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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

my best Soho experience

52 Greek Street - you can see the sign for Monica
click on picture to see bigger picture
I've just had probably my best experience in Soho. I went to 52 Greek Street looking for Monica. She wasn't there but there was this beautiful girl there instead. Her name is Sarah or Sara. When I asked her where she comes from she wanted me to guess. I said South America, but she said no, Bulgaria.

She has black hair and big dark eyes. She is of medium height, not slender but not fat either, and looks to be about 21.

It's strange but a while ago I went looking for Monica at 52 Greek Street and found Suzy. She was lovely but I think I like Sarah even better. I think she's more sexy. Not everyone agreed with me that Suzy was beautiful, and I don't expect they will agree with me over Sarah either.

Usually when I see a Soho sex worker I tell her that I want to look at her pussy and wank myself. I said that to Sarah too. She lay back on the bed with her legs apart and I knelt between her legs. It didn't take me long to get an erection. It was quite strong and I decided I wanted to try and fuck her. She put a condom on me and I got on top of her.

Instead of me losing my erection after a while, which is what usually happens, I kept going. It would have been nice if I could have looked at her face while I was on top of her but all I could see was the top of her head. So I decided to imagine the dark-haired woman in the comedy show 2 Broke Girls, someone I find really sexy. Sarah has the same kind of sultry sexiness that this actress has.

It took me a while but I came inside her. This doesn't happen often with me, although I had a similar experience earlier this year in a Thai brothel in South Croydon. It must be the best £22 that I've ever spent.

UPDATE: This woman may be the same as Zara, who used to work at 21 Greek Street. That's the problem when they're not allowed to put their names next to the door. She might have said Zara to me and I misheard it as Sara or Sarah.

A couple of weeks ago someone told me about a Chinese girl in Covent Garden. She was as young and pretty as I had been informed. I was told she has a lovely figure too but I didn't get that far. She wanted £40 for hand relief but I declined. If it was £40 for hand relief and a strip that would have been more like it. When I said I didn't have £40 she seemed a bit sulky, no more smiles and giggles, and massaged me a bit more till my time was up.

This may have been because she thought I didn't fancy her. She had been fishing for compliments and I could tell she loves flattery about her appearance. She may have thought I wasn't willing to part with money because I didn't find her arousing. Also she had been questioning me about how I had got her name. I just said a friend had told me about her but she kept asking and when I told her that I found out about her on the Internet she didn't like that at all.

She's very secretive about what she does, and not just because she doesn't want knowledge about what she does to get back to her employer. I think that when she's alone in her room with a man she finds attractive then she's willing to do a lot more. Someone got a body-to-body massage from her, and he said she was very sexy and put her tongue in his mouth.

I think this young lady has things just the way she wants it. She makes loads of money because men will pay more for a pretty young girl like her. Her working environment is good, there's a shower in the room. She keeps what she does confidential so that if an older and less attractive man asks if she does any extras she will say hand relief only - nothing else, not even a strip - £40 take it or leave it. When she's with a younger or more attractive man then she has some fun. And she gets told how pretty she is many times a day. Good luck to her.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amanda Sunita Sarah

Today I decided to try three women that I hadn't seen before. All of these women have been recommended. Lisle Street is the first to open in the morning so I went there first. At 2 Lisle Street I saw Amanda. She is quite pretty and I'm sure a lot of people would like her but she's a bit too Jennifer Aniston-y for me. She is of average height and has brown hair. I think she would be good for someone looking for a 'girlfriend experience' because she tries to please.

I asked her to play with my willy to make it get big and after a while I asked her if she'd like to do the 69 position. She said I would have to pay extra for that but she could just turn round if I liked. She moved her bottom next to my face and I got a close-up of her pussy and her bum hole. I would have loved to have pushed my fingers inside her pussy and her bum hole - she looked delightful in that positition - but I contented myself with opening her pussy lips and looking inside.

Afterwards I asked her about Natalie, and she said that Natalie has left for good, gone back to her own country. I was glad that I had been to see Natalie before she went. Snogging Natalie was wonderful, I had never kissed a woman as beautiful as her. However, it's always possible that someday she might be back. I seem to remember she went off once before. Maybe she's made her fortune and wants to do something else with her life.

I noticed the name of the woman in the top flat, written on a card on the stairway. It wasn't Nelly so perhaps Nelly has gone too. When I'd been waiting to see Amanda the maid had been very chatty and told me she was new there too. So maybe they're all new there.

Next I went to Frith Street to see the new woman there. Sunita is the only other Indian woman in Soho apart from Meena. Although I think someone might have mentioned one in Dean Street too. I went up the stairs to the first flat. A young Chinese man came down the stairs and I noticed an older woman following me up the stairs. The door of the flat was open and I could see the maid. I assumed that Sunita was busy so I said to the maid that I would come back later. She said to come back in five minutes.

The maid and the other woman coming up the stairs behind me greeted each other so I think they hadn't started yet. They were just opening up. When I was back on the street I noticed the Chinese man waiting outside and an even younger man in smart clothing. I thought I don't want to wait till they've had their turn with Sunita so I thought I'll come back later.

I went to nearby Romilly Street to see if Sarah was there. Her name was up there. The maid answered the door and said that she was with a man and there was another one waiting, and that I could come back later or there's another girl upstairs. I could see that the other girl up the stairs was Alena, and although I like Alena I decided to come back later.

I went to have a coffee and something to eat and then decided to try and see Sunita again, before it got to 12 when I thought there might be a mid-day rush. I didn't have to wait to see her. She's quite a tall attractive woman. I asked her if she had had many customers that day. She said there were a few who wanted to see her on their way to work. I asked if they were builders or office workers and she said some of each.

The most interesting thing she told me is that some men work in Soho and tell their colleagues they're popping out for a cigarette break. Then they go to see her. For 10 minutes. Then they go back to work, and nobody knows what they've been up to.

Because Sunita is tall, I wanted to fuck her. I wouldn't say she's as pretty as Meena - although some people aren't attracted to Meena - but she's attractive and friendly. I think she used to do Thursdays but now does Tuesdays too.

After I'd had some lunch I went back to Romilly Street to see Sarah. Sarah is from Thailand, she is small and has a light brown skin. She is quite pretty, although I wouldn't say she's as pretty as Lucy or even Ivy. I didn't have much money left in my wallet at this point, and I asked the maid is they charge £20 or £25 for the basic service. At Lisle Street it is now £25 and at Frith Street it is £20. She said £20, it's £20 wherever you go in Soho. I said that at some places it is £25, but she said that's only if you want French and sex. There wasn't much point in contradicting her, but she is not correct.

Sarah played with my will till it got hard, then she put on a condom and I asked her to get on top of me. She made rhythmic movements, but it wasn't stimulating enough and I lost my erection. I asked her to wank me, and then I asked her if she could talk dirty. I gave her some examples of what I would like her to say. The things that Ivy says to me, like "Fuck my pussy, darling. Fuck my wet pussy. My pussy is so wet for you". She said them, over and over again, and I became very aroused. As I explained to her, it would take me more than 10 minutes for me to come. I told her I might come and see her again and spend more time with her. I might do, or I might go and see Lucy instead.