Wednesday, August 13, 2014

my first escort

I'm staying in a hotel near Liverpool. Yesterday I bought the local newspaper and looked at the ads. They have a section Adult Services 18+ subsection Hostess and Escorts. There were two agencies advertizing there, Minxx Escorts and Candy Girls. I phoned the first of these and asked how much it costs to have a woman come to my hotel room.

I was told that the price is £120 per hour. That seems to be the normal rate, although I have never paid for an hour before. Last week I went to a Thai brothel and paid £60 for half an hour, and Soho girls charge £20 for 10 minutes. I was a bit worried that I might not be attracted to the woman they sent to me, that I might not be able to get an erection, or if I did I might not be able to come. However, it worked out quite well for me.

The woman on the phone asked me what type of woman I wanted. I said I didn't want someone young. I've decided that although young women can be lovely to look at, I'm much more turned on by an older woman. She said that she would send me India, who has long black hair and a darker skin. India would be driven to my hotel, the driver would leave her with me and then come back for her in an hour.

Ten minutes before India arrived she gave me a phone call. I went and met her in the hotel car park. She looked quite attractive, wearing what looked like a blue evening dress. She seemed very friendly and I led her upstairs to the room.

I had 6 £20 notes for her and she phoned the agency just to say she was OK. There are two armchairs in my room and I asked her to sit down. She told me lots of things about herself, that she is half Spanish and was educated in America. We must have spent five minutes talking, and then I said "I'll tell you what would be very sexy, if you sat with your legs apart". She smiled and did that.

I asked her to undress for me. She did so with her back to me. She's short and quite plump, but that doesn't bother me. I prefer it to being skinny. Her skin is quite dark. I asked her to lie on the bed while I got undressed. I got onto the bed with her. I said we could have a cuddle to start off with.

I told her I had not been with an escort before and I wasn't sure what we can do. She said we can do anything except anal and everything would be with a condom. I asked if that included kissing and she said yes. We had a bit of a kiss but I didn't try to put my tongue in her mouth. She took a condom off the bedside table and put it onto me and started sucking. Fortunately it was one of my special condoms, the extra sensitive ones, that I had placed there hoping we could use it.

After a minute or two I explained to her that oral sex doesn't get me aroused. I said if I looked at her pussy that would do more for me. I asked her what she enjoys and she said doggy and her on top. We tried doggy but that didn't work, her on top worked better. I said I wanted to lie on top of her and shag her. After a few minutes it was going well until I got out of breath.

I got off of her and knelt between her legs. She said she wanted to wank herself until she came. When she had orgasmed I asked her to hold her pussy open wide. It was a very attractive pussy and when she held it open I could see it was red inside. I got on top of her again and started shagging her again. She encouraged me and I came inside her.

We had a few minutes left and we lay on the bed together and talked. She told me about the two brothels they have in Liverpool and Birkenhead. When the hour was up she asked me if it was OK if she got dressed now. I was willing to take her back to the car park but she said there was no need, she could find her own way.

Last week I went to a Thai brothel in South Croydon. The maid showed me to the upstairs room. The girl was having a shower and would be a few minutes. When the girl came out of the bathroom she was wearing a white bathrobe and had a towel on her head. She was a very pretty girl. She said her name is Michelle.

When she got onto the bed with me and I knew she was going to give me some oral, I asked if she would do it without a condom. She said she couldn't do that because it is a policy of the establishment not to do that. I said I would give her an extra £10 and wash my penis. She agreed to that. I got off the bed and gave her the extra tenner then went into the bathroom. As I was washing my cock I got an erection and thought I'm onto a good thing here.

So she started sucking my willy but still I wasn't getting aroused. I did manage to come eventually by looking at her pussy and wanking myself, but I have come to realize that I find older women more arousing. Younger women are lovely but it's older women that can turn me on. That may be partly to do with they know what to say. People might wonder why I turned down a sexy girl like Mary in Greek Street and then go to see Lily who is a much older woman. But Lily can really turn me on. That's why Zara could make me come when Suzy couldn't. Suzy is as pretty as Zara, but Zara is just so much more arousing.

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