Friday, September 30, 2011

Vicky of 10 Little Newport Street

On Wednesday I decided to see Vicky at 10 Little Newport Street. I have not seen her before although I have been to this place to see Lucy and Nina. Vicky is a delightful girl from Latvia, looks about 21 years old, and is tall, slender and blonde. She is of above average attractiveness.

She reminds me a lot of Amanda of 2 Lisle Street. If you like Amanda you will probably like Vicky too. I think she would be good for a 'girlfriend experience'. She's not the most raunchy or sexually enticing but she makes up for it with her friendliness. Her English is very good. I don't know if she does kissing.

Before we got onto the bed, she told me that she wanted a hug. I enjoyed that. I asked her to play with my willy to make it get big which didn't take long. I could have asked her to get on top of me or I could have got on top of her, but I didn't feel like doing that. I told her to continue playing with my willy and we chatted.

Towards the end of my 10 minutes I said I would like to see her pussy, and she held it open for me. Then I said that I would like to cuddle her till my time was up. I lay back down next to her and put my arms around her.

Vicky works Wednesdays and Saturdays. There is only one flat here and it's quite pleasant. Prices start at £25.

I thought about seeing another girl, but didn't know who I wanted to see. None of my 'A-listers' were there that day. Monica, Angie and Angela are not there Wednesdays. Natalie has gone back to Russia. I wandered over to Romilly Street. Nelly was not at 34. I thought I would see if Dee Dee is at 26.

I have seen Alena and Meena at 26 Romilly Street. There are also some oriental women working there. I have seen Sarah (quite pretty) and Mesa (not so pretty) so I thought I would see Dee Dee too. I went up the stairs and the maid showed me into the darkened bedroom. I looked at Dee Dee and I wasn't attracted to her at all. I thought about what excuse I could use to walk out, and I said "Oh, I think I've seen you before. Yes, Dee Dee, I've seen you before". I think there are a lot of men who don't want to see the same woman twice.

I went to an internet cafe and had a look at the Soho Walk Ups page on Wikispaces. I looked through it to see if there was anyone I fancied, and I saw that Nelly was in Bateman Street that day. I had been to the Bateman Street walk up once before years ago but I didn't remember it. From the outside it looks very dingy. From the inside it looks very dingy too, I discovered. I thought the ones in Lisle Street are dingy, but this was more so.

The maid showed me into the bedroom which was quite small. Nelly came in, looking stunning. She is quite tall with black hair and pale skin. She looks kind of Italian although she is Hungarian. She was wearing a scarlet basque with maching panties. I lay on the bed and watched her undoing her basque and taking off her panties. That alone was worth the £20.

Nelly seemed very bored but when I got an erection I wanted to fuck her. I got on top of her for a while and then lay next to her and just looked at her face. I remembered how pretty she is. She doesn't speak English very well and doesn't seem interested in conversation anyway. A very different experience from being with Vicky. I wanted to know what was going on in her head.

She's moved around a lot. She was in Romilly Street, and before that in Lisle Street. I suspect that she was in Wardour Street before that. Maybe she keeps getting asked to leave. I could imagine she doesn't try hard enough to get in on time. I've seen Nelly five times this year but I don't think I shall see her again.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have been quite active this week. On Monday I went to see Mesa of 26 Romilly Street. I can understand why some men like her, she is cute. She is an oriental girl, from Thailand I think she said. Mesa looks as if she could be 18 but she told me she's 28. When I undressed she gave me a big hug. She's a very smiley girl. Mesa is short and a big podgy. She's not really pretty and feminine but she's good fun. A nice little playmate.

I went into Soho yesterday and I could have seen Monica again but I thought I would try one of the other women at 70A Berwick Street. I have heard that all the women there are good. I saw Mandy. Mandy is one of the few English women working in Soho walk ups. She is nice but nothing special. She's not as attractive as Monica and is a bit older.

Later on yesterday I decided to see Angie. Angie has been one of the most popular women in Soho for years. She was in Blore Court years ago then moved to Old Compton Street. She started working one day a week. It was difficult to see her because she would be booked up. I think lots of men booked to see her for an hour.

I was surprised yesterday when I saw her name on one of the doors at 2 Greens Court. She was very busy but I managed to see her for 10 minutes. She is tall and slender with an all over suntan. She has shortish brown hair and quite a pretty face. She was in a good mood and we got on very well.

Angie played with my willy till it got big and then asked me what I would like to do. I said I would like her to get on top of me. She said that I hadn't paid enough for that but I could get on top of her, which was fine by me. I fucked her for a while and then we decided she could finish with a handjob. I asked her if it would be OK for me to put my finger in her pussy and she said yes. I moved my finger up and down the cleft of her vulva and then inserted the tip into her vagina.

Angie is standing in for Jessica at the moment will be at 2 Greens Court on Monday and Friday next week and then the Monday after that. After that she doesn't know what she will be doing, she is hoping that she will get one day a week at Greens Court.

I have seen some extremely attractive women recently. Angie, Monica, Angela and Natalie are not only extremely attractive but also fun-loving and a joy to be with. There are some men who would only go to see tall, slender, young, beautiful women with all over suntans. And why not? Why would a man go to see anyone apart from this type of woman, especially as he wouldn't have to pay anything extra?

For a man to be with an extremely beautiful woman once in his life is a very valuable thing. The other women are valuable too. I hope people don't think I have been too dismissive of women like Mandy, Mesa, Paris or Alexia. I know I will continue to see a favourite of mine, Ivy of 8 Greek Street, even though she is not tall, slender or young. Other men may have other favourites.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monica of 70A Berwick Street

On Friday after I had seen Angela and after I had written my previous post I decided to see Monica. Angela had been more attractive than I expected and the same was true of Monica. Angela is a blonde northern European beauty and Monica is a dark latina beauty. Monica is from Venezuela, and if you saw a picture of her with the words 'Miss Venezuela' underneath you wouldn't think it inappropriate.

I went to the top floor flat of 70A Berwick Street and the door was opened by the maid. Most maids are middle-aged to elderly, but this one is quite young. She had a very friendly chihuahua dog. I had to wait to see Monica and I was offered a glass of water. I asked her if this is the flat that Claudia worked in and she said it was and that she used to maid for Claudia. I asked her if she remembered Sebastian Horsley and she said she remembered him well. Claudia was the favourite prostitute of Sebastian Horsley who was a local artist.

When I saw Monica I was delighted. She is tall, has black hair, a quite dark skin, and big dark eyes. She has a lovely smile too. Because she is tall I wanted to get on top of her and fuck her, something I don't do with most of the women I see. I watched her taking off her sexy underwear and then she got on to the bed with me. She played with my willy while I looked at her pussy and it didn't take long for me to get hard. She opened her legs and moved her pelvis in a very erotic way.

Monica put a condom on and then lay back on the bed. I got on top of her and she inserted my erection into her. My face was next to hers and I touched her hair. I fucked her for several minutes but then I started to loose my erection. Fucking doesn't give me the right sort of stimulation to allow me to come, unlike a handjob.

I got onto my knees between Monica's open legs and played with my willy. Monica gave me a big sexy smile and moved her pelvis so that her pussy looked very inviting. That will be my favourite memory of Monica. It didn't take long before I was erect again and I got back on top of her. Soon my ten minutes were up.

Days after I saw Monica, I realized that I had seen her once a couple of years before. She used to work sometimes at 52 Greek Street and perhaps still does. It's strange that she didn't impress me at the time and yet she impressed me so much when I saw her on Friday. Still, I felt the same way about Alena of Romilly Street. I suppose women can have different moods or they may change over the years.

Seeing Angela and Monica made me wonder why I am bothering with girls like Alexia and Paris. Angela was a lot of fun and I may see her again, but Monica is definitely my type. Perhaps I shall spend more time with her and get her to give me a handjob with lots of lubrication. I could ask her to talk dirty to me in Spanish.

Monica works Thursdays and Fridays at 70A Berwick Street.

Friday, September 2, 2011

finally got to see Angela today

On my third attempt I finally got to see Angela today. I enjoyed the experience more than I had expected. I had wanted to see her because on the PunterNet forum they say she is very raunchy. That's true, but she is also extremely attractive. There's nothing down market about her, she takes care of her appearance. Her flat is quite pleasant too. She reminds me of a young Britt Ekland, but blonder and with a rounder face.

I went to the top floor of number 28 Peter Street near to the street market in Berwick Street in Soho. I knew that she works on Fridays, as well as Saturdays and Sundays. Angela was in the room with the maid but I had to wait because her previous client was putting his clothes back on in the bedroom. She is of medium height, blonde with an all over suntan. She was wearing a little skirt and matching top. While talking to the maid she lifted up her little skirt to reveal her shaved pussy.

Angela went into the bedroom, leaving the door open and positioning herself so that both her previous client and I could see her, but we could not see each other. She wiggled her hips and pulled up her little skirt so that her pussy could be clearly be seen. She then took something off the table and simulated masturbation. She was laughing.

She said goodbye to the man and let him out. He was a young man, quite large and wearing motorcycle clothing. Then she invided me into the bedroom. There was a porn DVD playing where a large black woman was having sex with two men. I got undressed and lay on the bed and she got on with me. She started wanking me as I had requested and she said she wanted me to put my finger in her bottom. She had some lubricant and I held up my finger so she could put some on. Then I reached between her legs and tried to find her bottom hole. She asks all her clients to do this.

I pushed my finger up her bum and moved it up and down. Then she changed position so that she was on her hands and knees. I could see her pussy and her bum hole. I pushed my finger up and down inside her bottom while she wanked me. After a while she lay next to me, gave me a little kiss on the mouth, and sucked my neck while she continued to wank. This allowed me to watch the DVD. She commented on the size of the black woman's areolas.

I had a good erection but it didn't last and soon it was time for me to go. I liked Angela a lot, although she is not really my type. I might go and see her again, but probably not for a while.