Tuesday, December 18, 2018

book review: Revolting Prostitutes

I have been reading a new book about prostitution called "Revolting Prostitutes: The fight for sex worker's rights" by Juno Mac and Molly Smith, who are both sex workers. They come to roughly the same conclusion as I do: decriminalisation is the best way forward. The Nordic model is shown to be no improvement for sex workers, they still get arrested and there have been no extra funds from the state to help them. Legalisation is shown not to be a good model either.

I have quoted two paragraphs below, chapter 4 page 114, about arrests of sex workers.
In the aftermath of the arrests in Swindon, sex workers organised to stop the deportations of the Romanian women. Most anti-prostitution feminists made no comment, but one speculated that maybe the Romanian women were pimps after all. The idea that a workplace might have three managers and no workers, and moreover that the 'managers' would all be migrant women in their twenties advertising their own sexual services online is patently absurd. Its absurdity speaks, as gender studies academic Alison Phipps has noted, to just 'how far people will go to avoid extending solidarity to those they disapprove of'. 
Almost everybody with any flavour of feminist politics proclaims not to want those who sell sex to be arrested. However, that sex workers patently are arrested as a result of brothel-keeping laws is, for most anti-prostitution feminists, unmentionable - because the legal model they are pushing for retains and even strengthens these exact same laws (see chapter 6). The fundamental awkwardness of this truth - one that ultimately reveals dedication to something other than sex working women's welfare - creates a frustrating culture of unseeing and unknowing among the feminist left. They stick their fingers into their ears while sex workers try, with increasing frustration, to make the impact of criminalisation clear to them.
Sex workers often like to work together for safety, but that doesn't mean that sex work is inherently violent. As the authors write "After the presumed murder of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh in 1986, estate agents were advised to work in pairs where possible or have a 'buddy' keep track of their whereabouts". The same with nurses and social workers. Sex workers are prevented from keeping themselves safe, unlike estate agents, nurses and social workers. The Nordic model doesn't change that, it makes it worse.

Some people believe that when a man pays for sex he can 'do what he likes with her body in the time he has purchased it'. I've never purchased a woman or a woman's body but I have paid for sex many times and I know that sex workers will tell you what they will do and will not do. In my experience anal sex is rarely available. Oral sex usually is but with a condom. Sometimes a sex worker might be willing to do oral sex without a condom but it costs more money. Even then it's probably not going to be 'cum in mouth'.

The authors explain this, and it's quite important because it is relevant to issues of consent, boundaries, and whether sex work can be considered to be work.

Some people believe that sex should be reserved for relationships, and dislike prostitution for that reason. People who feel this way are entitled to their opinion and can live their lives how they choose. The authors explain "Yet for many people, sex can indeed be recreational, casual, or in some way 'meaningless'. The meaning and purpose of sex varies wildly for different people in different contexts or at different times in their lives".

The authors state repeatedly that prostitution is a survival strategy. However, they give examples of women who have used domestic servitude, laundry work and cleaning jobs for survival then used prostitution when they wanted something more than survival. Prostitution may be survival for drug addicts and undocumented migrants but in countries like Britain they are a minority.

It's curious that this book is available in ordinary bookshops, whereas Julie Bindel's recent book on the same subject isn't. Yet if you go into the left-wing bookshop in Bold Street in Liverpool, Bindel's book is there but Mac and Smith's book isn't, despite the fact that Mac and Smith are very left-wing. They wan't to see an end to capitalism and borders - and an end to prostitution. So you would think that Revolting Prostitutes would be on their shelves. Could it be that the people who run the bookshop don't want people to know that not all left-wing feminists believe in the Nordic model?

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Doing Money

On the 5th of November there was a drama shown on BBC Two which told the story of a woman involved in prostitution. It was called 'Doing Money'. The drama is based on a book that claims to be a true story, called 'Slave' by Anna (not her real name).

This is what is printed on the back of the book:-
"This is the heart-breaking true story of one of the UK's most shocking modern-day slavery cases.
Anna was an innocent student living in London when she was kidnapped, beaten and forced into the sex slave industry. Threatened and tormented by her pimps, she was made to have sex with thousands of men."
This book has nothing to say about the sex industry in Britain. She was taken from London to Ireland, and put to work in Dublin, Galway and Belfast. Some women were also taken to Sweden.

This is curious, because there are many brothels in London. Why were women taken to Ireland and Sweden? Could it be that gangsters like Ionut and Schwarz thrive in areas where prostitution is underground?

Swedish authorities say that Sweden is less of an attraction to traffickers now because of the law they have had since 1999 which criminalises men who pay for sex. That can only be guesswork though, and this book seems to be saying that Sweden is more of an attraction than than London or Manchester.

If this is true then having the same law in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland will be counter-productive. Anna helped to bring this law about in Northern Ireland.

If you want to learn about one aspect of prostitution in Ireland and Sweden then you can watch Doing Money. If you want to learn about prostitution in Britain then A Very British Brothel and First Time Call Girl. They are both documentaries and they are consistent with my experience of prostitution.

Since I have read Rachel Moran's book Paid For I am struck by the differences between the two books. They can't both be 'the reality' of prostitution. Perhaps prostitution in Ireland in the 1990s was different to what happens now. Moran's book, together with three studies of Dublin sex workers, paint a picture of Ireland where things got more violent after the 1993 law. It seems that after the 2017 law things are getting even more violent. Yet this book helped to bring in the 2017 law.

These are the three studies of Dublin sex workers

  • The Health Needs of Women working in prostitution in the Republic of Ireland 1994 O'Connor 
  • Women Working in Prostitution: towards a healthier future 1996 O'Connor O'Neill Foran 
  • Drug using women working in prostitution 1999 O'Connor O'Neill

Neither Moran's book nor these three studies say anything about women being kidnapped from the streets by violent pimps and raped. What one of the studies says is this

 "Three (17%) of the women felt very strongly that the new law is leading to the emergence of pimps (male protectors) and therefore, an increase in violence and intimidation on the streets. One said "anyone with enough money to rent an apartment and a mobile phone can go into business as a pimp. These men are offering protection and a "safe house" to women who are working. "They leech (latch) onto the women providing protection and paying bail, that's when the violence comes in"." O'Connor, A.M. (1994)

 It was the 1993 law which created the world that Anna experienced. Well-meaning but counter-productive laws create the problem and don't solve it. The 2017 law in Ireland as far as we can tell is like the 1993 law in that it will and has created more problems than it solved.

 Now we have an up to date study of prostitution in Northern Ireland. It is A Review of the Criminalisation of Paying for Sexual Services in Northern Ireland 2019 by Ellison, Ní Dhónaill and Early. It doesn't confirm what Anna, Rachel Moran and Lord Maurice Morrow have said about prostitution in Northern Ireland. If you want to know the reality of prostitution in Northern Ireland I suggest you read this report.

I have been following the case of Karl Ring and Ivett Szuda. Ring was sentenced to four years imprisonment with Szuda sent down for six and a half years. They were found guilty of human trafficking, controlling prostitution for gain, and 'money laundering'. They were not violent, and the most coercive thing they did was to take away some women's passports. This is not acceptable, but happens with migrant workers in different industries.

They rented flats in Chelsea Cloisters in London to women who wanted to work as prostitutes. They organized air travel between Eastern Europe and London. This is probably the reality of traffickers, at least in London. What happens in Ireland and Sweden could be different.

Below is one woman's experience, you couldn't get further from Anna's:-

"She showed me around the flat and she offered me two rooms. The smaller room was £60 per day and the bigger one for £80 per day." She explained that Szuda gave her a key to the flat at Chelsea Cloisters, which operated like a hotel. "The hotel had a reception and it worked like a hotel system but the rooms had kitchens and bathrooms,' she said. "They were basically hotel apartments. There was another girl when I arrived and she was doing sex work and there was another one who was just doing massage only. Everyone had their own rooms." But she said business was so bad for her that she went back to Hungary after six days. Another woman working for the couple went on holidays with Szuda and other prostitutes to the Bahamas and Miami as "team building exercises".

One woman said "On a good day I would see three to four clients a day, I earned £60 from each." So she earned £240 per day for what sounds like four hours work. She could stop anytime she wanted - like the woman who went back to Hungary after 6 days. She didn't have to do anything she didn't want - like the woman who was just doing massage only. Does this sound anything like the situation that Anna was in?

I think that the prohibitionists should think very carefully about what they want. Britain might become like Ireland and Sweden where the criminals reign. Just like in prohibition America where the do-gooders thought they were getting rid of a problem - alcohol - and they were just making it worse. Much, much, worse. Be careful what you wish for.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

two documents on the subject of prostitution

Recently I came across two different documents on the web about prostitution. The first is the transcript of a debate in the House of Commons on 'commercial sexual exploitation' held in July this year. It wasn't much of a debate because although 15 MPs spoke they all supported the Nordic model where men are prosecuted for paying for sex. Lots of false statistics were used and I have made a web page to counter them.

The second document is the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee report on Prostitution. It says many of the things that I have been saying for years. It debunks the false statistic that 50% of prostitutes start before the age of 18. It says that information about street prostitutes is wrongly used to apply to all prostitutes.

The report says that in Northern Ireland women can still be arrested for soliciting despite the idea that Northern Ireland has adopted the Nordic model. This model is supposed to be 'shifting the burden' of criminality from prostitutes to their clients, but in Northern Ireland nothing has changed for prostitutes. It says 'the current practice of treating soliciting as an offence is having an adverse impact'.

The report says that 'the model of decriminalisation implemented in New Zealand has worked successfully'. We should recognize that there is a difference between 'prostitution which occurs between two consenting adults, and that which involves exploitation'. It also says sex workers are often denied 'the opportunity to speak for themselves and to make their own choices'.

The most important conclusions and recommendations of the report are to do with changes in British law which should occur without delay to help protect women. I have quoted them below.

"The current law on brothel-keeping also means that some sex workers are often too afraid of prosecution to work together at the same premises and as a result often compromise their safety and put themselves at considerable risk by working alone.

We therefore recommend that, at the earliest opportunity, the Home Office change existing legislation so that soliciting is no longer an offence and so that brothelkeeping provisions allow sex workers to share premises, without losing the ability to prosecute those who use brothels to control or exploit sex workers."

"In the meantime, we have made clear our strong view that the first step of changing the existing legislation on soliciting, and on brothel-keeping as it relates to sex workers sharing premises, should be taken by the Government as a matter of urgency."

This is something I agree with and I have been saying for some time. I hope that the Government will do this without delay.

Monday, August 20, 2018

what I did during the world cup

The last time I paid for sex was in July when England were playing Sweden in the World Cup. I was in Liverpool and I had the idea that the brothels in Manchester would be less busy when the match was on. I would be able to take my pick from the women available. Often there may be four women at a brothel but most of them are busy. It's nice to have a choice of four. I'm not in the slightest bit interested in football.

I went to the big Boots in the centre of Liverpool and bought four viagra. At Lime Street station I bought a coffee and got onto the train. I took two viagra. I don't think you're supposed to take two. That's not the only risky thing I did that day. It takes one and a half hours with me for the viagra to start working, so I knew I would be ready when I got to the brothel.

I got off the train at Manchester Victoria and headed to a nearby brothel. I won't tell you which one or the name of the woman I saw for reasons which will become apparent. It's one I've been to a few times. The match had started, but to my surprise only one woman was available. She was a big black woman. I thought I might have seen her before, the name was familiar but her face looked different.

After I had paid my £40 she took me up to a small room that I hadn't been to before. She wanted me to hug her and kiss her. She didn't seem to mind big kisses on the mouth which is rare for sex workers. When I got on top of her it was very pleasant as it always is with big women. As usual I was finding it difficult to come. She gave me some oral sex without a condom and she let me finger her.

She told me to get on top of her and fuck her. I thought surely she knows that I haven't got a condom on. Anyway, I got on top of her and fucked her. It didn't take long before I came inside her. As I was getting dressed she said I could give her a tip. I said I would like to do that, and asked how much I should give her. She said anything I wanted and I gave her £10.

I had heard that there are women who will allow sex without a condom for extra money. I thought that it would always be a lot more money. So it was surprising what she did. I should have given her more money. It crossed my mind that if she has HIV then she wouldn't be bothered about unprotected sex because it wouldn't harm her. She is an African woman, and HIV is more common in Africa.

That's a possibility, but it may have been that she knew I had difficulty in getting to orgasm and was willing to try everything to achieve that. Sex with a condom and oral sex without a condom didn't work, so she was willing to try sex without a condom. It worked. I have been surprised how important it is for sex workers that their clients have an orgasm, it's as if they feel they have failed if it doesn't happen.

What usually happens with me is that I can usually get an erection but I can't come through shagging. I can often wank myself to orgasm while looking at the woman's pussy. Even when that doesn't happen I still feel that it is worth the money because it has been enjoyable. I can't help feeling though that if I can come through shagging then I have had a success. A bit like scoring a goal in a football match I expect. So as I was walking along the streets of Manchester I was feeling happy.

Men and women were standing outside pubs watching the match on big screens. The maid in the brothel had told me the score as I was leaving but I wasn't interested.

I could have gone home then but I thought as I am in Manchester why don't I go to see another woman. There isn't as much opportunity in Merseyside. It's only £35 at the Piccadilly Club so why not. There were three women available there. Two Spanish women who I had seen before, and another dark-haired young woman who I hadn't. Sonya was the most beautiful. Leila is beautiful too. I had seen Leila a few times recently when Sonya hadn't been available and enjoyed being with her.

Sonya has big dark eyes and she knows how to apply makeup to show them off. I said that I think I will have to have an HIV test. She asked why and I explained. She looked shocked. She asked me where I had done this and which country did she come from. I told her it wasn't a good idea for me to have done that. She seemed to forget about that though and we had a nice half hour. The viagra hadn't worn off and I shagged her a bit, with a condom. I gave her an extra £10 and she let me put a finger in her pussy. I washed my hands in the sink in the room first.

I hadn't come with Sonya but I hadn't thought I would. It was still very enjoyable though. I was going to walk to either Oxford Road or Piccadilly train stations to return to Liverpool but then I remembered that there had been disruption and the trains from there probably wouldn't be going to Lime Street. So I made my way back to Victoria station and on the way I went into the Mackie Mayor market.

The Mackie Mayor market is an old meat market that has been done up and offers food and drink. The central square has tables and benches and there is a beautiful old glass roof. There are different vendors providing a range of street food, coffee and alcohol. It is in Eagle Street off Swan Street in the Northern Quarter. When the people who go there have enjoyed their food and drink there are many opportunities for a sexual experience.

Smile Thai Massage is round the corner opposite the cat café (good if you want a little pussy). I have been to Smile once where I had hand relief from a lovely older woman called Saiphon. I asked her if she would have sex with me and she said she would only ever have sex with a man that she was in love with.

Orange Spa in Swan Street has Taiwanese women. Some of them are willing to have full sex. The Piccadilly Club in Great Ancoats Street is not far away. There is a brothel much nearer. Angels is at 56 Swan Street. I had been there a long time ago, and I had tried to go back. They're supposed to open at 7pm but they weren't open then so I went to Orange Spa a few doors along.

So I was surprised to see that Angels was open, even though it was only about 6.30pm. I couldn't resist going up the stairs. My curiosity was too great. A woman at the top of the stairs said they are open and invited me in. I asked her how many women were available. There were four, even though the match had been long over. I sat down and the women came in.

There was a young pretty tall slender Russian woman. There was an older shorter blonde woman. There was an older shorter Brazilian woman. There was a woman who had just come up the stairs and was in her normal clothes. It took me a minute or two to choose. The obvious choice would have been the pretty Russian. She must have wondered why I chose the podgy Brazilian.

Melissa took me up stairs and along corridors to a room. As I was undressing I looked through the open window to see the street below. She wanted to give me some oral sex with a condom to get me erect. That doesn't usually work for me though. I said I would like to look at her pussy. She said that would cost more: I think she thought was saying I wanted to lick her pussy. It took a while but I got an erection.

I got on top of her then after a while to my surprise I felt it was working and that if I continued I would come. Melissa was making a lot of loud sexy noises, although I don't think she was genuinely turned on. So I had my second orgasm of the day. The only time I have had two orgasms in one day through shagging was in 2014 when I came back from Whitstable in Kent and spent some time in Soho.

So I was well pleased. In the street I tried to identify the window of the room I had been in with Melissa. I took a photo on my mobile. If you are ever standing in Swan Street, perhaps spending the evening enjoying the delights of Mackie Mayor market, and you hear loud sexy noises, look up and it's probably coming from this window.

I've had an HIV check. I'm tempted to see the African woman again. She could be my regular. I could take a trip to Manchester once a month. I don't think I will though. I'll play it safe from now on.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Daily Mail interesting today

There are two things in the Daily Mail newspaper today that interested me. One is that Sir Martin Sorrell was accused of having sex with a prostitute in Shepherd Market in Mayfair, London. The other is MP Jess Phillips complaining about twitter trolling and demanding an end to anonymity online.

I am familiar with the Shepherd Market area of London. In 2012 I took photographs of the walk ups (brothels) there although I have never paid for sex there as it is slightly more expensive than Soho.
This is my photograph of 50A Shepherd Market which is the one that Sir Martin is supposed to have visited. The most interesting thing about the Daily Mail article is that the reporter tried to find out who owns the flat. The Land Registry says that it was owned until recently by Viscount Curzon, the 6th Earl Howe. There is an interesting interview with one of the women who works at the flat.

Jess Phillips was on Woman's Hour last week talking about the inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade (Behind Closed Doors). A sex worker also on the programme said that it's impossible to get rid of prostitution. Her reply was that we can reduce it. If you look on the report there are two statistics that appear to show that prostitution has been reduced in Sweden because of the new law.

Both are wrong though. I will quote the relevant paragraph from page 22 below:-

Sweden became the first country to adopt this abolitionist law in 1999. Anonymous surveys conducted in 1996 and 2008 revealed that the proportion of men in Sweden who reported paying for sex dropped from 13% to 8%. The most recent study conducted on prevalence rates found that 0.8% of men in Sweden had paid for sex in the previous 12 months - the smallest proportion recorded in two decades and the lowest level in Europe.

The first statistic (13% to 8%) is not to do with men who pay for sex, but men who at some time in their lives have paid for sex. So a 72 year old man would answer yes in the 1996 survey if he paid for sex when he was 18 in 1942 and a conscript in the Swedish army or navy. He would be too old to participate in the next survey in 2008. It tells us nothing about whether the amount of paid-for sex in Sweden is increasing or decreasing.

The second statistic (0.8%) is to do with people who pay for sex. Active sex buyers, who report that they have paid for sex within the 12 months previous to the survey being conducted. But when you look at the actual statistics, the number of people who pay for sex increased between 1996 and 2008 (1.3% to 1.8%). The new law criminalizing men who pay for sex was introduced in 1999. So it went up, not down.

The only way to explain this mismatch between the two sets of statistics between 1996 and 2008 is that the number of men who pay for sex did increase after the 1999 law was introduced, despite it now being illegal. Older men, who perhaps paid for sex while away from home as young men in the war, became too old to participate in the 2008 survey, or died. Sweden was neutral in the war but there was conscription.

Since 2008, the number of men who pay for sex has decreased (1.8% to 0.8%). Numbers can go up as well as down, as we have seen, and the changes have nothing to do with the 1999 law. Men aren't becoming too afraid to visit sex workers. I suspect that the Swedish figures have always been the lowest in Europe, between 1996 and 2014 the number dropped by only about a third.

This drop was probably something to do with the 2008 financial crisis. It certainly hasn't gone from 13% to 8% to 0.8%, which is what they may be trying to imply. The number of mdl who have paid at some time in their lives has decreased by a very small amount since 2008 (7.9% to 7.5%), which is consistent with older wartime men no longer participating in surveys.

The evangelical Christian politician Jim Wells used a false statistic to get the Nordic Model adopted in Northern Ireland. He said in the Northern Ireland Assembly that 127 sex workers were killed in a 15 year period after legalization in the Netherlands when in reality they were killed over a 30 year period with most killed before legalization not after. He's been in the news again after comparing abortion to the holocaust and has been castigated for his homophobic comments.

The evangelical former pastor MP Gavin Shuker is the leader of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade who produced the report. It seems he has learned from Mr Wells about how to get the Nordic model adopted. Gavin Shuker, Jess Phillips and her chums at the APPG want to use statistics creatively too to get the same law here. I hope they don't succeed.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I got a slap

In my last post I wrote 'It's nice to have fun with a girl, but a real woman should be shagged properly'. I realize now that I like both of these: when I want to have fun with a girl I go to a Thai massage establishment, and when I want to shag a real woman I go to a brothel. I've had a lot of fun with girls recently.

Last week I was in Liverpool and I went to one of Thai massage places. It was a Saturday and hadn't booked so I expected that they wouldn't be able to fit me in. In fact one month before I had been there and I was disappointed. The girl in reception was someone I had seen before. I said "You're Vicky, aren't you?".

I'm not going to use their real names because they're nice girls and it could cause problems for them if it was generally known what they do. I'm going to use a similar name in each case.

She was surprised that I remembered her. She had been the prettiest there, although not the naughtiest. I told her that I would come back when they're not so busy. So when last week I was in the centre of Liverpool again I expected to be turned away. However, when I said 'Is Vicky here?' the answer was yes. They said she'll be available in a few minutes.

I went into the room with Vicky, I took off my clothes, and when she came back into the room she washed my feet in a bowl of water. The massage started with me on my tummy. She asked me if I wanted to do anything sexy and I said not today. I hadn't taken a viagra and I would have been happy just to look at her. When I turned over I could see her and we could talk.

She wanted to know why I didn't want to do anything sexy with her. I said that when I can see a pussy I get very excited, but I know that she doesn't strip, not completely. I told her there was another girl that I'd seen here who said she would take half her clothes off and I could choose which half. She took off everything below the waist and lay on the bed with her legs apart. I wanked myself to orgasm.

I also told her that I go to Manchester to have sexy massages and what happens there. One woman had told me I can touch her so I put my hand up her dress. Vicky was surprised that they wear dresses when they do massages, she always wears proper massage garments similar to leggings.

She persuaded me to give her £20 for hand relief. It didn't take long for me to get an erection, but it was taking a while for me to come. She turned her bottom towards me and said that I could touch it. She also said that next time she would pull her pants down and show me her pussy. I left happy and with the intention of going back to see her again.

The girl in Manchester who let me put my hand up her dress was Lina at Ratree massage in Chinatown. I don't have to hide her name because the police in Manchester have a much more tolerant approach than in Liverpool. I told you about her in a previous post watching loose women. I had been informed that the place is a dump but she's so attractive it's worth seeing her. Both statements were exaggerations. The place is quite nice and she is attractive but not especially so. She was fun though.

Another girl that I've seen this year is Kim (I've changed the first letter of her name as with Vicky). She works not in the centre of Liverpool like Vicky but further out in Waterloo. There are a few there. I had seen her once, I told you about what happened in my previous post regulars, and I wanted to see her again.

Kim had a cold. She also told me she was having her period. She didn't want to give me oral sex because her throat was sore, she said. I'd been informed that she does oral sex without a condom, and she had told me that next time we might do that. The other thing I've been told she does is let men give her oral sex. That would have been out of the question; she didn't even want to take her clothes off.

I wasn't afraid of catching her cold because I'd already caught a cold from a Thai massage girl in Southport. So I wasn't worried about that, just disappointed that I was just getting hand relief and nothing more. I mentioned to her that another girl had done something unusual to me.

A while ago I did some research on the Internet to try to find the naughtiest Thai massage girl in Liverpool. I wrote down the names of two women, Kim and Loco. I tried to see Loco at a place in Allerton Road but was told she no longer works there. Then I found out that she's now working at another place in Smithdown Road. I went there and had fun with Loco, one thing that she did out of the ordinary was to slap my erect penis. It didn't hurt when she did it, even though she did it quite hard.

I told Kim that Loco had slapped my erect penis hard a few times. Kim wanted to have a go, and enthusiastically slapped it many times. She was laughing and noticed that if my penis became slightly soft then a slap would make it really stiff again. So we both had a lot of fun that day.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Temptations in Wales

A couple of years ago I was in Flint in north Wales. I decided to try the brothel there, called Temptations. I had a very nice time with a mixed race woman who was very friendly and fun to be with. I think she told me she is one quarter Nigerian. Unusually for me, I hadn't made a note of her name.

A few weeks ago I thought it would be nice to see her again. Now that I have a plentiful cheap source of viagra I can revisit some of my favourites and give them a better old-fashioned missionary position shagging. It's nice to have fun with a girl, but a real woman should be shagged properly. If she's a big woman, tall and not too skinny, that's the best thing to do.

I found the number of Temptations in a newspaper and phoned them. I asked if the brown woman still works there. I was told the only black woman they have there is Naomi. I thought it must be her. Stupidly, I didn't ask when Naomi is there. For some reason, I was thinking that she would be there every day.

When I got there, she wasn't there. There were two women there, but one was busy with another man waiting for her. The other one was called Lexi. Lexi seemed quite nice so I handed over £40. I asked her how old she is and I think she said 18 or maybe 19. She's quite pretty with a nice tan. When she got on to the bed I asked her what she had been doing that day. I like to find out what they've been up to. She wouldn't tell me though.

I got on top of her and shagged her for a while, then I wanted to finish myself off by looking at her pussy and wanking myself. I asked her to open her legs wider so that I could see her pussy better. She said something like 'that's as far as they go'. I told her I'm not going to come on her, her response was an angry "I know you won't!". I asked her to hold her pussy open but she got angry with me and said I was asking too much. She glared at me for a while.

I can't remember any other prostitute behaving in this way except for in 2016 a mixed race woman called Amy at Overpool Angels. I think their attitude is that they're just there to be shagged for not much money so they're unwilling to do more.

I got onto the train at Flint, changed trains at Chester and got off at Rock Ferry not far from Birkenhead. I've been to Rock Ferry Thai Massage a few times and always enjoyed it. Last year I saw Maisie, Candy and Patsy there. I had been very impressed with Maisie. I hadn't orgasmed with Maisie, but I'd managed to orgasm with Candy and Patsy. I was hoping to see Maisie there again, but the only one there was Lisa.

Lisa was fantastic. She was very friendly and fun loving. Most of the women at Rock Ferry aren't young (although Candy had been) and Lisa wasn't either, but I don't mind that. You have to pay £60 for half an hour, which is more than in Manchester or Flint. Lisa gave me a bit of a massage first. I shagged her for a while, the viagra hadn't worn off, then I asked to see her pussy. She opened her legs wide for me.

I asked her how she felt about a finger in her pussy and she seemed quite happy for that to happen. She started to play with herself and appeared to have an orgasm. Then, with my fingers in her pussy, I had my orgasm. She said something about how she could come to my flat, although I'm not sure if she was joking.

When I was at Temptations I had asked when Naomi would be there and I was told Tuesdays. So I went there then. I had to wait a while before she became available. In fact, the receptionist said that I should come back later. She changed her mind though, saying if I didn't mind waiting in the bathroom there would be one man coming out of Naomi's room and another going in, leaving the waiting room free. They don't like the punters seeing each other, which is a good idea. So I waited in the waiting room, listening for any sounds.

There was another woman there, and I had said I'll take a look at her, but I didn't get to see her. Finally, I was shown into Naomi's room. I wanted more than the 20 minutes I'd had with Lexi so I paid £50 for a half hour. I thought it was going to be £60. The receptionist left me in the room, I took off my clothes and lay on the bed, awaiting Naomi.

Naomi came through the door, and it was a different woman. Not the woman I'd remembered from before, another one, with a darker skin. Naomi was fantastic though. She got onto the bed and asked me what I wanted. I said I like to look at pussies. She lay on her back and opened her legs wide. I said that she's got a very large clitoris. I lay down next to her and touched her pussy. She wanted me to put two fingers in her pussy, move them in and out because she was going to squirt. I felt something warm on my hand. I sniffed my wet hand and it didn't smell of anything, not urine nor semen. That's a first for me.

I got on top of her and shagged her, she's quite wild. If you don't tell her what you want then she'll do what she wants. At one point she was on top of me, moving up and down, me looking at her rather broad back. There's something a bit masculine about Naomi. She certainly has a strong sexual desire.

Near the beginning of our session she gave me some deep throat, having put a condom on my erection. Near the end I had two fingers up her bum hole. I told her later that I'd never done that before, although thinking about it I seem to remember a Brazilian woman in London who I'd done that to years ago. (By the way, I had my first anal sex in December with Lucy at Salon 24 in Manchester.)

Naomi wants to make her customers happy. As I was getting dressed we chatted. I said that I'd written a negative report on Lexi but that I wanted to write a positive report for her, if she wanted. She said that would be OK, as long as I didn't mention where she comes from. She told me that she was stalked by a man a while ago, he used to go from parlour to parlour looking for her. She seems the sort of person who is a nice person even though she's not had an easy life.