Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lily and Cherry

Usually I only see a woman that I have seen before or one who has been recommended. On Tuesday however I went to two different places and saw whoever was there. I was lucky, because I met two lovely young women.

The first place I went to was a Chinese medical establishment in New Oxford Street. Normally I wouldn't identify one of these places or any of the women who work there. Most of these Chinese places offering acupuncture and herbal treatments as well as massage would not want people to know that anything sexual happens on their premises. This place is a bit different.

I had got some information from readers of this blog about a place in Charing Cross Road that I have been to several times and posted on. One is that Claire is no longer there, but also that she would take her clothes of for payment. When I had seen Claire she had not offered to do this for me. Perhaps she only did it for her regular customers. If I had known this I would have gone to see her again. The other information is that Kelly doesn't offer anything sexual. I had been to see Kelly when I wanted half an hour straight massage and no sexual services had been offered.

So it does seem that some Chinese women who give massage don't offer anything extra, and some offer a limited sexual service. The place I went to on Tuesday is different, you can get pretty much whatever you want. I had heard about this place a few times, it used to be called San Ling. When I went in there the receptionist asked me what kind of massage I wanted. She told me to go downstairs to one of the rooms and she would join me.

I went down the stairs and there were two young women sitting on a sofa. I said hello to them and then tried to find the specified room. It smelled a bit musty but it seemed clean enough. I went in and the receptionist came in after me. I had already told her I wanted a wanted a 45 minute massage, which is £35. She asked me if I wanted a body-to-body massage where the woman is naked. I said I would. She asked me what else I wanted. I said that I'm not sure what you call it, a 'happy ending'? She said yes. I gave her £75 in all and she left.

This is different from other places where I have been to. Usually it seems that the receptionist has no idea what is going on, and what happens is a private agreement between the masseuse and her client. I took off all my clothes and sat on the massage couch. I had thought that the receptionist might be the one giving the massage, but in walked a beautiful smiling young woman. Her name is Lily and she is half Chinese and half Japanese.

She asked me to lie on my front on the massage couch and she started the massage. Some time later I could hear what sounded like her taking her clothes off. She got on top of me, continued to massage me and pressed her body onto mine. Then it was time for me to turn over and get a good look at her. I think she is lovely, although some would say she's a bit podgy and her breasts are a bit on the small side. That is fine with me though. She has lots of pubic hair as do most of these oriental women.

She is very smiley and friendly and asked me what I would like. She told me she could give me oral sex. I think she said it would be without a condom, but I'm not sure. She said that I could fuck her if I wanted. I think she said it would be another £20 for each of these. I told her I didn't have any more money. She asked me how much money I had and I told her I only had £5.

Lily put some oil on my willy and started to masturbate me. I wanted her to talk dirty to make it more exciting. I told her that next time I'm going to fuck her. She knew how to make it more exciting for me and she put one foot on the couch and started playing with her pussy. She did this quite vigorously, moaning and saying "Next time you fuck me, yeah?". She got onto the couch with me, sitting astride it facing me, and wanked me.

Later on that day I wanted to go somewhere else. I was hoping Ivy might be at 8 Greek Street. I have seen her a couple of times this year. I like 8 Greek Street because the pricing structure is simpler than all the other walk ups in Soho. You pay £20 for each 10 minutes, and you don't get charged extra if you want to do different things.

I had been to see Monica at 70A Berwick Street a week or two before. I told her I would like her to play with my willy till it gets big and then I would like to fuck her. If I had asked for just one of these things she would have charged me £20, but the two of them together meant I had to pay another £10. It was the same when I had seen Rebecca at 1 Bateman Street.

If I had wanted 20 minutes instead of 10, Monica would have charged me £50 instead of £20, even if I had wanted to do only one thing. While I was waiting for Monica I took a photo of the 'menu' that they have on the wall explaining their charges. You can click on this picture to get a bigger picture
Ivy wasn't there at 8 Greek Street so I thought I would try Cherry. Cherry is a nice young Romanian woman, not the most beautiful or raunchiest of women in Soho but I liked her. She was wearing a nurses uniform, which is unusual because they usually charge more for wearing uniforms. It was white with a little red cross on the chest. I don't think she knew it was a nurses uniform because at the end when I was putting my clothes back on and she was sitting on the edge of the bed I said "You look like a nurse". She said "Thank you". I said "Do you know what a nurse is?". She looked confused so I said "Works in a hospital?". Her English isn't bad but it's not fluent.

I lay on the bed and Cherry lay next to me. She played with my will till it got hard and then got a condom out. She put the condom on and we changed positions so that she was lying on the bed with me kneeling between her legs. She put some lubrication onto the condom and I lowered myself down on top of her. She took my erection in her hand and guided it into her pussy.

Later we lay on the bed together till my time was up. I wanted to finger her so she put some lubricant on the end of my index finger. I moved my finger up and down the cleft of her vulva, onto the clitoris, and then gently into her vagina. Most women in Soho would not allow this.

I had spent nearly £100 that day. £75 to Lily and £22 to Cherry. It would have been better for me to spend half an hour at either 8 Greek Street or the House of Divine. This would have cost me £60. I liked Chinese massage when I thought that it was something different from prostitution. Now it seems just the same so there's no point. I would still go to see Claire again though if that was possible. Perhaps I could persuade her to take her dress off. As the great comedian Max Miller once put it in a poem.

I like the girls that do
I like the girls that don't
I hate the girl who says she will
And then she says she won't.

But the girl that I like the best of all
(I think you'll say I'm right)
Is the girl who says she never would
But looks as though she might.