Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lily and Lisa

On Friday afternoon last week I started my adventures in a brothel just to the north of Soho. It was in a street near to Oxford Street. It would have cost me more money than I thought it would so I decided not to stay. I had not been there before. It wasn't as luxurious as I was expecting, although it would have cost me more than House of Divine.

I went to Greek Street in Soho, hoping that Ivy might be there. She wasn't, but I saw that Lily was. I have seen Lily a few times and enjoyed my time with her. Lily is an old woman. She looks about 60 years old. You might wonder why I would choose to be with an old woman, the oldest in Soho, when I could see a 21 year old beauty. Later that afternoon I did see a young tall slender beauty.

Lily is a very sexy French woman. I told her I wanted her to wank me. When I asked her what she had been doing that day, she knew that I would get turned on by what she told me. She told me in her sexy French accent that she had sucked a few cocks. She said that she had been a naughty girl and that I should spank her. She told me what a splendid erection I had and how much she liked it. I think of her as a connoisseur of erect penises, she must have seen so many. She said she wanted to see the sperm squirting out of the end of my cock.

While I was on the bed the doorbell rang a few times. It seems that Lily is quite popular, which would be a surprise to many. After I had seen Lily I walked around Soho. When I walked past the walk up in Dean Street I decided to go in. I am reading the latest book by Clayton Littlewood who lived in the shop below it. He says that the two maids there were called Sue and Maggie. I had not been in there before. They don't seem to have any PunterNet field reports.

There are no names on the doors. As I was on the stairs the door opened and a woman told me to come in. I told her I didn't want to do that. She said something in a foreign language that sounded like an insult and slammed the door. This has happened to me once before in Soho. Usually you knock on the door or ring the bell and the door is opened by the maid.

When I was in Berwick Street I wanted to see who is at 70A. Inside the doorway are the names and a brief description of the two women working there that day. Monica was there, who I have seen before. There was also Lisa, who I have not seen before. I tried to remember if I had read anything about Lisa. I remembered that there is a Swedish woman, but I was confusing Lisa with Eva.

I decided to see Lisa. It was a pleasant surprise. Lisa is young, tall, slender and beautiful. She is Czech but she looks as if she could be Swedish, she is blonde. She is very friendly, she reminds me of Natalie, a favourite of mine who has returned to her home country. I asked Lisa to wank me. After a while I said I would like to wank myself while looking at her pussy. She lay on her back, opened her legs, and held her pussy open.

As I was putting my clothes back on I told her that she reminded me of someone. I said she looks like Brigitte Bardot. She knew who Brigitte Bardot is, she said she would take that as a compliment because Brigitte Bardot is beautiful. I'm not sure if Friday is one of Lisa's usual days, she is there Tuesdays and weekends.

In this blog I have said how beautiful some of the women in Soho are, and compared them to celebrities. I compared Meena to Alesha Dixon. I wasn't the first person to compare Meena to Alesha. However, someone said that Meena is unattractive and looks nothing like Alesha Dixon. I don't expect everyone to agree with what I say, we all have our own ideas of beauty.

Just recently I noticed that Rebecca has had a bad review on the PunterNet field reports. The man who wrote this review said he was disappointed when he saw her because people had said she is very pretty. The first time I saw Rebecca I thought she was very pretty. I was not the only one to say so. The second time I saw her I wasn't quite so attracted towards her.

In this review he also said that Rebecca wouldn't let him do certain things to her. He said that there are women who are more accommodating, and gave Alena as an example. I can understand why he says this. Alena, Meena and Lisa seem to go out of their way to make their customers happy, probably because they want to make as much money as they can and calculate they will get repeat customers and a good reputation. But you can't blame most of the women in Soho who just do what their client has paid for.

I remember years ago when Alena was like this too. When she was blonde I saw her. I asked if we could change position and she held up a finger and that I get just one position and no more.

I should think that if Rebecca likes a man, or if she is in a good mood, or if it is a regular customer, then she might be more accommodating. When I was with her I paid for her to wank me and then I asked her to show me her pussy. She was quite happy to lie back on the bed, open her legs and hold open her pussy for me.