Wednesday, July 20, 2011

even more Chinese massage

After my recent experiences of Chinese massage I didn't intend to try it again. Although Anchee in Bethnal Green seemed tempting (she is said to be the best value in London). I had enjoyed these experiences, especially with the girl in Charing Cross Road, but they had not lived up to my hopes.

On the PunterNet forum someone was asking about a Chinese medical establishment closer to where I live. I often take a short bus ride to Croydon town centre and I have often walked past this establishment, sometimes wondering if they offered massage with a 'happy ending'. This man was saying that he had a massage there but although he had been totally naked there did not seem to be anything else on offer. A couple of people had replied to him, but none had got the happy ending they had hoped for.

I decided I would give it a go. At least I would get a nice massage. I went in there and I could see a young Chinese woman in a white coat talking to some people. She looked as if she was in her late 20s and was of above average attractiveness. When she had finished talking to these people about herbs or something I asked if I could get a massage here. She said yes and told me the price. She said I should come back in half an hour.

When I returned she asked me to pay the £20 for the half hour massage I had asked for. She showed me into a medium sized room with a massage couch in it. There were wall charts showing the human body and the acupuncture points. She said I should undress and lie down on the couch and she would come back. The couch was covered in paper and there was a hole for the face. I lay there what seemed to be a long time. I could hear her talking to someone. There was Chinese music playing.

She came into the room and apologized for keeping me waiting. She asked if I wanted a soft or a firm massage and then started on my shoulders and neck. She seemed to be the only person working there and once or twice she had to leave the room. When someone comes through the front door a bell rings and she has to see who it is.

She worked her way down my back and then started massaging my bum. I had decided it would be prudent to keep my underpants on and she was pulling them down a bit to work on my bum. I said that I could take them off if it would be easier, and she said she could take them off for me, which she did.

After working on the back of my legs she said I could turn over. I hadn't said much to her up to now with my face in this hole, but now we could have a bit of a conversation. She asked me if I had ever had Chinese massage before. I told her I hadn't, but I have a friend who goes to Chinatown and has a massage there.

Towards the end of the massage I wanted to find out what else was on offer. I had to be careful what I said as I didn't want to offend her. I told her that when my friend goes to Chinatown he sometimes gives the girl some more money and she massages him 'down here' and I pointed to my willy. She said "We do that here too". I asked her how much that would cost and she said £15.

At the end of the massage she left me in the room to get dressed and when I came out she was behind the counter. I thanked her and asked her for what her name is. She said J. I'm not going to give her name or her location because usually these women would not welcome people knowing what they do.

This was last week and yesterday I went back. Again she was busy talking to someone and she asked me to come back in an hour. When I came back she came out of one of the rooms where she was with someone and said I could wait for her in the other treatment room. After about 10 minutes she was ready for me. She said that she had been putting a candle in a woman's ear.

I said I wanted an hour massage. This was £35. I had some £10 notes and I started counting them out. She said she had some £5 notes if I needed some change. I told her I wanted to pay the extra £15. She said she remembered that I wanted something extra.

As before, she started on my shoulders and neck. She remembered my name and that I wanted a firm massage. As before, she worked her way down my back and then worked on my bum. Then I heard what sounded like her putting on a latex glove. I had noticed while I had been waiting that there was a box of latex gloves. I wondered if she was going to put her finger up my bum. That's exactly what she did. I hadn't asked for this or expected it. I was happy to have a new experience. Maybe that was her way of telling me that she also does prostate massage. I don't know.

When I turned over she asked if I was warm enough. To begin with I was, but later I did start to shiver a bit and she put a couple of towels over me. I asked her about herself and she told me she had studied six years in China to do this job and she had been in London about 10 years.

When I had been with I. in central London I had asked her strip for me and I had given her the extra £20 she asked for that. I had touched her bum and her pussy. When I had been with L. in central London I had got her to pull down her shorts and I had touched her bum and her pussy. With J. however I didn't feel that I could ask for that or even that I wanted that.

After working on my chest and tummy she started on my genital area. She started prodding around the area and then I could feel her gently holding my penis. She was using oil or lotion and started moving her hand up and down. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get an erection and after a while I asked her if it was getting big. She said it was. I looked and I could see it was semi erect. We continued and I could feel that it was starting to work. I had been worried that I wouldn't be able to come but it didn't take long before I felt the intense pleasure that made me jerk and groan for several seconds.

It worked out better than I had expected. I achieved orgasm. The massage was good too. I hadn't had to pay that much money. The process was quite simple. What I don't like about the 'sensual massage' scene is that you often don't know what to expect. It seems that some men will go to see a woman, not ask for anything extra and not get anything extra, but leave a tip in the hope that next time they might be offered what they were hoping for. Or they might get something extra and not be asked to pay extra but they will pay a suitable tip because they know that if they don't then they probably aren't going to get it next time. I can't be bothered with that. So I was very happy with my experience with J. and I would like to see her again.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ann Widdecombe on heroin

A BBC news report has shown that in London some heroin addicts are being prescribed heroin on the NHS. Ann Widdecombe, the Conservative politician, does not accept this. She said
"My concern about giving heroin to addicts is you are not tackling the root cause of their problems. You don't get someone off drugs by giving them drugs. You remove the danger of dirty needles - but not the addiction".

This attitude is common within the coalition government. I think it is harmful. Diamorphine (pure heroin) and methadone are useful in treating heroin addicts. They allow the treatment for addiction to be in two easier steps instead of one big step. Often it will be simply impossible for someone to recover from addiction unless they can do this. Even if an addict only ever achieves the first step that in itself is immeasurably preferable to remaining on street heroin. Someone who takes methadone or diamorphine might still be an addict but their situation is completely different.

Firstly, an addict does not need to commit crime in order to buy street heroin. Women do not feel the need to be prostitutes. Although prostitution does not necessarily damage the physical or psychological health of women, the inadequate criminal justice system in this country means that some are.

Secondly, clean needles mean that an addict is not going to get HIV or hepatitis.

Thirdly, diamorphine and methadone are pure. Street heroin doesn't start off pure, but then it is cut with various substances so that dealers can make more money from it. These substances can be very injurious to health.

Fourthly, the dose of diamorphine and methadone is controlled precisely. People could take relatively large doses of pure heroin for years without it harming their health too much, but heroin kills large numbers of people because it is so easy to overdose on street heroin. Addicts find it very difficult to work out the strength of their heroin and how much they can use without it killing them.

The attitudes of people like Ann Widdecombe to both diamorphine and methadone will lead to death and damage to many people. I'm not saying that addicts should not try to gradually reduce the dose they take or even try to abruptly stop. But it helps if they can get off street heroin first. Many will never be able to overcome addiction without diamorphine or methadone. Even if they never achieve total abstinence from drugs they will be much happier.

Monday, July 4, 2011

the autobiography of Sebastian Horsley

I finally got around to reading the autobiography of Sebastian Horsley 'Dandy in the Underworld'. I had been thinking of reading it after I heard about his death by heroin overdose just over a year ago. JoAnne Good and Clayton Littlewood had been talking about him on BBC London. I knew that he lived in Soho and he went to see prostitutes there, often ones in the walk ups where I go.

It is only recently, however, that I have become aware that in Soho there used to be a beautiful Italian woman called Claudia. She worked at 70A Berwick Street until a few years ago. She has been described as looking like Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch. Readers of this blog may know that I have always been most strongly attracted to Italian and Italian-looking women, and I have always lusted after Sophia and Raquel.

I couldn't understand how I could have missed her. I have been going to Soho and using PunterNet for the past ten years. I tried to find out all I could about Claudia, and then I became aware that Sebastian Horsley had seen her a number of times and written about her. He wrote an article in the Guardian/Observer and there is an extract from Dandy in the Underworld in Twill magazine.

I went onto Amazon and ordered a used paperback. When I got it I found the pages about Claudia, and then I read the book from the beginning. I wasn't particularly interested in his wealthy but dysfunctional childhood, his failed attempts to be a punk musician, or even his association with Jimmy Boyle, 'Scotland's most violent gangster'. After I re-read what he had to say about Claudia there was an account of descent into crack cocaine addiction, some rehab, and then another descent into addiction, this time heroin. I have never taken drugs although I have met people who were crack and heroin addicts so this was of great interest to me. It helped me to understand something of what it is like to be totally addicted.

The most poignant part of the book is when his brother-in-law Giles, who had been a heroin addict, offered to help Sebastian. He gave him a job in his business, even though all of the other addicts he had tried to help had robbed him. Giles seemed to have everything sorted and so it was a shock when Sebastian got a call from his sobbing sister. He went round and found Giles dead on the sofa, an abandoned syringe next to him.

I noticed throughout the book numerous references to suicide. His mother had tried to kill herself four times and his grandmother achieved it. He often wrote about how desirable it would be. It had been suggested that Sebastian had killed himself, but it is generally reckoned to have been an accidental overdose. Taking heroin however is a bit like Russian roulette. It is so difficult to get the dose right, and many addicts die by accidental overdosing. He gives a graphic account of when he overdosed but survived. He also gives an account of when he played actual Russian roulette - he owned a gun.

Sebastian's book and his life would not make many people like him. I don't think you could say that he didn't care what people thought of him (as he had said of John Lydon). He would have liked to be adored but I think he thought that it would be better to be despised than ignored. His flaunting of his wealth, his self-centredness and immaturity would enrage many. People would have envied his privileged life, but I am only envious that he knew Claudia.

The last mention of Claudia in the book is where he invites her to his flat to meet another beauty, the model Rachel Garley. It is there that Claudia finally allows him to kiss her; she had not permitted him to do so before.

I saw Sebastian once, sitting outside a café in Old Compton Street. I recognized him immediately; no one else wore a top hat. Apparently it was quite unusual for him to be out during daylight hours. He looked quite approachable, I wish that I had said hello to him. There was a play about him based on his memoirs. The final words said by the actor playing him were "If you see me on old Compton Street please say hello won't you?"

For the purposes of completeness I should mention some of the other activities that Sebastian managed to cram into his short life. He was a failed punk band member. He got to know intimately psychopathic Scottish gangster Jimmy Boyle. He swam with Great White sharks. He lost a fortune and regained a fortune by gambling on the financial markets. He was voluntarily crucified in the Philippines. He was a semi-successful artist.