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Saturday, March 2, 2019

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In my last post I told you that I had been to Angel Lodge in Liverpool for the first time and had a nice time with Megan. What I didn't tell you is that at one point I was sitting on her chest with my erection between her boobs, trying to wank on her face. She was really up for it and lifted her head off the pillow a couple of times to get my cock in her mouth. This was without a condom.

Most sex workers wouldn't do that, but Megan seems to like the kinky stuff. Megan told me that she also works at Sheridans of Salford. Like Angel Lodge, I had heard of it but never been there. I decided to look at their webpage. There were two things I noticed that most brothels don't have.

One of them is a glory hole. A glory hole is where a man puts his cock though a hole in a wall or a door and a woman in the next room sucks it. I had tried it somewhere in London and thought it might be fun to try it again.

The entrance to Sheridans is behind a row of shops. I went in and noticed a nice-looking woman in the corridor. The receptionist said she wouldn't have anyone available for a while and asked me to sit on one of the sofas in the reception area. Soon a young man came in and was told the same thing. Charlotte and Tara would be available.

He said that he wanted Charlotte. I thought the receptionist would say something like "This gentleman was here before you, he gets to choose first, after he's seen the two girls". She didn't, though. It seems it was more important for her to keep a regular customer happy than someone she hadn't seen before. I asked if Charlotte was the one I had seen in the corridor and she said no. That one would be busy.

He went into a room with Charlotte and I was directed into a small room to await Tara. I said I would have to look at Tara before deciding. I sat on a corner of the bed until Tara came. She looked about 70 and was not attractive. Tara went out and the receptionist came back in, asking me if Tara was OK. I said no and I left. I didn't want an old woman in a tiny room.

I got the bus back into Manchester town centre and went to Cherrys. There were two girls there, one of them was Honey who I have seen once or twice before. She is a big black woman with enormous breasts. She comes from the West Indian community. She is talkative and fun loving.

She gave me some oral sex without a condom. When she asked me what I'd been up to I told her about the old woman. I got on top of Honey and shagged her, with a condom. I hadn't come with Honey though so I thought I would try Cosmopolitan. They only had one girl there. She wasn't attractive and she didn't smile at me. I thought maybe she doesn't want to do it with someone as old as me which is fair enough.

I could have gone to see Sonya at Piccadilly Club. I have seen her many times before. However, the last time I had seen her she had changed her appearance. Her hair colour was lighter and she was wearing black lipstick. She used to be a natural Mediterranean beauty but no more.

I had discovered another natural Mediterranean beauty in November, at Manchester Angels. She is Mimi. I went up the stairs one evening, four women came into reception one at a time and exited through a different door. A drunk young man had come up the stairs soon after me. He had missed the first girl. He said he wanted the second one, the first that he had seen. So he was led off by the slut, and got number 1, Mimi.

In the room she told me that she was from Romania. I don't normally go for Eastern Europeans, but she was lovely. The fact that she is Romanian, looks very young but not very happy means that I wouldn't choose her again. I don't know if she is being exploited.

I had been to Sheridans, Cherrys and Cosmopolitan. I had seen Honey at Cherrys which was nice. Tropical Palms is just round the corner from Cosmo. I had been to Tropical Palms before, but never stayed. It looks a bit sleazy, you have to go along a back street and it didn't help that there is scaffolding up.

I had a bit of luck though. There was only one woman there, but someone I had seen twice before at a different place. Bianca is delightful. She says she is Italian but has a Russian accent. She is blonde, quite attractive, and looks as if she's in her 30s. I think what I like about her is that she's got a sexy smile and is happy to please.

I thought that the rooms at Tropical Palms would be unpleasant, but I was surprised to find the one I was in was nice. It had a shower in it. Bianca told me that Passions was closed for redecoration, which is why she was here. She put a condom on me, gave me some oral sex, and then I got on top of her. After a while I orgasmed inside her.

So that was my trip to Manchester and Salford last month. It ended well thanks to Bianca.

Last month, I also went to the brothel in Ellesmere Port. They call it 'The Office' and it is near to the railway station. I had tried it before, but there was an old woman who said I would have to pay £10 just to take a look at the girl. So I didn't stay. I have paid for sex at all the other brothels in that area; Jays of Wallasey, Rock Ferry Thai Massage, The Penthouse in Bebington and Overpool Angels.

This time though a middle-aged woman showed me a younger woman. Lucy looks as if she's in her 30s. She has dark hair and is plump. I spent half an hour with her for £40. It was enjoyable but I didn't come. I was using a condom and I hadn't taken a viagra so I wasn't expecting too much. I mentioned my trips to Manchester for condomless sex, and she told me there is a woman called Andrea who was willing to do it without a condom. Lucy said she's a 'leggy blonde' and she's here on Fridays.

So, one Friday last month, I went. Lucy was there but busy with a client in the bedroom. So I sat with the other woman, who looked about 70. She was watching old episodes of Eastenders. She was very friendly and chatty. She was old, and not conventionally attractive, but I quite fancied her.

She told me she is Andrea, and she does do sex without a condom for extra money. I think it's an extra £30. I said I wanted to choose her. We had a kiss. I asked if I could try using one of my extra thin condoms first, and then if I couldn't come I would give her the extra money for sex without condom.

Andrea said that Lucy had nearly finished with her client. She knew that because Lucy starts giggling at the end. Andrea pulled a curtain across so that Lucy's client and I wouldn't see each other when he left. It's good they do that, I don't want to see other clients. Sheridans and Manchester Angels didn't.

Andrea asked Lucy if it was OK if I had her rather than Lucy. I don't think that Andrea gets many clients. I think she's mainly a receptionist for Lucy. I gave Andrea £40 before I went in the room with her, and another £10 in the room for oral sex without a condom. Same as I had with Lucy.
When I got on top of her we kissed a bit on the mouth. She had put one of my extra thin condoms on me. Most sex workers don't like snogging and will only use their own safer condoms. I shagged her and after a while I came inside her.

So last month was a good month for me. I came inside Bianca and Andrea even though I was using a condom. I hadn't taken viagra with Andrea either. I realized that I don't need condomless sex or viagra to orgasm when shagging. I had paid for sex for the first time at Tropical Palms and The Office. I had visited Sheridans in Salford which was an interesting experience even though I didn't pay for sex.

I also learned that an old woman can be enjoyable. If I can find an old woman attractive, then a sex worker shouldn't turn her nose up at a man of my age. I don't recall any old women in Manchester, just Tara in Salford. In Chester there are two old women who are sex workers. Diane works in her expensive private flat in a block of flats overlooking the river. She's got her own website. She only does oral sex. Without a condom if you want it. The other old woman works in her social housing flat in a block of flats near the canal. So obviously there is a demand for them. I won't be seeking them out though.