Thursday, January 29, 2009

I went to TB Common this week

I went to TB Common this week. I didn't expect to meet anyone there, not in the middle of winter. I don't just go there to meet women. I went into the bushes to have a piss. There are not many leaves on the bushes and a lot of the undergrowth has been cut away so there are not many secluded places left.

I found a place that had been used by street-girls. I saw an improvised crack pipe. I had noticed the same thing in the same position last week, but this is the first time I have ever seen drugs paraphernalia on the common ever. It is not true, as has been reported on TV, that drugs equipment is found all over the common. I also noticed a used condom hanging from a twig in the same position as last week and a lot of shit.

Someone has been smoking crack and shitting in the bushes. This is a new development. I thought perhaps there must be a disturbed woman around. Last week I did meet a woman. She was a middle-aged African woman, quite plump. Quite well-dressed, didn't look like an addict. I spoke to her but didn't go with her.

Because the mess does not get cleaned up it is easy to think that there is a greater accumulation of used condoms and other items than is in fact the case. If people are so worried about children seeing drug equipment, then why don't they make sure it is cleared away? Not that most people, especially children, would know what a crack pipe is. If a crack pipe is made of rubbish then it looks like rubbish. People don't usually go into the undergrowth anyway.

Cutting away the undergrowth may seem a good plan to stop prostitutes. The effect of it may be to force women to get into men's cars more often, thus making their lives more dangerous.

There will also be an effect on wildlife. Some birds need open ground to feed in but undergrowth to breed in. Clearing away the undergrowth will harm wildlife, especially as the brambles provide blackberries in the autumn. It would be better if local residents forgot about their obsession with prostitutes, and also stopped telling lies.

Another thing I don't like is the way that the park wardens sometimes drive around off-road in their van. This can compact the soil and can lead to the death of some trees. There are some old oak trees there and it would be a pity if they die, especially for such a trivial reason as trying to deter punters.

Street-girls, escorts and cocaine

I have been criticised by some for suggesting that large numbers of prostitutes who are not street-girls take drugs. I need to clarify what it is that I have said and explain why I think it is so.

My guess is that half of all prostitutes who are not street-girls, even the higher-class escorts, take cocaine on a regular basis. It is my belief that no matter which form of prostitution a man may indulge in, the money he pays is likely to be spent in part on cocaine.

Cocaine use is so common in our society now, and is becoming more common. It is accepted in some circles, especially among people who can earn large amounts of money.

Women who take up prostitution have crossed a line that most women would not wish to cross. A woman who is willing to cross that line would be more willing to also cross the line of trying drugs. Trying a drug like cocaine is an easier step to take than trying prostitution, more women have taken it, and more middle-class women.

The sort of men who pay prostitutes are more likely to take cocaine. The sort of men who associate with prostitutes socially are more likely to take cocaine. This will influence many women who take up prostitution.

Any man who pays prostitutes and who thinks that his money will not be spent on drugs is fooling himself. Any woman who takes cocaine and looks at a street girl and thinks "That could never happen to me" is fooling herself. Street-girls in my experience do not become street-girls because they are forced into it by pimps, or been forced onto drugs, or because they have recently emerged from a childhood in care.

They have become street-girls because they have been willing to cross lines, to transgress boundaries. This is because they are fun-loving and don't think that it can happen to them. They don't think. In some cases they will have had some kind of psychological disturbance and have always had a chaotic lifestyle. In most cases that will not be true. It is in the nature of drug addiction that people loose control.

Cocaine by itself is enough of a problem. People who take it think that they can control how much they take and that they will not go on to take crack cocaine, crystal meth or heroin. In most cases people can control it, but you can never tell if it will be you who ends up on the streets.

You may think that it is hypocritical of me to say this when I give money to street girls. I'm not criticising people, I just want people to be clear about what it is that they are doing. If two or three times a year I give a tenner to a street-girl to feel her tits or something else I don't feel that I should be criticised by other punters or by escorts who feel that they are better than me.

I am aware that money paid for cocaine and crack cocaine ends up in the hands of criminals who plant land mines that kill and maim innocent people in South America. Are you? What I have been looking for for a long time is an unmarried mum on a council estate in south London who needs the money to pay rent and bills and Xmas presents for her kids. I would be one of her regular clients and I would be more confident than nearly all punters that my money was not going on drugs. I would stop seeing street-girls and I would stop going to Soho too.