Friday, January 22, 2010

another day out in Soho

On Tuesday I went to Soho again. I had been thinking of going to see a particular girl, one that I had not seen before. Reading the PunterNet field reports and the Soho walk ups thread on the PunterNet forum I thought Alice sounded interesting. Her details ticked a couple of boxes for me. She is Italian and young looking.

I have always liked exotic-looking women and recently I have tried young-looking women. I have been going to Lisle Street looking for the very young-looking woman that they mentioned on Vice Squad, the recent TV programme on Five.

I eventually found that this girl is no longer there. I sat in the room they showed on the programme and talked to the maid about her. This was while I was waiting to see Nicole, a young Eastern European girl. The previous week I had seen Neli, a young Sicilian girl. Neli was nice, tall and slender with black hair. Nicole was OK too.

Also in Lisle Street but in different flats I have recently seen two blonde Russian women, Sasha and Natalie. They were both beautiful but I don't really go for blondes.

Alice was the last girl on my 'wish list' of girls I have read about and wanted to see. She works at 2 Green's Court on Tuesdays and I know she also works at 4 Old Compton Street. I have been to the second-floor flat at 2 Green's Court where I have seen Ritzy and Andra but I had not been to the first-floor flat. The second-floor flat is lovely but the first-floor one is not. The room was small and windowless and could have done with painting.

Alice was short and not very exotic-looking. She also didn't seem very happy or communicative. She was young-looking and had a pretty face. I didn't do much with her. She played with my willy for a while and we chatted. Then I got her to lie down with her legs apart so I could look at her pussy. I held her pussy open and said "Una bellissima figa" which means "A most beautiful pussy" in Italian. She was giggling and laughing at my attempt to speak Italian. Then we had a cuddle until my time was up.

I went onto the Internet and had a look at the PunterNet site. I wanted to see 'field reports' for Soho. It is a good way of finding out about the different women available at Soho walk ups. One of the reports was not about a walk up, it was about one of the Chinese establishments that you see in Soho offering acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbs. I had often walked by this place and Chinese girls had come out and asked me if I wanted a massage. I always assumed that it was just a massage so I always declined, but this report was saying that they're doing hand jobs.

This was something new to me and I just had to check it out. I went to the place and when in the doorway I was asked if I wanted a massage I asked how much. They said £50 for an hour. I asked how much it would be for half an hour and they said £25. I looked in my wallet and I told them I only had £20. They said I could have a 20 minute massage for that.

I went into the shop past the massage chairs to the counter behind which were jars of herbs. One of the girls took my money from me and put it in the till. She then got on her mobile and spoke in Chinese to someone. She told me to go down the stairs to room number 3.

It was a tiny room with a massage table. The table had a paper sheet over it so it all looked quite hygenic. A Chinese woman told me to take of my clothes and lie down and she would be back in a while. I did so, but I kept my boxer shorts on because I wasn't sure if this PunterNet report was a wind up. This was a clean and pleasant environment unlike the walk ups I was so familiar with. I imagined the woman walking back into the room, seeing me naked and shouting "What are you doing! What are you doing!". Also I didn't want anyone in the corridor outside to get a glimpse of me.

She came back into the room. I pulled of my boxer shorts and lay down on the couch. She put some Chinese music and turned the lights down low. I turned over onto my tummy as instructed and the massage began.

It was very pleasant but I didn't want this to go on for too long. I only had 20 minutes and I wanted to get to the hand relief bit. I turned over and she asked me if I only wanted to have my front done. She continued to massage and then asked me "Do you want..." and then moved her hand in a wanking motion.

I said yes and she said I would have to pay extra. I said I didn't have any more money, which was true. I said it was my first time and I hadn't realised that I would need to pay more money. She said I could pay by card but I told her that I didn't have one, which wasn't true.

When I asked her how much it would cost to have relief massage she said that I would need to spend at least £30. I assumed at the time that this would be on top of the money I had already paid for the massage. Now I'm not sure. Maybe if I'd paid the £50 and had an hour the hand relief would have been included.

So she continued to massage me. When I touched my willy she told me that wasn't allowed. She had put a sheet over my tummy but my genitals were uncovered. I relaxed and tried to have a sexual fantasy so that I would get an erection. I wanted her to see it. She wasn't that pretty and she was fully clothed and had ordinary clothes on so I didn't feel sexual.

When the massage was over she left the room. I suppose I could have had a wank there in the room before I left but I wasn't feeling aroused. I took my time to put on my clothes and left. They all said goodbye to me as I left.

Ever since I was a teenager I have been aware that there are places where men can go to get a proper massage. At some of these places when the man has had his massage he can say to the woman "Do you do extras?". She can say no, or she can say "Yes, I do relief massage". I had never been to one of these places. I wasn't sure if they still existed or if they had ever existed quite like that.

Of course I was aware of so-called massage parlours. I went to one near where I live called 'Enjoy Massage'. When the woman came into the room she started sucking my cock without a condom even though I hadn't asked for it. I thought they were all knocking shops. There is something exiting about going to a nice place and being with a nice woman and getting hand relief.

I have learned that hand relief is the best way for me to get an orgasm. I have been to see an oriental lady in Greek Street twice who has given a hand job and both times it was a great success. I paid £40 to spend 20 minutes with her, which is enough time for me to get to an orgasm. Ivy hasn't been there for a couple of months.

So you might think that these Chinese places could be just the thing for me. However, I don't know enough about these places yet. There is a section on the PunterNet forum about hand relief so I have been researching it. If I could choose the girl and I knew I wasn't going to have to pay too much I would try it again.

I imagined that they would have a euphemism for hand relief. I imagined they might call it something like 'Lotus Blossom'. Many years ago I went to see a French lady a couple of times who did massage with what she called a 'Fleur-de-Lys'. I imagined negotiating with a Chinese girl and asking her if the price includes a 'Lotus Blossom'.

I have now learned that they do have a euphemism for it. The call it a 'Happy Ending' which I think is sweet.

You may say that these women are exploited. I can imagine that these women may have come to this country thinking that they would be doing a respectable massage and not giving Happy Endings. However, they don't have to have sex with clients, they don't have to take their clothes off or even wear sexy clothes. They don't get groped by men. Many of them never give Happy Endings. The environment they work in is clean and pleasant. I think some of them would like giving Happy Endings, watching all that spunk squirting out of the end of a stiff cock.

Also, I think they are catering for tourists and don't try to give a good service where customers would come back again and again. I think it's the customers who are exploited.