Friday, February 4, 2011

Lucy and Lisa

I was walking along Newport Court in Chinatown yesterday and I saw a Chinese girl that I have noticed before in one of the Chinese medical places. She is prettier and taller than the other girls. You can see them through the window. I wanted to have a massage so I thought I would see if I could have one from her. I thought that I probably wasn't going to get a 'happy ending' but I would just enjoy the massage. Some of these girls will masturbate a man to orgasm - a happy ending - but most don't.

I went to the door and looked at their leaflets. One of the other girls came to the door and invited me in. She asked me if I was interested in a massage and I said yes. Then I pointed to the girl that I wanted. She told me that this girl was not available because she had appointments. I didn't want to have a massage from the girl I was talking to so I said that I needed to go to a cashpoint and I left.

I decided to go to nearby Little Newport Street to see if Nicky was at the walk up there. I have seen two oriental women at this walk up, Nina and Nicky. Nina is OK, but I liked Nicky better. At the doorway I could see from the sign that today an oriental woman was there, but there wasn't a name. There is only one flat here, unlike most walk ups where there are two. Sometimes it is a blonde woman called Vicky. Vicky is well recommended but I haven't seen her yet.

I decided to go up the stairs and ask who it is today. The maid told me it is Lucy, who I had not seen before. When I saw Lucy I wanted to stay. Lucy has a very pretty face. She told me that I could have sex or oral sex for £25, or something more for more money. I told her I just wanted oral. I took of my clothes and lay on the bed. I asked her if she was going to take off her clothes.

She is short, with a very thin body and hardly any breasts at all. This didn't bother me at all, although I suppose it would put a lot of men off. Most men who choose oriental women aren't looking for tallness or big breasts. She comes from the Philippines and is very friendly and easy to get on with. Her English is very good.

Later when I was walking past 8 Greek Street I noticed that the two women there that day were Amy and Lisa. Lisa is new there. There is also another new woman at 8 Greek Street called Sabrina, who is Spanish. I walked up the stairs and rang the doorbell to Lisa's flat. The elderly French maid beckoned me in and asked me to sit in a chair in the kitchen. She sat with me and talked to me. I asked her if she is Josette, who I have heard about, but she isn't. She asked me if I wanted a cup of tea.

I had to wait a while to see Lisa, and when I did see her I wasn't attracted to her at all. She is tall and has quite a nice body, but she's not pretty. I could have backed out of it, but I had spent time sitting with the maid drinking tea and I didn't want to be labelled as a time waster. 8 Greek Street is a favourite place for me, somewhere I wanted to return to in the future to see Amy and Ivy.

There are men who are time wasters and cause problems for the women. Amy explained it to me when I went to see her late last year. When my session with Amy was over I said "I don't suppose you remember what happened the last time I came to see you". I told her that she had thought I was somebody else and didn't want me there. She said that they get a lot of men who come to the flat and ask lots of questions and take up time but don't stay. Sandy has said the same thing to me.

Lisa asked me what I would like to do with her. I said I would like to spend 10 minutes with her for £20. She asked me why I didn't want to spend more time with her. I said I only wanted 10 minutes. I gave her a £20 note and because I didn't have any change I gave her another £20 note asking her to take the maid's £2 tip out of that and give me the change. She said that I should give her £30 instead of £20 and she would give me special treatment. I don't know why I agreed but I did, it's not a lot of money and I was willing to give her a chance.

I asked her if she did oral sex without a condom. She said that sometimes she did. I said I would like that, and she gave my willy a quick wash in the little sink. There was a porn DVD playing, which could have been good but not much was happening apart from people talking. She started giving me oral, but got up off the bed several times, twice to do something with the DVD and once to get her mobile phone out of her coat hanging on the door and put it on the table next to the bed.

She continued with the oral and after a while I heard this loud music. I looked up, thinking that at last something was happening in the porn movie, but it was in fact her mobile. She got up off the bed, picked up the phone and peered at it, and then pressed a couple of buttons. She put the phone down again, got back on the bed and continued sucking. Nothing much was happening and I asked if I could see her pussy. She seemed to think this was too much trouble for her and at one point she said "This is too much hard work".

When it was over and I was putting my clothes back on she was talking to someone on her mobile. I was a bit annoyed with Lisa for talking me into paying her more that I wanted to and then not being prepared to go out of her way to make me happy. I realize that if a man goes to see a prostitute that he hasn't seen before and hasn't been recommended he is taking a chance. I took that chance twice yesterday and discovered someone lovely (Lucy) and someone not so lovely (Lisa). But what is good for me might not be so for another man. If a man wants a quick shag with a tall young slim tanned blonde, then Lisa could be just the thing for him. She's not much of a looker, but some men are used to that and don't mind. The fact that she might be willing to give oral without a condom could be a bonus.

I might go to a prostitute that I haven't seen before and who hasn't been recommended again, but I'm not going to wait to see her. If she is free when I go to the flat then I can take a look at her and if I don't like her I will say she's not my type or make an excuse. If the maid says she is busy then I will go somewhere else. I would like to see Sabrina at 8 Greek Street, who has been recommended, and I would like to see Amy and Ivy again.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

adult digital TV channels

I was listening to JoAnne Good on BBC London last night and she started talking about the adult channels on digital TV. She said that she was flicking through different channels on late night digital TV and she was astonished to see channels with near naked women moving about in a sexual way. She said she continued to watch them for about 20 minutes because she was fascinated with what was going on.

JoAnne asked her listeners to contact the show if they had any experience of this. She had a couple of callers who were saying that the men who phone these channels never get to speak to the woman on the screen, but to a different woman in a call centre or in her home which could be anywhere in the country.

The purpose of these channels is for men to phone in and watch and speak to a woman while masturbating themselves to orgasm. The women are topless but wear a thong, and make sexy movements. It is a premium rate phone line so they have to pay quite a bit. Each channel has its own name, eg Babestation.

I haven't had much experience of these because I don't have digital TV. It could be different now from what it used to be, but when I tried it a couple of years ago it was an interesting experience. The first time I phoned up there were several girls on the screen, some of them on a bed. Each girl had a different number so I tried to get the girl I fancied. For some reason when I got through I thought I was talking to someone different. I said something like "I wanted to speak to the dark-haired girl."

Her reply went something like this "That's me. You're talking to me now. Look, I'm waving at you now!". She waved at me. It's a strange experience having someone wave at you from the television screen. After a short time I got cut off because I was using my mobile and my credit ran out.

The man can ask the woman to wave at him, or request different positions or different acts. Often you see a woman waving at the screen. I expect men want to know that the woman he is talking to really is the woman on the screen.

Another time I was watching these channels and I recognized one of the women from one of my favourite porn videos. I told her that I had seen her in my favourite porn video, and she asked me which one, because she has done quite a few. I told her 'Fuck Truck 5'. She said it had special memories for her because it was the first porn video she had ever done.

Later I found out about her on the internet. Her name is Victoria Brown. She had done lots of videos. Fuck Truck 5 was her first one. I found her on Facebook and sent her a message. I asked her if she ever does escort work these days. She didn't reply to my message, or the message I sent to her on She didn't add me to her friends either.

Two well known porn stars who I have seen on adult phone-in channels are Karina Currie and Alicia Rhodes. I sent them a text and Karina responded to it. I am friends with Karina on Facebook and with Alicia on Myspace. Alicia has a blog. Both are very attractive women.

Another attractive woman is Tammy Oldham. What I liked about Tammy was that she knew how to be cute when she wanted to. She's on Facebook but hasn't added me to her friends.

Last time I looked, none of the women I have mentioned were there. There have been some beauties, but I couldn't find any really attractive women. I don't think I will be looking again.

Having read what others have to say about it, it seems that often these channels have just a picture with a phone number. They are not on air all the time. If you phone the number then you will be put through to a woman who could be anywhere in the country and won't be the woman in the picture. However, when they are on air you can speak to the woman or one of the women you see on the screen.

I might also add that none of the women on these channels are skinny. I think it might be a good thing for teenage girls to look at these women to see that being skinny isn't necessary to being attractive to men. There are only a couple of skinny women in Soho. Most men aren't attracted to skinny women. The sex industry isn't to blame for women starving themselves.

Tammy Oldham on an adult TV channel