Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3 Thai massages-pleasure and pain

In the past couple of months I have had three Thai massages in different towns, Liverpool, Penzance and today Chester. I was offered hand relief in the first two, I didn't have to ask. The massage itself is surprisingly cheap, £35 for an hour. The hand relief however cost £40, which is more than I'm used to paying. In Liverpool it was Mayuree Thai Massage in Berry Street. In Penzance it was Oriental Thai Massage in Albert Street.

Today I was in Chester and I went to ThaiNamoon in Brook Street. I wasn't offered hand relief or any other sexual service. What I got was a quite painful massage, different from any massage I have had before. She located knots of muscle in my back and tried to get rid of them by putting her body weight onto them through her elbow (at least I think that's what she was doing, I couldn't actually see lying on my tummy). I knew that it was doing me good though and I'm pleased I had it. Going for a Thai massage is a bit like Russian Roulette, you can't predict if it will be pleasure or pain. Thai Roulette, perhaps.

A couple of months ago I was wandering around Chinatown in London and I let a young woman persuade me to part with £50 for a 4-hands massage. She said it was cheaper because I hadn't been there before and tried it. This was at Natural Wellness/Heavenly Touch 15 Brewer Street. I have had a 4-hands massage a long time ago in Penge but I wasn't offered anything sexual and I didn't like to ask. It was a nice massage in Penge though especially when they started giggling as they were massaging my thighs.

Hand relief was on offer at Natural Wellness but the surroundings weren't conducive to erotic pleasure. Here it felt like I was naked on an operating table with people standing over me prodding me.

Sometimes a reader of my blog sends me an email and tells me about his experiences. I can get quite envious when I read what they have been up to. The guy who went to see Candy at the Red Lotus Spa and she let him put his finger in her bum hole. I wish I'd thought of that when I was with her. When I tried to see her again they told me she'd gone back to China. Another man told me he pays for 90 minute sessions and offers to massage the girl. He told me he licked Claire's pussy at Everwell in Charing Cross Road and I believe him. Yet another of my readers told me about a place in Twickenham where he goes. The girls are young and inexperienced there but are open to persuasion and he is happy to teach them what to do.

Then there's the guy who told me about his body-to-body massage with a pretty girl in Covent Garden. I've seen her, and she is pretty. I can imagine her slippery wet body moving over him and her little titties with hard nipples rubbed up against him. She put her tongue in his mouth.