gentle massage that gradually builds up to orgasm and this would normally require the full hour, she explained. Several times I glanced at her lovely bare legs. I like to look at beautiful women's legs and to try and get a look up their skirts. I wondered if she would mind if she caught me trying to look up her dressing gown. I thought not but I didn't want to risk it.

She wanted to know how I found out about her. I explained about the PunterNet forum. She was perplexed because she knew there had been threads about her but she thought they had been deleted or closed.

She wanted to know what I expected from our session today. I told her about the Filipino lady that I go to see when I want hand relief, and that she is not in London at the moment. I said that I spend 20 minutes with her and that I have maybe 5 minutes of massage and then the hand relief.

When it was time for the massage to begin she got up and closed the curtains to the glass doors that led into the garden. She left the room while I undressed and got onto the massage couch that she had positioned in the middle of the room.

I was lying on my tummy on the couch when she came back into the room, still in her black dressing gown. I put my face in the opening in the couch and she started on my calves.

Eventually she asked me to turn over and I could get a look at her. She had taken her dressing gown off and she had brown lingerie that looked like bra and knickers. I asked her if she usually chats when she gives her massages and she said it depends but it helps her get in the flow if she doesn't.

I asked if I could touch her and she said I could. I ran my fingers up and down the back of her legs. I was waiting for the good bit, for when she gets hold off my cock. Just when I thought she was going to touch my willy, she started touching all round it, and when she did touch it she was so gentle I wasn't sure at first if she was holding it.

If she had grabbed hold of my cock, squeezed it and said "Let me see your sperm, Daddy" as Alena in Soho had said to me, or any of the things that Ivy says to me, it might have worked out differently. But this approach wasn't really doing it for me.

I would have thought that just being in a room with a semi-naked beautiful woman and the physical sensations would have been enough. But this is too clinical and impersonal.

Earlier that week I had been with Mimi in Soho. She told me that she liked to take it up the cunt and arse at the same time. Get two men from the club to fuck her at the same time. When she was on her hands and knees she let me put my finger inside her cunt. All this was very arousing to me.

When my time was up I left, without having had an orgasm. I looked at my mobile to tell the time and I had been there just under an hour, although a lot of that had been sitting on the sofa talking.

I don't regret having seen her though. I wouldn't want to see her again and I am no longer thinking of going to a Chinese medical centre for a massage. I can imagine lots of affluent men travelling from different parts of London to Streatham station to see her but it's not for me.

I would imagine that most prostitutes would be more like her than the ones that I am used to. I can imagine thousands of women like her up and down the country working from flats, never having a problem with the police, and not doing anything they don't feel comfortable with. She doesn't do fucking although she does do oral. No one can say she is being exploited.

I would say though that I think she's taking a bit of a risk. She's alone in that flat with men she doesn't know. That's one reason I didn't want to give her name, I would hate to think that someone might read my blog and then something happened to her. In Soho the sex workers are never alone in the flat because a maid is always there.

Monday, July 19, 2010

lots to do in Soho on Saturday

There were a number of things I had planned to do in Soho on Saturday. I wanted to visit the new food market that had opened the previous Saturday in Rupert Street and Winnett Street. It's only open on Saturdays.

I also wanted to participate in the Soho Street Food Fair on over the weekend. I needed to buy a voucher from Hummus Bros in Wardour Street as I hadn't bought one over the internet. Once I had bought my voucher I would be able to go to the eight different food outlets and sample their delights. Hummus Bros didn't open till midday though so I had time for a coffee and something to eat, visit the market, and visit Nina.

Having had a coffee and seen the market I headed for Chinatown. When I got to Little Newport Street there was a woman I hadn't seen before standing in the doorway of the Chinese Medical Centre at number 7. She wanted to give me a leaflet and to invite me in.

I asked her if Coco was there that day. I didn't expect her to turn around and tell Coco I was asking for her. Although I have been tempted to see Coco again for a massage with a 'happy ending', I didn't want that today. I had to say something to her so I said I might come and see her later.

A few doorways along the street was the doorway to the walk up. I could see that today it was an oriental girl and so I went up the stairs and rang the bell. The maid opened the door and asked me to go into the bedroom.

I had not been in that flat before. The bedroom was small but nice, with a basin and a bidet. Looked quite clean. The girl came into the room and introduced herself. She wasn't Nina but a different oriental girl called Nicky.

When I knew that it wasn't Nina, and also that the minimum price was £25 and not £20 as at most places, I could have left. However, this girl was reasonably pretty and had a nice smile. I asked her if she could give me a hand job and she said yes.

We only had 10 minutes so I didn't try for a 'happy ending'. We lay on the bed together and I flirted with her, telling her how pretty she was (she had lovely big eyes), holding her in my arms and touching her all over including her pussy. She smiled and giggled a lot and pulled on my erect cock.

When my time was nearly up I knelt between her legs and held open her pussy and had a good look. We got off the bed and she gave me a big hug and said I should come back another time for longer.

I had wanted to ask the maid what days Nina was there, but I didn't get a chance. As I went out the doorway back onto the street I looked around and the Chinese woman was still standing outside the medical centre. She was looking at me so she must have known what I had been up to. Maybe she told Coco what she had seen.

Back at Hummus Bros I bought my voucher for £12, and got some takeaway food. Next stop was Moolis where I picked up an Indian wrap. I sat in Soho Square and ate both. The map that we were given with the voucher wasn't that accurate, but I managed to find the hummingbird bakery for my vanilla cupcake. The next place was somewhere I had not seen before. They gave me some mini meringues.

The whole point of the Soho Street Food Fair was that people would come to know some of the smaller food outlets in Soho and what they have to offer. Also to raise money for charity. I won't be going back for more meringues, though. The map led me off in the wrong direction and, after some confusion, I returned to Rupert Street and the new market. I hadn't realised that the next two items were from market stalls. I had a pork sandwich and then some strange meatballs.

Finally an ice cream cone in Old Compton Street and a coffee from the well-recommended cafe in Winnett Street. It was when I was in Old Compton Street that I noticed a short middle-aged woman with cropped hair. I thought she might be Pam the fag lady as mentioned in Clayton Littlewood's book Dirty White Boy: Tales of Soho. I have mentioned this book in previous postings. I watched her and she was asking people for money outside the French House and another pub.

I asked her if her name was Pam and she said it was. I told her I had heard about her in Clayton's book. She asked me if I could give her some change and I gave her some. I can't remember if Clayton said that Pam lives in the hostel at the northern end of Dean Street. I used to think that there is a hostel at the northern end of Greek Street but there isn't. I thought maybe the woman I met a while ago in Greek Street lived there. The building in Greek Street I was thinking of is the House of St Barnabas, which was a hostel at one time: it is marked as such in my street atlas.

I like the new market in Soho but I hope it isn't the beginning of gentrification of the area. Rupert Street is right next to Tisbury Court and Walkers Court.

Tisbury Court must be the seediest alleyway in Soho. It has the only peep show in Soho that I know of, and a couple of walk ups, and a porn DVD shop. It also has a couple of establishments that I suspect are clip joints, and there are women in the doorways trying to tempt men in.

At the junction of Tisbury Court and Rupert Street are diverse people hanging around asking tourists if they are looking for a girl. These people are called pimps but really they are trying to get money for nothing.

Walkers Court is an alleyway leading to Berwick Street and the established street market there. It has two or three sex shops.

I can imagine that the authorities might think that the new market is part of their vision the future of Soho, and that the sleazy side of Soho is incompatible with this. However, food and sex have always lived side by side in Soho, and I hope they always will. Soho is about the pleasures of life.

I hope that the new market continues to be what it is. It provides seasonal local produce (local to South East England) for a reasonable price. I bought a punnet of English cherries and some free-range eggs. I hope that the rents for stalls are kept reasonable so that we don't end up with something only tourists and the more affluent appreciate. Expensive meats and cheeses, olives and olive oil are good, but we need fresh, local and seasonal produce too.

If the authorities wanted to get rid of the seediest of the walk ups in Soho, that might not be a bad thing. As long as it isn't the the thin end of the wedge. The two flats in Greek street next to the bookies are seedy, as are the six flats in Lisle Street and the four flats near the market in Berwick Street. The flat in Little Newport Street is a nice one, as are the two flats at 8 Greek Street.

There are two or three walk ups outside Soho, in Shepherd Market. They seem to be clean and are unobtrusive. They are more expensive, though. I hope Soho continues to be the earthy lived-in place it has always been and doesn't end up like Covent Garden.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

sex and food in Chinatown and Soho

Yesterday I was in Chinatown and Soho. I walked along Little Newport Street to see who was at the walk up there. I was hoping it would be Nina. I have not seen her before. Someone had said that there is a delightful young oriental girl there called Nina.

After my experience with the Chinese girl Coco in the same street I wanted to see an oriental girl for a massage with a 'happy ending'. I didn't really want to go to the Chinese herbal / acupunture / massage places because it costs quite a bit. Better to go to a walk up and get the girl to give me a massage, I thought.

I knew that sometimes there is an oriental girl working there and sometimes a blonde girl. I had tried previously to see the oriental girl but the maid told me she was busy, come back later. I had gone back but the maid had said the same thing. Yesterday the blonde girl was there so I didn't go up.

I walked past the place where I had seen Coco. Once I saw Coco standing outside the place handing out leaflets, although usually it is an older woman. Coco doesn't look quite as pretty in the light of day. A couple of weeks ago I was walking along Newport Court nearby and I stopped outside one of these places. There was a beautiful tall sexily-dressed Chinese girl I could see through the window.

A Chinese man came to the doorway and gave me a leaflet, asking what sort of massage I am interested in. I said 'Would it be with her'. He said yes. I didn't want to ask about a 'happy ending' because I know they don't like to discuss it. He suggested a head massage. I thought that's not what I'm looking for. He suggested a foot massage. I thought he's missing the best bits. Then he suggested a full body massage and I thought that sounds just what I want. Full body. Nothing left out.

However, it's a bit hit and miss with these places. You don't know what will be available and how much you might end up paying. I decided not to go in. Since then I have heard some bad things about these places, like they will have a clock set ten minutes before the correct time in the massage room so that you will think you've had an hour when you've only had 50 minutes. I'm still tempted to see Coco again though.

So with Nina not there yesterday it was Plan B. I wanted to see Sandy again in Old Compton Street. Going up the stairs though, I saw Ritzy's name. This was a surprise because I had been informed that she had left the profession. Ritzy is one of my favourites. So I went to see Ritzy.

I mentioned to Ritzy that people were saying she had retired. She told me she had just been on holiday back home in Jamaica. I asked her if she is a good girl when she is in Jamaica and she said she is. Usually British women on holiday abroad are much naughtier than when at home, perhaps having wild parties or whatever. It seems that a lot of the foreign sex workers in Soho don't do anything naughty when they go back to visit. Their families don't know what they get up to in London.

Ritzy wasn't her usual ebullient self yesterday. She let me finger her pussy and before I left we had a cuddle. I asked her if it was true that Paris was no longer working in Soho. We were in the flat where Paris - probably the most popular girl in Soho - worked. She confirmed it is true. A couple of weeks ago I had seen that Paris was there and had thought about seeing her. I wanted to see what she was like now she's no longer a blonde. But I didn't, which is a pity.

Ritzy works Wednesdays and Saturdays at 4 Old Compton Street, as does Sandy at the moment. She doesn't work at Green's Court anymore.

I walked around Soho and went for something to eat. I went into Hummus Brothers on Wardour Street. I had a small hummus with chick peas for £2.80. Delicious and cheap. I asked the guy behind the till about the Soho Street Food Fair on this Saturday and Sunday. I had heard about it on the JoAnne Good BBC Radio London show. The Hummus Bros were guests on her show a few days ago talking about this street food fair they were involved in.

It's been organised for charity, Cancer Research UK. You can buy a ticket online for £12 and that allows you to go to a number of the smaller food outlets in Soho and get some food from each. If you go to all of them you will end up with about £24 worth of food. There are 8 outlets participating, eg Hummus Bros, Moolis and Hummingbird Bakery.

There's another reason why I want to go to Soho on Saturday. There's a new food market opened last Saturday in Rupert Street and Winnett Street. I wanted to go last Saturday for the opening but that was one of the days of the heatwave alert. It wouldn't have been so bad walking around Soho with a heatwave on, I could have had a coffee Frappucino from Starbucks or homemade lemonade from Hummus Bros, both cool and refreshing. But the idea of travelling on public transport there and back in the heat put me off.

When I go on Saturday I shall look again to see if Nina is there. If not, I've got another idea for some fun. Yesterday, out of curiosity, I went to see who was at the Green's Court walk up. I saw it was Mimi, and I was tempted. The door to Mimi's flat opened and the maid came out with a customer. I've seen this maid before, once, at Sandy's flat. Most maids are middle-aged and not attractive. This one, however, is young and beautiful. So, if Mimi is there on Saturday there is even more reason to see her.

Before I went home yesterday I decided I wanted to see Sandy. As I was walking towards Old Compton Street it started raining. I put on my jacket and sheltered in the doorway of a couple of walk up flats in Greek Street. The one near the bookies. This is the tackiest walk up I have seen, although I have not been in the flats. These are the flats that I thought might be 'the slaughter house' I had read about in the press. There's supposed to be somewhere in Greek Street where lots of Eastern European women were forced into prostitution. I knew it couldn't be the other two walk ups in Greek Street, so I thought it might be here. Now I am thinking this is an invention of the press. It's usually the same women there.

I took a photo of the doorway a long time ago. I was walking past it one day and I saw this cat sitting there. It just looked so humorous, what with the double meaning of 'pussy'. So I took a photo and put it on the internet. What I didn't realise at the time was that loads of other people have taken a photo of this cat and put the photos on the internet, he's quite famous! Apparently his name is Coco.

One day I saw Coco and thought I would take some more photos of him. Just then Billie Piper walked past. I didn't have the presence of mind to photograph her as she was walking towards me, but got one of her as she was passing. I followed her along Greek Street to make sure it was her, but didn't try to take any more photos of her.

I haven't seen Coco the cat for several months now.

I could have waited in the doorway until the rain had stopped. The rain was torrential, and usually this sort of rain doesn't last a long time. But I got bored and so decided to run the short distance to Sandy's flat around the corner. I got soaked though.

Sandy insisted that I take off my jacket so that she could put it in her tumble drier. She wanted to do the same with my shirt and jeans but they were not so wet so I told her there was no need. Sandy was her usual friendly ebullient self. She went out of the room with my jacket and the £25 I had given her and I took off all of my clothes and lay on the bed. It was when she returned that I noticed the sexy leopard print dress that she was wearing. She took off her dress and underwear and got onto the bed with me.

I asked her to lie down next to me. I said I wanted us to pretend to be on a beach in the Mediterranean. We were teenagers on holiday who had just met. I had taken her into the sand dunes and removed her bikini. I touched her pussy and then put my finger into her vagina. We did different things and ended up with her wanking me. I asked her to talk dirty, as I do when I am with Ivy.

It's funny that Ritzy and Sandy in Old Compton Street allow fingering but not oral sex without a condom, whereas round the corner in Greek Street Amy and Ivy do oral sex without a condom but not fingering.

Another funny thing is that if you walk around in Soho there are lots of people trying to rip you off, to get money from you for nothing or not a lot. However, as soon as you get up those stairs, the women want to provide you with an excellent service. And that's not because there's a pimp who's going to beat them up if the customer isn't happy.

I put my slightly damp clothes back on and Sandy gave me my jacket warm from the tumble drier. She's always talkative, she asked me if I had seen the final match in the football world cup. She was happy because Spain had won with a team that included many Catalans many of them from Barcelona. She is from Barcelona.

She opened the door to her flat to let me out and a man was just outside. He walked away along the corridor. He looked as if he might be going up to Ritzy's flat but he stopped and asked me if Sandy was OK. I told him she was. He was about my age and sounded as if he might be from Scotland. He asked me who was better, Sandy or Ritzy. I thought about it and said Sandy.

Both Sandy and Ritzy are lovely, but Sandy is taller and slimmer. Sandy was in a more ebullient mood that day. I think I shall see Ritzy again, but I shall definitely see Sandy again.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clare Gee on TV tomorrow

Last month I did a post about Clare Gee and her recently published book Hooked: Confessions of a London Call Girl. She will be giving an interview on television tomorrow on This Morning on ITV. The show starts at 10.30 am. Last month there was an interview with her in Cosmopolitan magazine. She has also made a second appearance on JoAnne Good's BBC Radio London show.

Having read an interview in the press I don't agree with everything she says. She says she has no time for writers like Brooke Magnanti, who she says glamourize prostitution. I'm not a great fan of Brooke Magnanti (the blogger Belle de Jour and author of Intimate Adventures Of A London Call Girl) but I think she shows one person's experience of prostitution.

I'm not a great fan of escorts but probably the majority of escorts manage to keep away from drugs or addiction. Some of them fritter away their money on holidays, clothes, champagne etc but many of them use the money to pay rent or a mortgage and bills. Some of them will save money and maybe use it to do what they really want to do with their lives.

I wanted in this blog to show what I have seen in my involvement with prostitution. There is nothing fictionalized about my blog, unlike both Clare's book and Brooke's books. Some of what they have written did not happen. I wanted to show the opposite side of the sort of thing that Brooke has written about, the dark side of prostitution, but I am not dismissing her views. If women keep away from drugs they aren't going to end up like Clare did, or worse.

Clare doesn't have a balanced point of view. What she says is probably what most people want to hear. They want to believe that prostitution is always damaging to women. They want to believe that drug addiction is always the result of psychological disturbance deriving from childhood trauma and not self indulgence and emotional immaturity. The truth is always more complex than what people want to hear.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what I did in Soho last Wednesday

I got off the tube at Leicester Square and walked through Chinatown to Soho. When I got to the walk up in Frith Street that I was looking for the door was open. Even though it was just before midday. Usually I have something to eat in Soho before I see a girl but I thought I'm here now so I might as well go up.

I could see the name of the girl I was looking for. Alina, who I have heard good things about but not seen before. I knocked on the door and after a few seconds a voice came down the stairs saying she's not there yet. It was Alina's maid who was in the other flat. I asked when I should come back and she said half an hour.

That's OK I thought, I can go and have something to eat and a coffee. I walked along Frith Street past Bar Italia. I always have a look at the people sitting outside to see if there is anyone I recognize. JoAnne Good and her dog Matilda go there and apparently a well-known American actor (whose name I forget) likes to go there. I saw the musician Suggs enjoying a cup of coffee.

I went to a nearby Pret A Manger further up Frith Street and had a latte and something to eat. I read a newspaper and felt more relaxed. Walking back I saw Suggs again just getting up. I passed him on the pavement.

Back at the walk up the maid was in the doorway on her mobile. She was trying to phone Alina to see where she was. Then Alina came up the stairs, saying she was sorry she was late. We went into the bedroom and she took the money from me, £20, and went out. I took off my clothes and lay on the bed. I don't think I had been in this room before. It was small and had mirrors on the ceiling and by the bed.

Alina took her time coming back into the room, but I was happy, looking at myself in the mirrors. She came back in, wearing what looked like her bra and panties, and busied herself with paper towels and stuff. I noticed her big breasts as well as her pretty face. Then she went out again.

This reminded me of something similar that had happened in Green's Court a couple of years ago. I was on the stairway about midday and a beautiful Italian-looking woman came up the stairs and went into the flat, talking to the maid about transport delays. I wish that I had seen her. I would have like to have helped her take her clothes off, open up her legs and given her oral sex. I don't usually give oral sex, I think about what the previous punters have done to her that day. I know the prostitutes wash their genitals, but even so.

Alina came back into the room again. I asked her if I could give her oral sex but she said no. Alina is young and pretty, with a nice figure and big breasts. I can see why people like her. Maybe I'm getting used to being with beautiful women. Like most of the young ones I couldn't really communicate with her.

She put a condom on and gave me an energetic suck. I got erect and I looked in the mirrors at her head bobbing up and down. But soon my ten minutes were up.

I had already decided that I wanted to see two or three women that day. I don't usually do this. Maybe it would have been better if I had spent £60 for half an hour with one woman than £20 for ten minutes with 3 different women. But when you have the choice of so many beautiful women, sometimes you feel like a fox in a chicken coop or a nursery.

I wanted to see a real woman so I went to see Mimi in Green's Court. Mimi is Polish. She is tall and not too slender, how I like them. She has a pretty face and shoulder length curly blonde hair. I got Mimi to lie on the bed with her legs apart. I knelt between her legs and played with my willy while looking at her pussy. It didn't take long before I was erect and she put a condom on.

I don't always fuck the women I see in Soho, but there is something about Mimi. She's very sultry. Because she is tall my head was next to hers and her lovely hair. Without me asking her to, she started encouraging me, saying things like "Fuck my pussy, darling. Come on, fuck it". It was really lovely, but I can't come like that. When I got tired and started to lose my erection I stopped.

Sometimes it's difficult to believe that a man can have sex with a woman who looks like a movie star for only £20.

A few hours later I decided to go and see Sandy. Sandy was in a good mood, friendly and chatty. The last time I saw Sandy I thought she was really beautiful. I compared her to Eva Longoria. I was surprised this time that she did not seem quite so beautiful. I think there are some women who are sometimes really beautiful and other times not quite so beautiful. She was still lovely though.

She asked me what I would like and I said I would like a hand job. She said she would only charge me £20 for that. Usually £25 is the minimum for the women at 4 Old Compton Street. I asked her what she had been doing that day. She told me she had pissed on a man, had beaten another one. I can't remember all the details but she said something like "And then I put on a uniform and I was a schoolgirl". She likes all that kinky stuff. I was pleased that I'm not the only pervert that sees her.

I had forgotten that Sandy allows fingering. She let me put a finger in her pussy. She said she does Wednesdays and Fridays but that's going to change. She said something about a beauticians course she was doing or wanted to do and she wants to work around that. She seems to have her life sorted out. I shall see Sandy again.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


In March last year I wrote a blog post 'encounters with women with problems'. I wrote about a young woman who I saw in the street near where I live. She looked as if she was about to collapse and I went over to see if she was OK. I have seen her three times in the street since then but I haven't had the opportunity to speak to her.

I have also recently seen the other woman I talked about in the post. The one in Soho. She looked and sounded different from the other times I have seen her. I bought her something to eat. She recognized me but didn't seem pleased to see me and didn't want to talk much. She seemed more 'normal' than before, maybe they've changed her medication or something.

I talked to another young woman I saw in the street. The first time I saw Tracy was in the centre of Croydon. She was stopping people and asking them for money. I asked her why and she said that she needed money for somewhere to sleep that night. I mentioned that she didn't look very happy. I gave her a couple of quid and told her that the next time she saw me she could ask me again.

Weeks later I saw her outside the supermarket near where I live asking people for money. I didn't speak to her then. She came up to me in the street one day and I had a conversation with her. She said she was staying in a bed and breakfast hotel in that street. I asked her if she knew Trina and she said "Yes, I know Trina". Trina is a local drug addict that I have talked about in a previous post.

Tracy was quite scruffy-looking but she didn't look like and addict. She wasn't skinny. She is reasonably attractive. I haven't seen Tracy for a few weeks so I guess she must have moved on. If I had seen her again I would have asked her if she wanted anthing to eat and taken her to a local cafe.

You might think that I would have wanted to take Tracy back to my flat and have sex with her. I would only have done that if I thought it wouldn't have harmed her. I would have encouraged her not to go down the same route as Trina. I would have tried to help her see that she has an alternative to that.

If I thought that having sex with her would have made her think less of herself then I would not have done it. However, to a lot of these women having sex is no big deal. If a woman is on benefits and has nothing to do all day, then spending an hour having sex one afternoon with a nice man and getting £20 or £30 for it and a cup of tea after is something quite attractive. Or I could have photographed her.

Trina sent me a text message recently. It said "Do you remember me?". I didn't reply to her because I don't want to see her again. I don't even know if it was her, it could have been one of her male addict associates hoping to rob me.

Whenever I go somewhere that I may meet a prostitute I am hoping that I might meet an 'angel'. This is my word for a particular type of girl, someone rare. I have only met a few angels in the years I have been going to see prostitutes. I can't fully explain what makes a girl an angel. An angel is pretty, feminine and graceful.

I met one on Tooting Bec Common a couple of years ago. Her name was Louise. I was sitting on a bench and she came up to me on her bike. I had already been with a woman so I didn't want to take Louise into the bushes. I should have done, and got her phone number too.

She rode off saying she couldn't believe there were no punters around. When I walked off I saw her again. She asked me if I could give her a couple of pounds. I gave her all my loose change and then I gave her a big hug. She seemed to like that. She had said she was a regular on the common but I have not seen her since.

A few years ago I was in Liverpool and I passed a beautiful girl standing on a corner of Hope Street near the Anglican cathedral. There used to be loads of prostitutes near there. I went into the cathedral gardens and sat on a bench. She walked past me with a man and gave me a big smile. I decided to follow them from a distance. They went into a shrubby part of the gardens. At first I thought I'd lost them but then I saw them embracing against a tree. She saw me and I hastily went off, thinking the man might get angry and confront me. Never saw her again.

When I went to my dentist there used to be an angel there, a dental assistant. One day I saw my dentist and I thought she used the acronym 'DP' when talking to her assistant. I was interested because DP means something very rude in pornographic videos. Just before I left the dentist I asked this girl who was behind the desk "Do you know what 'DP' means?". The look on her face, of suprise and amusement, told me she knew what it meant. I said that I thought the dentist had said 'DP' and I didn't know what it meant. Apparently there is no dental term DP.

I don't think she's there now. If I see her behind the desk again I will say to the other assistant "Do you know what DP means?". When she says no, I'll say "She knows what it means" and then leave.