Thursday, November 13, 2008

pictures of street girls

I found some pictures of street girls on the internet. I thought that they are interesting. Five pictures of each of five street girls. I have included one picture of each of the women, the one that showed the face best. It is the faces I find interesting. I have cropped and resized the pictures so that it is only the face that is seen.

These pictures were taken by the same man in the King's Cross area of London. This has a reputation for prostitution. I used to go to Argyl Square next to King's Cross years ago. I saw large numbers of women selling themselves on the street. I have not seen street girls anywhere in the King's Cross area in recent years.

The women in these photos look very sad. They look different from the women that I have met on Tooting Bec Common. I have always thought that the women getting into cars late at night inhabit a whole different world from the one that I am familiar with. The most addicted street girls don't come to Tooting Bec Common because they can't make enough money there.