Friday, September 11, 2015

cheap brothels in Merseyside

When I moved out of Liverpool I intended to visit about once a week. I don't live far away. Now I rarely go there. When I do I can't resist looking in the Liverpool Echo and the Metro to see if there's any new adverts for sex workers.

On Monday I came to Liverpool and saw an ad 'Hot Latino Girl'. I hadn't intended to go anywhere but I phoned her. She said she charges £80 and she's working from a block of flats in Fleet Street which for some curious reason is called the Jam Works. Funnily enough I had seen another sex worker at the Jam Works. She is South American too and was gorgeous. She charged £100 for a half hour but was worth it.

I went to the flats and then phoned her again. She said she'll be a couple of minutes and that I should wait. I waited then saw a woman come to the main door. It's a glass door so I could see her clearly. She was nothing like I was hoping for so I walked briskly away. My mobile started ringing but I ignored it. Later I saw a text from her 'Where are you?'. I felt guilty but what can you do.

I don't mind older women, or fatter women, or even ugly women. But I'm not going to pay £80 to a woman if she doesn't attract me.

A few months ago I went back to the Thai brothel in Rock Ferry. The first time I went was really good. This time I was expecting a choice of two women but they only had one available and she was older and not so attractive. So I told them I wasn't interested and walked out. They didn't seem to mind and she said come back tomorrow.

They charge £60 per half hour at the Thai brothel. I could go to Manchester where the going rate seems to be £35 or £40 per half hour. However, I found a brothel in Wallasey called Jays. They charge £45 per half hour, with an extra £10 if you want oral sex without a condom. I saw a rather insecure 19 year old there twice. Then I saw two much older women, Chrissie and Jordan. They're best friends and must be older than me. One of them is quite attractive, the other isn't. I won't say which is which in case one of them reads this and is offended.

Both of them seem to be nymphomaniacs and are as foul mouthed as you like. I came on Chrissie's face. I'd never come on a woman's face before. It didn't just go on her face and in her mouth but on her lips too.

On Tuesday I found out about another place which is even cheaper. I'd seen the ads for Overpool Angels before but I didn't know where Overpool is or where the M53 is. When I looked it up and phoned them I realized I could get there quite easily. It's near the Merseyrail station and I can use my All Zones Saveaway to get there. They only charge £40 per half hour, but if you go between 10 am and 1 pm it's only £30.

So yesterday I went there for the first time and paid £40. They only had one woman there and that was Lauren. She's not the youngest or slenderest of women but I found her very sexy. I think she must be a nymphomaniac too. Like Chrissie and Jordan she's a local English lass. She let me kiss her and finger her and I came while on top of her fucking her.

I went back there this morning and paid £30. It was Tanya there today who I'm sorry to say didn't really do it for me. I'm planning to go back tomorrow, I know that Lauren will be there again and there might be another woman for me to choose from. Their £30 offer before 1 pm doesn't last much longer so I want to make the best of it.

The flat is very nice, unlike the Thai brothel and Jays which are dumps. It must be the cheapest sex I've had. Soho is less money but that's for just 10 minutes. It's even cheaper than in Manchester.

Other things that have happened to me since my last post. I've been to Soho again. I went to a Thai brothel in South Croydon and another nearby. I've also had two encounters with street girls, one in Liverpool and one in Croydon. I don't like to do anything with street girls because of the moral issues, much better for me to stick with the older nymphomaniacs who can really do it for me. I do like to find out what goes on though. So I found the Red Light District in Liverpool just as previously I found the RLD in Manchester and had a little look around.


Anonymous said...

I have no experience of the North West, but have of South Croydon. Back in the 1980s there were a few women working from houses in side streets off of Brighton Road. There were also women working on the other side of Croydon in Selsdon and Norbury.I never heard of any girls working the streets whilst I lived there.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post as always thank you. So many of the Croydon oriental parlours have gone that it's not easy to get a good choice of Asian girls anymore. The Thai place on Brighton Road is probably the only one now that I know of. There used to be a Chinese girl called SuSu who left a parlour at Cherry Orchard Road and then worked privately from a block of flats- she was around 45 years old but looked young and had sensational breasts, but now sadly she seems to have gone as well. Could I ask please do you know if Croydon has a red light area? I'd be interested to know whereabouts you encountered the street girl and what time it was? Many thanks and please keep up the good work. J.R.

Bête de Nuit said...

There isn't a Red Light District in Croydon, as far as I know. I was sitting in the Pret a Manger in George Street and I saw a young woman approach a man sitting outside. I went out and talked to her. Her name is Shanie (she said) and she knows Trina and Angel (2 other street girls in Croydon). This was on a Sunday and mid afternoon.

She took me to a secluded area nearby at the back of some offices. She wanted me to go to her flat. I didn't want to do that and it's just as well I didn't because she would have tried to walk off with my money. She's quite pretty and she gave me her number.

There used to be a lot of street girls in Tooting Bec Common near Streatham. I have been told that years ago they used to be on Streatham High Road and there used to be an alleyway near the end of Mount Ephraim Road where they used to wait. All that's stopped now. One I liked was called Nicky (9-fingered Nicky) and she lived in Norbury.

There were 3 brothels in Brigton Road that I remember. One seemed to be South American above the music equipment shop. A Columbian one. And the Thai one that used to be in another street in Croydon. They used to have ladybodys there.

Anonymous said...

The places I remember off of Brighton Road were not brothels, but flats with a single woman working there. The ones in Selhurst and Norbury were also where the lady lived.