Monday, July 19, 2010

lots to do in Soho on Saturday

There were a number of things I had planned to do in Soho on Saturday. I wanted to visit the new food market that had opened the previous Saturday in Rupert Street and Winnett Street. It's only open on Saturdays.

I also wanted to participate in the Soho Street Food Fair on over the weekend. I needed to buy a voucher from Hummus Bros in Wardour Street as I hadn't bought one over the internet. Once I had bought my voucher I would be able to go to the eight different food outlets and sample their delights. Hummus Bros didn't open till midday though so I had time for a coffee and something to eat, visit the market, and visit Nina.

Having had a coffee and seen the market I headed for Chinatown. When I got to Little Newport Street there was a woman I hadn't seen before standing in the doorway of the Chinese Medical Centre at number 7. She wanted to give me a leaflet and to invite me in.

I asked her if Coco was there that day. I didn't expect her to turn around and tell Coco I was asking for her. Although I have been tempted to see Coco again for a massage with a 'happy ending', I didn't want that today. I had to say something to her so I said I might come and see her later.

A few doorways along the street was the doorway to the walk up. I could see that today it was an oriental girl and so I went up the stairs and rang the bell. The maid opened the door and asked me to go into the bedroom.

I had not been in that flat before. The bedroom was small but nice, with a basin and a bidet. Looked quite clean. The girl came into the room and introduced herself. She wasn't Nina but a different oriental girl called Nicky.

When I knew that it wasn't Nina, and also that the minimum price was £25 and not £20 as at most places, I could have left. However, this girl was reasonably pretty and had a nice smile. I asked her if she could give me a hand job and she said yes.

We only had 10 minutes so I didn't try for a 'happy ending'. We lay on the bed together and I flirted with her, telling her how pretty she was (she had lovely big eyes), holding her in my arms and touching her all over including her pussy. She smiled and giggled a lot and pulled on my erect cock.

When my time was nearly up I knelt between her legs and held open her pussy and had a good look. We got off the bed and she gave me a big hug and said I should come back another time for longer.

I had wanted to ask the maid what days Nina was there, but I didn't get a chance. As I went out the doorway back onto the street I looked around and the Chinese woman was still standing outside the medical centre. She was looking at me so she must have known what I had been up to. Maybe she told Coco what she had seen.

Back at Hummus Bros I bought my voucher for £12, and got some takeaway food. Next stop was Moolis where I picked up an Indian wrap. I sat in Soho Square and ate both. The map that we were given with the voucher wasn't that accurate, but I managed to find the hummingbird bakery for my vanilla cupcake. The next place was somewhere I had not seen before. They gave me some mini meringues.

The whole point of the Soho Street Food Fair was that people would come to know some of the smaller food outlets in Soho and what they have to offer. Also to raise money for charity. I won't be going back for more meringues, though. The map led me off in the wrong direction and, after some confusion, I returned to Rupert Street and the new market. I hadn't realised that the next two items were from market stalls. I had a pork sandwich and then some strange meatballs.

Finally an ice cream cone in Old Compton Street and a coffee from the well-recommended cafe in Winnett Street. It was when I was in Old Compton Street that I noticed a short middle-aged woman with cropped hair. I thought she might be Pam the fag lady as mentioned in Clayton Littlewood's book Dirty White Boy: Tales of Soho. I have mentioned this book in previous postings. I watched her and she was asking people for money outside the French House and another pub.

I asked her if her name was Pam and she said it was. I told her I had heard about her in Clayton's book. She asked me if I could give her some change and I gave her some. I can't remember if Clayton said that Pam lives in the hostel at the northern end of Dean Street. I used to think that there is a hostel at the northern end of Greek Street but there isn't. I thought maybe the woman I met a while ago in Greek Street lived there. The building in Greek Street I was thinking of is the House of St Barnabas, which was a hostel at one time: it is marked as such in my street atlas.

I like the new market in Soho but I hope it isn't the beginning of gentrification of the area. Rupert Street is right next to Tisbury Court and Walkers Court.

Tisbury Court must be the seediest alleyway in Soho. It has the only peep show in Soho that I know of, and a couple of walk ups, and a porn DVD shop. It also has a couple of establishments that I suspect are clip joints, and there are women in the doorways trying to tempt men in.

At the junction of Tisbury Court and Rupert Street are diverse people hanging around asking tourists if they are looking for a girl. These people are called pimps but really they are trying to get money for nothing.

Walkers Court is an alleyway leading to Berwick Street and the established street market there. It has two or three sex shops.

I can imagine that the authorities might think that the new market is part of their vision the future of Soho, and that the sleazy side of Soho is incompatible with this. However, food and sex have always lived side by side in Soho, and I hope they always will. Soho is about the pleasures of life.

I hope that the new market continues to be what it is. It provides seasonal local produce (local to South East England) for a reasonable price. I bought a punnet of English cherries and some free-range eggs. I hope that the rents for stalls are kept reasonable so that we don't end up with something only tourists and the more affluent appreciate. Expensive meats and cheeses, olives and olive oil are good, but we need fresh, local and seasonal produce too.

If the authorities wanted to get rid of the seediest of the walk ups in Soho, that might not be a bad thing. As long as it isn't the the thin end of the wedge. The two flats in Greek street next to the bookies are seedy, as are the six flats in Lisle Street and the four flats near the market in Berwick Street. The flat in Little Newport Street is a nice one, as are the two flats at 8 Greek Street.

There are two or three walk ups outside Soho, in Shepherd Market. They seem to be clean and are unobtrusive. They are more expensive, though. I hope Soho continues to be the earthy lived-in place it has always been and doesn't end up like Covent Garden.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

sex and food in Chinatown and Soho

Yesterday I was in Chinatown and Soho. I walked along Little Newport Street to see who was at the walk up there. I was hoping it would be Nina. I have not seen her before. Someone had said that there is a delightful young oriental girl there called Nina.

After my experience with the Chinese girl Coco in the same street I wanted to see an oriental girl for a massage with a 'happy ending'. I didn't really want to go to the Chinese herbal / acupunture / massage places because it costs quite a bit. Better to go to a walk up and get the girl to give me a massage, I thought.

I knew that sometimes there is an oriental girl working there and sometimes a blonde girl. I had tried previously to see the oriental girl but the maid told me she was busy, come back later. I had gone back but the maid had said the same thing. Yesterday the blonde girl was there so I didn't go up.

I walked past the place where I had seen Coco. Once I saw Coco standing outside the place handing out leaflets, although usually it is an older woman. Coco doesn't look quite as pretty in the light of day. A couple of weeks ago I was walking along Newport Court nearby and I stopped outside one of these places. There was a beautiful tall sexily-dressed Chinese girl I could see through the window.

A Chinese man came to the doorway and gave me a leaflet, asking what sort of massage I am interested in. I said 'Would it be with her'. He said yes. I didn't want to ask about a 'happy ending' because I know they don't like to discuss it. He suggested a head massage. I thought that's not what I'm looking for. He suggested a foot massage. I thought he's missing the best bits. Then he suggested a full body massage and I thought that sounds just what I want. Full body. Nothing left out.

However, it's a bit hit and miss with these places. You don't know what will be available and how much you might end up paying. I decided not to go in. Since then I have heard some bad things about these places, like they will have a clock set ten minutes before the correct time in the massage room so that you will think you've had an hour when you've only had 50 minutes. I'm still tempted to see Coco again though.

So with Nina not there yesterday it was Plan B. I wanted to see Sandy again in Old Compton Street. Going up the stairs though, I saw Ritzy's name. This was a surprise because I had been informed that she had left the profession. Ritzy is one of my favourites. So I went to see Ritzy.

I mentioned to Ritzy that people were saying she had retired. She told me she had just been on holiday back home in Jamaica. I asked her if she is a good girl when she is in Jamaica and she said she is. Usually British women on holiday abroad are much naughtier than when at home, perhaps having wild parties or whatever. It seems that a lot of the foreign sex workers in Soho don't do anything naughty when they go back to visit. Their families don't know what they get up to in London.

Ritzy wasn't her usual ebullient self yesterday. She let me finger her pussy and before I left we had a cuddle. I asked her if it was true that Paris was no longer working in Soho. We were in the flat where Paris - probably the most popular girl in Soho - worked. She confirmed it is true. A couple of weeks ago I had seen that Paris was there and had thought about seeing her. I wanted to see what she was like now she's no longer a blonde. But I didn't, which is a pity.

Ritzy works Wednesdays and Saturdays at 4 Old Compton Street, as does Sandy at the moment. She doesn't work at Green's Court anymore.

I walked around Soho and went for something to eat. I went into Hummus Brothers on Wardour Street. I had a small hummus with chick peas for £2.80. Delicious and cheap. I asked the guy behind the till about the Soho Street Food Fair on this Saturday and Sunday. I had heard about it on the JoAnne Good BBC Radio London show. The Hummus Bros were guests on her show a few days ago talking about this street food fair they were involved in.

It's been organised for charity, Cancer Research UK. You can buy a ticket online for £12 and that allows you to go to a number of the smaller food outlets in Soho and get some food from each. If you go to all of them you will end up with about £24 worth of food. There are 8 outlets participating, eg Hummus Bros, Moolis and Hummingbird Bakery.

There's another reason why I want to go to Soho on Saturday. There's a new food market opened last Saturday in Rupert Street and Winnett Street. I wanted to go last Saturday for the opening but that was one of the days of the heatwave alert. It wouldn't have been so bad walking around Soho with a heatwave on, I could have had a coffee Frappucino from Starbucks or homemade lemonade from Hummus Bros, both cool and refreshing. But the idea of travelling on public transport there and back in the heat put me off.

When I go on Saturday I shall look again to see if Nina is there. If not, I've got another idea for some fun. Yesterday, out of curiosity, I went to see who was at the Green's Court walk up. I saw it was Mimi, and I was tempted. The door to Mimi's flat opened and the maid came out with a customer. I've seen this maid before, once, at Sandy's flat. Most maids are middle-aged and not attractive. This one, however, is young and beautiful. So, if Mimi is there on Saturday there is even more reason to see her.

Before I went home yesterday I decided I wanted to see Sandy. As I was walking towards Old Compton Street it started raining. I put on my jacket and sheltered in the doorway of a couple of walk up flats in Greek Street. The one near the bookies. This is the tackiest walk up I have seen, although I have not been in the flats. These are the flats that I thought might be 'the slaughter house' I had read about in the press. There's supposed to be somewhere in Greek Street where lots of Eastern European women were forced into prostitution. I knew it couldn't be the other two walk ups in Greek Street, so I thought it might be here. Now I am thinking this is an invention of the press. It's usually the same women there.

I took a photo of the doorway a long time ago. I was walking past it one day and I saw this cat sitting there. It just looked so humorous, what with the double meaning of 'pussy'. So I took a photo and put it on the internet. What I didn't realise at the time was that loads of other people have taken a photo of this cat and put the photos on the internet, he's quite famous! Apparently his name is Coco.

One day I saw Coco and thought I would take some more photos of him. Just then Billie Piper walked past. I didn't have the presence of mind to photograph her as she was walking towards me, but got one of her as she was passing. I followed her along Greek Street to make sure it was her, but didn't try to take any more photos of her.

I haven't seen Coco the cat for several months now.

I could have waited in the doorway until the rain had stopped. The rain was torrential, and usually this sort of rain doesn't last a long time. But I got bored and so decided to run the short distance to Sandy's flat around the corner. I got soaked though.

Sandy insisted that I take off my jacket so that she could put it in her tumble drier. She wanted to do the same with my shirt and jeans but they were not so wet so I told her there was no need. Sandy was her usual friendly ebullient self. She went out of the room with my jacket and the £25 I had given her and I took off all of my clothes and lay on the bed. It was when she returned that I noticed the sexy leopard print dress that she was wearing. She took off her dress and underwear and got onto the bed with me.

I asked her to lie down next to me. I said I wanted us to pretend to be on a beach in the Mediterranean. We were teenagers on holiday who had just met. I had taken her into the sand dunes and removed her bikini. I touched her pussy and then put my finger into her vagina. We did different things and ended up with her wanking me. I asked her to talk dirty, as I do when I am with Ivy.

It's funny that Ritzy and Sandy in Old Compton Street allow fingering but not oral sex without a condom, whereas round the corner in Greek Street Amy and Ivy do oral sex without a condom but not fingering.

Another funny thing is that if you walk around in Soho there are lots of people trying to rip you off, to get money from you for nothing or not a lot. However, as soon as you get up those stairs, the women want to provide you with an excellent service. And that's not because there's a pimp who's going to beat them up if the customer isn't happy.

I put my slightly damp clothes back on and Sandy gave me my jacket warm from the tumble drier. She's always talkative, she asked me if I had seen the final match in the football world cup. She was happy because Spain had won with a team that included many Catalans many of them from Barcelona. She is from Barcelona.

She opened the door to her flat to let me out and a man was just outside. He walked away along the corridor. He looked as if he might be going up to Ritzy's flat but he stopped and asked me if Sandy was OK. I told him she was. He was about my age and sounded as if he might be from Scotland. He asked me who was better, Sandy or Ritzy. I thought about it and said Sandy.

Both Sandy and Ritzy are lovely, but Sandy is taller and slimmer. Sandy was in a more ebullient mood that day. I think I shall see Ritzy again, but I shall definitely see Sandy again.