Friday, April 15, 2011

I kissed a girl and I liked it

On Friday last week I decided to see Natalie and get my snog. I got there about 11.30 am when I thought they would just be opening and went up the stairs. The maid opened to door to me and invited me in, saying I wouldn't have to wait long. I hesitated. I wasn't the first customer of the day as I had hoped. I decided to go and see Nellie instead.

Nellie was in the flat above Natalie. I had seen Nellie once before and was impressed. Nellie showed me her list of services and prices. I opted for oral sex and fucking. This was the cheapest service but I noticed it was now £25 instead of the £20 that I had been expecting.

I took off my clothes and lay on the bed. Nellie had undressed and she got onto the bed with me. She put a condom onto my cock and started sucking away. When I was erect she got on top of me, inserted my cock inside her and moved up and down. At some point she started kissing me on the mouth. This was a surprise to me. Prostitutes in Soho don't usually allow kissing - it's not on offer - but here she was kissing me and not even asking for an extra £10.

I wanted to see how far I could go, so I kissed her more and more intimately until I had my tongue in her mouth. Once or twice I put one of my hands at the back of her head and pulled her head towards me and thrust my tongue deep in her mouth and waggled it around. She positioned herself so that I could get on top of her and I started fucking her. After a while I got off her so that I could see her face again and kiss her some more. I did this for a while as we lay side by side and then there was a knock on the door and my time was up.

The snogging made it a different experience for me. Nellie is a pretty 20 year old, the sort of girl any man in his 20s would be delighted to spend time with. This was sex as it should be, spontaneous and intimate. As I was walking around Soho I occasionally caught the scent of her perfume on me which added to my happy feelings.

I had something to eat in Soho and then I went into an internet cafe. I was looking on the PunterNet forum at the Soho Walk-Up thread and they mentioned a woman called Angela of Peter Street. She seemed interesting so I decided to see if I could find her. She is described as a 'fab looking horny filthy talking porn star lookalike'. I went to Peter Street but none of the flats had the names of the women outside the door.

I went to the top floor of one and as I was going up the stairs I could hear music which got louder and louder. At the top of the stairs I saw a doorway with a metal gate. This is unusual. A woman in her underwear came to the gate and asked if I wanted sex. I asked her what her name is. She said 'Jenna'. I didn't want to ask her if she was Angela because she might say yes even if she wasn't.

So I went to the flat below. This time it was a blonde, but another Eastern European. When I asked her her name she didn't want to say, but just asked me if I wanted sex. I said "I'm looking for Angela" but she just shook her head. I didn't want to ask at the other flats in Peter Street, there are six of them, so I went to see Amy in Greek Street instead.

I have been to see Amy many times before. I handed over my £20 and took off my clothes. I said "Can we do some oral without today?". I was surprised when she said no. I said "Last time we did some oral without". She has sucked my willy without a condom many times. But she denied ever having done that. She said she has never done oral sex without a condom.

I didn't want to disagree with her because that would have created a bad atmosphere. If she had said "Oh, yes. I used to do that but I don't do it anymore" I would have understood and accepted it. But it is very curious that she should deny ever having done it.

She gave me a hand job and it was when we started talking about what she did with her customers that I got really horny. She said she thought that I would like to watch her when she was having sex. I told her yes I really would.

Later I thought about why she might have denied ever having done oral sex without a condom. I think many of them are willing to do certain things for regular customers but at their discretion. Oral sex without a condom, fingering, kissing. They don't want everybody to ask for it and expect it for no extra charge.

On the Soho Walk-Up thread they have recently mentioned Ritzy and her 'special'. When I was with Ritzy some time ago she intimated that she did things for her regular customers. I think she said she would let me come in her mouth. I seem to remember I had some oral sex without a condom. I have fingered her a few times, and once had a bit of a snog.

It's a pity that Amy isn't going to give me oral sex without anymore. I was hoping to play 'mermaids' with her. This is a game that I invented based on a porn video I saw. If you can imagine an indoor swimming pool at night. A number of women are swimming naked in the pool. A larger number of men are sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water. Each woman swims over to a man and sucks him off. She does the same to another man, then another. They are obviously enjoying themselves. I wish I knew where this was filmed, and if I could go to a place like this.

I imagined myself sitting on the edge of the bed in Amy's flat, with her kneeling on the floor in front of me. She would be wanking me with the end of my cock in her mouth.

This morning I went to see Nellie again. I wanted to snog her and finger her. I told her to lie on the bed and I lay next to her. I started touching her, but when I tried to kiss her she told me that it would cost and extra £10. I told her that last time I hadn't had to pay extra, but she wanted me to pay. I gave her a really good snog and she didn't hold back. I played with her clit, then got one finger inside her. I got two fingers up inside her and I also fucked her for a while.

While I had been waiting with the maid, she told me they open at 10 am, and close at 10 pm. I thought they had opened about mid-day; I think most places do.

This afternoon I went to see Natalie. I paid £25 plus an extra tenner for the kissing. She seemed in a good mood and as soon as she got on the bed with me she gave me a good snog, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She put a condom on my cock and enthusiastically sucked away. Then she wanted me to get on top of her. As I was fucking her I was looking in the mirror and watching us. I got off her because I wanted to snog and finger her. The snogging was good, but when I tried to put a finger in her vagina I didn't get further than the end of my finger. She was happy for me to play with her clit but she didn't want my finger inside her.

It was a good experience because she was in such a good mood and really friendly. When I was putting my clothes back on she started dancing and telling me about the dance classes she had been to and how it had been such great fun. I wanted to watch her dancing. As I left she gave me a big kiss on the mouth. Normally I don't like loud music playing when I'm with a woman but this music was very exciting.

Who knows maybe I'll get glandular fever now. Years ago I asked a prostitute called Yasmin in Anerley if she did kissing. She seemed quite apologetic and said she used to but then got glandular fever. She didn't realize that you can't get it more than once. If you get glandular fever you get immunity to it, so there was no reason for her to stop doing it.

NOTE: I have since found out that the music that Natalie was playing was S&M by Rihanna. I think that this is the most thrilling music I have heard for a long time.