Friday, November 16, 2012

Suelee, Yaya, and a hole in a door

I was in the centre of Croydon yesterday and I thought I would try Suelee's number. She used to run a place in South Croydon, in Southbridge Road. I saw Dee Dee and Stephanie there, both Thai women, and I have posted about both of them. Then this place closed down. I had heard that Suelee couldn't be contacted, and then that she'd opened somewhere new in the centre of Croydon.

Suelee answered the phone and told me she had a place behind the Drummond shopping centre. She didn't want to give me the address straight away. She said that I should phone her again when I was in Frith Road. I did this at the time I had told her I wanted to come and she directed me to the flat. She opened the door and we went up the stairs. She said "I've got a lovely girl for you" and directed me into a bedroom. The flat looks quite luxurious.

In the bedroom was a sexily-dressed woman and I recognised her. She is Yaya, and I have had sex with her in Soho, at 26 Romilly Street. This wasn't a surprise to me because I knew that Dee Dee also used to work at 26 Romilly Street. Yaya has a beautiful face and big breasts, and I would guess that she is in her 30s, unlike the other Thai women at 26 Romilly Street who seem to be in their 20s. I paid £60 to Yaya for half an hour.

We did a lot of different things together in that half hour. She started by sucking my cock, without a condom. We did some 69. She got a cock-shaped vibrator out of the drawer next to the bed and put a condom on it, then some lubrication. She said she could put it up my bum. It's not really my thing, but I'd never done this before, so I thought I would try it. The way she was doing it it was too painful so I asked her to stop. She put a latex glove on and used fingers instead. Then she took the condom off the vibrator, put another condom on and more lubrication, and I used it on her pussy while she was lying on her back. I got on top of her for a while. Then she pushed the vibrator in and out of her pussy while I wanked myself.

When I was putting my clothes back on Suelee came into the room and chatted with me. Her number is 07833624409. Yaya works at 26 Romilly Street in Soho on Mondays and Saturdays. Although she might not be continuing to work in Soho.

Earlier this week I found out about somewhere in Wandsworth. It is a unique place. It is somewhere that has a glory hole. I have known about glory holes for a while from pornography. A man puts his cock in a hole in a wall and a woman on the other side sucks him off. When I found out that someone in London was doing this I thought I must give it a go.

In the 1980s in Soho they had lots of peep shows. In some of them you could put a £5 note through a hole and the girl would use a vibrator or dildo or wank with her fingers for you. But they never had a glory hole. They closed down all the peep shows in Soho apart from one and it doesn't have girls wanking themselves.

They prefer you to phone them first (07914566706) and then book through the AdultWork site, and they have a page there. They sent me a message that told me to go to Wandsworth town hall and phone a number 5 minutes before the time I booked. So at 5 minutes to midday today I was standing outside Wandsworth town hall. I was directed to a block of flats nearby and given instructions as to what to do. I was buzzed into the block of flats and went to the number. I pushed the door open as instructed and found myself in a hallway. The flats look very nice here.

I heard a woman's voice but couldn't tell where it was coming from for a couple of seconds. Then I noticed the door with two holes in it. I looked through the higher of the two holes and there was a girl. She was pretty, quite young and cute. She smiled at me and I said hello. I think she is the one called Kendall. I took out the £30 for the 15 minute session and put it through the hole. I undid my trousers and put my cock through the hole.

She used her mouth and hands on my cock and it felt lovely. There's nothing to look at except for the door, so you are relying on the physical stimulation alone to bring you to orgasm. I tried to imagine the girl's face to make me more aroused. Later I thought it would be better if they had a webcam showing the girl's head as she's sucking your cock, with a screen so that you can watch it while she's doing it to you. They could record it then send it to you as a movie file via email. That would be very exciting. They also do a two girl service for £40. They charge a bit extra if you don't book via AdultWork. They plan to open another one in central London.