Thursday, November 17, 2011

documentary on BBC Radio Leeds today

I listened to the documentary 'Love for sale' on BBC Radio Leeds today. Two British women (Charlie Daniels and Julie Bindel) went to Nevada to find out about the legalized brothels there. They went to four brothels, The Love Ranch, Moonlite Bunny Ranch, The Mustang Ranch and Wild Horse.

The documentary didn't answer the most important question for me. Julie Bindel on Woman's Hour last week linked Nevada brothels to slavery and incarceration. She said that the women working there are institutionalized. Nobody said on Woman's Hour, in Bindel's Times article, or in this documentary, that the women only spend part of their time at these places. They will spend a number of days there per month, and a number of days elsewhere.

I've looked at different places on the internet to find out about this. One site says they spend a week to 10 days working each month, and they don't work every month. Another says it is two weeks per month. These brothels are way out in the desert, often hours drive from cities, so the women stay there while they are working. When they're not working they are far away.

I would like to know what they do while not working. Do they enjoy leisure at their homes? Do they holiday? Do they have their own businesses? Perhaps some of them work as prostitutes elsewhere. I would like to know how much money they have in the bank, what investments they have, and if they own their own homes. Whatever the answer, they're far from institutionalized.

At the end of the documentary, the two women were asked for their impressions of what they had seen. Bindel used the phrases "state sanctioned rape", "cess pits" and "hell holes". She also described the Nevada brothels as a "failed social experiment". You wonder where all that came from, because the documentary itself didn't give that impression at all. In fact, they seem to be living in luxury.

When asked if legalized brothels are acceptable because they keep women safe, she said they are not safe because anything can happen behind closed doors. There was a discussion of the issue on Radio Leeds after the documentary, and Bindel gave her little theory that the presence of prostitution in society increases the objectification of women and will result in increased violence against women. There is no evidence for this and it doesn't make any sense.

At the end of the discussion Bindel said that the women she met were the most emotionally damaged women she had ever seen. Again, you wonder where that comes from. The documentary didn't give that impression. The women who were interviewed seemed well balanced, although it could be that some of the women could have been damaged previously by working in parts of the illegal sector.

During the discussion, Bindel said this:-

"You cannot make a law for the minority, you have to make law and policy for the majority. If you have a group of privileged women who are lucky enough to have a home in the Cotswolds, putting her children through private school; she's never been raped, she's never been pimped, she's never contracted HIV. Good luck to her, we'll never meet her."

And later she repeated herself "we cannot make laws to suit the privileged minority, we just can't." I could agree with her on that, because I know that all the evidence shows that the vast majority of women involved in prostitution are not coerced. Most women involved in prostitution are not drug addicts or pimped or trafficked. However, I think we can create laws that benefit all women involved in prostitution. We should not have to force women to choose between working alone in a flat legally but not safely, or working with other women in a flat safely but not legally.

Obviously the majority of sex workers do not have a home in the Cotswolds or send their children to private schools; Bindel is just being patronising about sex workers in saying that. The majority of sex workers however are not coerced and do it because of the considerable monetary rewards. She says 'we'll never meet her'. I've met lots of affluent sex workers. Unfortunately, even the affluent sex workers run the risk of rape and contracting HIV because Bindel is standing in the way of a change in the law that could allow women to work together legally and safely.

What's more, she knows damn well that all the evidence shows that the majority of sex workers are not exploited. She knows that women are safer working indoors with other women than on the street or in a solitary flat. She's not stupid, she's looked at the research. I think she is being dishonest. She treats people with contempt and misinforms them.

I think Bindel doesn't want legalization of prostitution for the same reason that lots of people don't want legalization of drugs. The fact is that if we allowed heroin addicts to have access to pharmacologically pure heroin then there would be few deaths from accidental heroin overdose. Street heroin varies greatly in strength. Some would say that heroin is such a terrible thing that you just can't legalize it, and they'll tell you all the horror stories, but the point is it doesn't have to be that way.

If you got rid of all the drug dealers you could end the twin problems of drug addiction and street prostitution in one go. But they've tried zero tolerance, and it doesn't work. You just force things further underground where they can't be regulated.

Big brothels out in the desert of Nevada have nothing to do with anything happening in this country. The legalization of brothels in the UK would mean that 2 or 3 women could work safely and legally from a flat. The women of Ipswich can't do that yet. Bindel in the discussion said that what has happened in Ipswich is the way to go. Women have been forced off the street and into flats. However, women working alone from flats are not safe, as the examples of Sheila Farmer and Hanna Morris show. All it would take is another serial murderer to come on the scene and it will start all over again.

Friday, November 11, 2011

debate on Woman's Hour this morning

On Woman's Hour today on BBC Radio 4 there was a discussion of prostitution. It started with the presenter Jenni Murray stating that in the past decade there may have been as many as 140 women working in the sex industry who have been murdered. There was then a report on legalized brothels in Nevada, part of a report to be heard on BBC Radio Leeds later this month.

The discussion was between Jenni, criminologist Professor David Wilson and feminist Julie Bindel. Both Jenni and David Wilson seemed primarily concerned with the safety of women, whereas Julie Bindel seemed concerned with more esoteric issues. She made much of the fact that the prostitutes in Nevada are forced to have blood tests and that they are not usually allowed off the brothel site while they are working there. She linked this to the Contagious Diseases Acts of Victorian Britain where some women were forced to have medical examinations if it was suspected they might have sexually transmitted diseases and often incarcerated in locked hospitals for treatment.

She said that Josephine Butler campaigned to have the Contagious Diseases Acts abolished all those years ago and legalized brothels would be a return to those times. Nobody today would agree with the Contagious Diseases Acts and I don't see how making an HIV test a requirement of employment is somehow returning to them. The fact that women are not usually allowed off site is something that is specific to that type of brothel in Nevada and is not relevant to the discussion of legalization.

This seems to me to be an attempt to manufacture outrage. Finn Mackay on a recent debate on BBC Radio 5 live said that prostitution is the buying and selling of the bodies of women. She also talked about men's perceived right to buy sexual access to women. I have never bought or sold a woman's body. What I have bought is a service or some time. I don't believe I have a right to buy sexual access to a woman. It's all about negotiation, just like other services. Trying to link prostitution to slavery might make some kind of sense in the feminist groups that Julie Bindel and Finn Mackay frequent but they don't make a lot of sense to most people.

In New Zealand sex work has been decriminalized and they discussed the effect of this on the safety of sex workers. Julie Bindel said 'New Zealand in its government report 2 years after this experiment admitted in its report that the women feel no safer under decriminalization and in fact reporting violence has not made it easier'. This didn't seem to be true to me. I have looked at the wikipedia entry for this and I could find nothing corresponding to anything she said. Just the opposite.

She says that she believes sex workers should be decriminalized, but she didn't mention that - as a supporter of the Swedish Model - she believes that men who buy sex should be criminalized. She said that drug addicted women would never be selected for work in a brothel, which is true. However, women can set up flats to work for themselves, or there could be managed zones or tolerance zones.

Julie Bindel doesn't believe in safe zones. She said that the Mayor of Amsterdam had said that they were 'rife with traffickers, drug dealers and underage and trafficked women'. I'm not really interested in the opinions of the Mayor of Amsterdam, I want to know the facts. My experience of street prostitution is that when women can do what they like then half the women involved are not drug addicts. It's only when there is a police crack down that you develop a situation where all street girls are addicts, because these are the ones who are most motivated to continue in the face of opposition. I have never seen an underage girl. There are no teen runaways and no trafficked women either. Trafficked women, the few that there are, have always worked indoors.

I'm not a fan of the Dutch system, I prefer the New Zealand system, but - as Professor Wilson pointed out - prostitutes have never been the target of serial killers in the Netherlands. You can listen to the discussion here.

On the 21st of October there was another discussion on prostitution on Woman's Hour. Alan Caton of Suffolk police was debating with Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon. Alan was saying that street prostitution no longer exists in Ipswich. We heard a recorded interview with a former street girl called Lisa who said that most of the women she knew who had formerly worked on the street were now working from flats. Dr Brooks-Gordon said that a woman working as a prostitute from a flat on her own is not safe. When women try to work together for safety they are often prosecuted for running a brothel.

There is an article in the Times newspaper on 14th November about the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, one of the legal brothels in Nevada. It's interesting but not relevant to prostitution in Britain. We wouldn't get brothels like that here but we could get flats where women legally and safely work together.

That would benefit different types of prostitutes. Firsly street workers who no longer wish to work on the street. Secondly, women who have worked in flats alone but know that it isn't safe. Thirdly, women who work in what we normally think of as brothels and who decide they want to keep the profits for themselves and they don't like being told what to do.

For that to happen, people will have to put as their priority the safety of women. Academics such as Professor Wilson and Dr Brooks-Gordon already do. Some police officers such as Deputy Chief Constable Simon Byrne, who is the ACPO lead for prostitution and sexual exploitation, do too. Other police officers such as Detective Superintendent Alan Caton want to say that they have made prostitutes in Ipswich safe from serial killers when they haven't.

I don't think that feminists like Julie Bindel and Finn Mackay are ever going to change. They are too caught up with their ideology. The influential feminist writer Andrea Dworkin in her book 'Intercourse' wrote "Physically, the woman in intercourse is a space inhabited, a literal territory occupied literally: occupied even if there has been no resistance, no force; even if the occupied person said yes…". Bindel and Mackay seem to be applying this principle. If they don't accept heterosexual sex as valid then they are never going to accept prostitution.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kim of 8 Greek Street

I was in Soho this afternoon and as I walked past the door of number 8 Greek Street I looked at the names next to the doorbells. I saw that Amy is there and I saw the name Kim too. I don't remember seeing the name Kim there before. I remembered that someone called Kim is well recommended on the PunterNet forum.

I went onto the internet and I realized that this is a different Kim from the one discussed on the forum. There was a report on her in the Field Report section. The report was very complementary so I decided to try her.

I was in luck because Kim has everything. She is very pretty and has a natural beauty. I'm sure that most people think all Soho prostitutes have too much make up and a fake tan. That's not true of the ones that I have seen. She is from Spain and has black hair and a slightly dark skin colour typical of Mediterranean people. She is very slender, almost verging on being skinny, and has long slender legs. She told me she is 20, but she looks as if she could be 18.

I took off my clothes and lay on the bed. She got onto the bed with me but didn't take her dress off. It was a very sexy dress so I was happy for her to keep it on. She put the end of my willy in her mouth and started sucking on it. This was without a condom, something quite unusual for Soho. I said I would like to see her pussy, so she took her knickers off. I looked at her pussy while she was sucking me, and I started touching it.

I wanted to try something a bit different. I got up off the bed and told her to sit on the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor in front of her and put my willy in her mouth. This was like one of my favourite fantasies. I often fantasize about two teenagers having a blowjob in a bedroom or bathroom at a party, with the girl sitting and the boy standing in front of her. The fact that Kim was wearing her sexy dress made it better. Her slender legs were wide apart, her dress was up round her waist, and I could see her pussy. I could also see her from the back in the big mirror on the wall.

Several times she wanted to kiss me on the mouth. I gave her a little kiss on the lips, but didn't try to snog her. Partly because if I tried to snog her she might have said no, or might have asked for more money. Partly because if she's been sucking lots of cocks without a condom I don't really want to be putting my tongue in her mouth. Some of the other women at 8 Greek Street have sucked my cock without a condom, but they always washed it in the sink first of all.

Kim is like a dream come true. I hope I will be able to see her again.

UPDATE August 2012: Kim is now working at 18 Newport Court. She is now a blonde and calls herself Jazmin. I no longer believe that she is any good. See my post about Jazmin.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dee Dee of 113 Southbridge Road and 26 Romilly Street

A while ago I looked at the PunterNet field reports for Croydon near where I live. One place that looked interesting is a brothel called New Exotic Oriental. I didn't get round to trying it out until recently. There is a thread on the PunterNet forum called 'The Singapore Grip'. This is the name of an unusual sexual practice described as this: 'Rhythmic contractions of the vagina are like a gentle and silky smooth unseen hand that draws you deeper to a powerful, rapid and dramatic climax'.

Someone responded by saying that he had only experienced this once, from Dee Dee of Croydon. Only she doesn't call it the Singapore Grip, she calls it a double head massage (can't quite work out why it would be called that). I remembered that Dee Dee is one of the girls at New Exotic Oriental, so I decided to go and see her.

On Wednesday last week I phoned the number (07833624409) and asked if I could see Dee Dee. I was told she would be there tomorrow and I made a half hour appointment for 11.15 am. When I got there it was an ordinary looking suburban house on a main road (A236), quite near to the centre of Croydon.

I was invited in by an oriental lady. I think this must be the woman they call Siu Lee (there are various spellings of her name). She's quite attractive and the reports say she used to work as a prostitute and still does sometimes but mainly looks after the girls there now. She asked me if I would like anything to drink. When I said no she said I could go up and see Dee Dee.

I went up the stairs to the bedroom. I recognized Dee Dee immediately. She is the same Dee Dee who works at 26 Romilly Street in Soho. I mentioned her in my previous post. I had gone to her flat but didn't fancy her so I made my excuses and left. It hadn't occured to me that Dee Dee of Croydon might be the same as the Dee Dee of Soho.

Dee Dee isn't ugly. I would say she has an ordinary looking face. Her body is very nice though. I thought I would give her a go. Fortunately she didn't recognize me or it might have been embarrassing. The first thing Dee Dee did was to squat down and start sucking on my penis - without a condom.

I got onto the bed and she continued with the oral sex without a condom. I asked her if she would like it if I gave her some oral sex. She seemed quite enthusiastic, she seemed enthusiastic about everything. I wouldn't have given her oral sex had I not been her first customer of the day. I'm sure she showers between customers but even so I would prefer not to do it if she'd seen a lot of men.

I asked her to give to give me a handjob because that's the way that I'm most likely to achieve orgasm. I asked her to talk dirty for me and she had a go but her English is not that good. I should have asked her to get on top of me so that I could experience the Singapore Grip but I'd forgotten all about that. We ended up with a cuddle and then me wanking her which she seemed to respond to.

At the end she wrapped a towel around her naked body and as I went down the stairs she shouted down to Siu Lee (if it was her) in English that I had wanted her to talk dirty but she wasn't any good at it because her English is not so good. At the foot of the stairs I turned to look back at her and she flashed me by lifting up her towel and laughed.

It was a very enjoyable experience, and very good value for money at £60 for the half hour. This is better value than Soho. Although 10 minutes is usually £20 in Soho, 20 minutes nearly always costs £50. I don't know what it would cost for 30 minutes as I have never had 30 minutes in Soho.

The house was very nice, not at all grotty as some of the flats can be in Soho. Most of the girls at New Exotic Oriental seem to be willing to do things not ordinarily available in Soho. Oral sex without a condom, for example. I don't think I will see Dee Dee in Croydon again, I think I will try one of the other girls. Stephanie and Jenny seem to be very good judging from the PunterNet reports. They seem to be prettier and speak better English. I might pop in to see Dee Dee in Soho for 10 minutes and try for the Singapore Grip.

There are grotty brothels in Croydon though. In my local free paper there are adverts for brothels. One of them is in Derby Road above a Chinese takeaway near West Croydon train station. I wanted to see what it was like but it was a dump so I didn't stay.

I said to the woman that I would like to spend 15 minutes with her and she told me that would cost £40. I questioned that because half an hour is £60, and she said that £40 is the minimum and I could have 20 minutes for that. I said I would go to the cash point then come back but I had no intention of having sex there whatever the price.

A while ago I came across another oriental brothel in Cavendish Road. That was a dump as well. It seems to have closed down now which is good. There is a charity in Croydon called Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) that has been chosen as this year’s Croydon Champions charity.

The problem with CCAT is that they are a group of feminist and religious extremists who would like to close down all brothels. As long as they want to do this they will make it more difficult to encourage the good ones (like Southbridge Road) and close down the bad ones (like Derby Road and Cavendish Road). So some women continue to suffer.

There were a couple of brothels that advertised in the local paper. They seem to have stopped advertising so I don't know if they still exist. In their adverts they said they had women and TVs. And they didn't mean televisions.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Vicky of 10 Little Newport Street

On Wednesday I decided to see Vicky at 10 Little Newport Street. I have not seen her before although I have been to this place to see Lucy and Nina. Vicky is a delightful girl from Latvia, looks about 21 years old, and is tall, slender and blonde. She is of above average attractiveness.

She reminds me a lot of Amanda of 2 Lisle Street. If you like Amanda you will probably like Vicky too. I think she would be good for a 'girlfriend experience'. She's not the most raunchy or sexually enticing but she makes up for it with her friendliness. Her English is very good. I don't know if she does kissing.

Before we got onto the bed, she told me that she wanted a hug. I enjoyed that. I asked her to play with my willy to make it get big which didn't take long. I could have asked her to get on top of me or I could have got on top of her, but I didn't feel like doing that. I told her to continue playing with my willy and we chatted.

Towards the end of my 10 minutes I said I would like to see her pussy, and she held it open for me. Then I said that I would like to cuddle her till my time was up. I lay back down next to her and put my arms around her.

Vicky works Wednesdays and Saturdays. There is only one flat here and it's quite pleasant. Prices start at £25.

I thought about seeing another girl, but didn't know who I wanted to see. None of my 'A-listers' were there that day. Monica, Angie and Angela are not there Wednesdays. Natalie has gone back to Russia. I wandered over to Romilly Street. Nelly was not at 34. I thought I would see if Dee Dee is at 26.

I have seen Alena and Meena at 26 Romilly Street. There are also some oriental women working there. I have seen Sarah (quite pretty) and Mesa (not so pretty) so I thought I would see Dee Dee too. I went up the stairs and the maid showed me into the darkened bedroom. I looked at Dee Dee and I wasn't attracted to her at all. I thought about what excuse I could use to walk out, and I said "Oh, I think I've seen you before. Yes, Dee Dee, I've seen you before". I think there are a lot of men who don't want to see the same woman twice.

I went to an internet cafe and had a look at the Soho Walk Ups page on Wikispaces. I looked through it to see if there was anyone I fancied, and I saw that Nelly was in Bateman Street that day. I had been to the Bateman Street walk up once before years ago but I didn't remember it. From the outside it looks very dingy. From the inside it looks very dingy too, I discovered. I thought the ones in Lisle Street are dingy, but this was more so.

The maid showed me into the bedroom which was quite small. Nelly came in, looking stunning. She is quite tall with black hair and pale skin. She looks kind of Italian although she is Hungarian. She was wearing a scarlet basque with maching panties. I lay on the bed and watched her undoing her basque and taking off her panties. That alone was worth the £20.

Nelly seemed very bored but when I got an erection I wanted to fuck her. I got on top of her for a while and then lay next to her and just looked at her face. I remembered how pretty she is. She doesn't speak English very well and doesn't seem interested in conversation anyway. A very different experience from being with Vicky. I wanted to know what was going on in her head.

She's moved around a lot. She was in Romilly Street, and before that in Lisle Street. I suspect that she was in Wardour Street before that. Maybe she keeps getting asked to leave. I could imagine she doesn't try hard enough to get in on time. I've seen Nelly five times this year but I don't think I shall see her again.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have been quite active this week. On Monday I went to see Mesa of 26 Romilly Street. I can understand why some men like her, she is cute. She is an oriental girl, from Thailand I think she said. Mesa looks as if she could be 18 but she told me she's 28. When I undressed she gave me a big hug. She's a very smiley girl. Mesa is short and a big podgy. She's not really pretty and feminine but she's good fun. A nice little playmate.

I went into Soho yesterday and I could have seen Monica again but I thought I would try one of the other women at 70A Berwick Street. I have heard that all the women there are good. I saw Mandy. Mandy is one of the few English women working in Soho walk ups. She is nice but nothing special. She's not as attractive as Monica and is a bit older.

Later on yesterday I decided to see Angie. Angie has been one of the most popular women in Soho for years. She was in Blore Court years ago then moved to Old Compton Street. She started working one day a week. It was difficult to see her because she would be booked up. I think lots of men booked to see her for an hour.

I was surprised yesterday when I saw her name on one of the doors at 2 Greens Court. She was very busy but I managed to see her for 10 minutes. She is tall and slender with an all over suntan. She has shortish brown hair and quite a pretty face. She was in a good mood and we got on very well.

Angie played with my willy till it got big and then asked me what I would like to do. I said I would like her to get on top of me. She said that I hadn't paid enough for that but I could get on top of her, which was fine by me. I fucked her for a while and then we decided she could finish with a handjob. I asked her if it would be OK for me to put my finger in her pussy and she said yes. I moved my finger up and down the cleft of her vulva and then inserted the tip into her vagina.

Angie is standing in for Jessica at the moment will be at 2 Greens Court on Monday and Friday next week and then the Monday after that. After that she doesn't know what she will be doing, she is hoping that she will get one day a week at Greens Court.

I have seen some extremely attractive women recently. Angie, Monica, Angela and Natalie are not only extremely attractive but also fun-loving and a joy to be with. There are some men who would only go to see tall, slender, young, beautiful women with all over suntans. And why not? Why would a man go to see anyone apart from this type of woman, especially as he wouldn't have to pay anything extra?

For a man to be with an extremely beautiful woman once in his life is a very valuable thing. The other women are valuable too. I hope people don't think I have been too dismissive of women like Mandy, Mesa, Paris or Alexia. I know I will continue to see a favourite of mine, Ivy of 8 Greek Street, even though she is not tall, slender or young. Other men may have other favourites.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monica of 70A Berwick Street

On Friday after I had seen Angela and after I had written my previous post I decided to see Monica. Angela had been more attractive than I expected and the same was true of Monica. Angela is a blonde northern European beauty and Monica is a dark latina beauty. Monica is from Venezuela, and if you saw a picture of her with the words 'Miss Venezuela' underneath you wouldn't think it inappropriate.

I went to the top floor flat of 70A Berwick Street and the door was opened by the maid. Most maids are middle-aged to elderly, but this one is quite young. She had a very friendly chihuahua dog. I had to wait to see Monica and I was offered a glass of water. I asked her if this is the flat that Claudia worked in and she said it was and that she used to maid for Claudia. I asked her if she remembered Sebastian Horsley and she said she remembered him well. Claudia was the favourite prostitute of Sebastian Horsley who was a local artist.

When I saw Monica I was delighted. She is tall, has black hair, a quite dark skin, and big dark eyes. She has a lovely smile too. Because she is tall I wanted to get on top of her and fuck her, something I don't do with most of the women I see. I watched her taking off her sexy underwear and then she got on to the bed with me. She played with my willy while I looked at her pussy and it didn't take long for me to get hard. She opened her legs and moved her pelvis in a very erotic way.

Monica put a condom on and then lay back on the bed. I got on top of her and she inserted my erection into her. My face was next to hers and I touched her hair. I fucked her for several minutes but then I started to loose my erection. Fucking doesn't give me the right sort of stimulation to allow me to come, unlike a handjob.

I got onto my knees between Monica's open legs and played with my willy. Monica gave me a big sexy smile and moved her pelvis so that her pussy looked very inviting. That will be my favourite memory of Monica. It didn't take long before I was erect again and I got back on top of her. Soon my ten minutes were up.

Days after I saw Monica, I realized that I had seen her once a couple of years before. She used to work sometimes at 52 Greek Street and perhaps still does. It's strange that she didn't impress me at the time and yet she impressed me so much when I saw her on Friday. Still, I felt the same way about Alena of Romilly Street. I suppose women can have different moods or they may change over the years.

Seeing Angela and Monica made me wonder why I am bothering with girls like Alexia and Paris. Angela was a lot of fun and I may see her again, but Monica is definitely my type. Perhaps I shall spend more time with her and get her to give me a handjob with lots of lubrication. I could ask her to talk dirty to me in Spanish.

Monica works Thursdays and Fridays at 70A Berwick Street.

Friday, September 2, 2011

finally got to see Angela today

On my third attempt I finally got to see Angela today. I enjoyed the experience more than I had expected. I had wanted to see her because on the PunterNet forum they say she is very raunchy. That's true, but she is also extremely attractive. There's nothing down market about her, she takes care of her appearance. Her flat is quite pleasant too. She reminds me of a young Britt Ekland, but blonder and with a rounder face.

I went to the top floor of number 28 Peter Street near to the street market in Berwick Street in Soho. I knew that she works on Fridays, as well as Saturdays and Sundays. Angela was in the room with the maid but I had to wait because her previous client was putting his clothes back on in the bedroom. She is of medium height, blonde with an all over suntan. She was wearing a little skirt and matching top. While talking to the maid she lifted up her little skirt to reveal her shaved pussy.

Angela went into the bedroom, leaving the door open and positioning herself so that both her previous client and I could see her, but we could not see each other. She wiggled her hips and pulled up her little skirt so that her pussy could be clearly be seen. She then took something off the table and simulated masturbation. She was laughing.

She said goodbye to the man and let him out. He was a young man, quite large and wearing motorcycle clothing. Then she invided me into the bedroom. There was a porn DVD playing where a large black woman was having sex with two men. I got undressed and lay on the bed and she got on with me. She started wanking me as I had requested and she said she wanted me to put my finger in her bottom. She had some lubricant and I held up my finger so she could put some on. Then I reached between her legs and tried to find her bottom hole. She asks all her clients to do this.

I pushed my finger up her bum and moved it up and down. Then she changed position so that she was on her hands and knees. I could see her pussy and her bum hole. I pushed my finger up and down inside her bottom while she wanked me. After a while she lay next to me, gave me a little kiss on the mouth, and sucked my neck while she continued to wank. This allowed me to watch the DVD. She commented on the size of the black woman's areolas.

I had a good erection but it didn't last and soon it was time for me to go. I liked Angela a lot, although she is not really my type. I might go and see her again, but probably not for a while.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Alexia and Paris

I haven't been very active in Soho this month. I like to go to Soho even if I don't have an intention to visit a prostitute. If I pass the doorway of a walk up I might go in to see who is there that day. Sometimes the names of the women are displayed at ground level, but sometimes you have to go up stairs to the second floor to see if the names are displayed. Sometimes the names aren't displayed at all.

At 8 Greek Street the names of the two women working there that day are next to the doorbells. I was surprised to see the name Alexia there because I thought she only did weekends. She is a new girl at 8 Greek Street. Reports on her have been favourable and she was on my list of women I might try. So I decided to see her.

The maid told me that Alexia is busy but I could wait with her. She is an elderly French woman who I have sat with a few times before. She offered me a coffee. I had only just had a coffee so I declined. She asked if there was anything else that she could get me and I said I would like to have a cigarette. A couple of weeks before this I was waiting with a different maid to see Ivy and she had offered me cigarette. I don't usually smoke, I always try to avoid any form of addiction, but I enjoy one now and again. When I had finished the cigarette Alexia was ready for me.

Alexia is quite a pretty girl and is friendly. She is from Eastern Europe. I told her I would like to spend 10 minutes with her for £20. We undressed and got onto the bed. I wanted her to play with my willy to make it get big but she thought it would be better to put a condom on and give me a suck. I have heard that she is willing to do oral sex without a condom, but only for customers who spend more than the minimum. She told me that she can't do anything without a condom.

When I was erect I asked her to get on top of me. She straddled me, inserted my cock inside her and then made rhythmic movents. I looked at her lovely body and put my hands in different places, on her hips, on her slender waist, and then holding her pert breasts.

This was a couple of weeks ago on a Friday. Yesterday I was in Soho again. I had read on the PunterNet forum that the walk up at 4 Old Compton Street has now closed for good. I could see that the door was shut. I don't know exactly why it has closed, but I don't think it was the police or the council that did it. Some of the nicest prostitutes have worked there; Angie, Paris, Ritzy and Sandy.

At 34 Romilly Street they have the names of the two women on the wall just inside the doorway. I was expecting to see Simona and Nelly. It was however Simona and Paris. I thought that Paris only did weekends. She is another girl who was on my list. She is not the same girl as the Paris who worked at 4 Old Compton Street.

I wasn't very impressed when I saw her. In fact I thought about walking out. She had short blonde hair and her attractiveness was only average. She didn't seem to be very motivated either. I told her that I had been to this flat before to see Nelly. She said she knows Nelly, Nelly is her friend. I said that when I saw Nelly I put a latex glove on my hand and put my finger inside her. She said that we could do that and reached over for a latex glove.

She lay on her back and opened her legs wide. When the glove was on she put a blob of lubricant on my index finger. First I slowly moved the end of my finger up and down between the labia, separating them and looking inside. Her pussy was very pretty. I told her that it was like a beautiful flower, which she thought was funny. I pushed my finger inside her vagina and moved it up and down. After a while I indicated that I could put two fingers inside her, but she said no. I put my index finger back in, but when I moved my finger in such a way as to stimulated her G-Spot she didn't want that either.

I got the feeling that maybe she didn't like me, or that she didn't like her customers generally. She was quite passive throughout. But when I was getting dressed she sat on the bed and gazed at me in an affectionate way.

70A Berwick Street is another one that has the names of the women on the wall inside the doorway. I have noticed the name Monica there. She is another girl on my list. Monica has been recommended by someone on the PunterNet forum, but then so have other women at this place. Perhaps she will be the next one I shall see.

Another woman I might see is Mesa at 26 Romilly Street. Or maybe one of the other oriental women there. I saw Sarah there a couple of months ago. At 26 Romilly Street is you have to walk up to the second floor to see who is there that day.

UPDATE: Paris is also called Laura and works other places in Soho now

Saturday, August 6, 2011

all 3 walk ups in Lisle Street have reopened

I thought that the walk ups in Lisle Street had been closed permanently but yesterday I walked past and they were open. I have no idea what happened. I think the police or the council would very much like to close them down but don't have the legal powers to do so.

What I did notice yesterday is that the signs saying 'model' and the women's names are not there. I think perhaps there is some obscure rule that does not allow these signs and is now being enforced. This will make things more difficult for the women and their clients alike. It will be no problem to the men who are happy to go with any woman. Some men however like to research their amorous adventures beforehand, and select a woman according to their preferences. Some men like to see the same woman more than once.

It is still possible to ask the maid who is in the flat that day. I asked at number 2 Lisle Street and was told that it is Amanda (lower flat) and Olivia (upper flat). I'm sure that in most places the maids will be cooperative, not like the one at 28 Peter Street who led me to believe that I was seeing Angela when in fact it was someone else.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

closure of walk ups in Soho

Just recently all 3 of the walk ups in Lisle Street have closed. The doors have been padlocked. A few weeks ago the walk up in Frith Street was closed and hasn't re-opened, and one of the ones in Berwick Street has been closed for a while.

There haven't been any closures of walk ups in recent years, but just this year there have been several. A couple of years ago the authorities tried to close the Dean Street walk up but could not do so. Several years ago there was redevelopment at the corner of Berwick Street and Peter Street, opposite the supermarket. A few walk ups closed then, including the popular one in Blore Court. Angie, Ritzy and Sandy relocated to Old Compton Street.

Nobody seems to know if the Lisle Street walk ups will re-open. Doesn't seem likely. Or if there will be more closures. Or what has happened to the women who worked in Lisle Street. I hope none of them end up like Liz Valad.

I know what happened to one of the women who worked in Lisle Street. Nelly used to work in the flat above Natalie. Both she and Natalie had left by the time of the closures. Natalie returned to Russia and was replaced by Amanda. Now Nelly works at 34 Romilly Street in the flat below Simona.

I went to see Nelly recently. We did different things together and then I asked if I could have a look at her pussy. She lay on her back and opened her legs for me. I held her pussy open and had a look inside. I think she could tell what I was thinking because when I looked up at her face she shook her head. She reached over to the bedside table and took a latex glove out of a box. She didn't want me to put my fingers inside her pussy until I had put a glove on.

When I had it on I said to her "Are you ready for the doctor?". I pushed one finger in and moved it up and down. After a while I tried two fingers. When I wiggled my fingers around she gave every appearance of enjoying it. She moaned and arched her back. I think I shall see her again.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

even more Chinese massage

After my recent experiences of Chinese massage I didn't intend to try it again. Although Anchee in Bethnal Green seemed tempting (she is said to be the best value in London). I had enjoyed these experiences, especially with the girl in Charing Cross Road, but they had not lived up to my hopes.

On the PunterNet forum someone was asking about a Chinese medical establishment closer to where I live. I often take a short bus ride to Croydon town centre and I have often walked past this establishment, sometimes wondering if they offered massage with a 'happy ending'. This man was saying that he had a massage there but although he had been totally naked there did not seem to be anything else on offer. A couple of people had replied to him, but none had got the happy ending they had hoped for.

I decided I would give it a go. At least I would get a nice massage. I went in there and I could see a young Chinese woman in a white coat talking to some people. She looked as if she was in her late 20s and was of above average attractiveness. When she had finished talking to these people about herbs or something I asked if I could get a massage here. She said yes and told me the price. She said I should come back in half an hour.

When I returned she asked me to pay the £20 for the half hour massage I had asked for. She showed me into a medium sized room with a massage couch in it. There were wall charts showing the human body and the acupuncture points. She said I should undress and lie down on the couch and she would come back. The couch was covered in paper and there was a hole for the face. I lay there what seemed to be a long time. I could hear her talking to someone. There was Chinese music playing.

She came into the room and apologized for keeping me waiting. She asked if I wanted a soft or a firm massage and then started on my shoulders and neck. She seemed to be the only person working there and once or twice she had to leave the room. When someone comes through the front door a bell rings and she has to see who it is.

She worked her way down my back and then started massaging my bum. I had decided it would be prudent to keep my underpants on and she was pulling them down a bit to work on my bum. I said that I could take them off if it would be easier, and she said she could take them off for me, which she did.

After working on the back of my legs she said I could turn over. I hadn't said much to her up to now with my face in this hole, but now we could have a bit of a conversation. She asked me if I had ever had Chinese massage before. I told her I hadn't, but I have a friend who goes to Chinatown and has a massage there.

Towards the end of the massage I wanted to find out what else was on offer. I had to be careful what I said as I didn't want to offend her. I told her that when my friend goes to Chinatown he sometimes gives the girl some more money and she massages him 'down here' and I pointed to my willy. She said "We do that here too". I asked her how much that would cost and she said £15.

At the end of the massage she left me in the room to get dressed and when I came out she was behind the counter. I thanked her and asked her for what her name is. She said J. I'm not going to give her name or her location because usually these women would not welcome people knowing what they do.

This was last week and yesterday I went back. Again she was busy talking to someone and she asked me to come back in an hour. When I came back she came out of one of the rooms where she was with someone and said I could wait for her in the other treatment room. After about 10 minutes she was ready for me. She said that she had been putting a candle in a woman's ear.

I said I wanted an hour massage. This was £35. I had some £10 notes and I started counting them out. She said she had some £5 notes if I needed some change. I told her I wanted to pay the extra £15. She said she remembered that I wanted something extra.

As before, she started on my shoulders and neck. She remembered my name and that I wanted a firm massage. As before, she worked her way down my back and then worked on my bum. Then I heard what sounded like her putting on a latex glove. I had noticed while I had been waiting that there was a box of latex gloves. I wondered if she was going to put her finger up my bum. That's exactly what she did. I hadn't asked for this or expected it. I was happy to have a new experience. Maybe that was her way of telling me that she also does prostate massage. I don't know.

When I turned over she asked if I was warm enough. To begin with I was, but later I did start to shiver a bit and she put a couple of towels over me. I asked her about herself and she told me she had studied six years in China to do this job and she had been in London about 10 years.

When I had been with I. in central London I had asked her strip for me and I had given her the extra £20 she asked for that. I had touched her bum and her pussy. When I had been with L. in central London I had got her to pull down her shorts and I had touched her bum and her pussy. With J. however I didn't feel that I could ask for that or even that I wanted that.

After working on my chest and tummy she started on my genital area. She started prodding around the area and then I could feel her gently holding my penis. She was using oil or lotion and started moving her hand up and down. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get an erection and after a while I asked her if it was getting big. She said it was. I looked and I could see it was semi erect. We continued and I could feel that it was starting to work. I had been worried that I wouldn't be able to come but it didn't take long before I felt the intense pleasure that made me jerk and groan for several seconds.

It worked out better than I had expected. I achieved orgasm. The massage was good too. I hadn't had to pay that much money. The process was quite simple. What I don't like about the 'sensual massage' scene is that you often don't know what to expect. It seems that some men will go to see a woman, not ask for anything extra and not get anything extra, but leave a tip in the hope that next time they might be offered what they were hoping for. Or they might get something extra and not be asked to pay extra but they will pay a suitable tip because they know that if they don't then they probably aren't going to get it next time. I can't be bothered with that. So I was very happy with my experience with J. and I would like to see her again.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ann Widdecombe on heroin

A BBC news report has shown that in London some heroin addicts are being prescribed heroin on the NHS. Ann Widdecombe, the Conservative politician, does not accept this. She said
"My concern about giving heroin to addicts is you are not tackling the root cause of their problems. You don't get someone off drugs by giving them drugs. You remove the danger of dirty needles - but not the addiction".

This attitude is common within the coalition government. I think it is harmful. Diamorphine (pure heroin) and methadone are useful in treating heroin addicts. They allow the treatment for addiction to be in two easier steps instead of one big step. Often it will be simply impossible for someone to recover from addiction unless they can do this. Even if an addict only ever achieves the first step that in itself is immeasurably preferable to remaining on street heroin. Someone who takes methadone or diamorphine might still be an addict but their situation is completely different.

Firstly, an addict does not need to commit crime in order to buy street heroin. Women do not feel the need to be prostitutes. Although prostitution does not necessarily damage the physical or psychological health of women, the inadequate criminal justice system in this country means that some are.

Secondly, clean needles mean that an addict is not going to get HIV or hepatitis.

Thirdly, diamorphine and methadone are pure. Street heroin doesn't start off pure, but then it is cut with various substances so that dealers can make more money from it. These substances can be very injurious to health.

Fourthly, the dose of diamorphine and methadone is controlled precisely. People could take relatively large doses of pure heroin for years without it harming their health too much, but heroin kills large numbers of people because it is so easy to overdose on street heroin. Addicts find it very difficult to work out the strength of their heroin and how much they can use without it killing them.

The attitudes of people like Ann Widdecombe to both diamorphine and methadone will lead to death and damage to many people. I'm not saying that addicts should not try to gradually reduce the dose they take or even try to abruptly stop. But it helps if they can get off street heroin first. Many will never be able to overcome addiction without diamorphine or methadone. Even if they never achieve total abstinence from drugs they will be much happier.

Monday, July 4, 2011

the autobiography of Sebastian Horsley

I finally got around to reading the autobiography of Sebastian Horsley 'Dandy in the Underworld'. I had been thinking of reading it after I heard about his death by heroin overdose just over a year ago. JoAnne Good and Clayton Littlewood had been talking about him on BBC London. I knew that he lived in Soho and he went to see prostitutes there, often ones in the walk ups where I go.

It is only recently, however, that I have become aware that in Soho there used to be a beautiful Italian woman called Claudia. She worked at 70A Berwick Street until a few years ago. She has been described as looking like Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch. Readers of this blog may know that I have always been most strongly attracted to Italian and Italian-looking women, and I have always lusted after Sophia and Raquel.

I couldn't understand how I could have missed her. I have been going to Soho and using PunterNet for the past ten years. I tried to find out all I could about Claudia, and then I became aware that Sebastian Horsley had seen her a number of times and written about her. He wrote an article in the Guardian/Observer and there is an extract from Dandy in the Underworld in Twill magazine.

I went onto Amazon and ordered a used paperback. When I got it I found the pages about Claudia, and then I read the book from the beginning. I wasn't particularly interested in his wealthy but dysfunctional childhood, his failed attempts to be a punk musician, or even his association with Jimmy Boyle, 'Scotland's most violent gangster'. After I re-read what he had to say about Claudia there was an account of descent into crack cocaine addiction, some rehab, and then another descent into addiction, this time heroin. I have never taken drugs although I have met people who were crack and heroin addicts so this was of great interest to me. It helped me to understand something of what it is like to be totally addicted.

The most poignant part of the book is when his brother-in-law Giles, who had been a heroin addict, offered to help Sebastian. He gave him a job in his business, even though all of the other addicts he had tried to help had robbed him. Giles seemed to have everything sorted and so it was a shock when Sebastian got a call from his sobbing sister. He went round and found Giles dead on the sofa, an abandoned syringe next to him.

I noticed throughout the book numerous references to suicide. His mother had tried to kill herself four times and his grandmother achieved it. He often wrote about how desirable it would be. It had been suggested that Sebastian had killed himself, but it is generally reckoned to have been an accidental overdose. Taking heroin however is a bit like Russian roulette. It is so difficult to get the dose right, and many addicts die by accidental overdosing. He gives a graphic account of when he overdosed but survived. He also gives an account of when he played actual Russian roulette - he owned a gun.

Sebastian's book and his life would not make many people like him. I don't think you could say that he didn't care what people thought of him (as he had said of John Lydon). He would have liked to be adored but I think he thought that it would be better to be despised than ignored. His flaunting of his wealth, his self-centredness and immaturity would enrage many. People would have envied his privileged life, but I am only envious that he knew Claudia.

The last mention of Claudia in the book is where he invites her to his flat to meet another beauty, the model Rachel Garley. It is there that Claudia finally allows him to kiss her; she had not permitted him to do so before.

I saw Sebastian once, sitting outside a café in Old Compton Street. I recognized him immediately; no one else wore a top hat. Apparently it was quite unusual for him to be out during daylight hours. He looked quite approachable, I wish that I had said hello to him. There was a play about him based on his memoirs. The final words said by the actor playing him were "If you see me on old Compton Street please say hello won't you?"

For the purposes of completeness I should mention some of the other activities that Sebastian managed to cram into his short life. He was a failed punk band member. He got to know intimately psychopathic Scottish gangster Jimmy Boyle. He swam with Great White sharks. He lost a fortune and regained a fortune by gambling on the financial markets. He was voluntarily crucified in the Philippines. He was a semi-successful artist.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

finding out more about Chinese massage

I have been intrigued for some time by Chinese massage establishments. The idea that you can get a massage from a pretty Chinese girl and if you're lucky she will be willing to masturbate you to orgasm. I tried a couple of these places in Soho and Chinatown, as I have related in previous posts on this blog, but what put me off is not knowing how much I would end up paying. So I never got my 'happy ending'.

Often when I walk around Chinatown I am offered a leaflet by a girl standing outside one of these places. These Chinese medical centres don't just offer massage, they have herbs and acupuncture too. Inside there are jars of herbs on shelves and people in white coats looking like doctors. In Little Newport Street there are a couple of these, and I noticed two women offering massage like the others but they didn't seem to have an establishment or any leaflets.

The first one I noticed was an old woman, then another time a younger one. Then I saw the two of them together. The younger of the two is quite attractive. I was intrigued, wondering what they were up to. Was this some kind of scam? I have been told that there are various little scams involved in Chinese massage, such as having a clock set some time earlier than the correct time so that you get less time than you paid for.

I wondered what would happen if I were to accept their propositions. I had an image in my mind of being shown into a room, asked to pay and then told to undress, and they running off with my money and maybe my clothes too. I started a new thread on the PunterNet forum, and someone cleared up the mystery. The older one is called Rose and the younger one is called Cindy. They used to work at other places but have set themselves up in their own place. They give a very good service I'm told.

Now they have a sign up, and just yesterday I noticed a pretty young girl outside on the street. She could have been a teenager. She asked me if I was interested in a massage. I asked her the price, and if it would be with her. She told me it would be someone else giving me the massage. They are at 11 Little Newport Street. There is a doorway and some stairs that are shared by a cab company.

I was thinking of going to see Rose or Cindy, but I got a tip from someone about a girl in Charing Cross Road. So on Thursday last week I went there. It is a proper Chinese medical centre, quite a big one. I got there about 11.30 am and I said "Is I. here today?". I'm not going to identify her because usually they don't want that. He said she will be here at 12 mid-day if I want to book to see her. I went and had a coffee and something to eat.

I returned just before mid-day and I paid the £25 for the half-hour I'd booked. I sat and waited. There was nothing sleazy about this place; nobody would know what goes on. An older man and woman in white coats were talking to each other in Chinese. I. turned up a few minutes late and I was asked to follow her through a doorway. She was chatty and smiled a lot. She looked as if she was in her early 20s and was attractive. She led me down some stairs and through a maze of corridors with little rooms off them. Eventually we came to the room we had been allocated. The massage couch took up a lot of the room.

She suggested I take off my clothes while she got ready. I got onto the couch face down and she asked me if I wanted a hard or a soft massage. The couch had been covered with paper so it was all quite hygienic. She had put some soothing Chinese music on. After a while I. asked me if I just wanted my back done. I said no and I turned over. I asked her if she could play with my willy and she said yes and that it would cost me £20.

I agreed to this and she took my willy into her hands. She put some oil onto it and squeezed and moved her hands up and down. She was smiling and giggling, looking at me in the eyes and being flirty. After a couple of minutes I still didn't have an erection. She suggested that she take clothes off, for another £20. I wasn't sure, I thought she might have meant just her top. Her English is OK but not that good. When I agreed she stripped off until she was totally naked, giggling all the time.

Almost immediately I got an enormous erection and I. got to work on it. I asked her if she could talk dirty for me. She said she was willing to learn and she would try. One of the things I asked her to say was "Let me see your sperm". She asked me "What is 'sperm'?". I said it's the thing that men have inside them that squirts out the end of their willies, and I made appropriate gestures with my hands. She said "Ah, yes" and then "Let me see your sperm. Let me see your SPERM!".

It was all great fun, but despite I.'s best efforts I didn't manage to have an orgasm. When I put my clothes on I gave her the two £20 notes that I'd promised her. She suggested that I come to see her again, and perhaps for an hour this time. I definitely wanted to see her again.

I thought that if I refrain from masturbating for a few days before my next encounter then my chances of achieving orgasm would be much greater. Although I wanted to see I. again, I had got a couple more tips about Chinese women. There is a woman in Bethnal Green called Anchee who gives an hour massage including a happy ending for just £40. I had her phone number but when I called her she said she was on holiday. At least I think that's what she said, her English was not very good and it was difficult to understand what she was saying.

Someone told me about a new place in Paddington. A woman called L. there gives everything short of full sex for £40, although I would also have to pay the cost of the massage. I was told that the standards are higher there, in terms of cleanliness and other things, than most similar establishments.

I went there yesterday. As I was standing outside a woman went in. She wasn't young or pretty and was a bit short and dumpy. If that's the sort of woman they have here then I'm not interested, I thought. But then I thought maybe she's the receptionist. I went up the stairs and indeed the woman I'd seen greeted me from behind a counter, and there was a younger woman sitting there. I said "Is L. here today?" and she said yes. She asked me how long I wanted and I said half an hour. I was asked to pay £30 and then shown into a room.

The room smelled a bit musty. It had a shower in it but there was no extractor fan. This place wasn't what I expected. I thought that if this is one of the better places then I wouldn't like to see the other ones. The woman at reception came in and told me she was L., which surprised me. I didn't know if she was telling the truth. However, she looked better up close than she had before, so I though I might as well enjoy myself while I am here.

I was sitting on the massage couch naked with her standing right in front of me. She asked me what kind of massage I wanted. I said I wanted her to massage me here, and pointed at my willy. She smiled and giggled. I lay down on the couch and she started wanking me. I touched the back of her legs and her bum and after a while tried to pull down the zip on her shorts. She indicated that she could take her top off but I said no I wanted the shorts down.

She pulled her shorts down and then her knickers without taking them off. While she was wanking me I put my fingers between her bum cheeks wondering if I could get my finger up her bum. She leant forward and smiled at me. She put her face up close to mine and kissed me on the lips. I asked her if she wanted to see my sperm squirting out and she said she really did.

It was all very lovely, so it was surprising that after a while I lost my erection. I sat up and said "I want to look at you down here", looking at her between the legs. She told me that would cost more money. I said that I didn't want to spend more money that day. I asked her how much time I had left and told her to massage my back for the remaining time.

It seemed to last longer than 30 minutes and I had only spent œ30. Afterwards she asked me how I found out about her. I told her they had been talking on the internet about this place and someone had sent me a private message giving her name. When I was about to go she put her finger to her lips and said "Don't tell anyone what I do".

In the corridor on the way out a young woman emerged from one of the rooms. I looked through the open doorway into the room and saw another girl sitting on the couch in a short skirt. I don't know what they had been getting up to. Maybe practising on each other.

I remember once I was walking around Chinatown and I looked through a window and I saw a teenage girl sitting in a massage chair with another girl standing behind her massaging her shoulders, and another one standing behind her massaging her shoulders. I suppose they have to amuse themselves while waiting for a man.

I wondered what to do with myself for the rest of the day and I decided to get the tube to Soho. Wandering around. I noticed that Ivy was at the walk up in Greek Street. I went up and told her I wanted to spend 20 minutes with her for £40. Before we got down to business I sat on the edge of the bed and asked her to stand next to me so we could have a cuddle. I lay on the bed and she sat naked between my legs and started wanking me. She grasped my erection much more firmly than I. or L. had done. She said, over and over again, "Fuck the pussy darling, fuck the wet pussy. My pussy is so wet for you. Fuck it! Fuck it hard!".

It didn't take long before I could feel it starting to work and then I began ejaculating copiously. I looked up and I could see my cum all over her hands together with the oil. We cleaned me up and I asked how much time we had left. She told me just a few minutes and asked if I wanted to cuddle. I told her that I had been for a Chinese massage but hadn't managed to come, and that she could achieve what they could not.

Ivy said "I think you could give me a massage" and I said "I'll do anything you want". So she lay on her tummy and I massaged her back for a few minutes. Then my time was up. Ivy will be there today, and next week she will be there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. After that I don't know.

I might go for some CWT (Chinese Wanking Therapy) again. If Ivy isn't there, and often she isn't. I'm not going to spend much money on it though. It's still pleasurable, even when I don't manage to come. I can try and get them to do it just the way I like it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amanda Sunita Sarah

Today I decided to try three women that I hadn't seen before. All of these women have been recommended. Lisle Street is the first to open in the morning so I went there first. At 2 Lisle Street I saw Amanda. She is quite pretty and I'm sure a lot of people would like her but she's a bit too Jennifer Aniston-y for me. She is of average height and has brown hair. I think she would be good for someone looking for a 'girlfriend experience' because she tries to please.

I asked her to play with my willy to make it get big and after a while I asked her if she'd like to do the 69 position. She said I would have to pay extra for that but she could just turn round if I liked. She moved her bottom next to my face and I got a close-up of her pussy and her bum hole. I would have loved to have pushed my fingers inside her pussy and her bum hole - she looked delightful in that positition - but I contented myself with opening her pussy lips and looking inside.

Afterwards I asked her about Natalie, and she said that Natalie has left for good, gone back to her own country. I was glad that I had been to see Natalie before she went. Snogging Natalie was wonderful, I had never kissed a woman as beautiful as her. However, it's always possible that someday she might be back. I seem to remember she went off once before. Maybe she's made her fortune and wants to do something else with her life.

I noticed the name of the woman in the top flat, written on a card on the stairway. It wasn't Nelly so perhaps Nelly has gone too. When I'd been waiting to see Amanda the maid had been very chatty and told me she was new there too. So maybe they're all new there.

Next I went to Frith Street to see the new woman there. Sunita is the only other Indian woman in Soho apart from Meena. Although I think someone might have mentioned one in Dean Street too. I went up the stairs to the first flat. A young Chinese man came down the stairs and I noticed an older woman following me up the stairs. The door of the flat was open and I could see the maid. I assumed that Sunita was busy so I said to the maid that I would come back later. She said to come back in five minutes.

The maid and the other woman coming up the stairs behind me greeted each other so I think they hadn't started yet. They were just opening up. When I was back on the street I noticed the Chinese man waiting outside and an even younger man in smart clothing. I thought I don't want to wait till they've had their turn with Sunita so I thought I'll come back later.

I went to nearby Romilly Street to see if Sarah was there. Her name was up there. The maid answered the door and said that she was with a man and there was another one waiting, and that I could come back later or there's another girl upstairs. I could see that the other girl up the stairs was Alena, and although I like Alena I decided to come back later.

I went to have a coffee and something to eat and then decided to try and see Sunita again, before it got to 12 when I thought there might be a mid-day rush. I didn't have to wait to see her. She's quite a tall attractive woman. I asked her if she had had many customers that day. She said there were a few who wanted to see her on their way to work. I asked if they were builders or office workers and she said some of each.

The most interesting thing she told me is that some men work in Soho and tell their colleagues they're popping out for a cigarette break. Then they go to see her. For 10 minutes. Then they go back to work, and nobody knows what they've been up to.

Because Sunita is tall, I wanted to fuck her. I wouldn't say she's as pretty as Meena - although some people aren't attracted to Meena - but she's attractive and friendly. I think she used to do Thursdays but now does Tuesdays too.

After I'd had some lunch I went back to Romilly Street to see Sarah. Sarah is from Thailand, she is small and has a light brown skin. She is quite pretty, although I wouldn't say she's as pretty as Lucy or even Ivy. I didn't have much money left in my wallet at this point, and I asked the maid is they charge £20 or £25 for the basic service. At Lisle Street it is now £25 and at Frith Street it is £20. She said £20, it's £20 wherever you go in Soho. I said that at some places it is £25, but she said that's only if you want French and sex. There wasn't much point in contradicting her, but she is not correct.

Sarah played with my will till it got hard, then she put on a condom and I asked her to get on top of me. She made rhythmic movements, but it wasn't stimulating enough and I lost my erection. I asked her to wank me, and then I asked her if she could talk dirty. I gave her some examples of what I would like her to say. The things that Ivy says to me, like "Fuck my pussy, darling. Fuck my wet pussy. My pussy is so wet for you". She said them, over and over again, and I became very aroused. As I explained to her, it would take me more than 10 minutes for me to come. I told her I might come and see her again and spend more time with her. I might do, or I might go and see Lucy instead.

Friday, May 20, 2011

the prosecution of sex workers

I was looking at the Harlot's Parlour site and I read about the English Collective of Prostitutes' campaign to stop the prosecution of Sheila Farmer. This was of interest to me because I have said on this blog that the laws about prostitution make women unsafe and should be changed. Her case graphically illustrates what I and many others have been saying.

There are many women up and down the country who make a good living from prostitution working on their own from their own flats without ever coming into contact with the police. What they do is legal. Sheila Farmer was apparently one of these. However, it is often not safe. She was viciously attacked by a man who raped her repeatedly, tried to strangle her and kept her tied up for hours.

After this she decided to work only with other women. Her flat was raided by the police, she was arrested and faces up to seven years in prison. This has happened to a number of women, and apparently they are often also often accused of 'money laundering'.

Also found on the Harlot's Parlour site is a discussion of the recent case of Hanna Morris. Hanna called the police when violent men brandishing shotguns raided one of the flats she operated threatening the women inside by throwing petrol around with the intention of setting fire to the premises with the women present. Hanna called the police with the expectation that they would pursue, capture and hopefully convict the violent men that had attacked the women whom she represented. The police chose to close Hanna’s business and begin a prosecution against Hanna that could have put her in prison for seven years.

Sheila Farmer's case doesn't seem to have made it into the newspapers, but not long ago Claire Finch's did. The police raided her house and charged her with brothel-keeping. This article in the Times is about Claire and Hanna's cases.

Street prostitution is a very different kind of prostitution, but here also the law makes women unsafe. This article in the Guardian shows this. A raft of new legislation has served only to shunt thousands of women out of well-lit, residential locales and into desolate, semi-industrial wastelands. David Wilson, professor of criminology at Birmingham City University, has suggested managed zones where sex workers can work safely, decriminalisation, or even full legislation. Some women's groups, however, decry these measures as 'legitimising the abuse of women'.

I think that these feminists have got it completely wrong. It is current legislation which 'legitimizes' the abuse of women. They should support changes in the law that will result in fewer women being killed, injured and raped. Women know what they need to do to keep themselves safe, and feminists should listen to them instead of ignoring them or shouting them down.

The Harlot's Parlour site has information about the ideas of two radical feminists, Andrea Dworkin and Catharine Mackinnon. Despite their extremism they have had a lot of influence on feminism and attitudes to laws on prostitution.

I don't believe that sex workers are doing anything wrong, but I'm not so sure about people who aren't sex workers but make money out of sex workers. I don't know if Sheila Farmer, Hanna Morris or Claire Finch are in that category. I have nothing against prostitution, but the best type of prostitution is where the women take the profits and are not told what to do by anyone else.

In Soho the sex workers in the walk ups are not breaking the law because they work alone. Most sex workers who work from flats on their own would I guess rent from a landlord who has no idea that prostitution is occurring on the premises, or if they do know turn a blind eye. Or maybe they have a mortgage or have paid outright for the flat.

I thought maybe a similar arrangement worked in Soho. I know that the granddaughter of Paul Raymond owns a lot of property in Soho. However, I have been becoming increasingly aware that there are people who organize the women and would be taking much of the profit.

I was told recently that all of the women at my favourite walk up in Soho have been told not to do oral sex without a condom. Probably a good thing, but I didn't realize that they are all told what to do. Someone else said that the reason one of the flats in Old Compton Street was not used for a while was because of a 'change of management'. A couple of the women have talked about their 'bosses' (in both cases a woman).

The sooner we get sensible changes in legislation the better. Then not only will women be safer but they will be better able to organize themselves and keep the profits from their work.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

looking for Angela

In my last post I mentioned how I tried to find Angela in Peter Street. I couldn't find her, and on Wednesday I decided to try again. Re-reading the Soho Walk-Up Thread on the PunterNet Forum I found the location of her flat. It is on the top floor of 28 Peter Street. She isn't normally the sort of woman that I would go for, just the opposite in fact, but I thought it would be an interesting experience. She is apparently quite wild.

When the maid opened the door I asked her the name of the woman there that day. In Peter Street, unlike most other places in Soho, they don't put the name of the woman up outside the flat. She wouldn't say but kept inviting me in to talk to the woman. When I was inside the flat I saw quite an attractive Italian-looking woman, with long black hair. She looked about 40. I asked her if she is Angela and she said yes.

The bedroom was pleasant enough and had big mirrors. I asked her if I could spend ten minutes with her for £20. I said I would like a hand job. While she was wanking me she asked me how I knew about her. I said that I had found out about her on the internet. She asked what they were saying about her and I replied that they said she looked liked a porn star and was horny.

It was quite a pleasant experience but afterwards I couldn't help thinking that maybe this woman isn't Angela. She wasn't quite what I was expecting. I started re-reading the Soho Walk-Up Thread more carefully and also the field reports for Soho. Angela is in fact a blonde! So the woman I saw wan't being honest with me. Unless she's had a change of hair colour which could have happened but I don't think so.

When she had been asking me about what they were saying about her, she really wanted to know what they were saying about Angela. Probably she knows Angela, maybe she thinks of Angela as a rival. Or she wants to know how Angela has got herself lots of publicity.

Anyway, apparently I might not be the only one who has been looking for Angela. I saw a news report on TV about four Police Community Support Officers who have left their jobs in disgrace after being caught visiting a 'brothel' while on duty. I could recognize Peter Street and I wondered if it was the same flat I had been to.

I googled it and came up with two news stories in The Telegraph and The Daily Mail. The Mail story has a photo of the doorway. The PCSOs had asked after a particular Eastern European woman (Angela is Lithuanian). She wan't there, and they had a cup of tea with the maid. It is defininitely 28 Peter Street. So maybe they had been reading the PunterNet Forum and decided to check out 'fab looking horny filthy talking porn star lookalike' Angela. All they got was a cup of tea.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I kissed a girl and I liked it

On Friday last week I decided to see Natalie and get my snog. I got there about 11.30 am when I thought they would just be opening and went up the stairs. The maid opened to door to me and invited me in, saying I wouldn't have to wait long. I hesitated. I wasn't the first customer of the day as I had hoped. I decided to go and see Nellie instead.

Nellie was in the flat above Natalie. I had seen Nellie once before and was impressed. Nellie showed me her list of services and prices. I opted for oral sex and fucking. This was the cheapest service but I noticed it was now £25 instead of the £20 that I had been expecting.

I took off my clothes and lay on the bed. Nellie had undressed and she got onto the bed with me. She put a condom onto my cock and started sucking away. When I was erect she got on top of me, inserted my cock inside her and moved up and down. At some point she started kissing me on the mouth. This was a surprise to me. Prostitutes in Soho don't usually allow kissing - it's not on offer - but here she was kissing me and not even asking for an extra £10.

I wanted to see how far I could go, so I kissed her more and more intimately until I had my tongue in her mouth. Once or twice I put one of my hands at the back of her head and pulled her head towards me and thrust my tongue deep in her mouth and waggled it around. She positioned herself so that I could get on top of her and I started fucking her. After a while I got off her so that I could see her face again and kiss her some more. I did this for a while as we lay side by side and then there was a knock on the door and my time was up.

The snogging made it a different experience for me. Nellie is a pretty 20 year old, the sort of girl any man in his 20s would be delighted to spend time with. This was sex as it should be, spontaneous and intimate. As I was walking around Soho I occasionally caught the scent of her perfume on me which added to my happy feelings.

I had something to eat in Soho and then I went into an internet cafe. I was looking on the PunterNet forum at the Soho Walk-Up thread and they mentioned a woman called Angela of Peter Street. She seemed interesting so I decided to see if I could find her. She is described as a 'fab looking horny filthy talking porn star lookalike'. I went to Peter Street but none of the flats had the names of the women outside the door.

I went to the top floor of one and as I was going up the stairs I could hear music which got louder and louder. At the top of the stairs I saw a doorway with a metal gate. This is unusual. A woman in her underwear came to the gate and asked if I wanted sex. I asked her what her name is. She said 'Jenna'. I didn't want to ask her if she was Angela because she might say yes even if she wasn't.

So I went to the flat below. This time it was a blonde, but another Eastern European. When I asked her her name she didn't want to say, but just asked me if I wanted sex. I said "I'm looking for Angela" but she just shook her head. I didn't want to ask at the other flats in Peter Street, there are six of them, so I went to see Amy in Greek Street instead.

I have been to see Amy many times before. I handed over my £20 and took off my clothes. I said "Can we do some oral without today?". I was surprised when she said no. I said "Last time we did some oral without". She has sucked my willy without a condom many times. But she denied ever having done that. She said she has never done oral sex without a condom.

I didn't want to disagree with her because that would have created a bad atmosphere. If she had said "Oh, yes. I used to do that but I don't do it anymore" I would have understood and accepted it. But it is very curious that she should deny ever having done it.

She gave me a hand job and it was when we started talking about what she did with her customers that I got really horny. She said she thought that I would like to watch her when she was having sex. I told her yes I really would.

Later I thought about why she might have denied ever having done oral sex without a condom. I think many of them are willing to do certain things for regular customers but at their discretion. Oral sex without a condom, fingering, kissing. They don't want everybody to ask for it and expect it for no extra charge.

On the Soho Walk-Up thread they have recently mentioned Ritzy and her 'special'. When I was with Ritzy some time ago she intimated that she did things for her regular customers. I think she said she would let me come in her mouth. I seem to remember I had some oral sex without a condom. I have fingered her a few times, and once had a bit of a snog.

It's a pity that Amy isn't going to give me oral sex without anymore. I was hoping to play 'mermaids' with her. This is a game that I invented based on a porn video I saw. If you can imagine an indoor swimming pool at night. A number of women are swimming naked in the pool. A larger number of men are sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water. Each woman swims over to a man and sucks him off. She does the same to another man, then another. They are obviously enjoying themselves. I wish I knew where this was filmed, and if I could go to a place like this.

I imagined myself sitting on the edge of the bed in Amy's flat, with her kneeling on the floor in front of me. She would be wanking me with the end of my cock in her mouth.

This morning I went to see Nellie again. I wanted to snog her and finger her. I told her to lie on the bed and I lay next to her. I started touching her, but when I tried to kiss her she told me that it would cost and extra £10. I told her that last time I hadn't had to pay extra, but she wanted me to pay. I gave her a really good snog and she didn't hold back. I played with her clit, then got one finger inside her. I got two fingers up inside her and I also fucked her for a while.

While I had been waiting with the maid, she told me they open at 10 am, and close at 10 pm. I thought they had opened about mid-day; I think most places do.

This afternoon I went to see Natalie. I paid £25 plus an extra tenner for the kissing. She seemed in a good mood and as soon as she got on the bed with me she gave me a good snog, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She put a condom on my cock and enthusiastically sucked away. Then she wanted me to get on top of her. As I was fucking her I was looking in the mirror and watching us. I got off her because I wanted to snog and finger her. The snogging was good, but when I tried to put a finger in her vagina I didn't get further than the end of my finger. She was happy for me to play with her clit but she didn't want my finger inside her.

It was a good experience because she was in such a good mood and really friendly. When I was putting my clothes back on she started dancing and telling me about the dance classes she had been to and how it had been such great fun. I wanted to watch her dancing. As I left she gave me a big kiss on the mouth. Normally I don't like loud music playing when I'm with a woman but this music was very exciting.

Who knows maybe I'll get glandular fever now. Years ago I asked a prostitute called Yasmin in Anerley if she did kissing. She seemed quite apologetic and said she used to but then got glandular fever. She didn't realize that you can't get it more than once. If you get glandular fever you get immunity to it, so there was no reason for her to stop doing it.

NOTE: I have since found out that the music that Natalie was playing was S&M by Rihanna. I think that this is the most thrilling music I have heard for a long time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ross Kemp on trafficking

Last night on Sky 1 there was a documentary about human trafficking. I didn't see it but yesterday I read the article in the Mirror newspaper. Before I read it I thought it was going to be the usual sensationalist rubbish but in fact it was more reasoned than most.

He wrote that we don't know how many people have been trafficked into the UK illegally. He didn't use false statistics as have so many commentators on the issue. He didn't condemn men who pay for sex, as long as it is consensual. He wrote about other forms of trafficking apart from sex trafficking. There were a few paragraphs about Vietnamese teenagers locked into marijuana factories. There was a mention of domestic servitude.

Farmers come in for some criticism "There are a lot of farmers out there, as well as others in the agricultural sector, who need to take a good, hard look at themselves and the things that they do." A bit harsh on farmers, you might think, but if you have read about exploitation of workers in the agricultural sector he has a point.

Most people think that Eastern European farm workers in the UK have a 9 to 5 job. If your read what Felicity Lawrence has found out about it, you find that they might have to work 12 hours one day and then not get any work for the next 3 days. And they have to pay rent on substandard shared accommodation whether they are given work or not. That's not the worst of it - read Felicity Lawrence.

Ross mentions the Chinese cockle pickers who died in Morecambe Bay in 2004. At least 21 people died. They had all been trafficked. "Some bosses believe they can't afford to employ someone legitimately - so they employ them illegally."

I have written in previous posts that I suspect that in some communities in the UK such as the West African community prostitution can be underground. This is an important point because some radical feminists believe that prostitution cannot be driven underground, by banning it or banning advertisement of it.

It can never be truly underground they say because if punters can find prostitutes then so can the police and outreach workers. As I said this is not true of drug dealing so why would it be true of prostitution. Drug addicts can find drug dealers but the police find it more difficult.

Ross seems to understand this. "Language and cultural barriers make it very difficult to get inside many communities, particularly those from Nigeria, China and south east Asia." It suspect that in some communities prostitution is not advertised but spread by word of mouth.

The one thing I do think is incorrect about Ross's article is when he says "Some of the girls have sex with 40 men in a day, sometimes more". From what I know of prostitution, brothels just don't have that many customers, especially since the recession. The busiest prostitutes in the UK would be the ones in Soho. They might have 20 customers a day if they're busy, probably double the number of ones in suburban brothels.

Trafficking and coercion do happen, in the sex industry and in other industries. It happens with children, teenagers and adults, as Ross says. In the sex industry coercion is infrequent with adults, even less frequent with teenagers, and happens hardly at all with children. That doesn't mean we should be complacent. We should strive to eliminate coercion. However, trying to criminalize punters would be as stupid as trying to criminalize people who want to eat cockles.

You might not think that a soap opera actor would not make a good journalist. However, he seems to make a better journalist than some professional journalists like Kirsty Whalley. She has a hidden agenda; she wants to ban prostitution and is using false statistics and the issue of trafficking to try to attain that goal.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nellie and Elena

Tuesday last week I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to go and see Natalie in Lisle Street and pay her an extra £10 so that I could kiss her. I have never kissed a woman as beautiful as her, so it would be a new and memorable experience. I was hoping that I could get a good snog and get my tongue in her mouth.

It's rare for Soho prostitutes to offer kissing as an extra service. Some of them have a little sign up saying don't ask for kissing because they never do it. The last time I saw Natalie she told me that I could for and extra tenner.

I got to Lisle Street just after midday about the time when they open. I wanted to be the first customer of the day, so that some other bloke hadn't snogged her just before me. She wasn't there though. It would have been a good idea if I had checked the Soho Walk Ups page, which is not always accurate but gives a good indication of what days the women do. I could see that Nellie was on the top floor, and I wondered if this was the same Nellie that I had caught a glimpse of once in the doorway of a flat round the corner in Wardour/Whitcomb Street.

So I went and had a coffee and something to eat, and then I looked around to see who was available that I knew of. I didn't fancy seeing someone that I hadn't seen before, or someone who wasn't recommended. Last time I did that I saw Lisa and it was a waste of money.

I looked in Little Newport Street and saw that it was an oriental woman available that day. At this flat they don't usually put the name of the woman just a brief description. If it had said a blonde woman then I would have known it was Vicky, who I have not seen before but is well recommended. I knew it wasn't Lucy's day so I thought it would probably be Nina. Nina is OK but I didn't really want to see her again.

I looked in Greek Street and D'Arblay Street. If Amy, Ivy or Sabrina were available I would have seen one of them. None of these women are tall and slender or beautiful but I have enjoyed my time with them. I have seen Amy and Ivy many times, and I saw Sabrina recently too.

I remembered that on the Soho Walk Ups page it said that Polish Mimi is at Green's Court on Tuesdays. However, in this case it is inaccurate. Or maybe she just wasn't there that day. I haven't seen Mimi for ages so I suspect she is no longer there. I haven't seen Ritzy for a long time either, although according to the Soho Walk Ups page she is at Old Compton Street sometimes.

I have seen Ritzy at Green's Court before and Old Compton Street too. Often the same women turn up at both these places. The same with D'Arblay Street and Greek Street.

When I got to Old Compton Street I saw that Sandy was in one of the flats. In the other flat was someone whose name I didn't recognize. This other flat had been closed for a while, which is surprising when you consider how valuable a flat like that would be, on the corner of Old Compton Street and Charing Cross Road. Some say there is a ghost there.

I have seen Sandy many times, starting years ago when she was in Blore Court off Berwick Street. I went to her door, hoping that it would be answered by the young pretty maid that I had seen a couple of times. It would have been nice if I'd had to sit and wait with this maid until Sandy was ready. I would have liked to get a good look at her. However, it was an older woman who opened the door. The maids are nearly always middle aged or elderly.

Sandy wasn't her normal happy chatty self that day. On the Soho Walk-Up thread on the PunterNet forum somebody said she can be like this sometimes. At first I thought maybe she wasn't pleased to see me. She said she remembered me, even though I had not seen her for five months. Now I realize she must have just been having a bad day that day. I decided not to try and put my finger in her pussy, although on previous occasions she hasn't minded me doing that.

After my less than satisfying experience with Sandy I wanted to see someone else, but who to see? I went up the spiral staircase at the flats in Wardour/Whitcomb Street. I saw there was a woman called Mary at one of them. I wondered if this was the Italian woman Mary who I had seen before at Green's Court. She had been really nice, and when I parted from her I said "Ciao Bella!". This means 'Good-bye (or hello), Beautiful!'. She had replied to me "Ciao Bellissimo!", which means 'Good-bye, most Beautiful!'.

The woman who answered the door didn't look like the Mary I had seen, not unless she had become a lot more glamorous. This woman was very attractive, standing there in her underwear, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with her. She showed me her price list and asked me what I wanted. I said I wasn't sure. I said I would think about it and come back later.

I went round the corner to 2 Lisle Street and Nellie. She is a very pretty young woman with a lovely smile. I'm not sure if she is the same woman I caught a glimpse of when she opened the door to several young men at the top of the spiral staircase. Next time I see Nellie I shall ask her if she has worked round the corner in Wardour/Whitcomb Street.

When I had taken my clothes off she came into the room, smiling, and stood up close to me. She is of medium height and has black slightly curly hair. We got on the bed and she played with my willy while I put my hands between her legs. I was wondering how far I could go, but she didn't seem to mind me putting my finger inside her pussy. Towards the end of my ten minutes I asked if I could see her pussy. She went onto her hands and knees on the bed, with her bottom sticking up in the air. I pushed my index finger into her pussy and moved it around and she acted as if she was enjoying it.

While I was putting my clothes back on I asked Nellie if she liked London. I asked her where she has gone in London and she said "Arsenal" and smiled. I said "You like football?". Her English wasn't that good. She told me she is Hungarian.

This was a very pleasant experience for me. She had given me an erection, but the ten minutes had not been long enough for me to come. I decided I wanted to see another woman. There are 3 places in Greek Street and I have been to 2 of them. I decided to try the third of these. What has put me off in the past is that it is quite a grotty looking place, but then again so are all of the places in Lisle Street. Also I read in a newspaper report that there is somewhere in Greek Street that they call 'the slaughter house' because it has a succession of abused Eastern European women working there. I knew it couldn't be the 2 places that I had been to so I thought it might be here. Now I realize that newspapers just make up a lot of stuff.

A lot of people will say that of course the women in these places will be smiling and willing to oblige, because if they don't they will get beaten up by their pimp. This is another fabrication. There aren't any men around. The only people who are exploiting them are the property owners who take hundreds of pounds a day from each flat. The owners of these flats are not foreign criminals but respectable business people.

The door was opened by a smiling young woman who invited me in. I glimpsed a black and white cat and I asked her what his name is. She said "Jasper". I have seen this cat a few times before because sometimes he comes down the stairs and sits in the doorway. I have taken photographs of him.

She showed me into the bedroom which seemed quite pleasant. There was a big TV close to the bed and a porn DVD was showing. As she was asking me what I would like from her I was glancing at what was happening on the DVD. I opted for a hand job. Elena is short and has black hair, and she has a lovely smile like Nellie. When she was wanking me I asked her if I could see her pussy and she stood above me while I held her pussy open. I was a lot of fun.

When I was putting my clothes back on I told her that lots of people have taken photographs of Jasper because he comes and sits in the doorway sometimes. People from around the world have seen his photograph, but they think his name is Coco.

Some people look for him when they walk along Greek Street, hoping to see him. They are likely to be disappointed, though, because he doesn't often come down. However, if you go up the stairs and ask the woman there if you can see her pussy, she will be happy to let you take a look.