Wednesday, December 30, 2009

final episode of Vice Squad last night

Five must have lost interest in this series because the last two episodes have been delayed and the final one (number 6 of 6) was shown at 4 am today. It's not so surprising because it had become quite repetitive. I think that they were hoping that it would attract the same sort of viewers who like to see footage of real car chases and drug busts by police. Despite the dramatic music it fails to thrill.

I went onto the Five site today but unlike usual they did not have any details of this particular episode. I am only interested because I want to see what the attitude of the authorities towards prostitution is now. It is quite disturbing to see what happens when the left-wing fundamentalist feminism of women like Harriet Harman in the Labour government meets the right-wing puritanism of men in the police force.

These two final episodes confirm what we know already. Harriet Harman and people like her would like to ban prostitution. They know from surveys that most British people don't want prostitution to be banned. So they pretend that most women involved with prostitution are forced into it. They pretend that they want to rescue victims. Then they try to stop prostitution by any means necessary. I'm sure they think that the ends justify the means.

I like to think that most people in this country are sensible enough to realise that if you try to ban prostitution you merely force it underground. This makes it more likely that women will be killed or injured. I have no objection to 'unannounced brothel visits'. If brothels were legalised then this would be easier and the few numbers of real victims could be helped.

This episode started with the issue of prostitute advert cards in phone boxes. It was said that these are connected to organised crime and trafficked women. I have no idea if this is true but I doubt it. They showed a man being arrested for putting these cards in phone boxes. He was grabbed by a police man, his arm was held high up behind his back and then he was made to kneel. He was hand-cuffed before being taken away. This seemed totally unnecessary to me. It seems that it was done to inflict fear and pain so as to deter these people. Remember, 'the ends justify the means'.

The next part of the episode was about brothels. It started with footage of men in Oxford Street who were selling an Eastern European woman for a few thousand pounds. I'm sure that this does happen. They went into different brothels/saunas near Stratford in east London.

They were talking about women forced to work in brothels, servicing 30 to 35 men a day. Now I think that in brothels there are never that many customers. Even before the recession I doubt if any woman in a brothel can attract that many customers.

A police officer told a story of a woman who was made pregnant by a client, was forced to have an abortion in the morning and then was forced to continue working within 3 hours. If this really happened then it is disgusting, but I doubt it.

In one place they went to they arrested an oriental woman. It was difficult to tell how old she was. They arrested her for suspicion of controlling prostitution and suspicion of money laundering. Apparently anyone who makes money from something illegal and uses some of that money to continue in their illegal activities is a money launderer. I wonder if our MPs discussed the possibility of the law being used this way before they voted for it. Or did they think it would only be used for gangsters. Now it is used for anyone the police want to stop, and if they want to stop prostitution then 'the ends justify the means'.

They took the woman to the police station and formally charged her with 'conspiracy to control prostitution for gain' and 'controlling prostitution for gain'. They didn't find any trafficked women. They talked a lot about 'immigration issues'.

The next part of this episode was about 'nuisance kerb crawling'. They have done this in several of the previous episodes, always in East London near Stratford (Romford Road/Dyson Road). Not Whitechapel as I had previously thought.

In the previous episode they said that ordinary local mothers with toddlers in pushchairs had been propositioned by kerb crawlers. I don't believe this has happened. I remember that a few years ago there was a report on Tooting Bec Common that said fathers with toddlers in pushchairs had been propositioned by street girls. In all the years I have been going to Tooting Bec Common I have never seen this, and I don't believe it ever happens.

What I think can happen is that in these areas a local woman on her way home could be stopped by police and searched on suspicion that she is a prostitute. I would imagine that would be quite upsetting, to say the least. In the last episode they showed women being stopped by police and searched. The police were quite rude and condescending to the women, treating them like dirt.

That episode said that women were given a caution and if they had several then they were arrested. One woman was arrested and became distressed because she had to get home to her daughter.

At the end of last night's episode they said that because of their 'zero tolerance' policy "the lack of customers could mean that street prostitutes move on, making the area a safer place to live".

So they are saying the zero tolerance policy COULD mean that things change for local residents, but then it might not. If the street prostitutes 'move on' they presumably will move on to somewhere else and nothing will change overall. Then that particular area will become a 'safer place to live'. Really? They had not said that residents are less safe because of kerb crawlers. Safe for whom? Not safer for the prostitutes themselves (some of whom will be local residents), in fact it will be much more dangerous for them. So much for 'rescuing the victim'.

I'm glad this shabby little series has ended. I'm not surprised that Five lost interest in it and hid it away. It started as propaganda for moral crusaders and the American style zero tolerance policies of sly dishonest politicians like Harriet Harman and Jacqui Smith. That has backfired on them. Most viewers can see it for what it is. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth and a lot of people will agree with me.

Monday, December 21, 2009

day out in Soho

Would you pay £100 to have sex with a woman like this?

Or would you prefer to pay £20 to have sex with a woman like this?

I was walking along the road that I live in and I saw a telephone box with a hand-written card inside. The message said that if I wanted Polish girls I should phone the number. I had never seen such a message before in my part of London, only in central London, so I was intrigued.

I phoned the number and a woman said that if I texted her my email address then she would send me photographs and details of the women available. I got the email today but I'm not going to pay a minimum of £100 to see an ordinary-looking middle-aged woman when I can see women in Soho like the one in the second photograph.

The woman in the second photo is Meena. She looks like Alesha Dixon but ten years younger. She is Indian, but she looks as if she could be mixed race. I think she looks a bit middle-eastern too. Meena charges £20 per 10 minutes in Soho, but she charges considerably more doing escort work. She advertises on, where she is known an Anisha. What fantastic legs.

I have had two sessions with classy escort types recently. Last week I decided to go and see Angie again. I had seen Angie twice before but it must be a couple of years between each visit. Angie works from the same flat at 4 Old Compton Street as Paris on different days.

I got another photo of Paris.

I was prompted to go and see Angie because men rave about her on the Soho thread on the forum. Someone said she was giving up prostitution so we had till Christmas to see her. Someone said that he liked her partly because she allows deep fingering. I had tried to see her a couple of weeks before but there was a notice on the door saying busy come back later. She gets a lot of bookings. I did go back later, and phoned the flat, but didn't get to see her that day.

She was wearing a sexy Christmassy red dress with white furry bits. There was a Christmas tree in the room. I lay on the bed and she knelt beside me. I asked her to give me a hand-job. She was naked and I put my hands beetween her legs. Gradually I got my finger deeper and deeper into her pussy until I had one finger all the way into her vagina. I didn't try for two fingers, she seemed too nice a girl for that.

She got me erect, but I didn't come. Ten minutes is not usually enough time for me to come, but I could tell that even if I had had more time it wouldn't have worked for me. There are more beautiful women in Soho than Angie and more raunchy ones.

Angie isn't giving it up completely, she will still be working Mondays. She will be mostly seeing her regulars by appointment. The maid told that Angie would give me a card, but she didn't. I would imagine she doesn't want to encourage men who pay the minimum amount and then want to finger her.

Since Angie I have been to see Oriana in Greek Street. She looked stunning in a short blue dress. A tall beautiful girl. Younger and prettier than Angie. I also saw Ritzy. She is very raunchy and let me put two fingers into her pussy.

The other escort type I have seen this year is Meena. I saw her a couple of months ago and it was very pleasurable. She is beautiful and friendly. I mentioned to her that she reminded me of a woman that I know who is half Maltese. Meena asked me about her, asked what would I like to do to her. I said I wanted her to put her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I was standing naked and Meena was naked with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I sat on the edge of the bed with her on my lap. It felt good. My ten minutes was up but I decided to see Meena again, only this time pay more money.

The next week I went to see Meena again. I wanted to spend twenty minutes with her this time, so I was expecting to pay £40, double the amount of last time. I didn't realise that it is common practice in Soho to charge more than double the amount for double the time. This is not the case at my favourite place, 8 Greek Street. So I was a bit confused, it didn't seem to make sense. But I didn't want to spoil the mood and she's worth £50 so I handed her the money.

There was also some confusion because you also pay for what service you want. I said that I wanted a hand-job, because I know this is the most likely way for me to come to orgasm. She said that will be just £20 then. When I said I wanted to spend 20 minutes with her she said I could have her 20 minute special which includes oral, for £50.

She spent some time trying on different costumes, a school-girl one and an Indian one. Then she put a condom on and gave me some oral. She was reclining next to me with her head away from me and she open her legs. I stroked the inside of her thigh and then moved my hand towards her pussy. When I felt her pussy it was very wet. I though either she's horny or she's put some kind of lubricant in there.

I played with her clitoris and she seemed to really like that. After a few minutes she seemed to be having an orgasm. At one point I put my finger into her pussy. She took my cock out of her mouth, put my finger back on her clit and said "That's how I like it."

Now I like fantasy as much as anyone, and Meena is great for that. But when I don't know what is fantasy and what is reality then it makes me uneasy. I know prostitutes pretend to get turned on and have orgasms, but I'm not used to that. To most men what she did would have been big turn-on, but to me it was a bit of a turn-off.

That same afternoon I went to see Oriana. I hadn't seen her before so I was taking a bit of a chance. But when she walked into the room I thought my luck is in. She was wearing what looked a bit like a belly-dancer's costume. I gave her my £20, and she started wanking me. To my surprise I could feel that it was starting to work. When I started to orgasm I opened my eyes and looked up at Oriana kneeling on the bed beside me. She had a look on her face of mild displeasure, as if she was thinking "This is where it gets a bit icky".

I was very happy. The only other place that I'd had an orgasm in Soho was further up Greek Street with my favourite woman Ivy. And then only after about twenty minutes. Oriana doesn't pretend anything and neither does Ivy.

Oriana works one day a week in Soho. The sign said Iranian the first time I went there. Then they changed it to Persian, only they spelled it wrongly as 'Pursian'. She doesn't look Iranian, with her light hair and skin.

I guess she earns more money in Soho in one day than she would earn in a whole week in a factory. It's a strange little place where she works. Usually you go up some stairs but here you go down. It's a small room with a bed and a big black sofa. It shares its entrance with a clothes shop.

Oriana said she would dance for me for £30. So I can shag her for £20, but if I want her to dance for me it will cost £30. Can't see the logic in that. Like charging £50 for 20 minutes but only £20 for 10 minutes.

I don't usually think of Paris as being an escort type, but I suppose she is. Like Meena she is on and does escort work, and is at The Bunny Lounge (where she is known as Bambi). Meena and Angie seem more sophisticated, as well as a bit older. They have always seemed well spoken to me, but I think Meena can be as foul-mouthed and raunchy as anyone.

So I won't be seeing Angie again, I might see Meena again if I can think of a nice enough fantasy. I think I will see Oriana and Ritzy again, but most of all I want to see Ivy. I hope she comes back soon. (Lily turned out to be not so good). I want to see her lovely soft brown oriental eyes and skin.

Let's have another look at Meena's lovely legs. Imagine those around your waist. Click on the picture to see a bigger picture.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

murdered woman, former Soho sex worker

I have found the name of the woman who was murdered after she was forced to leave the safety of a Soho walk up. Her name was Elizabeth Valad. The information below comes from this site.
The anger among the Soho sex workers, which many describe as unprecedented, has come to a head over the issuing of a compulsory purchase order by Westminster council on a property in which a number of them ply their trade.

The council says prostitution is a "blight on the local environment" and that it wishes to return the building to residential use. The women suspect the only benefits will go to property developers but what is of more urgent concern is the threat to their own safety if they are forced onto the streets.

Irene, a Soho sex worker, was a friend of Elizabeth Valad, one of the prostitutes whose body parts were found in discarded bin bags in North London over the New Year.

"Liz was working in Windmill Street before Christmas until she was forced out when the building was closed. She left for King's Cross and look at the consequences. Two other Soho girls have been murdered elsewhere in recent years - and they're just the ones we know about."
She was also known as Liz or Lizzie Valad. She worked in Peter Street in Soho I have been told.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

interesting research into cocaine and prostitution

If you go here you can see some interesting research to do with cocaine use among different groups of prostitutes, including escorts. I have emboldened the most interesting parts.

OBJECTIVE: To determine patterns of cocaine use in relation to HIV risks. METHODS: Two groups of prostitutes were interviewed about drug use: 86 participants in a clinic study of HIV/STD risk (gp.A); 64 participants in a non-clinic study on the streets of West London (gp.B). Follow-up interviews were conducted with a sub-group of 46 clinic attenders (gp.A1) about cocaine use in relation to sexual behaviour. RESULTS: In a standardised interview of risk behaviour, 50 of 86 women (58%) in gp.A reported ever using cocaine. Twenty-nine (34%) reported current use (past 3 months); 6 of these reported use of freebase cocaine/crack. In gp.A1, 19 of 46 women (41%) reported current use of cocaine, 14 at work and 6 of these only ever at work. Cocaine use was reported by women working on the streets and in hotels, through escort agencies and madames, in flats and saunas and through private referral. Reports suggest an increase during 1989 in cocaine-bookings (where cocaine use is a condition of commercial sex). Two of 23 women reported unsafe sex exclusively in association with cocaine-bookings. In gp.B, 15 of 64 women (23%) reported current cocaine use, of whom 12 used freebase cocaine or crack. CONCLUSION: Cocaine use is common in all types of prostitution and reportedly increasing at work in relation to client demand, where it may be associated with HIV risks. In these groups, crack use cannot be analysed independently since the terms freebase and crack were interchangeable and reportedly linked with other forms of cocaine use in all cases. These results indicate a different pattern of cocaine use in the London sex industry at the current time than that reported elsewhere.
This research is saying that all types of prostitues - including high-class prostitutes - are likely to be using cocaine. No one is surprised that street girls use cocaine or crack cocaine, but many will be surprised that escorts do too. I am not sure what 'cocaine-bookings' are, I will try to find out more about this.