Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eva and Yaya

Yesterday I went to see two of the raunchiest women in Soho. I thought Lisa and Alena were raunchy, but Eva and Yaya are on another level. After I had seen Lisa at 70A Berwick Street last month someone said I might like Eva. Eva is like Lisa but raunchier. So, a couple of weeks ago I made my first trip to see Eva.

Eva is another young tall slender blonde, like Lisa. Both work at 70A Berwick Street. Both have a natural beauty, they don't wear too much make up or are too tanned or too thin. Monica, who also works at 70A Berwick Street, is also a tall natural beauty, although Monica has dark Latin looks. Eva is from Sweden and Lisa is from the Czech republic.

Eva is very chatty and likes to talk about sex. I asked her what she had been doing that day and she told me about the blowjobs and the fucking. She said that nobody had asked to see her use her vibrator that day yet. This is something she likes to do so she can have an orgasm. I thought this sounds interesting so she told me more. She charges £35 for this service, and she warned me that she tends to swear a lot when she's coming.

I had an image of Eva with her legs wide apart pushing her vibrator in and out, rolling around on the bed and shouting out obscenities as she came. It was a very exciting image.

She told me that she's great friends with Katy who also works at 70A Berwick Street. She likes to have sex with Katy. From what she said I think she has a bit of a crush on Katy. I asked her if she had seen the photographs of Katy on the internet. There are quite a few, and a couple of movies too. Katy worked in porn in Italy when she was younger, under the name Rossella Conti. Eva didn't know about that. She didn't know that Katy also works in Bateman Street as Laura.

I asked Eva if she had known Amber and Chelsea who had formerly worked at 70A Berwick Street and who had been very popular. She said she remembered them. I asked her if she had known Claudia, but that was before her time. I mentioned Sebastian Horsley, the local artist who came often to see Claudia. Eva said that she recognised the name because sometimes tourists come to 70A Berwick Street and ask if this is the same place as mentioned in Sebastian's autobiography Dandy in the Underworld. The maid at 70A Berwick Street remembers Sebastian Horsley.

When I was putting my clothes back on she asked what I was going to do that afternoon. I said that I was going to go to the nearby Society Club café. I said I was hoping there might be a woman there called Babette who is one of the people who run the café, which is also a bookshop and art gallery. Babette was friends with Sebastian Horsley, so she might be an interesting person to talk to. Babette Kulik has been described as the Brigitte Bardot of Soho, but I think Lisa at 70A Berwick Street looks more like Brigitte Bardot. I should point out, in case anyone misunderstands me, that Babette has nothing to do with prostitution.

On my next trip to Soho I tried to see Diana at 26 Romilly Street. Diana has been described as very raunchy. I had not seen her before. The maid told me that Diana has gone back to Romania. I could be just for a holiday though. I think a lot of the women in Soho are going to be on holiday for the Olympics. Perhaps they think it will be difficult to get into central London, or perhaps they fear that the police will try to close some of the walk ups. Rebecca and Alena are away too.

The authorities could be looking for any excuse to close down walk ups before or during the Olympics. They have closed walk ups before, in Lisle Street and Dean Street, but they have always opened again. They have been closing brothels recently in east London near the Olympics. Walk ups are not brothels and are legal, so they can't close them down. The difference is that only one woman works from a walk up, and one woman working on her own is legal. If the authorities knew that some lucky punter has managed to get a threesome at walk up, that might be just the excuse they need.

I ended up going for a massage at one of the Chinese medical establishments. I thought I would have just a massage as I wasn't in the mood for anything more. The girl who gave me the massage was I. who I have written about before. I'm not going to give her name as I think she wouldn't want people knowing what she does. She didn't recognise me. I had only seen her once and that was last year. She wasn't as ebullient as she had been then, and seemed quite withdrawn.

She massaged my back and legs, and when I turned over she asked if I wanted her to masturbate me. I said yes. She didn't offer to take off all of her clothes, as she had done the last time. She didn't put her mouth close to my penis and giggle as she had done, I think to indicate that she was willing to give me oral sex. She did give me a couple of lovely smiles and I remembered just how pretty she is.

At the end I gave her the extra £20 for wanking me. I asked her if she knew what had happened to Claire. She told me Claire found a rich boyfriend and so she didn't have to work any more. I said that she should find herself a rich boyfriend and she replied that it's not so easy to do. I think that I. is a lovely girl and as long as she doesn't get any fatter she could find herself a nice boyfriend.

I returned to Soho on Monday. First I saw Yaya at 26 Romilly Street. She is a beautiful Thai lady. She was wearing a very sexy dress that she took off to reveal her lovely body with quite large breasts. Like Eva she is very friendly and chatty and likes to talk about sex. She was telling me all the things that I could get up to if I went to Thailand. I think her English is quite good but I didn't understand everything she was telling me because of a strong accent. The price at 26 Romilly Street is £30 minimum and not the usual £20, but the women here are worth it.

After I had seen Yaya I wanted to go and see Eva again. I decided to walk around Chinatown before I headed for Berwick Street. Often there are women standing in the doorways of Chinese medical establishments asking men if they would like to have a massage. One woman walks around asking men the same thing. I noticed another woman who asked me if I wanted a massage and when I said no she said she would give me a 'happy ending'. That's a first for me. I've never been offered a happy ending in the street before.

As I was walking along Wardour Street I saw a young woman in a doorway who smiled and asked me if I wanted a massage. She was younger and prettier than any I had seen before so I was tempted. But I thought I would stick with my original plan and see Eva. I did go back there after I had seen Eva though. The girl wasn't there. There was another girl, not so young or pretty, using her mobile. I thought the first girl might be upstairs, having found a customer, with his erection in her hand.

I saw Eva and paid the £35 to see her using her vibrator. It wasn't quite how I imagined it. She doesn't have her legs wide apart when she masturbates. She puts the vibrator against her clitoris and holds it there, and doesn't push it in and out of her vagina. It was still quite exciting though. She played with her right nipple, and then asked me to suck it for her. When she came she didn't swear as much as I had imagined she would. Reality doesn't always live up to the fantasy.

I realised on the bus home that what I should have done is to get her to masturbate for me the way I would like to see it, with her legs wide apart and pushing the vibrator in and out of her vagina, for the first five minutes. Then for the second five minutes of our ten minute session she could have finished herself off however she wanted to. I'll have to remember that for next time.