Thursday, July 31, 2014

tried to see Zara ended up with Lily

I tried to see Zara again yesterday. I asked the maid if it is Zara today and she said no it's Mary. I don't think Zara does alternate Wednesdays any more, just Sundays and Mondays. She said I could wait for Mary to become available and see if I liked her. I had discovered two beautiful women there - Zara and Suzy - so I thought I might get lucky again. I sat in the chair and listened to the music from the clothes shop above.

Mary, or Maria as she is also called, was indeed lovely. She is tall and has black hair. She looks Greek. She says she's Spanish but is apparently Romanian. She's not as beautiful as Zara or Suzy though so I told her I'm going to come back when Zara's here. It was nice to get a look at Mary in her glamour wear.

I went to 2 Greens Court because I wanted to see one of the Thai girls. The maid said that it's Sophie today, who isn't normally there Wednesdays. She said Sophie's busy but I can come back a bit later. She didn't want me to wait for Sophie with her, perhaps because she had one or two punters waiting. I have heard that Poppy, Porn, Tilly and Mesa are good but I didn't recognize the name Sophie. If I had gone away and looked on the wiki page I could have seen that Sophie comes highly recommended too. Apparently she's taller than the other Thai girls.

I ended up seeing Lily at 8 Greek Street. I saw her last week and I enjoyed myself so I thought I would go again. Last week I wanked myself while looking at her pussy. Her legs were wide apart and one of her feet was near my cock so I ejaculated onto her foot. Yesterday I wanted to fuck her. I knelt on the bed and looked at her pussy, playing with my cock to make it erect. I asked her if she would mind if I used one of my special condoms. I expected her to say no and was surprised when she said that would be fine.

Someone recommended Mates Skyn condoms because they allow for greater sensitivity. The last time I saw Zara she told me she didn't allow punters to bring their own condoms. I thought this might be a general rule for sex workers. I don't know if it was the condom or the encouraging and arousing things that Lily was saying to me while I was thrusting into her but I came inside her before too long.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

two Lisas and a Zara

I knew that both Zara and Lisa were likely to be working in Soho yesterday. I saw Zara last month and had a great time with her. Zara is very attractive and I was able to orgasm by fucking her, which is something unusual for me. Lisa is also attractive but taller than Zara. I thought I might try fucking her. I had heard recently that she's good at handjobs so I thought I might try that too.

I have seen Lisa three or four times over the years. She's definitely an attractive woman but each time I see her she seems to look different. I didn't find her as attractive yesterday as I had expected. She was wearing a bikini, she took her top off and got onto the bed with me, taking my cock into her hand. I wasn't getting turned on and I asked her to take her bikini bottoms off.

She removed them and continued playing with my willy; smiling, talking dirty and moving her tongue about in a suggestive way. I asked her to lie on her back with her legs apart so that I could look at her pussy and play with myself. This is how I usually manage to orgasm but it wasn't really working. I asked her to lie on her side, with one knee up so that I could see her bum and pussy at the same time.

I explained to her that last week I had been on holiday on the south coast. Walking along a beach I saw two people lying on the shingle. One of them was a girl. I could see up her skirt but I wasn't close enough to be sure of what I was seeing. I couldn't see any knickers, either she was wearing tights or nothing under her skirt. I found it a great turn on, but even thinking about that and looking at Lisa's bum and pussy slit wasn't doing it for me. So I left when my time was up without achieving orgasm.

52 Greek Street - you can see the sign for Monica
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I went to see Zara in Greet Street. I started off looking at her pussy and wanking myself but then I wanted to try fucking her. I asked if I could use the condoms I had brought with me. Someone had recommended this particular brand. Mates Skyn 'closest thing to wearing nothing'. I thought they might enhance my pleasure and help me come to orgasm instead of losing my erection as usually happens. She wouldn't allow it though, she said her ones were thick and safe.

She put a condom on and I got on top of her. To begin with I couldn't see her face but then at her suggestion I lifted myself up and I was able to look at her while thrusting in and out of her. She really does have a beautiful face. Both Zara and Lisa look like movie stars but with different looks. Zara looks Italian and Lisa looks kind of Scandinavian. Even so I wasn't able to come.

When I was talking to Zara she confirmed that she used to work at 21 Greek Street with Elena. 21 Greek Street was closed and has not re-opened. She told me Elana is now working in Mayfair, as I had thought. I had thought her name was Sara or Sarah but now I am sure it is Zara. She's very friendly and talkative.

I went to Greens Court looking for one of the Thai girls, either Poppy or Porn. Tilly I think is another one who comes highly recommended. It was Mesa who was there. I tried to see her but the maid said she was busy but I could book to see her if I wanted. I declined and went to Little Newport Street instead. Here I saw a Thai woman called Lisa. She wasn't as attractive or as friendly as Holly who I usually see there, but she has a very pretty pussy.

Lisa played with her pussy, her legs wide apart. The room had been a bit dark and I had asked for more light. I opened her pussy wider. She held it open wide, and I imagined seeing it beneath a skirt or a nightie. She had given me tissues and indicated that she didn't want me to come all over her. (I know a couple of women in Soho who would let me come over them.) It didn't take long before I had a powerful and prolonged orgasm. I left feeling very happy.
Little Newport Street in Chinatown London
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