Friday, August 26, 2011

Alexia and Paris

I haven't been very active in Soho this month. I like to go to Soho even if I don't have an intention to visit a prostitute. If I pass the doorway of a walk up I might go in to see who is there that day. Sometimes the names of the women are displayed at ground level, but sometimes you have to go up stairs to the second floor to see if the names are displayed. Sometimes the names aren't displayed at all.

At 8 Greek Street the names of the two women working there that day are next to the doorbells. I was surprised to see the name Alexia there because I thought she only did weekends. She is a new girl at 8 Greek Street. Reports on her have been favourable and she was on my list of women I might try. So I decided to see her.

The maid told me that Alexia is busy but I could wait with her. She is an elderly French woman who I have sat with a few times before. She offered me a coffee. I had only just had a coffee so I declined. She asked if there was anything else that she could get me and I said I would like to have a cigarette. A couple of weeks before this I was waiting with a different maid to see Ivy and she had offered me cigarette. I don't usually smoke, I always try to avoid any form of addiction, but I enjoy one now and again. When I had finished the cigarette Alexia was ready for me.

Alexia is quite a pretty girl and is friendly. She is from Eastern Europe. I told her I would like to spend 10 minutes with her for £20. We undressed and got onto the bed. I wanted her to play with my willy to make it get big but she thought it would be better to put a condom on and give me a suck. I have heard that she is willing to do oral sex without a condom, but only for customers who spend more than the minimum. She told me that she can't do anything without a condom.

When I was erect I asked her to get on top of me. She straddled me, inserted my cock inside her and then made rhythmic movents. I looked at her lovely body and put my hands in different places, on her hips, on her slender waist, and then holding her pert breasts.

This was a couple of weeks ago on a Friday. Yesterday I was in Soho again. I had read on the PunterNet forum that the walk up at 4 Old Compton Street has now closed for good. I could see that the door was shut. I don't know exactly why it has closed, but I don't think it was the police or the council that did it. Some of the nicest prostitutes have worked there; Angie, Paris, Ritzy and Sandy.

At 34 Romilly Street they have the names of the two women on the wall just inside the doorway. I was expecting to see Simona and Nelly. It was however Simona and Paris. I thought that Paris only did weekends. She is another girl who was on my list. She is not the same girl as the Paris who worked at 4 Old Compton Street.

I wasn't very impressed when I saw her. In fact I thought about walking out. She had short blonde hair and her attractiveness was only average. She didn't seem to be very motivated either. I told her that I had been to this flat before to see Nelly. She said she knows Nelly, Nelly is her friend. I said that when I saw Nelly I put a latex glove on my hand and put my finger inside her. She said that we could do that and reached over for a latex glove.

She lay on her back and opened her legs wide. When the glove was on she put a blob of lubricant on my index finger. First I slowly moved the end of my finger up and down between the labia, separating them and looking inside. Her pussy was very pretty. I told her that it was like a beautiful flower, which she thought was funny. I pushed my finger inside her vagina and moved it up and down. After a while I indicated that I could put two fingers inside her, but she said no. I put my index finger back in, but when I moved my finger in such a way as to stimulated her G-Spot she didn't want that either.

I got the feeling that maybe she didn't like me, or that she didn't like her customers generally. She was quite passive throughout. But when I was getting dressed she sat on the bed and gazed at me in an affectionate way.

70A Berwick Street is another one that has the names of the women on the wall inside the doorway. I have noticed the name Monica there. She is another girl on my list. Monica has been recommended by someone on the PunterNet forum, but then so have other women at this place. Perhaps she will be the next one I shall see.

Another woman I might see is Mesa at 26 Romilly Street. Or maybe one of the other oriental women there. I saw Sarah there a couple of months ago. At 26 Romilly Street is you have to walk up to the second floor to see who is there that day.

UPDATE: Paris is also called Laura and works other places in Soho now

Saturday, August 6, 2011

all 3 walk ups in Lisle Street have reopened

I thought that the walk ups in Lisle Street had been closed permanently but yesterday I walked past and they were open. I have no idea what happened. I think the police or the council would very much like to close them down but don't have the legal powers to do so.

What I did notice yesterday is that the signs saying 'model' and the women's names are not there. I think perhaps there is some obscure rule that does not allow these signs and is now being enforced. This will make things more difficult for the women and their clients alike. It will be no problem to the men who are happy to go with any woman. Some men however like to research their amorous adventures beforehand, and select a woman according to their preferences. Some men like to see the same woman more than once.

It is still possible to ask the maid who is in the flat that day. I asked at number 2 Lisle Street and was told that it is Amanda (lower flat) and Olivia (upper flat). I'm sure that in most places the maids will be cooperative, not like the one at 28 Peter Street who led me to believe that I was seeing Angela when in fact it was someone else.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

closure of walk ups in Soho

Just recently all 3 of the walk ups in Lisle Street have closed. The doors have been padlocked. A few weeks ago the walk up in Frith Street was closed and hasn't re-opened, and one of the ones in Berwick Street has been closed for a while.

There haven't been any closures of walk ups in recent years, but just this year there have been several. A couple of years ago the authorities tried to close the Dean Street walk up but could not do so. Several years ago there was redevelopment at the corner of Berwick Street and Peter Street, opposite the supermarket. A few walk ups closed then, including the popular one in Blore Court. Angie, Ritzy and Sandy relocated to Old Compton Street.

Nobody seems to know if the Lisle Street walk ups will re-open. Doesn't seem likely. Or if there will be more closures. Or what has happened to the women who worked in Lisle Street. I hope none of them end up like Liz Valad.

I know what happened to one of the women who worked in Lisle Street. Nelly used to work in the flat above Natalie. Both she and Natalie had left by the time of the closures. Natalie returned to Russia and was replaced by Amanda. Now Nelly works at 34 Romilly Street in the flat below Simona.

I went to see Nelly recently. We did different things together and then I asked if I could have a look at her pussy. She lay on her back and opened her legs for me. I held her pussy open and had a look inside. I think she could tell what I was thinking because when I looked up at her face she shook her head. She reached over to the bedside table and took a latex glove out of a box. She didn't want me to put my fingers inside her pussy until I had put a glove on.

When I had it on I said to her "Are you ready for the doctor?". I pushed one finger in and moved it up and down. After a while I tried two fingers. When I wiggled my fingers around she gave every appearance of enjoying it. She moaned and arched her back. I think I shall see her again.