Monday, September 14, 2015

my trip to London

I made a trip to London at the end of last month. I went on a Thursday and looked around Soho and Chinatown. First I went to 70A Berwick Street to see who was there. I was hoping it was Eva but when I saw Selena I decided to go with her. Selena is tall and slender. She is young and pretty with big eyes. She's keen to please and I remember I lay on the bed on my back and she got on to the bed and waggled her bum in my face.

The last one I saw that day I was Sabrina of 8 Greek Street. If Selina could be the prettiest woman in Soho at the moment, Sabrina could be the opposite. Sabrina is older, fatter and less attractive. I wanted to see her though because there's something about her that makes me just want to get on top of her and shag away. I can't be the only one who thinks like that because I've been in Lily's flat below and heard Sabrina's bed springs squeaking away.

I was waiting in the kitchen area for Sabrina and her maid started talking to me. She is younger and more attractive than Sabrina. She was really chatty, and seemed quite pleased when I said I recognized her and remembered her name. I had sex with Sara (or Sarah) last year. It's quite rare for the maid to be more attractive than the sex worker. Sara told me he helps out when they're busy, which sounded funny to me.

I also saw Candice at 34 Romilly Street. I had not seen her before. There's nothing sexy about Candice. She's very ordinary looking but that can be quite attractive in a way. I was kneeling between her legs and I could see in the mirror the porn movie playing behind me. I recognized the woman in the porn movie. It was Kelly Stafford who I remember because of one session she did on a beach in Italy that was very wild.

I lay on the bed next to Candice and watched the movie. Candice was naked from the waist down and her legs were still wide apart. I wanked myself to orgasm. My other memory of that day is Zara of 52 Greek Street looking up at the ceiling and absentmindedly playing with herself with her legs wide apart. Her fingers slowly moving down between her pussy lips and opening them.

The next day, Friday, I didn't do any punting because I wanted to go to Whitstable on a day trip. Although I did text a woman who does massages. I had tried to see her last year when I was in the area but she texted me back to say she was fully booked up. This time there was no reply. I'm not sure if I would have got anything sexual from her. Sometimes that's half the fun.

On the Saturday I went to a Thai brothel in Brighton Road, South Croydon. There were two women available and I chose the older one with a nice face. She's called Sonia. I tried getting on top of her and shagging her but that didn't work. We tried different things but I told her to lie on her back with her legs apart and pretend to be asleep. I wanked myself to orgasm looking at her pussy.

On the Sunday I went to Kitty's Place in Elmers End, not far from Croydon. I thought it might be Lola there but it was Roxy. Roxy is a beautiful black woman from Mauritius. She is tall and slender. I got on top of her and had an orgasm while fucking her. That's my favourite way to have an orgasm but it doesn't always work. My second favourite way is to wank myself while looking at her pussy.

After seeing Roxy I got on the tram and went to East Croydon. Pret a Manger was open so I went in for a coffee. I was sitting there and I saw a young scruffy woman approach an older man sitting outside. He wasn't interested so she walked off. I went out and started talking to her. She said her name is Shanie and she knows Trina and Angel (two street girls in Croydon: everyone knows Trina).

Shanie was very pretty even though she wasn't wearing any makeup. She looks about nineteen. She took me behind some offices where she told me she'd like to take me to her flat. I said I didn't want to do that and it's just as well I didn't because it seems she gets men to wait somewhere and goes off with their money.

I'm keeping away from street girls. I saw one in Liverpool several weeks ago while looking around the RLD. She was like Shanie, young and pretty even though she didn't wear makeup. This was mid afternoon and I have had a look around there a couple of times since then but not seen either her or any other street girl. I think they come out at night.


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for sometime... and enjoy reading your adventures very much. I'm planning a trip into London on Friday next week, but have never punted. I was originally going to try House of Devine (and read your review on your experience a while ago). Would you recommend that as a first experience vs just turning up at Greek Street (for example)... having never 'walked up' before I'm slightly wary of being obviously new. But they must be used to it I'd expect?

Bête de Nuit said...

It's been a long time since I went to House of Divine so I'm not sure they still exist. You could try their site. Maybe Punternet have a discussion about them, I know they used to do. You could get some tips about who would be the best woman for you.

It might be the best thing to go to somewhere like that instead of a walk up. Most walk ups are not nice. 8 Greek Street is a nice one, and 70A Berwick Street too. The good thing about walk ups is that if it doesn't work out for you then you haven't lost much money.

Don't worry about if they know you're new to it at the walk ups. Most of them try to give men a good experience. Which is surprising when you think it's nearly always only £20 (plus a £2 tip for the maid) and they're unlikely to see any one man a second time. Don't give money to anyone on the street, there are sometimes people who will try to take your money off you, but once you're up the stairs and through the door no one tries to take advantage (unless you go to a really sleazy one).

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested to know I went to a massage place near Baker Street in the end... had a delightful happy ending. I've heard this is how most folks get into punting. I enjoyed it, so may treat myself again next time I'm in London.

Anonymous said...

Anybody knows what happen to this place ?

San Ling Chinese Medical Centre 13 New Oxford Street, Holborn
London, WC1A 1BA

Have they moved to another Place ?

Anonymous said...

I heard that there was a water damage in the basement, that's why every business in that building is now gone.

I would like to know where they went as they just kind of disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Tom-Tom is working now?

Anonymous said...

Ive read your work on and off for a few years. Im a working girl in the midlands and since reading West End Girls (true life book based in Soho) Ive had an obsession with Soho, although since Starbucks and the yuppies moved in its changed :( I plan on starting work in Soho, is it ok to walk in and ask them for a job? As I cant find phone numbers.

Bête de Nuit said...

You can go to one of the walkups and ask the maid if you can work there. At this time of the year some of the women might be going on holiday. You could say that you can do it for a week or two if not all the time. You could also say you're willing to do maiding. 8 Greek Street is a nice one, and I know Sabrina and Kate maid for each other. If one of them is going on holiday you might be able to fill in, as a sex worker or a maid. If you're a maid for a couple of weeks then you can decide if you want to be a sex worker.

Anonymous said...


Ive been a reader of your blog for some years now. I see your no longer in Croydonia, how you likig it up there in scouser land?!
AnyWay, was the place you went to on the Brighton Road New Siam? I finally went for my first punt there earlier this year and had some fun with a milf there by the name of "Sindy", i went back to see her again a couple of months later and she told me i was lucky to get her as she would be leaving in a few days because the maid there was trying to screw her over. She gave me her number and said she'd be in either Reading or the Keynes in the future, cant remember which. I have since lost her number. Dont suppose youve heard of her or know where she is now??
I read your stuff about Trina, i work with a guy who used to do security at Centrale, he knows her very well. Like you say, -("everyone knows Trina"!). Said ahe was always ib trouble with old bill for shoplifting, drugs and shit and is banned from the place! Wonder if she's still "working"?
Have you any experience of "Suelee"? Shes supposed to be a legendary hong kong milf, somewhere around South Croydon whose been doing the rounds for years. I might give her a go if luck tracking down "Sindy".
Do you ever read / post on UKP?
Hope all is well anyway and your enjoying your new life wi the scousers! Anywhere but Croydon!!
Cheers, T.

Bête de Nuit said...

I like it here, even though my punting opportunities are much less here. Yes, it was New Siam on Brighton Road. I forget the name of the woman I saw there. I've got it written down somewhere. I don't remember the name Sindy. I've been to see Suelee, she's getting on a bit now but she used to have younger women working for her. I've seen a couple of women at her flat in central Croydon. I do post on ukpunting, or at least I did, not so much now. My username is Barclay Spank.

Anonymous said...

Anybody knows what happened to Well Health in Denman Street ? Have they started in
another place ?