Monday, October 17, 2011

Dee Dee of 113 Southbridge Road and 26 Romilly Street

A while ago I looked at the PunterNet field reports for Croydon near where I live. One place that looked interesting is a brothel called New Exotic Oriental. I didn't get round to trying it out until recently. There is a thread on the PunterNet forum called 'The Singapore Grip'. This is the name of an unusual sexual practice described as this: 'Rhythmic contractions of the vagina are like a gentle and silky smooth unseen hand that draws you deeper to a powerful, rapid and dramatic climax'.

Someone responded by saying that he had only experienced this once, from Dee Dee of Croydon. Only she doesn't call it the Singapore Grip, she calls it a double head massage (can't quite work out why it would be called that). I remembered that Dee Dee is one of the girls at New Exotic Oriental, so I decided to go and see her.

On Wednesday last week I phoned the number (07833624409) and asked if I could see Dee Dee. I was told she would be there tomorrow and I made a half hour appointment for 11.15 am. When I got there it was an ordinary looking suburban house on a main road (A236), quite near to the centre of Croydon.

I was invited in by an oriental lady. I think this must be the woman they call Siu Lee (there are various spellings of her name). She's quite attractive and the reports say she used to work as a prostitute and still does sometimes but mainly looks after the girls there now. She asked me if I would like anything to drink. When I said no she said I could go up and see Dee Dee.

I went up the stairs to the bedroom. I recognized Dee Dee immediately. She is the same Dee Dee who works at 26 Romilly Street in Soho. I mentioned her in my previous post. I had gone to her flat but didn't fancy her so I made my excuses and left. It hadn't occured to me that Dee Dee of Croydon might be the same as the Dee Dee of Soho.

Dee Dee isn't ugly. I would say she has an ordinary looking face. Her body is very nice though. I thought I would give her a go. Fortunately she didn't recognize me or it might have been embarrassing. The first thing Dee Dee did was to squat down and start sucking on my penis - without a condom.

I got onto the bed and she continued with the oral sex without a condom. I asked her if she would like it if I gave her some oral sex. She seemed quite enthusiastic, she seemed enthusiastic about everything. I wouldn't have given her oral sex had I not been her first customer of the day. I'm sure she showers between customers but even so I would prefer not to do it if she'd seen a lot of men.

I asked her to give to give me a handjob because that's the way that I'm most likely to achieve orgasm. I asked her to talk dirty for me and she had a go but her English is not that good. I should have asked her to get on top of me so that I could experience the Singapore Grip but I'd forgotten all about that. We ended up with a cuddle and then me wanking her which she seemed to respond to.

At the end she wrapped a towel around her naked body and as I went down the stairs she shouted down to Siu Lee (if it was her) in English that I had wanted her to talk dirty but she wasn't any good at it because her English is not so good. At the foot of the stairs I turned to look back at her and she flashed me by lifting up her towel and laughed.

It was a very enjoyable experience, and very good value for money at £60 for the half hour. This is better value than Soho. Although 10 minutes is usually £20 in Soho, 20 minutes nearly always costs £50. I don't know what it would cost for 30 minutes as I have never had 30 minutes in Soho.

The house was very nice, not at all grotty as some of the flats can be in Soho. Most of the girls at New Exotic Oriental seem to be willing to do things not ordinarily available in Soho. Oral sex without a condom, for example. I don't think I will see Dee Dee in Croydon again, I think I will try one of the other girls. Stephanie and Jenny seem to be very good judging from the PunterNet reports. They seem to be prettier and speak better English. I might pop in to see Dee Dee in Soho for 10 minutes and try for the Singapore Grip.

There are grotty brothels in Croydon though. In my local free paper there are adverts for brothels. One of them is in Derby Road above a Chinese takeaway near West Croydon train station. I wanted to see what it was like but it was a dump so I didn't stay.

I said to the woman that I would like to spend 15 minutes with her and she told me that would cost £40. I questioned that because half an hour is £60, and she said that £40 is the minimum and I could have 20 minutes for that. I said I would go to the cash point then come back but I had no intention of having sex there whatever the price.

A while ago I came across another oriental brothel in Cavendish Road. That was a dump as well. It seems to have closed down now which is good. There is a charity in Croydon called Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) that has been chosen as this year’s Croydon Champions charity.

The problem with CCAT is that they are a group of feminist and religious extremists who would like to close down all brothels. As long as they want to do this they will make it more difficult to encourage the good ones (like Southbridge Road) and close down the bad ones (like Derby Road and Cavendish Road). So some women continue to suffer.

There were a couple of brothels that advertised in the local paper. They seem to have stopped advertising so I don't know if they still exist. In their adverts they said they had women and TVs. And they didn't mean televisions.